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It Pains a Lot

Its a Friday evening, what I am doing here sitting in the balcony. I am trying to let out my frustration, something burning from my throat till stomach. I took two acidic tablets till not able to get that thing out of my mind. I called my wife Kavi who is currently on a short onsite assignment in Birmingham England. After three missed calls she took the phone.

Me: Hello Kavi, are you able to hear me? how are you and where are you now?


Kavi: Hello Keshu woooffff aaaaaaaahhhhhh woooofffff aaaaahhhh (breathing heavily) why did you call?

Me: With out replying my question or didnt even asked how am I or our children you are simply asking why did you call? and why the hell are you breathing so heavily.

Kavi: Am climbing upstairs to the apt that’s why breathing…woooffff aaaaaaaahhhhhh woooofffff woooffff aaaaaaaahhhhhh woooofffff

Me: But your apt is on ground floor rite.

Kavi: [with angry tone] so what am carrying grocery bag to my colleagues apt to drop it… why do you behave like this now? please understand the situation

Me: Ok fine I want to talk to you about something.

Kavi: Keshu am busy rite now will call you after sometime aaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ahhhh ok bye..

Me: Kavi Kavi… wait

She kept the phone and I tried calling her again but noticed didn’t have the balance and it is already 10:30 pm.

I smoke two more cigarettes and went to bed switching on AC. I didn’t get sleep. I am thinking of all that happened in the past and also the current situation.

I am not able to console that the breathing was due to climbing upstairs but don’t have any other go have to believe till she calls or I can call her after recharging my mobile. This is not the Kavi I know why she behaved like this. She is not like this when in Bangalore, she is a dutiful caring and mannered.

I turned around and around in the bed.. don’t know when I slept when I woke up I saw its 5:30 in the morning and can see kavi calling… I took the call immediately

Me: Hey Kavi, are you OK now?

Kavi: Keshu am always al rite… tell me now.. how are you and how is Ashish? did you picked him up from the boarding school for the holiday?

Me: [I want to ask her why she was breathing heavily so much but dont want to take the topic again]… yeah I will be picking him up today. so when his your assignment getting over and when will you be back

Kavi: Its just one month over and one more month to go… but it seems the client want me here for one more month…

Me: No way be here as soon as you can

Kavi: Sure Keshu

Me: Kavi one more thing, I heard Johnson is also onsite for an assignment.

Kavi: mmm may be but not for this client or project… I didnt see him hear. How do you come to know?

Me: That’s not the point but tell me do you aware of him

Kavi: I don’t know dear… Even if he is here, why do you worry about it? you know me rite, ok chalo I am getting sleep we are going to London to see some places will send you pics later.. bye

Me: Kavi Kavi… Wait.. as usual without responding.. she kept the phone

while keeping I heard someone giggling not sure whether it is a guy or a girl but all I know she is sharing her apt with another colleague Uma.

Her calls doesn’t stay longer than two / three minutes, when asked she will say we are not lovers we are married and matured and have to plan our future.

Should not waste money in calling and not speaking useful stuffs.

This is Lovkesh age 35 working as a car sales executive with a know brand in Bangalore. My wife Kavita age 30 working as consultant in a small IT company. Ours is an arranged marriage and we have a son Ashish age 8 studying in a boarding school. our parents are in Tamil Nadu. Married for 10 years now, I thought everything is going fine.

We are middle class family not able to save much from my income and also Kavitha felt she is wasting her bachelors degree so interested to work so that we can save something for future. I also thought it is good idea, I encouraged her to apply for various companies and she got call from all major companies but she chose this small company which I never imagined will turn life upside down. Before the first day of her work we went for shopping. she bought dresses ranging from transparent sarees, chiffon, formal trousers to skirts just above her knees. well to tell about my wife she is average height 5’5″ normal built homely face, 34D size, she had a normal delivery hence maintained her navel and a 38 butt. Any dress will suit her and I like her more in Saree as she will be looking like a goddess… I know she always wear low hip but will never reveal her navel in public. when she wear jeans t shirt it she will be looking like a model. Her face more resembles yesteryear south Indian actress Seetha. That is one of the reason I choose her when my parents show the girls pics at the time of looking for marriage.

She was into the training for the first week. once when I went to pick her up she introduced some of her colleagues. That day I met Johnson,

Kavi: Keshu this is Johnson, we call him John

John: Hello Sir, nice meeting you. Kavi has told a lot about you..

