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Jaya my wife colleague

My wife is working as a teacher in a primary school. She had a colleague by name Jaya, now working in a call centre. She stays in a nearby building close to ours. When she was a teacher, her husband divorced her, as he got involved with another woman. Jaya has a 6-year-old daughter. Recently Jaya’s ex-husband died of cardiac arrest.

Jaya now is approximately 36 years of age. She is a Malayalee, born and brought up in Mumbai. Jaya is a very close friend of my wife. After joining call centre, sometimes she used to drop her daughter with us whenever her maidservant is on leave. The kid used to get along with us pretty well. As my wife used to attend school on Saturdays, being a holiday for me, the onus of looking after Jaya’s kid used to be on me.

On one Saturday morning after my wife left for school, my daughter went out for playing in the nearby garden. When I was taking bath, my doorbell rang. I wore my towel and opened the door, expecting building kachrawala, but to my surprise, it was Jaya standing with her daughter in tow. I was embarrassed, but had no choice but to open the door and invite her in. She gave a mischievous smile and sat on the sofa. She told me that her daughter wants to play with my daughter and is not ready to stay at home. I called my daughter from my window and asked her to take this kid along for play. After the kid left, I thought Jaya would go. However, to my surprise, she started talking about her office etc. We started chatting for some time. All the while, I was wearing only a towel with nothing inside.

Suddenly, she opened the topic of friends and their husbands etc. and started discussing about sex life. She showed some dirty double meaning SMS’s from her mobile to me. She started complaining about missing a man in her life. She even told me about her sex life with her husband before their divorce. While discussing, I was getting hard on, and was feeling embarrassed. She was very well aware of my discomfort, but was pretending ignorant. In fact, she was enjoying my discomfiture.

I could not control for long, my manhood peeped out of my towel, while I was trying to hide it between my thighs. Seeing this she became excited and started looking at it lustily. I apologized and told her that I could not control myself. She was not perturbed but hesitatingly told me that she is seeing such a thing after long time.

I became bold and asked her whether she would like to be kissed by me? To which she blushed and got up from the sofa and directly planted a kiss on my lips. I immediately grabbed her waist and passionately kissed her and trusted my tongue in her mouth. We enjoyed the kiss for 2-3 minutes.

By this time, my towel was already on floor and was fully naked. I held her head and took her to my erected shaft. She grabbed it in her mouth and started licking. Meanwhile I opened buttons of her kurta and buckles of her jeans pant. She slipped out of her dress, now only on her panty and bra. I clunged on her bra and in the bargain the hooks broke. She did not mind that, and removed her panty and put it on my face and made me enjoy the scent of it. I liked that and since my shaft was throbbing, I laid her on the sofa and directly entered her without even thinking of foreplay. Her cunt was fully covered with dark bush. While entering I told her, that I like fully shaved one, and would like to see her shaved in the next encounter. She was in no mood to listen as she was on a high. She also mentioned that as I am not wearing a condom, she is slightly threatened by the probable risks. I told her not to worry, as I will withdraw in time to avoid any risks.

I started banging in and outs and saw her reciprocating evenly. It was heavenly for both of us. I started feeling pressure in the balls and felt ready for burst, I tried to withdraw, but she was not fully ready for my withdrawal. I the melee I cummed heavily inside itself. She realized and did not allow me to withdraw, instead held me very close and tried to enjoy every moment of it. It was very great sex for both of us. We lay still for 5 minutes. Suddenly my doorbell rang. We were in a state of shock. I managed myself and wore the towel back. I asked her to grab her clothes and run into bathroom.

I opened the door and found my 9-year-old daughter and Jaya’s daughter waiting to get inside. They wanted drinking water and my daughter wanted to use the loo. Fortunately, Jaya was in bathroom, my daughter went in to the toilet and I gave drinking water to Jaya’s kid. My daughter also had some water & asked me whether Jaya auntie has left? I said yes, though her sandals were near our door. My daughter was so involved in the playful mood, they did not wait, ran out to ground for playing again. I sighed a relief. I closed the doors again and knocked on the bathroom door. Jaya was frightened and was sobbing, I tried to pacify her. I held her face and tried to calm her down. Slowly she became normal. We had bath with me cleaning her and Jaya cleaning me from top to bottom. We finished our bath, cleaned ourselves. We were exhausted and after wearing her dresses back, she sat on the sofa. I wore my undergarments and lungi and sat on the chair.

I could make out that she was very happy. I thanked her for the opportunity given, and asked her whether she enjoyed fully. She shyly nodded her head. Suddenly she got up, sat on my lap, planted a kiss on my mouth, and expressed her gratitude. Before I recover from this, she had put her hand trough my lungi into my underwear and tried to open out my cock. The flaccid cock came out, and she took it in her mouth and started licking again. Within few minutes, I was ready and made her remove her pant and panty only, and bang… entered again. I made her lie on the floor this time and started fucking her. She was clutching my hairs as I was banging furiously inside her. I thought the world is revolving around us. I was banging really hard as I knew it is second consecutive in less than half an hour, and will take time to cumm.

She was responding to every move of mine. She whispered saying that after 3 years she is having sex. She also told me that she used to fantasize about me while masturbating. I felt elated. Meanwhile my thrusts were still on. Suddenly I felt the pressure and removed my cock out to prepare for the cumm. She held it in hand, trusted it inside, and told me to cumm inside as she plans to take some pill to avoid the risk. I continued trusting inside, and suddenly reached point of ecstasy and cummed inside. We were breathing heavily. We held our bodies together for a long time. We again cleaned ourselves. She wore her dress & thanked me again and left my house immediately.

I could not believe my luck. I was in the heaven, as I had great sex. After reaching her home, she telephoned me and again said thanks. She requested me to keep this as a secret and promised me more in the near future at the first possible opportunity. I replied that it is my pleasure to have her, and gave my consent to anytime meeting. We have continued our relationship until date.

Now I have understood that apart from me, she has a steady boyfriend in her office and they share regular sex. However, our relationship is continuing. I pretend as if I am the only man in her life now. She also behaves the same way. I feel I should not destroy this bonus sex by enquiring with her about the other man.

Now I generally use condom or follow withdrawal method while having sex with her. We have sex almost 3-4 times a month. Sometimes we make it two times in a session. We exchange dirty SMS’s on regular basis. My wife is blissfully ignorant about our relationship.

I am planning for a weekend outing with Jaya as soon as possible, so that I can have continuous 2-3 days of sex with her. She is excellent in bed with me. I feel, I enjoy more with Jaya than with my wife. Sometimes I feel like having a baby from Jaya, but in the present circumstances, it is impossible.

Recently, when my wife was on her monthly leave, I phoned Jaya and requested her for sex, and she managed a half day leave and we had sex in her home in the afternoon when her kid was in school. This adjustment capability of Jaya makes me feel good about her.