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Kajal’s Jungle

Most men have worked in offices and maybe even dreamed and fantasized over our female colleagues or staff. Here is an actual group seduction of our sweeper woman Kajal which was a co-operative teamwork planned by my colleagues and me. Ours is a small company of marketing and sales with a small staff of not more than 10 permanent employees.


The boss rarely turned up in the office. And I was made the manager of the company. Only five of us used to be in office after 3pm. That was the peon, the delivery boy, the accountant, the computer operator, and me. Kajal is about 23 years old coming from a small village.

So she wears these really dirty old sarees with half torn blouses which barely covered her heavy bulky voluptuous figure. She has the most massive balls (I think 39) I’ve ever seen and the ass was just unbelievably tight and round (40) contradicting the extremely sleek waist not more than 28. So the overall figure is about 39-28-40. Obviously she had caught everyone attention in the office. But as I told you many others didn’t have the time to bother chasing her after their working hours. There was only the 5 of us who were really desperate to get lucky with her. Except for me the other four boys were all too young and stupid types. This gave me full command and authority of planning the exploitation of Kajal’s innocence.

Previously Kajal used to come in the morning hours to do the cleaning of the office before anyone came. That’s when I had got to survey her full figure in complete detail as she had to really stretch herself to clean the upper shelves since she was short in height. That time I could clearly see her balls slipping out of the small blouses which were torn under the armpits and other areas and the buttons or hooks were broken. She never wore any bra like a typical village girl. She knew when I was looking at her in these positions. I suppose she liked the attention she was getting. The saree was also always tied far below the waist and navel and the lower hem of the saree was also pulled up above the knees for ease during cleaning. When she wiped the floor in squatting position she spread her legs widely to give a free view of her beautiful dark pussy. She was dark in complexion with oily and smooth skin smelling of a truly erotic odour.

I had lost all my patience by letting Kajal turn me on by only the visual and other sensual seductive traits. Now I wanted to actually feel that hot body of hers and fuck her hard, real hard. First thing I did was to change her timing to evening after 5pm instead of morning. She was very comfortable with the change of timing. In fact she came looking more fresh in the evenings because I knew she used to rest in the afternoons and have a bath in the evening before coming to our office. I had gifted her some perfumes which she had started using and making herself more tempting. I had been hinting the 5 other sex maniacs in our office on how we should work out the plan.

We had fixed one day when the boss was to fly abroad and it was a bank holiday. Our office was also not supposed to be open but the 5 of us pretended that we were working that day and asked her also to come that day. As usual Kajal came in but a little late. Instead of 5pm she came at 6pm. It had got quite dark outside already. I looked at her angrily and asked her why she was so late. The 4 others pretended to be busy with their work. She stretched her body in the most erotic style and yawningly said she overslept today in the afternoon and that’s why was late. Then I noticed her scratching her pussy and ass also, and then adjusting the boobs in the blouse. The broken buttons of the blouse got my eyes glued to the wide exposure of her heavy cleavage between the massive boobs. She pulled the fall of the saree (the part that covers the breasts) squeezing in between the boobs.

This way her boobs were sticking out more prominently with the big pointy nipples penetrating through the weak material of the blouse as there was also no bra. The saree around the waist had also slipped much below the navel almost revealing the upper end of the clit. I could see the sweat dripping from her face all the way down her bare chest and trickling through the blouse rolling down the stomach and into the pussy area. She knew I was savouring her eroticism and acted as if she was scared of my evil intentions. I took her in confidence by asking about her family and problems that she might be facing in life. As the conversation continued she felt more secure and comfortable in front of me. I was sitting in my cabin chair. She started getting into her emotional stories when I asked her to sit.

She sat on the floor. I lifted her by the hand and asked her to sit up. She felt shy but agreed. Being a village girl, instead of sitting on a chair she sat on my table. In this position her stomach and breasts were extremely close to my face. I could smell the sexy mixed odour of sweat and perfume from her body. It was very intoxicating. My dick shot up and pulse rate was increasing by the second. My hands were about to grab her fully and strip her naked when the 4 other guys turned up. She was completely lost in her emotional stories and thought the others had also come to pity her for her sad stories. The peon and the delivery boy stood behind each of her shoulders ready to hold her arms as was planned by us. The computer operator and the accountant stood near each of her legs to hold those.

