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Hi everyone, I am Anil back with another incident of da same beauty
(Seema) whom I meet in da bus. First of all, Hearty Thanx to all who
liked n complemented me for my earlier Story. I was not Expecting Such
a wonderful n Lovely response frm u all. Specially from Aunties. As I
Like to Spend time with them more than Girls. As they teach you a lot
about Sex and Love.

OK. Now Without Wasting any time Further. Let me come to the story. As
I was Staying for a Week at my native place due to less Holidays &
work load. We had earlier exchanged our numbers while parting frm the
Bus.Two days later when I was busy in the work at our Reaidential
Society. I recd a call frm her. She introduced herself to me & I was
really surprised to receive her call as I was not expecting her call.
We chatted for a while as I was busy in the meeting. Later-on after
the meeting, I called her back. She recd my call with a soft smily
voice. we chatted for abt 30 mins. She called me for a cup of tea at
her place. She gave me her Address, which was near to my place, just
abt 10 Mins Walking Distance. I reached her place with Some Choclates
(As I usally hav a habit to carry while going for meeting to a lady.)
I called her after reaching near to her House. at a Bus Stand. She
came there to receive me. She was looking pretty with Light Yellow
colored Saree & Mild talc Fragrance. We sat there at a restaurant, had
some Tea & Snacks.We were Talking abt all the General things. It was a
Hot Sunny Afternun & Her Forehead was Shining with Light Sweat Which
was Looking so Sexy. After sometimes we left for her home. We reached
home which was in a Building. She rang da bell. An old woman opened
the door. as we went inside, She told the woman to leave. I Asked her,
who the woman was ? to which She replied, She was her maid.

She told me to sit on the Sofa. & she headed to the kitchen. I grabbed
her frm behind. to which she Smiled & said me to wait while she will
be back in a minute. She gave me a Soft kiss & went inside. I was
Sitting on da Sofa & watching TV. After some times She returned with a
fresh look. she came closer to me & Sat on the Sofa near me. She
offered snacks that she has prepared, We chatter for a while, then I
Took her hand in my hand kissed her hand. & looked at her face. She
was Smiling Lightly. I placed my Hand on her Cheeks & Kissed her
Fore-Head. She Smiled & gave me a Hug. She said that She was waiting
for dis Moment since da time She met me in da Bus. She said, she has
send her Kids to her friend place so that we can enjoy dis moment
nicely & her Husband has gone to city for some work. We Hugged each
other Tightly & Started Kissing Each other madly again. afer Kissing
for abt 15 – 20 Mins. We Broke the Kiss. Looked at each others eyes
passionately. She sat on my Left Lap & Again gave a tight Hug.

Then She Took me to her Bedroom. I removed her Saree. Nw she was on
her Blouse (Shirt) & a Skirt. & placed her back towards me. I Hugged
her from Back sitting on the bed & Started kissing her Soft skinned
Back passionately. Her Sweet & mild Scent of her Talc was mixing
together & making the whole atmosphere so very romantic & Sexy. My
Both hands were Busy Cuddling her Both the handful Boobs & Kissing her
back & her Neck. then I Unhook the Blouse, she was not wearing any bra
inside & Started playing with her of soft & Tender Boobs & Pinching
her Nipples. She was Moaning like ooooooooohhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhh &
enjoying the Boobs massag & pressing herself more towards me. I then
inserted my Right Hand Inside the Skirt & My Left hand was busy on her
Left Boob.. She was not wearing any panties below. Her pussy was
already Wet with Little hairs around it. I Started Fingering her
Pussy, Teasing & tickling her G Spot.. She was enjoying the Moment so
much. I was busy sucking her Boobs as well as Fingering her cunt &
Kissing her Neck & chest areas. She was getting Hormier n hornier. She
wispered in my ears in a sexy voice. “Pls fuck me I can’t wait anymoe”
she opened my pant & inserted her left hand inside my undies & Started
Stroking my 8 inch Tool which was Hard like a rod now. & Her right
hand was pressing my head on her boobs more and more. I removed my
pant as I was feeling uneasy by her hand job. I Said her ” I want to
taste ur Pussy” to which she Denied & said to fuck her first as she
was going Uncontrolable. I Agreed to it. She gave me a Condom to open
it. But as I was about to wear it on my penis, she stopped me & said.
She will wore me. She took out my Penis. & was pleased to see my 8
inch long & 3 inch width penis. She gave da condom back to me &
Started Playing with my Penis, Stroking it. I asked her “Do u like it
?” She answered me while Stroking it “Yes dear it is very nice &
long”, but She was afraid also thinking of it will tear her Pussy. But
still she was ready to take it inside her. She then Placed da Condom
on my Penis. I Removed her Skirt & da Shirt (Blouse) Nw she was full
Nude in front of me. She was feeling Shy, so she Hugged me Tightly &
we fell on da bed, rolling all over da bed. I was on top of her giving
deep lip to lip Kiss to her. Her both hands were on my back,
Carassesing my back & head. I broke da kiss & Started giving Small
kisses to her neck from right to left & on both ears making her more
wild. I placed my penis on her pussy entrance & tried to insert it. It
went Half way. & she was crying in pain & tell ing me to remove da
penis. I told her to come on top of me to which she agreed. She was nw
comfortably taking my whole 8 inch Rod inside her. & giving out soft &
sexy moans.

