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Innocent game leads to…

Most Asian families are large and closely knit. Even after moving to the United States, (which we did when I was about 5 years old), we maintained close contact with our uncles and aunts. As time passed, many of them moved here as well which was a great source of relief for my parents – they had always wanted to have their extended family as close to them as possible.

Our uncles and aunts got married and had children at different times. My dad married before any one else did among her peers, and as a result, my siblings and I are older than our other cousins. Our families stayed tight and visited each other frequently. There were numerous sleepovers and we always traveled to other cities where our cousins were settled.

Being older (and in some cases much older) than our other cousins, my sister and I often had to baby-sit them whenever the elders decided to have an outing of their own, or left us kids in the house together for extended periods of time when they went to work during our family visits. Both my sis and I were in college now, but lived at home. Our house was in suburban Amherst, Mass., and traveling to Tufts University wasn’t a problem at all. Besides, my dad had a teaching job there and he didn’t want us to attend any other university.

Since ours was the most affluent family amongst our extended relatives, we often had visitors to our house either asking for help or guests just staying over since they happened to be in the state or somewhere close by.

My sis and I never complained about being around children. We had grown up to be responsible kids and had babysat all our teenage years. I always had a special knack for becoming a child among children. Acting way too young for my age, I often played games with them and behaved like I belonged to the age group of the kids I was supposed to be looking after. My sister was the serious one, however. Maybe because she was older and more responsible, or maybe just because she was a girl. Girls tend to be more responsible and mature for their age than guys (although that’s not always the case I am sure). She was also more career-oriented – working towards a law degree. And as for myself? Well, let’s just say my major was undecided at the time.

So needless to say that even though she didn’t mind staying at home with the visiting kids and myself, she didn’t really get involved with any games which I played with the kids. I should add that this is not a case in which a sister lusts after her brother secretly and then they have wild sex. My sister and I have always been mature and usually carried ourselves pretty well. Sometimes though a chain of events takes place in ways that people have no control over and as they let the chips fall where they may, things always get how they weren’t supposed to be. This is just one of those stories.

One hot summer, my paternal uncle’s family came over to stay at our house for the entire period their children were out of school. This uncle was my dad’s younger brother and was settled somewhere on the West coast. I don’t remember exactly where he was during those days – he moved up and down the gold coast so much I lost track of where his family was at what times. So his wife and 3 kids decided to spend the summer with our family while he traveled to Asia for business. My dad was always out working. My sis and I were home since none of us took any classes during the summer. All of our friends from the university had gone back to their homes and we were stuck with our family. It was almost like we thought of the guests as a welcome vacation from the boredom. My mom and sister would spend time with the lady while I hung out and played with the kids. We played all sorts of games which kids like to play, all in good innocent fun. Hide and seek though was our favorite.

Apparently the visiting kids had invented their own version of hide and seek which they called ‘dark room.’ One person had to count to a hundred while the others found places to hide around the house. Then the person had to find those who were hiding before anyone hit them on their back and yelled “caught you!” If they found everyone without being caught in the back, someone else took their place. And if they got “caught”, they had to wait, count again and look for the ones who were hiding. It was pretty exciting, and during the bland summer months, when no one had anything better to do, it was particularly enjoyable. We would crank up all the air conditioners in the house and play dark room. As the name suggests, all lights would have to be turned off, the curtains had to be drawn to close and no windows would be left open. Of course this game was impossible to play while the adults were home. But whenever my mom and the visiting aunt went out, we always played dark room. My sister usually went out with the ladies and I had fun playing the game with the kids.

About two weeks before the visitors were about to leave, they decided to visit our other relatives in the area. It was really hot and humid outside and my sister decided to stay home. She wasn’t very fond of visiting our relatives. The only times she actually went out was when the ladies would go shopping and buy her stuff. The kids were happy that they had an extra partner to play ‘dark room’ with but my sister wasn’t really excited about the game. After much convincing, she gave in however, and we all had a good time.

