kalpana 03

kalpana: hello u there
rajat: yaaaaa
rajat: auntyyyy
kalpana: some problem with the net here
rajat: how r uu
rajat: okkkkk

rajat: so how r u
kalpana: ok
kalpana: goood
rajat: hoon
rajat: got my mail
kalpana: yes
rajat: okkk
rajat: read it
rajat: ?.
rajat: whn reply?.
kalpana: yes i read the mail
rajat: okkkk
rajat: liked it?
rajat: whn reply
kalpana: i will reply
rajat: okkkk
kalpana: soon
rajat: okkk
rajat: so aunty how is life there
kalpana: good
rajat: ok
rajat: whn will u marry aunty
kalpana: why are you worried
rajat: hahaha
rajat: aiuse hi
rajat: hey did u mind that?
rajat: i was kidding aunty
kalpana: nothing when are you getting married
rajat: hahaha
rajat: not yet
rajat: so aunty lets chjat som thng naughty
rajat: atleast tell me wat to do after marriage
kalpana: why
kalpana: what is your age now
rajat: 23
kalpana: i think you know better than me
rajat: y?
rajat: how will i know aunty
rajat: i’m a small cute sweet innocent boy
kalpana: you seem to know better
kalpana: do u have any girl firend
rajat: no aunty
kalpana: why
rajat: aise hi
rajat: u there na
kalpana: so you won’t marry at all
rajat: wasit 2 mins
kalpana: ok
rajat: ya sexy
rajat: i’
rajat: will marry bt after ii know from u everythng abt marriage
kalpana: at what age will you marry
rajat: 27
kalpana: so after 4 years
rajat: yaaaa
rajat: aunty….i wana know abt my penis…
rajat: would u comment somemthng abt it
kalpana: ok
rajat: how is it in frst look
rajat: frst tell whn its smallest
rajat: u seen its whn nt erect n very tiny
rajat: how it looks
kalpana: why is it good
rajat: how is it
kalpana: it is good thick, but length wise it is not so big
kalpana: but it is so thick
rajat: ok
kalpana: looks good
rajat: okkk
rajat: how is tip
kalpana: soo good i liked it
rajat: okkk
rajat: accha how u felt while u were seing it
rajat: honest
kalpana: i felt a bit hot
rajat: okkkk
rajat: how is my ass
kalpana: fine
rajat: okkk
rajat: u said its ;like a rod?
rajat: y
kalpana: it is so thick
rajat: okkk
rajat: so aunrty can u take iasily in ur both holes
rajat: bolo na aunty
kalpana: yes but i dont take in the other hole
rajat: okkkk
kalpana: it pains a lot
rajat: okk
rajat: is my penis eough for ur holes
kalpana: what
rajat: is my penis enough to satisfy u
kalpana: is it ok
rajat: okk
rajat: n ho abt ur cousin
kalpana: i can tak with pain
rajat: abt her holes….is mine enough n cn she take easily in her both holes
kalpana: oh she is young
rajat: so …
kalpana: she has a beautiful figure
rajat: okkkk
rajat: so cn she take mine in her both holes
kalpana: she does not like taking about sex
rajat: okk
rajat: bt wat u think
rajat: cn she take mine in her both holes
kalpana: i dont know, i think urs is too big for here
rajat: okkk
rajat: for her choot?
kalpana: she will cry
rajat: leave anus
rajat: hahaha
rajat: even in choot she will cry
kalpana: yes
rajat: okkk
rajat: hahaha
rajat: n u will cry in anus
rajat: bt u cn take mine easily in ur choot na
kalpana: i think so
rajat: okkk
rajat: n wat if i forcefully insert my full in ur anus
kalpana: i will push you ans run away
rajat: wat color chaddhi u weraing now
kalpana: what is chaddhi
rajat: panty
kalpana: black
rajat: okkk
rajat: how long ur pussy hairs
rajat: these days
kalpana: must be 3, 4 cms
rajat: okkk
kalpana: not sure
rajat: okkkk
rajat: aunty man kar raha hai aapki cousin ki gaand mein pura ghusa doon
kalpana: what
rajat: feeling like filling ur cousin’s anus with my penis
rajat: would u mind
kalpana: she will die if u do that
rajat: y
rajat: i think after pain n crying she will take some
kalpana: i dont know that
rajat: ok bt u wont die na…u will just cry so thats ok
kalpana: but still it pains alot u dont know
rajat: okkkk
kalpana: why you want to do that
rajat: sometimes even i insert my finger in my anus