I don’t have a good feeling when i met him the first time.. He is not a macho, he is not handsome. Just an average body, an inch short than me but the thing I noticed is he always jolly type and humorous going around and poking on everyone commenting and making jokes. He behaves as though like born and brought up in abroad. His style the way he speaks with that accent, She also introduced me to another girl Uma.

She gave them formal hug to everyone and we left her office, on the way she was detailing about John, Uma, her trainer and her Manager. She gave more importance to this guy John about his humor sense, way of life style. When she sensed my interest going down she turned the topic towards Uma. Uma is 25 yrs old married and her husband Senthil works in gulf. They just got a baby boy 6 months old and her parents are in Namakkal. She is currently staying with her husband’s old aunt who is also taking care of the baby when she comes to work.

She got her first month salary. Kavi transferred 25K to my account, I felt relief, well to tell you we bought a new car an i10. Kavi also learn driving but never drove much in the Bangalore traffic. She become more and more a professional woman with lot of onsite calls in the night, coming late from office due to office work, again these are common in IT field. But the extra things like long time on the phone/ messaging with colleagues irritated little but again we all know if we need something (money) we have to lose something (family life).

Its a friday and usually kavi wears traditional dress, she wore Saree on that day. I still remember its a mango color saree with matching blouse, she was awesome I just thought a moment she is the actress Seetha. I hugged her from behind and kissed on her cheek. Her Burberry perfume made me go crazy the touch of her smooth waist is like an ice cake sent shivers to me… she was happy and asked ‘how am I?’

I said ‘you are not growing older but growing beautiful day by day’. She thanked me by kissing back on my lips. I dropped her to the office that day in our car, she usually goes in her honda activa. While driving back to office something struck my mind, when she turned to say bye I saw her navel visible and her knot is tied two inch lower than the normal, I know even though she wears low hip she makes sure she hides her navel button behind the saree but today it was so obvious and actually I enjoyed it. I also noticed the tight butt swaying like a pendulum because of her high heels. No suspicious thoughts and dirty thinking at that time.

In the evening I called her to know the time I can pick her from office but she replied ‘Keshu we have a monthly status meeting which will be for hours about our goals, project tracking and deliver. you go home and I will manage’. She hung the phone.


I am little disappointed one way that not able to spend a beautiful evening with me gorgeous wife but still drove home hearing some yesteryear songs particularly actress Seetha’s. I reached home it was cloudy at that time… relaxed and started my Friday mood by opening and having two pegs of Bols and side dishes which I bought outside. Watching TV I noticed outside it suddenly started raining heavily.

I noticed the time it is half past 10 and was worried about Kavi. I went to the balcony no sign of her. I closed the balcony door and tried reaching her on her mobile, it was ringing but she didn’t pick it. I believe this was the first time even after three call she didn’t pick the phone. after few minutes I heard the door bell ringing. I went and opened the door and found dumb truck. It is kavi fully drenched in rain her waist was fully visible with the droplets of water around her navel, I could even see her hip bone with curves that the saree and petticoat may fall anytime, her pallu is not covering her left side of her blouse and the blouse is transparent because of the wetness and even her bra is visible. The first hook of the blouse was open, her cleavage was visible intact beautiful in her bra and she was breathing above normal which many man would surely try to seduce her to get her in bed or raped her if she didn’t oblige. The worst part is John standing next to her in a casual shirt and trousers drenched like her that his shirt was clinging towards his body and he didn’t wear any vests. I am not able to notice where is left hand was as it is behind my wife.

Kavi: Hey Keshu what are you looking, allow us inside, don’t you see we are drenched.

Pushing me aside she went inside our bedroom, she also called John inside and gave him a towel to wipe. They both went inside the bedroom and the bedroom door half closed so that I can see somewhat is happening inside. I can hear the bathroom shower and know that Kavi is taking shower while this guy is still wiping his hair and body, yes he removed his shirt. I poured my third peg and after few minutes I heard the bathroom door open and in the same time the bedroom door closed. It was accidentally or intentionally am yet to get that part in my mind still. Our closet is outside the bathroom and kavi usually comes out with a towel wrapped around her.. I stood up and went to the bedroom door and suddenly Kavi opened the door in her pajamas, the pajama tops which barely cover her navel. Its the way she usually wears in home but today I felt uncomfortable as some stranger even though its her colleague present in the apt.

Kavi: Keshu, I gave your old t shirt to John as his shirt is still wet. John I will prepare coffee for you so wait here…

John came out behind Kavi and we both watched kavi going to the kitchen swaying her beautiful butt and creamy waist… I turned my eyes on to John to see what he is looking. He immediately diverted the scene

John: Sir you have a beautiful apt. Its beautifully furnished.