This became a sort of a routine. Whenever the adults went out, my sister Nisha would join us for dark room. Obviously we knew our house better than the visiting kids did so we always did great in the game. None of the three kids could ever find me and Nisha. We would hide behind the curtains, crawl under our parents’ bed or sometimes just hide in strategic corners where it was easier to “catch” the kid looking for us. Pretty soon, however, the kids got smarter and they discovered all of our hiding places. As a result, Nisha and I found ourselves to be the hunters more often and we got caught more often too! But I was having none of this. I had to outsmart these little rascals!

One day as we were playing the game and the kid Rahul (the 14 year old and the slickest one) was counting to 100, I was having a really hard time finding a viable place to hide. Suddenly an idea struck my head. There was a big wall unit in our living room. It held most of our electronics – our TV, the VCR (that was it as far as hi-fi gadgets went in the late 80s), and a tape deck with some audio cassettes. There was an entrance door right next to it which opened inside the living room, right into the wall unit. “What a perfect place!” I thought to myself. It made total sense. It was an ideal place to “catch” the kid as he was entering the dark room looking for me and no one else had thought of it yet. The only problem was that the space between the door and the unit was really small and I didn’t think I could squeeze in there. Still it was worth a shot. I could hear Rahul count loudly,

“81, 82, 83…”

With the speed he was counting with, he would be in the room any minute and I would be a dead duck! I had to act fast. Without much thinking, I ran towards the space between the door and the living room. I suddenly remembered my mom kept a folded up rug in that little space which she brought out whenever we had guests over. “Ahh screw the rug, I will just throw it on the floor.” Thinking this, I started to move towards my would-be hiding place.

“91, 92, 93, 94…I am almost dooooneee!” screamed Rahul.

“Friggin’ kid….” I thought to myself and stumbled towards the space in the dark, finding my way with my hands against the wall.

“99, 100!” Rahul yelled, “I am coming inside the dark room to get you all!”

I had no time left to take the rug out now. If I threw it on the floor, he would notice it before entering the room and catch me. I had to somehow squeeze myself in the little space with the rug. I had no other choice. I tiptoed towards what I thought was enough space for me and tried to fit myself in.

I couldn’t see anything in the dark. Rahul was now getting closer to the door. He had already “captured” Sanjeev, his little brother. Bragging and cheering loudly about his quick first victory, Rahul was now looking for me, Nisha and his other brother and he sounded certain we were all hiding in the living room.

“Here I come…” he announced.

I hurriedly for the rug. I wanted to flatten it against the wall somehow so I could squeeze in. My hands were about waist high as I stumbled into the space. But I tripped on something and fell forward.

“Omph…” I grunted and barreled into what I thought was the rug, to get enough of a grip on it to prevent myself from hitting my head on the wall. Curving my hand upwards, I tried to hold the rug, but felt something really soft. That was no rug! I had broken my fall and was now twisted backward toward the person in the space.

What I had hit was not a rolled up rug in the corner of the wall unit! And I didn’t realize it until I felt a soft protruding bubble like object pressing me on my back. Needless to say it was a human being’s boob. It had to be my own sister’s tit! None of the kids were playing with was older than 12 and they were all boys!

My hand had accidentally hit exactly on the pussy area of her crotch. The thin Indian pajamas she was wearing did cover the body entirely but were very easily penetrable. My index finger had actually cupped her pussy and being the man that I was, without thinking, I had actually rubbed the lips a little bit before coming to my senses and realizing what I had done!

What had amazed me was that she hadn’t moved one bit. She didn’t even try to retract her pussy from where my hand was. Of course a girl’s natural reaction would as follows: 1. move back, and 2. rudely reject the guy’s hand away. And she had done neither. Maybe she was just too shocked by what had happened, or maybe she didn’t consider it such a big deal and just remained calm.

“Nah that can’t be,” I remember myself thinking. There is no way she could have ignored a full hand cupping her pussy for a good 5 seconds, rubbing it twice and then moving away nervously. That was just too offensive and too rude for a guy to do to a girl. And on top of that, she was my sister! I had no intention of pinning her in a corner like that and doing what I had done on purpose. It was totally accidental.

