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kamini shetty

kamini shetty : hello Jay
colorderainbow: hi
colorderainbow: kamni
kamini shetty : sorry i could not make it yesterday night
colorderainbow: god fternoon
kamini shetty : slept off

colorderainbow: its ok
colorderainbow: not an issue
kamini shetty : kya haal chaal hai
colorderainbow: mast
colorderainbow: mast weather ho raha hay
colorderainbow: khub condom ki sell hui hogi aaj
kamini shetty : he he
kamini shetty : monsoon
kamini shetty : mondoon moods
kamini shetty : lol
colorderainbow: everybody mut be saying
colorderainbow: fucksoon
kamini shetty : panty release hogayi kya
colorderainbow: haaaan
colorderainbow: i have posted both urs and mohini panty together and exbians has to distinguish which one is whose
kamini shetty : chat padenge tho samjh jayenge
colorderainbow: maine tumhari chat post nahi ki na abhi tak
colorderainbow: taki suspence bana rahe
kamini shetty : oh is it
colorderainbow: climax abhi baki hay mere dost
kamini shetty : thats interesting
kamini shetty : ha ha ha
colorderainbow: i know how to tease boys n girls
colorderainbow: n bhabhis n aunties
kamini shetty : and this aunty knows how to tease boys like u
colorderainbow: wow
kamini shetty : lol
colorderainbow: ye to poora khana khajan ahay
kamini shetty : hope u liked the idea
colorderainbow: yeah
colorderainbow: but i m wondering
colorderainbow: would u take pepsi also
colorderainbow: u have kept it by side ??
kamini shetty : thats the point viewers need to think
colorderainbow: hahahhahaha
colorderainbow: these two are fine
kamini shetty : initially i planned only 2
kamini shetty : the corn and carrot
colorderainbow: baby corn is realy sweet
kamini shetty : baby corn is starter
kamini shetty : carrot main course
kamini shetty : pepsi dessert
colorderainbow: hahahhaa
colorderainbow: hahahahaha
colorderainbow: u r funny
kamini shetty : so thats the theme
kamini shetty : lol
colorderainbow: did u click any more
kamini shetty : just this one more thats all
colorderainbow: hahhahah
colorderainbow: great
colorderainbow: i liked it baby
kamini shetty : thanks jay
kamini shetty : is the size of by bra visible
colorderainbow: 38
colorderainbow: 95 cm rite ??
kamini shetty : yea
kamini shetty : made in india
kamini shetty : lol
colorderainbow: trade mark is missing
colorderainbow: which brand is this
kamini shetty : its at the back
kamini shetty : the label back has the name
kamini shetty : some anil
colorderainbow: hmmm
colorderainbow: khurana ka maal lagta hay
kamini shetty : kaun khuranaa
colorderainbow: hahahaahhahaah
colorderainbow: ok ik movie thi na
colorderainbow: pravesh rawal ki
kamini shetty : 123?
colorderainbow: he used to sell bra panty
colorderainbow: haaaan
colorderainbow: papas n pintos wala
kamini shetty : lol
kamini shetty : par panty tho acchi hai na
kamini shetty : black color
colorderainbow: haaaan lovoavle is good brand
kamini shetty : well its surprising that guys know about brands of females inner wear
colorderainbow: but i some what white patch in front of panty
kamini shetty : what?
colorderainbow: yeah
colorderainbow: the darkness is lesser in front near the pussy rests
colorderainbow: how does that happens
kamini shetty : ab pHD karoge kya?
colorderainbow: batao na
kamini shetty : well maybe due to checals getting released
kamini shetty : chemicals
colorderainbow: chemicls
colorderainbow: which chemical
kamini shetty : enuff
kamini shetty : i meant the fluids
colorderainbow: heeehehee
colorderainbow: ok wont ask much about pnty then
kamini shetty : hmmm
kamini shetty : busy in editing?
colorderainbow: hahhahaha
colorderainbow: na re
colorderainbow: dont feel like editing
kamini shetty : kya matlab
colorderainbow: abhi man nahi ker raha
colorderainbow: some other time i will do
kamini shetty : sure
kamini shetty : i dint mean to ask you to do that
colorderainbow: hmmmm muaahhhhhhhh
colorderainbow: darling
kamini shetty : curious so how did it couur to u taht you should post something like your chat
colorderainbow: didnt get u last line
kamini shetty : u post the chats na
kamini shetty : wo idea kahan se aaya dimaag me
colorderainbow: i read a few stories
colorderainbow: but it was fake more than reality
colorderainbow: n i had a few chat friend they used to tell me genuine thing
colorderainbow: so thought why not post some thing which is more realistic
kamini shetty : hmm
colorderainbow: n guys found it interesting to know the hidden desire of secrets of women
kamini shetty : u mean there are other people who chat and post?