Me: Oh yeah, thank you

Kavi: [from the kitchen] we have loan on this which needs to be repaired and that is why am stressing our manager to give an onsite so that we will at least reduce our EMI paying some principal.

John: Don’t worry Kavi, you are deserved, you are the star performer of the month that too picked up so quickly in the short duration and was very productive more than the senior people in our team

Kavi: Stop flattering John. [with coffee in her hand and gave to John]

There is a chance of John peeping into her cleavage as you know how Pajamas are made… but its just a couple of seconds.

John: am telling the truth Kavi [turning towards me] Sir, she is highly talented and thanks for giving a such a talented and beautiful sister to us.

Me: [Sister!!!! ok one way I felt comfortable as our culture when we term someone sister we stand by that]

John: your old tshirt suits me well sir.

Me: [WTF is it a double meaning]

After drinking the coffee he left and after closing the main door I said to Kavi

Me: You should have called me when it is raining rite? I would have picked you up in the car.

Kavi: forget Keshu! I know you will be enjoying your Friday evening with the drinks and I don want to disturb that more over I don’t want to drive drunk on a Friday evening and get into unnecessary trouble. More over we have a nice brother [John] and why should you be worried. saying this she laughed and retired to bed.

I finished my fourth peg by that time and joined her in bed and its already 1 o clock midnight. I went to sleep thinking in my mind

‘Is this Brother Sister relation really required, why don’t they be just behave like normal colleagues’

Well days passed I also concentrated more on work to get more sales figures. I less noticed about Kavi’s transformation. As far as our sex life was concerned we do have once or twice in a week we rarely miss the chance if we need to go to our native. We do normal sex positions missionary and rarely she will be top on me… our sex last for 20 to 30 minutes with foreplay, kissing and carressing. we both never show interest on oral, the max she did to me shagged my dick and kissed sometimes.

Withing few months she got many appreciations in her office as a result she got an onsite opportunity too. I got to know from her she has applied for Visa [just for her] and will be going to UK in two weeks. Her company declared the quarterly profit and to celebrate that they had a party on a Saturday evening. I had office on saturday so I told Kavi, I join her directly. without any objection she readily said ok.

I had a busy day because on the weekends more people will come for booking the car or taking test ride. I was tired but still wanted to go to the party and to pick Kavi back to home. The party was held near by the office campus in a park. Its nearly 7 ‘o’ clock and I left the office. While driving I tried calling her on the mobile but she didnt pick which became a habit now. I parked my car outside the park and with the reference I entered the party.

I saw lot of people having drinks dancing near the dice and my eyes were searching for Kavi. I saw a known face in the group its Uma, I went straight to her and said ‘Hello’

Uma: Hi, you are Lovkesh rite, how are you?

Me: Am good how are you? Where can I find Kavi?

Uma: Oh she has gone out with John

Me: Why?

Uma: I don’t but they said they will come back in few minutes, why don’t you have some drinks & relax till they come.

Me: Oh Ok why not

Telling she guided me to the drinks section. I took my favorite drink and skipped her and walked near the entrance to watch for Kavi. After 30 minutes I saw a familiar bike getting into the parking lot and applied a sudden brake. The woman at the pillion crashed herself on the biker. her boobs would have crushed behind the biker’s shoulder.

Both the person got down and I realised the woman was none other than Kavi. She was walking like a model doing cat walk in high heels. she was wearing an yellow transparent saree with black sleeve less blouse [what sleeveless I have never seen one with sleeve less in her collection till now]. Her pallu barely covers her right breast which show her cleavage a lot… I am not able to see her mangalsutra around her neck rather gold pendant chain, more than that she has tucked her saree three inched below her navel and her navel was clearly seen without the saree being covered. One more thing I see was something glittering near her navel… Oh my God she was wearing waist chain which was glittering and well exactly passes over her soft waist and belly button. She was like a sex goddess and waiting to mate with anyone readily.

She walked towards me and said ‘Hi darling’

Me: Kavi where have you been and whats all this

Kavi: Keshu, John’s shirt was spoiled because I spilled coffee on him, so we went and bought him a new shirt.

[I saw John smiling sarcastically and that new shirt bloody it still looked shabby]

Kavi: come on Keshu lets mingle and enjoy the party

Saying this she started walking towards her group. I saw her blouse was too low than the normal and her entire upper back was just covered with strings. Most of the men were looking at her with hungry eyes. they would have shagged and cummed inside there trousers itself.

John smiling said ‘come on Sir we have some thing special for you tonight’

What special does this Asshole planned for me tonight????