I moved my hand away immediately. Yes I had moved my hand away for the fear of angering her, but she hadn’t even moved an inch! She hadn’t even retracted her boob which was now pressing hard on my back. I always thought my sister to be kind of asexual, as in nothing sexual affected her (she had never dated). Besides she was my sister and I had never thought of her that way. I had a steady girlfriend in college and a nice and fulfilling relationship with that girl. I didn’t know how my sister could ignore a full hand cupping her pussy and just act normal. Maybe she was just too stunned and just totally wanted to ignore it; pretending it never happened. It would be too embarrassing a subject for her to bring up. How would she word it? “Raj why did you touch me there? Move your hand!” No way. She could never have possibly said it. So I came to a conclusion that she just wanted to pretend it never happened. She figured if she acted like nothing had happened, dismissing it as just accidental contact and changing the subject, everything would be normal. But I was a guy. It’s different for guys.

Guys take every little sexual hint to be a big deal. She probably thought if she didn’t move at all and pretended I really hadn’t touched anything private of hers, I would think the same. Maybe she thought if she moved her tit away from my back, I would realize it to be a touching-related move and realize what had happened. But I was not stupid. I knew full well what my hand had cupped happened to be the line of her pussy. She was very bony in her crotch and didn’t have much meat at all. She was a skinny girl. Continuing her aloof act, she whispered,

“Raj, is this you? Where is Rahul?”

“Oh I am sure he can’t find us here!” I was panting from being all excited and nervous at the same time.

“Yeah this is a great hiding place.” She whispered.

“What are you doin’ here?!” I whispered strongly.

“I always hide here.” She argued.

“Didn’t you see me come in?” I was getting frustrated and kind of embarrassed.

Her tits were still pricking my back. She was now leaning in to get a better look if the kid was coming in to catch us.

“No! Didn’t you see me standing here?” She said.

“Of course not. You can’t see anything in this dark!” I replied.

“Well, don’t move your head outside or he will catch us.” She said calmly, moving back a little and giving me more space.

I backed into her this time. Apparently she had thought of this space first and moved the rug out before she hid there, so there was a little more space in there than I had thought. Her tits weren’t poking me as they were before but they were still touching me. I thanked God my crotch was facing outward or she would certainly feel my hard on.

We both were breathing hard but neither said anything. Rahul was now very close and since I was outside, I had to go catch him.

“Go! Go!” She urged.

I leapt out at Rahul, slapped his back and yelled,

“Caught you Rahul!! HAHA!”

“Oh My God” Rahul protested with his head down and went back outside the room to count to 100 again.


My sister and I remained normal with each other for a few days. We kept playing dark room with the kids every time the adults went out. Neither of us hid in that corner again. At least I didn’t. And I never saw her coming out of there either. I didn’t want to go back there mainly because Rahul was now aware of it and mostly because I didn’t want the embarrassing situation to happen again.

After all, I had inadvertently touched my sister’s private parts. This was no small deal in our conservative household. I am sure she hadn’t forgotten about the incident either. Despite this, our demeanor hadn’t changed at all. We talked to each other normally and behaved just like we always did. We were adults after all and realized that accidents do happen.

Finally the last two weeks were over and the guests were leaving the next day. Mom and the guest aunty of ours were out doing some last minute shopping again before they returned to the West coast. Today was the kids’ final chance of playing dark room with us. For some reason Nisha didn’t really want to play today but she accepted when the kids pleaded and begged that they were leaving the next day.

Sanjeev counted to 100 and caught us all easily. We were getting slaughtered! The kids caught us no matter where we went. There was no where else to go but back to my trusted corner. This was going to be the last time one of the kids was going to count and try to catch us. The game was going to have to end soon since mom, dad and the lady would be home soon.

“Last turn coming up,” I smiled to everyone as Rahul begrudgingly went outside to count to 100.

I was laughing inside just waiting to see the look on his face when I caught him from the back the last time. I had thoroughly enjoyed this summer vacation with these kids. We had some good times and I was going to miss them when they left.

Little did I know this summer of mine was going to get a lot sweeter.

As I heard Rahul count to 100, I moved towards the space between the wall unit and the door. The reader can now probably predict I found Nisha there. That is probably expected, or else I would not be writing this story here.

But the strange thing is, that she appeared as oblivious of the fact that I was going to use that corner as my last weapon as I was of the fact that she was going to use it.