I was Holding her both da boobs with my hand, carassing da boobs
slowly & pinching da nipples. her eyes were closed & she was enjoying
every moment of da ride by rhythemically moving her hips & taking more
and more of my penis inside her. da sesion went on for abt an hour & I
had cum once. But she had cum thrice & ws still enjoying da ride. Nw
after abt 5 mins. she cum again & Fell on top of me. We layed like dis
on each others arms enjoying da moment filled with sex & sweat of both
our bodies with lightly kissing each other. We went to sleep like dis
in each others arms for abt an hour. I woke up by her kisses around my
face & on my chest. I placed her besides me. I said, lets hav a bath
together. Then we went inside da bathroom. She on da Shower & we were
both Hugging each other Carassing & cleaning each others bodies. She
again started Stroking my penis. & I was playing with her Boobs &
Kissing each other. My penis was hard again ready for attack. But I
went Below towards her pussy & Started to kiss her pussy frm bottom to
top. She was enjying da moment very much. after sometimes, She Started
moving her hips back n front. after abt 5 mins, She cummed on my face.
it was salty in taste. She pulled me up on her face. There was
satisfaction n happiness on her face. she kissed my cheeks & thanked
me for da immense pleasure. We hugged each other. She said me that she
is feeling Horny & wants me again inside her. I turned her Started
Kissing her back & neck. She was Holding my penis & Stroking it. She
was getting Horny again by my kisses on her neck and back. She pushed
her back towards me my penis was touching her ass. I told her to bend
a little, I lifted her right leg, wore da condom & I started banging
my penis inside her pussy from behind. She was enjoying da position
very much as the penis was going deep inside her pussy. my both hands
were busy with her boobs & was kissing her neck & back thus increasing
da pleasure more and more for both of us. after sometimes, she told me
she is cumming, I told her to hold as I was also nearing.

After sometimes, I felt preasure on my penis, I understood that she is
nearing, I hence increased my speed & we both cum together. we both
were tired. we stayed there below da shower for sometimes then we
parted. cleaned ourselves, Dressed up. She gave me a tight hug & a
deep kiss. I then left her place to come back home. She called me back
in da evening & said she will soon plan another adventure of us
together so that we may again have a lot of fun together.

So friends, Hope u like my Sexperience. Sorry if I had bored u, but I
am da man who believe in Foreplay more than Fucking, as by foreplay,
your partner will be more n more satisfied and Happy to surrender
herself to you. Hope some of u will be agrred to me. Pls reply ur
comments on my e-mail : Any Aunties or
Bhabhis would like to have fun and secret relationship with me may
e-mail me. Sorry if u find my Story Slow n Boring. But Thats what I
am. I like to hav fun in Details & not in 2-Minutes. Keep Reading da
stories & njoy da fun thru these lovely & Sexy Sites. Bye & Happy