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Janu Chechi

I used to read lot of sex stories through this adult sites. Everybody is writing his or her own experiences through this way. I never believe all these because one or two incidence may come across in a person’s life but not in regular basis. However, really I don’t have many experiences. I had only two experiences in my life. Second one is with my wife after my marriage.

I am 41 years old now and I got married seven years back. My first experience was 22 years back and that was the one and only one experience apart from I having with my sweet wife. 22 years back I was studying in 10th standard and I don’t know much about sex. At the same time I was very interested to know about it. I was staying in my village with my parents. I didn’t get much freedom or privacy those days to understand about sex. But I used to collect sex magazines and story books from my friends secretly and read and masturbate thinking about it. While reading these types of books I used to think about our beautiful servant, Janu and masturbate. She had good sized boobs and a round chandi (kundi). Her chandi and boobs were very attractive and those always tried to come out from her tight dress. She used to wear only mundu and jacket. That time she was unmarried and 32 years old. She was very good firm fair body and have good shaped legs and hands. She lost her parents in her early age and she was getting a support only from her cousin sister (chechi). Janu was staying with us just like one of our family members and we given a more freedom to involve all types of our family activities. I used to help her in kitchen work as well other activities to watch her sexy body. Some time her inner thighs also had a good feast for my eyes. Almost every day I used to think about her and masturbate. One day she had some argument with my mummy and went to her house. This happened two three times and she used to come back after few days. But that time my mummy waited for her one week and she did not turned back to our house. I told my mum that I would go to her house to call her back. Mummy agreed with that because she had fed up with all domestic work without servant. Januchechi’s house was inner portion of one village and it was the other side of one hill. It was very difficult to reach there after two hours bus journey. I started morning from my house and reach there by 11 after two-hrs bus journey and half an hour walk. She was there in her house alone and cutting vegetables to prepare curry for lunch. Her chechi had gone to a nearby village to see her old boss.
Janu was very happy to see me after one week moreover she was very desperate after left our house. She never thought that I would come to call her back because in their eyes we were from an aristocrat family. That house was made with coconut leaves and floor was with normal mud. She given a stool to me with great pleasures after wipe it with her mundu. Immediately she prepared a black coffee and started to talk to me, she was ready to come with me to my house after her sister come back. She was sitting one paya and trying to finish her job. She never knew that her mundu is slightly slipped from the normal position. I was watching her inner thighs very eagerly at the same time I couldn’t answer all the questions. She turns up to my face and realize my fantasy with her and she just ignores the incident and clears the mundu in proper way. I was noticing her cute boobs, which was bulging out from her front open jacket. She knows that I am very much fantasy with her but she never given face for it. But that time I was prepared myself to have something with her because the all circumstances was favor to me. I was also getting scared about thinking her response of my steps. She did finish her work and went out to get the banana leaf (vazhayila) to serve food for me. But that time she slipped down from a big stone and twisted her leg severely while tries to catch the leaf from high. I caught her with one hand through my shoulder and my one hand was catching her aracketu (waste line) helped her to came back to house. I could smell her aroma from her armpit and I was very nervous while pressing her body with my body. My junior got hard and I could not hide from her that bulging under my mundu. Anyway, I asked her to sit on dusk and started to rub her leg. She was getting some relief at the same we both got some good feelings. I did rise her mundu little bit till her knees and did massage. She did not say anything and that given me more carriage. I slowly took my both the hands into her inner thighs without rise the mundu and I watched her face and from her eyes I understood that she is reached in some sort of heaven. I could not control myself and my right hand was trying to catch her appam (pussy) in between her smooth inner thighs. I could not touch it because she was keeping her leg very close position. I got up from down and started to kiss lick her sweet cheeks, neck and bulging boobs. We were started to breathe strongly and I tried to open her front open blouse. She helped me to open the front portion of her blouse after remove the safety pin and she was not wearing bra inside. I was very much exited while seeing that cute and big mula. I could not control myself within no time I started to squeeze her both the mulas (breast). Her dark bluish breast nipple and half of the mulai was inside my mouth. I lifted her hands up and smell and lick her aroma directly from her armpit. She reached in good mood and catches my right hand and kept on her appam (pussy) after parted her leg both the sides. She was not wearing panties or any under garment apart from under skert, I started to rub her cunt with my fingers and it was slightly wet. I asked her to lean back on the wall and I went down to smell and eat her wet appam (pussy & clit). She pressed my head from my back with her hand and my tongue was almost inside her sweet light reddish pussy hole. I squeezed her tasted big pussy with hungry and she lifted her chandi from dusk with great sukham. I got up from down and asked her to stand up and turned and face to wall and I lifted her mundu and pavadai till her arakettu and started to kiss on her round shaped chandi. I tried to keep my nose in between her chandi and did smell the sweet light aroma, which is coming inside from her chandi. She likes those activities and leaned to friend side and opened her chandi cheeks with both her hands. I very eagerly kiss and lick many times that light reddish sweet hole. I tried to push my tongue into it as far as possible. She was morning like anything and turned to my side and asks me to fuck her and break her pussy. She caught my kunna and kept on the entrance of heavenly hole. I started to pump my kuttan in and out her juicy clit. We both got cum and I rested my head on her lap with chew her breast. This we continued many times after she comes back to my house. After my College life I left my house for higher studies and this incidence become remain as a sweet memory.