Stumbling in the dark, feeling the wall with my palms, I got to the edge of the wall unit and felt it around the corner to see if the rug (or Nisha for that matter) was standing there. Feeling nothing and hearing nothing, I leapt in.

I had felt wrong. This time she had scrunched herself into as tight a space as possible, squeezing her frail 105-lb frame into a space which didn’t seem to be larger than a few inches wide.

As I backed into the space, I felt her hands on my back.

“Not you again!” She whispered strongly and tried to push me out.

“Ugh! Get out, this is our last chance.” I fought back.

“Shhh!” She told me to quiet down.

Rahul was now done counting and was now roaming the house searching for his would-be “prisoners”.

“Hey I discovered this place first. Leave!” She whispered forcefully.

“But I can’t leave now or I’ll be caught.” I pleaded.

“Ok Raj,” she calmed down, “But you don’t get to catch him this time though….”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, just like last time, I am here first, but this time around I get to “catch” Rahul and not you.” She ordered calmly.

“Ok fine.” I agreed.

In order to get a head start, my sister was now leaning on my back again, pressing her protruding tits against my back. Feeling those soft little mounds of love on my back, coupled with her heavy breathing onto my neck, my dick was hard as a rock. She also smelled really nice. She probably just had deodorant on, but any smell coming from a girl is a turn on if a girl is that close to a guy – doesn’t matter if she is his own sister! She was now ready to move out of our hiding place. If she tried to squeeze out of this place, there was absolutely no way she wouldn’t feel my prick sticking out of my pants.

“Hey move back. There is no room here.” I got frustrated and embarrassed at the same time.

“I have to get out when Rahul gets in and it would be easier if I were on the outside.” Nisha said.

“You can’t! There is no room!” I urged her to stay back.

“Noooo!” She pinched me, “Raj this is my turn!!!”

”Owww.” I half yelped as I tried to whisper. “O-k! Ok! Do whatever you want.”

My sis giggled and got ready to move out without being caught by the approaching Rahul. I could have left the space if I wanted to make room for her to get out but I didn’t. I was just too horny. At this point, I probably wanted her to feel my prick. So I stayed in.

I had to turn around to move towards the inside of the space as she squeezed out. Turning towards her to get a full rub of her body, I felt her sweet aroma enter my nose as I looked into her eyes for the first time during this whole encounter while she was slipping out. She turned clockwise as I turned counter-clockwise. My cock which was making a tent in my pants rubbed her ass and thighs as she squeezed out. I saw her eyes widen and her pupils dilate in the dark as she gave me a fleeting glimpse out of the corner of her eyes. She knew what it was. She was an adult. She was my older sister! She knew her brother’s rock hard cock was what she had felt rubbing her ass cheeks and thighs while she moved out. This 2 second process felt like eternity. As she was slipping outward to catch Rahul, I moved my arms to give her more space and in doing so, my hands conveniently moved over her firm boobs. She was probably wearing a bra as I felt the hard material beneath her soft Indian shirt. Not moving my hands and pretending to give her space, I let her tits glide across my hands.

Nisha had now stopped; probably stunned at how shamelessly I had felt her up completely in these two seconds. I was now inside the space and Nisha was ready to pounce Rahul as he closed in on us. We were both breathing heavily. She hadn’t uttered a word and neither had I. I finally said in a hoarse voice,

“N…Nisha.. Rahul is close. Go!”

Saying this I pushed her out. And I swear this time the following contact was inadvertent and not done out of my horniness for her at all! While I was trying to push my hands on her back to let her out, I felt my hand get buried deep in the center part of her butt cheeks!

in a hoarse voice,

“N…Nisha.. Rahul is close. Go!”

Saying this I pushed her out. And I swear this time the following contact was inadvertent and not done out of my horniness for her at all! While I was trying to push my hands on her back to let her out, I felt my hand get buried deep in the center part of her butt cheeks!

I had pushed her on her buttocks, and right where the butt crack began! She protruded her crotch outward and moving her ass away from my hands, getting frustrated by all this touching. While I was withdrawing my hand from her butt crack, I slowly brought it out, touching her butt for as long as I could, combing her smooth Indian pajama clothing into her butt crack.