rajat: i wana fuck ur cousin in anus
kalpana: do you like it more
rajat: that too witht using cream
rajat: n in one shot
rajat: now wat u say?
kalpana: you are so rude
rajat: y rude ?
kalpana: you want to do wildly thats why
rajat: okkk
rajat: t if i do that with ur cousin…wat will ma happen
rajat: tell me seriously
kalpana: she will beat you
rajat: hahaha
rajat: bt wat will happen to her
kalpana: what
rajat: wat will happen to her if i insert at once in her anus withot ne cream
kalpana: if you are strong she will have to surrender other wise she will kick you and escape
rajat: hahaha
rajat: bt i hv no plans for her bt for u i hv somthng
kalpana: what
rajat: i will make u sit in doggy style…
rajat: will apply some jelly on ur anus n my penis tip n slowly i’ll enter ur small hole
kalpana: ok
rajat: bt if ur cousin watches me doing this to u i’ll enter her anus too
rajat: would u mind my entering ur cousins anus
kalpana: i dont have any problem but she will not be interested in this
rajat: okkkk
rajat: i’ll do tying her
rajat: will u help me in entering her naus
rajat: anus
kalpana: leave her
rajat: okkkk
kalpana: if u want do it to me
rajat: then i wana uuuuuuuu
rajat: i wana do it only to uuuuu
rajat: i was just m,aking u lil hot n jealous so that u get wild n allow me to enter ur smallest anus hole
kalpana: ok
rajat: wat all u wearing aunty
rajat: tell me in detail n if possible open one of my penis pics
kalpana: ok
rajat: see my penbis pic n tell me wat all u wearing
kalpana: blue blouse
rajat: mmm
kalpana: light blue saree
rajat: okkkk
rajat: chaddhi n bra color
kalpana: black panty
kalpana: brown petticoat
rajat: mmmm…..
rajat: n inside ur chaddhi there is hot hair choottttttttt……
rajat: mera khada ho gaya hai aunty
kalpana: black panty
rajat: mmmm……
kalpana: it is hot now so a not wearing bra
rajat: mmmm…..ahhhhhh
rajat: ur big mangoes…i’ll sqeeze them n suck them allll…..
kalpana: ??
rajat: ur boobs…..
rajat: n u suck my sugarcane……
rajat: mnmmmm..
rajat: aunty….me kissing u allover.,…..ahhhhhh
rajat: mmmmm.auuuuuahhhhhh
rajat: ahhhhh
rajat: ouchhhhh
rajat: chhhh,,,,,,,maaaahhhhha
rajat: ur lips……
kalpana: ouchh
rajat: suck my lips…….
rajat: i’ll bite ur lips…..a
rajat: ahhhh…mmmm…….
kalpana: hmmmm
rajat: meanwhile i gv u strong n hard bite on ur back neck…..
rajat: n eating ur ear…….
kalpana: tell me which portion you like most ina female
rajat: licking ur armpits………
rajat: u guess
kalpana: boobs
rajat: no
rajat: again guess
kalpana: ass
rajat: yaaaaaa
rajat: u shud hv guessed b4 only./
rajat: now…i’m biting ur ear n massaging ur big boobs with my hands from jur sareee….
kalpana: main hole
rajat: ahhhh..after eating ur eras now me opening ur blouse hooks with my mouth n hv turned u.,……
kalpana: ok
kalpana: my cousin has a beautiful round ass
rajat: mmmm…..plzz allow me to fuck her anus once….
rajat: i wont hurt her
kalpana: i have seen many men staring at her back
rajat: promise
rajat: mmm……now i ‘m licking ur bare back….from neck to waist…..
rajat: ahhhhh,,,,,,,
rajat: n my hands inside n pressing n playing with ur boobs……
rajat: pressing them hard….
rajat: sucking themmmmmm…….
rajat: sucking like an ice cream ur nipples……
rajat: aunty…cooperate na
kalpana: ahhhhh
rajat: say dirty thngs….
rajat: encourage me……
kalpana: oohhhh
rajat: mmmm……
rajat: licking ur stomach.,…..
rajat: now slowly slowly i’m kissing ur feet……
rajat: with my teeth raising ur saree lil bit n kissing ur bare legssss…..
kalpana: hm
rajat: aunty cooperate na…..
kalpana: my nipples are stiff now
rajat: mmmm…rerally….
rajat: sacch mein
rajat: i have raised ur saree till kness…..
kalpana: yes
rajat: knees…….going above …..
rajat: ur thigs……
rajat: licking them………alllll
rajat: smoothlyyyyy…
rajat: ahhhhhhh,,,,,,,
kalpana: hmm
rajat: ouchhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm…….