Since I was being the boss at that moment, I was to have the privilege of inaugurating the grand rape of the sexy beauty of our office. As per the plan, we all helped her lie down on the table while the peon and the delivery boy pinned down her hands in their powerful claws. She was shocked and didn’t know what was happening. The two other guys from down held her feet tightly so that she couldn’t move one bit. She was even too shocked to scream or shout. I patted her and asked her to relax; assuring her that nothing bad will happen if she co-operated with us and that we will instead reward her well in the end if she satisfies all of us. She was speechless but her whole body was sweating like anything. I lit my cigarette and pulled off the fall of her saree uncovering her upper portion.

Then with the burning end of the cigarette I burned Kajal’s blouse little by little. It was such a sexy feeling as I did that. All the guys enjoyed seeing her breasts being revealed slowly in suspense. They had all started kissing and licking the parts that were close to them. The peon and the delivery boy were already tearing her blouse with their teeth and biting on her balls and nipples. I slapped them both to remind them that I and only I will be the first one to taste her delicious private parts. They looked at me like hungry starving street dogs. Meanwhile the computer operator and the accountant had not been sitting doing nothing. They had also nicely made preparations for me by unveiling her saree from the waist. Kajal was lying fully naked on my table oozing of all her sexual juices from every inch of the body making her smell and taste sexier than ever. We are all rubbing and massaging her every part so passionately that she also started to enjoy the experience. She was married 5 years ago but her husband had died 2 years back.

Therefore she did have some sex experience and was also hungry for it for 2 years. So she got motivated and co-operated with full willingness. The guys warmed her up more by licking and sucking on her deepest parts while I prepared to enter her soul. I also licked her massive tits and suckled on those juicy nipples endlessly as my dick was rubbing hard over her cunt. As I grabbed her by the armpits, I felt like I was possessed by an evil spirit. I scratched her whole frontal body with my slightly grown finger nails like a beast and was biting on her flesh from top to bottom. The others also got scared and tried to control me. I beat them all to the ground and sat on top of her as if she was only my property. Kajal looked at me in a very terrified way. Once again I began biting and chewing on her meaty flesh. My dick was right on top of her cunt and in its hardest erect position. I squeezed her balls and pulled her nipples mercilessly.

She cried and screamed loudly. But it was already 11pm and everything in the surrounding area was closed so no one could hear anything. I spread her legs as wide as I could, gnashing on the tender lower lips with my teeth like an animal as I pushed my tongue deep into the cunt. My hands were still kneading hard on her swollen boobs. After chewing on her cunt’s sweetness for a long time my teeth continued biting as my mouth reached her boobs. My teeth went on chewing the flesh off her breasts as I carefully inserted the head of my dick into her pussy. With very slow movements my dick advanced further into her pussy, deeper and deeper with each stroke.

She again was enjoying the sensational pleasure till she reached the orgasm. I realised I had suddenly become very gentle on her. Once again I thrusted my dick with the power of a thousand bulls from hell and carried on banging till her cunt felt like it had torn apart wide enough to welcome a cargo train into it. The flesh of her cunt was burning as hot as fire. I didn’t stop biting and chewing on her upper fleshes till she cried and begged me that she was also thirsty and she wanted to drink something. I asked her to close her eyes and open the mouth. She did that and I poured all my cum into her mouth. Covering her eyes with my hands I asked her how she liked it. She was very thrilled.

She said it was very delicious and asked what it was. I asked her if she wanted more and she greedily asked for more. I opened her eyes and showed her my dick oozing of the cum. She was shocked to know what she had drunk. But she loved the taste so much that she didn’t mind swallowing more. I told her she should rub my dick to generate more of that. She desperately rubbed and massaged my dick and drank it faster than the flow. Actually she even sucked out whatever was left inside. Then I wanted to give the other guys also their chance. So as she sucked and chewed on my dick, the other guys used her front and back holes to fuck her in every possible style. By morning we were all exhausted at the same time filled with a new energy and hope to get a good fuck whenever we needed it within the office premises.