She turned around and gave me a stare right into my eyes.

“I should go get Rahul.” Saying this, she wiggled her ass to get the pajama out of her butt crack and caught Rahul as he passed by.

Game over.


After our second encounter, things were noticeably different. I noticed Nisha was shying away from me ever since the guests had left. I had both feelings of accomplishment and guilt inside of me. We hadn’t made much eye contact since then. I didn’t know what to do. Either she was really angry at me, or maybe she was just shy.

I am sure she was angry. She was my sister and I had no right to do what I had done. I really had to apologize to her or this incident would drive a permanent wedge into our relationship as siblings.

One afternoon I walked into her room and found her reading a magazine on her bed.


“Yes Raj?”

“How are you” I asked as I sat on the edge of her bed.

“I am ok. How are you?” She asked plainly, never taking her eyes off the magazine she was reading.

“Nisha I have to talk to you about something.” I said.

“Ok.” She closed the magazine.

“About when we were playing dark room with the kids…” I stopped.

“Yea?” She looked up at me.

“And you know, in the corner, I didn’t mean to…” I stopped again and then resumed again after a short break:

“I didn’t mean to make you feel bad Nisha. Please don’t be mad at me. It was a mistake.”

“I am not mad Raj.” She said, looking at her magazine again.

“Don’t tell Mom.” I asked.

“I won’t. But don’t say it was a mistake.” She said.

“What do you mean?” I asked in surprise.

“You knew I was going to be in there.”

“I didn’t!” I shot back.

She took a deep breath and let out a sigh.

“You are lying again.” She said in a singing tone. “Raj if you be honest with me, I promise I won’t be mad anymore.”

“Ok. I will be honest.” I lowered my head.

“It wasn’t a mistake Right?.” She said.

“What do you mean Nisha?” I asked.

“You knew I was in the corner and you still came in!” She said.

“I didn’t know you would be there. But yes I do admit that once I felt you in there, I didn’t want to get out.”

“OK. Go on…”

“It was an excellent place to catch Rahu…” I couldn’t finish the sentence before she threw her pillow at me.

“Honesty! That’s what I want…” She sad forcefully. “Continue…. You didn’t want to get out because…?”

“… I didn’t want to get out because… you were there.”

“Cuz you could feel me in there? Right?”

“Nisha, no…” I stuttered getting up.

“Sit down! “ She commanded. “So you stayed because of me?”

“Well, yea, you didn’t say anything the first time, so I figured you won’t mind me being in there.” I half admitted the truth. This was hard. “Did you mind?”

“Well, Raj it depends. Now that you are almost admitting the truth, go on…” She said calmly.

“I stayed in because I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what I would feel.” I said.

“It is kind of unfair that you got to touch me all over Raj. I should be pissed about that. Now what if I tell mom and dad?” She asked.

“Please promise me you won’t,” I begged.


“It was a mistake. I didn’t know how you would react.” I said lowering my head.

“Raj I am your sister. You should respect that.”

“I know, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. It… was a natural reaction.” I looked down.

“Whatever. Just don’t ever do it again.” She said plainly.

This was utterly embarrassing. She has made me admit my guilt and threatened that she would complain to mom and dad. But I had to take it like a man and pay for my actions. I would never be able to look at her again the same way.

I walked out without saying anything.


A very uncomfortable week followed during which I barely spoke to Nisha. I had disrespected her as well as myself. Feelings of guilt were all I could think about. But it didn’t last long.

One afternoon as I was watching TV in the living room and Nisha was cleaning the house. This was her routine as mom and dad were both out to work, she would take care of the household chores. I would go out or just bum around the house. She paused her cleaning for a minute with the vacuum in her hands and said,


“Yeah?” I looked up as she turned the vacuum off.

“You really didn’t know I was gonna be in the corner?” She asked.

“I swear.” I gave a passive answer.

“You are so stupid Raj.” She shook her head.

“What do you mean?” I lowered the TV volume down and turned my head towards her.

“Did I say anything the last time you were there?” She asked.

“No. Look Nisha I am sorry, you don’t have to bring it up again.” I said, without a clue as to what she was getting at. And this was embarrassing.