rajat: more raised……n cn see that tint blak cloth….
rajat: mmmmmmmmmmmooooooa…..
kalpana: ooouuch
rajat: ahhhhhhsss……
rajat: wats that cloth aunty
kalpana: what
rajat: that black tiny cloth inside ur saree
rajat: (just think me innocent kid)
kalpana: ahhh..panty
rajat: mmmm….y u wear it aunty
rajat: wats d use………..(meanwhile i have raised saree till waist n see ur panty full)
kalpana: you want it then take
rajat: bt y u wear aunty
rajat: wats d use….
rajat: let me take it out n see wats it
rajat: i’m taking off ur chaddhi……..
rajat: ohhhhmyyyy….wats this aunty……wats this haisy jungle n wats there below it…..
rajat: batao na aunty.,…… n y my one part has got so hard seeing it…its coming out my pants….
kalpana: ohhhh
kalpana: ouchhhh
kalpana: hmmm
rajat: batao na aunty watd this part……
rajat: wat u call it…….
rajat: n why my penis has got so hard n big after seing it…..
rajat: plzz take out my penis out from my pantys aunty….
kalpana: hmm
rajat: batao na aunty
kalpana: you kid it needs some service from me
rajat: okkkk
rajat: wats this part called n wat service u cn do to my penis aunty
kalpana: it is so hot…so i will make it coool
rajat: mmmmm.how aunty.n watd u say this hairy part of urs…..n wat service u cn do to my penis.how
kalpana: i will give it a nice massage
rajat: how aunty….
rajat: mmmm………
rajat: gvvvvvvvv………………
kalpana: i take it in my hand and guide it to my hole
kalpana: now move your body backa dn front
rajat: mmmm..frst massage aunty……
rajat: how will u gv msaage aunty
rajat: ok i’ll come in it bt frst tell wat u call this part where u taking y penis….it wont get lost na….how deep is ur hole..wat u say to this holeeeeee
rajat: tellll
kalpana: i will take it in my hand and shake it
rajat: mmmm…..
rajat: ok bt wat u call that hairy part of urxsssss
rajat: tell me kts nameeeee
kalpana: this is a sacred hole
kalpana: you will be fine
kalpana: i will take you to heaven
rajat: mmmmm…okkkkk bt wats the name of this hole…
kalpana: so come on
rajat: okkkkk…btvfrst tell me name of this hole
kalpana: this is pundae
rajat: mmmm…..n in hindi?
kalpana: you tell
rajat: choottttttt
rajat: aunty in mail plzz tll me assamese words for all these
kalpana: okkkk
rajat: ass,choot,panty,penis,boobs
rajat: tell me inb amil n pplzz mail me today
kalpana: hmmmmm
rajat: accha….it wontr hurt my penis na going inside this sacred hole of urs
rajat: wont i get lost?
rajat: how deep is that
kalpana: you wont get hurt
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: ok take it inside….n wat i hv to do after this
rajat: going in
kalpana: you wil feel really good
rajat: mmmm……ahhhhhh,,,,ohhhh yeahhhh…..bt hole is bit tight or mine is bit big aunty….
rajat: y nt going smoothly

just shake you body back and front
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: wont it hurt u
kalpana: jst push it hard
rajat: okkkkkkkk
rajat: can u take my penis easily in ur hole aunty
kalpana: ooouuhch
rajat: aghhhhhh..myyyy…mmmm…its heaven….ahhhhhh……..
rajat: kya hua aunty.y ouch
kalpana: its pain a bit
rajat: y aunty…..
rajat: is hole small or mine big
kalpana: oooohhh
rajat: kkkkkaaa…..ahhhhhhh….cn u feel my penis is thick aunty….is it really thick or just said to please me….
rajat: cn u feel my thick ness now
kalpana: yours is big
rajat: thnks,…..
rajat: enough for ur sacred hole na
kalpana: yes
rajat: aunty who is that young gal in that room
rajat: wats thsi is called aunty wat we r doing now…me in ur hole n back n fro…..????wat am i doing to u….
rajat: auntyyy replyy
rajat: auynty
rajat: u thereeee
rajat: auntyyyyyyyy
rajat: auntyy

rajat: auntyy
rajat: kahan ho auntyyyy…bolo
rajat: mere penis ko andar hi phanse ke kahan chali gayi……
rajat: bolo aunty….mera penis phanse hua hai aapke sacred hole mein….

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