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It happened with elder sister part-2

I came in few minutes on her hand we both washed ourself, we smooched again and she went down to help my grandmother.  This oral sex went on for 45-50 days we even started sucking each other genitals and giving each other orgasms every day. WE even used to discuss each and every second of our life with each other, Even in my exam time we used to perform oral on each other, we became life lovers.We kissed, folded each other, started pinching each other in presence of my parents. As my parents both are working so my room was always free in the morning as no one used to come up. My parents left home at 7 a.m. and she had her college at 9a.m. So we used to enjoy each other in the morning, as my 10th holidays were going on. And even in the night after my parents slept we used to kiss, smooch, or give oral to each other. Mean while she never let me fuck her nor even touch my penis on her pussy.

One day i said i wont fuck u, i promise but please let me just touch my penis over your pussy, i will just rub it over your pussy lips, She said NO. Then in morning we had normal oral sex and we discussed that what are our limits, then i asked her if i was not your brother then would u have fucked me, she said yes way before you would have fucked me, if i was not her brother, so we then discussed about our fantasies and whom we would life to fuck and in what position and how to seduce then and all. We became very horny again but she had to attend her college so she left, i masturbated and i also became busy. In the evening we again discussed our sexual life and whom we want to fuck and how we will start the sex and we started imagining those moments, but we didnt kissed or smooched as my parents were awake, she also told her friends story, as among her friends only one girl had lost her virginity that too to a neighbor boy who was of same age to hers.

She told the whole story how they were talking in her room and outside her room her mother and her neighbors mother were talking and he forced her towards the rooms door and kissed her and in the standing position only fucked her hard and kept her mouth closed for the whole fucking session and they didnt even opened their clothes and fucked.  As we were talking about these things my mom came in the room and wished us good night and asked us to sleep early. We smiled and as soon as she left the room i bolted the door and instead of making her lay on the bed, i forced her towards the wall and started kissing her and folding her like a wild animal and i opened her lower and cupped her boobs and kissed on her pussy over her panty and rubbed my penis over her pussy over her panty, and really she was very very wet and she was begging me to suck her pussy so i just pulled her panty down and then instead of licking her pussy started to rub my penis over her small pussy lips and sometimes used to put my penis head over pussy entrance and gave a small jerk but pulled my dick back again. during this process we both were mad in extacy. and we both came together, i came over her pussy this was the first time.

And my cum was all over her virgin pussy and she had a sight of relief as i didnt fucked her. She then dressed up and said good night and went down. After few minute she came back up again and said i am not able to sleep do something, suck my pussy , i obeyed and without any kissing or folding i pulled her lower and panty down asked her to stand near the wall and i started sucking her pussy, i inserted my tongue inside her pussy and started tongue fucking her, i could tell she was enjoying every bit of my work, as she was holding my head tightly over her pussy and she had closed her eyes and was bitting her lips.  I said to myself this is the only chance i will get to fuck her, I just open my underwear , threw it away and pointed my dick over her pussy and started rubbing it up over her pussy and she moaned and moaned and said u better not stop this, i looked at her face put my lips to her to muffle the moans as i knew she will cry loudly in few minutes as i ll push my dick into her pussy.

So seeing her relax and enjoying every bit of it, my dick was already covered with her pre- cum, as i was constantly rubbing my dick over her pussy, I just gave a big jerk and my half penis was inside her and tears rolled down her eyes and she said please take it out, it hurts like hell, i was in night hole, was amazing feeling i just stood there and said that your hymen is broken and now there will be no pain. Just try to relax and as i started to fuck her slowly she closed her eye and moaned , i stopped fucking her and started to kiss her and kisses her lips, eyes, neck and then asked her is it paining now. she just nodded her head in NO. She after that didnt spoke a word and then i started fucking her very fast and that was all that i could take, i was about to cum as i pronounce i am cumming she game me a jerk and pushed me away, this made my penis came out of her pussy and as it came out i was cumming, my cum spread all over her her pussy and her legs, she kissed me again, i could a great sight of relief on her face.

We talked about it, she liked my fucking a lot, though we both came too early, we said it was our first time and laughed. Then we cleaned our self, and we kissed. We wore our dresses and we talked that if we are going to continue this fucking session then we have to use condoms. Before she was leaving, i said i have condoms and showed her. She said lets enjoy properly now, we kissed, folded each other and sucked each other and then i wore my condom and she asked me to fuck her in doggy position, i obliged her and firstly inserted my penis slowly, she complained that its paining again but dont stop. I fucked her slowly for around 10 min, then she started enjoying it and asked me to fuck her faster and harder, i increased my pace and fucked her brains out. She moaned like a wild bitch, and i enjoyed every bit of it, i cupped her breast from behind, i spanked her ass, holed her waist hard to make hard strokes and she announced that she was about to cum, so i increased my speed to my fullest and we both came together. i laid on her top for few minutes we both were breathing heavily.

We smooched and then cleaned our self.  This fucking went on for 4 years and we fucked nearly every week, as we used to get time and proper situation. We did very nasty things and lot more. If you liked my story then mail me your comments on I have a lot of more stories to share. Presently i am in Bangalore, if any women or girl or a couple wish to have sex or group sex, i am open to participate.