“If you didn’t know I would be there then why did you come to the corner?” She continued her questions.

“Cuz I thought it was an awesome hiding place.” I replied.

“Why did you feel like touching me?” She asked.

“I couldn’t control myself.”

“You dummy. You didn’t realize that I was in there cuz I was expecting you?” She said, throwing the vacuum on the floor.

“What?” I was shocked.

She wasn’t making any sense. Last week she had insulted me and threatened to tell on me, and now she was claiming her presence in the corner was purposeful.

“And the entire week I have been thinking you came for me. I feel like such a loser!” She said, turning around and sitting down on the sofa, looking disappointed.


“Grow a brain Raj!” She interjected. “If I didn’t want to be in there, I wouldn’t be! OK? And I had said nothing the last time. Doesn’t that mean anything to you? If I was angry, I would have told on you already.”

“So you weren’t mad that I stayed?” My eyes lit up.

“I am mad now cuz you are being such a dummy!”

“So you really won’t tell mom and dad?” I asked.

“Stop repeating questions. I was never going to. I can’t believe you fell for the whole thing.”

“Nisha… I … I don’t know what to say. I thought you would be mad.”

“Well, I knew it was the last time we would have a chance to be in the corner, and since you liked it the first time, I figured you would wanna come back…” She said looking shyly at me.

I couldn’t believe she was implicitly admitting to deriving pleasure out of the touching. I was just sitting there dumbfounded. Her eyes had a sort of a sparkle in them. A look of glee and naughtiness.

“Raj why did you go like this?” Saying this, she simulated my fingers rubbing up and down her pussy outside her pants.

I smiled and looked at her shyly, saying nothing. She continued:

“Why did you do that? Huh? And the second time, you had that big tent in your pants.” She was now smiling too. “And then you went like this…” She brought her hand behind her back and stuck it in her butt crack as I had done to her. She had been staring slyly straight into my eyes the whole time.

“I can’t believe you actually had the balls to touch me Raj. Why did you do it? No one had ever touched me there before.”

I knew she was horny or she won’t talk about this. And now that she had told me she would never tell mom and dad, I was more confident in my movements towards her. The thought that she was my sister was not even in the remotest corners of my brain at this moment. We were just two young adults in heat. Tired of boredom and being alone, we had no one else to turn to but each other.

Right when I was about to get up and move towards her to initiate some contact, the doorbell rang. Mom was home from work.

Nisha went back to vacuuming without saying anything. I had a rock hard cock in my pants. I went to the bathroom to relieve myself, dreaming about Nisha and her horny conversation with me.


It was obvious she had liked her private area being touched by me. She had never had a boy friend and I was positive she was horny as hell. She had to wonder what sexual pleasure felt like. And her little brother’s touch was all that was needed to make her want a little bit more of it. She couldn’t have waited much longer.

The next day as she was vacuuming the living room, she paused again to talk to me:

“Look all I was saying yesterday was that I felt you would come back for me. And for a moment I thought you did. But you are denying you even expected me to be there.”

She sounded frustrated. She was looking for a mental connection between us. She didn’t want to talk about it in explicit words but she was implying that she thought I would enjoy the touching as much as she had and that I would come back for more. On the contrary, I was giving her some bull shit reason for going back. She didn’t want to hear any of that. She didn’t want to hear that it was all accidental. She didn’t want to think that I had felt her up just because she happened to be there! She wanted a reason, a connection, a kind of bond which had driven me towards her and which had caused her to enjoy the contact.

“So you didn’t answer my question yesterday Raj.” She continued.

“Which one?”

“Why did you touch me?” She asked.

“Same reason were you expecting me to be there.” I answered.

“What do you mean Raj?” She said.

I had to take charge. This conversation was not going to go anywhere and we would keep running around in circles. I got up, sat next to her and held her hand.

“Nisha.” I said.

“Raj.” She replied but it looked like her eyes were staring in space.

“Nisha, as scared I was after the first time since you looked mad, deep inside my mind I wished you would be there again.”


“The feelings which I had after touching you the first time, I cannot explain. Please allow me to correct my mistake. Please allow the corner to witness what I couldn’t do before.”

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Can we just go to the corner again?” I pleaded.


I turned the lights off as I held her hand and walked towards the dark corner. She entered the little space first. I followed her in. In the deep silence, we could only hear the air conditioner hum and our horny panting.

Pinning her against the wall in the corner, I planted a kiss on her lips. She didn’t resist.

“I touched you here…” I said as I moved my hand to cup her pussy.


“I wanted to touch you here.”

I moved my hand inside her lose pajamas as we kissed violently. I touched her hairy pussy with my index finger and moved it up and down her lips. She was looking straight into my eyes. I stared at her as my fingers kept moving up and down.

She was now laughing and moaning and wiggling her hips to give me better access to her hole.

“MmMm… Raj… Do it inside…” She mumbled as I kissed her and played with her pussy.

I lifted her on my back and headed to my room.

“No Raj. My room!” She asked and I obliged.

I turned around to enter her room and put her on her bed.

“Let me sit down.” She panted and fell back on her bed, spreading her legs. She then pulled her pants off.

Smiling, I crept in and leaned on my knees, slowly fingering her vulva. I was caressing it, not hurting it. I knew she had a virgin pussy and I didn’t want to lose her virginity to me. I was deriving pleasure from making her feel good. Her cunt was now secreting juices out of it, which were making my fingering even easier.

She was moving back on the bed violently. It was obvious this was the most pleasure she had ever felt in her life. It was hard for me to control myself any longer. I had dreamed about tasting a vagina and its juices ever since I had hit puberty and now was my chance.

“Nisha, let me lick your cunt.”

She grunted a yes out, nodding her head as she wailed and moaned in pleasure.

Putting my hands on her thighs, I slowly moved her legs apart, widening her pussy lips. I could see the hairy object now, covered with glistening wetness all over her pubic hair. It was red on top and throbbing with pleasure.

I licked her box like there was no tomorrow. It was tasty. Just plain old tasty. The musky juices mixing with the aroma of her pubic hair surrounding her cunt lips were getting me high. I continued to lap like a dog. It didn’t take long.

She was now about to orgasm.

I let her take all of her energy out on her own terms. She pinched her nipples a bit as I moved back to behold the site of my own sister having her very first orgasm.

After her body shuddered a few times, she let out a long moan and quickly closed her legs. Then she curled up and laid back, facing me. Her face looked flushed and she was very embarrassed. She was now looking around for her panties, not moving her neck at all, but just rotating her eye balls as if she was too shy to even move.

I don’t know where she had thrown her panties. I just took a sheet and covered her bottom half with it. She smiled with love.

“Who taught you this?” She asked.

“I am the master of pleasure.” I joked.

She giggled. “Silly.”

Then she motioned me to come closer, held my hand and said,

“I have never felt anything like this in my life Raj.”

“Me neither Nisha.” As I said this, she pulled me towards her, making me fall on top of her and locked her lips with mine into a tight kiss.

She was lusting after me like crazy. And I was fully clothed.

“Take off your clothes Raj. Let me see what you rubbed against me.” She said giggling.

I ripped my t-shirt off while she worked on my pants. The zipper was open now and she was pulling them down.

My cock sprang out of the jeans, hidden only by my boxers.

She looked into my eyes and touched my cock from outside the boxers.

“It’s so hard,” She giggled.

She looked adorable. I quickly stepped out of the underwear and pushed her on the bed. As we kissed, I caressed her boobs from outside her t-shirt. Then for a second, I pulled back and removed the t-shirt. She was wearing a beautiful lacy black bra, which accented her B sized tits perfectly.

Opening the front-fastening bra easily, I started to suck on her tits.

My cock was now rubbing her pussy as we caressed each other wildly.

Every time my cock touched her pussy, she would close her legs and move backwards. She didn’t want to fuck me. She was a virgin and losing her virginity meant she would never be able to marry anyone else in a traditional Indian family again.

We were licking every part of the top of each other’s bodies, except the fact that she wasn’t letting me fuck her. But I was so horny, my cock twitched a few times and I came while making out with her.

Feeling the hot globs of cum on her thighs, she got kind of scared.

“Wow this much!” She giggled as we settled on each other’s naked bodies again.

This was going to be a “dark room” summer.