colorderainbow: specialy indian women they are not interested in firangi women
colorderainbow: i meant my lady friends
colorderainbow: who used to talk freely
kamini shetty : oh i see
colorderainbow: ab samjhi
kamini shetty : haan
colorderainbow: may be i will end up with a PHD thesis
colorderainbow: at the end of the day
kamini shetty : looks like
kamini shetty : so people do like this hmm?
colorderainbow: there will be a page
colorderainbow: named exclusive pic of bhindiwali aunty panty n bra
colorderainbow: yeah
colorderainbow: coz
colorderainbow: they dont know what indian women think
colorderainbow: much
kamini shetty : hmmm
kamini shetty : page named bhindiwaali aunty
kamini shetty : kya matlab jay
colorderainbow: yeah in the PhD thesis
colorderainbow: there will be a page dedicated to u
kamini shetty : i thoutgh u going to post a page in exbi
kamini shetty : lol
colorderainbow: hahahahhaha
kamini shetty : not a bad idea though
colorderainbow: hmm
colorderainbow: where is ur hubby
colorderainbow: i forgot
colorderainbow: ??
kamini shetty : lol now?
colorderainbow: in general what does he do
kamini shetty : he is in chemical business
colorderainbow: weather he is inida or abroad
kamini shetty : in india
colorderainbow: hmmm means with u only
kamini shetty : but keeps rotating the globe
kamini shetty : of course
colorderainbow: hmm
kamini shetty : will kill hi if he is with someone else
kamini shetty : lol
colorderainbow: hahahhaha
colorderainbow: u never know
kamini shetty : yes
kamini shetty : he might see his owns panty if he follows your link
kamini shetty : lol
kamini shetty : own wifes i meant
colorderainbow: hahahah a
kamini shetty : the probabilty of the possiblities are the same
colorderainbow: n may be he will find it erotic as well
kamini shetty : him being with other woman
kamini shetty : and him seeeing my panty
kamini shetty : did u find it erotic?
colorderainbow: yeahhhhhhh
colorderainbow: very much
kamini shetty : never knew it would be so erotic
colorderainbow: so do u mind if he sleeps with other women
kamini shetty : well i would in my true senses
kamini shetty : but if i am wicked i wouldnt
colorderainbow: so u will let it go
colorderainbow: at times ppl need it
colorderainbow: when he is abroad n u r not accompanying him
kamini shetty : frankly i am not doing right chatting with u on all this showing my garments
kamini shetty : but inner desires are instincts
kamini shetty : so if he is enjoying with someone its his desire
colorderainbow: hmmm
kamini shetty : its unfortunate for me
colorderainbow: thats a sensible thinking
colorderainbow: hey dont take it that way
colorderainbow: when he is here he is with u
kamini shetty : yes
colorderainbow: so u need not to worry
kamini shetty : right
kamini shetty : thats what
kamini shetty : we know what our limits are
colorderainbow: hmmm
colorderainbow: so u have any guilt feeling talking to me
colorderainbow: ????
kamini shetty : well its within the limits described
kamini shetty : so i dont feel guilty
colorderainbow: hmmm
kamini shetty : now dont ask me about limits
colorderainbow: when both of u had sex last time
kamini shetty : well dont encrosch this area lol
kamini shetty : tresspassers prohibited
colorderainbow: hahhahahahaha
colorderainbow: batao na
colorderainbow: i think knowing it wont change much
kamini shetty : kind of a week back
kamini shetty : before he went out on the trip
colorderainbow: he is not with u now days
kamini shetty : no he is abroad and will be returing
kamini shetty : short trip
colorderainbow: hmmmmm
kamini shetty : thats a stupid q
colorderainbow: great
kamini shetty : u think if he was here i would chat with u at 2.00 am lol
colorderainbow: yeah i was wondering
colorderainbow: n when he is around
colorderainbow: whats the normal freqency now
colorderainbow: of fuck session
colorderainbow: or better call it love making session
kamini shetty : hafte me 2-3 baar
kamini shetty : we are not of the types “Har din Honeymoon”
colorderainbow: na na mostly couple at ur age do it like wise
colorderainbow: hafte me 2 3 bar
kamini shetty : yes
kamini shetty : nayee nayee shadi hoti hai
kamini shetty : tabhi excitement rehta hai to explore
kamini shetty : but then responsiblities grow
kamini shetty : then u have a young one
kamini shetty : take care of elders and take care of young one
colorderainbow: hmmmm
kamini shetty : u know the desire of sex doesnet take priority
colorderainbow: i can understand ur point
kamini shetty : it does but not as a daily routine
colorderainbow: hmmm priority chnges
colorderainbow: with time in life
kamini shetty : right
kamini shetty : if someone reads the chta we do wonder what he would feel like
kamini shetty : there is no nonsense fun ..its serious discussion
kamini shetty : with a blend of spicy adulterated fun
colorderainbow: hmmm
colorderainbow: i like it this way
kamini shetty : glad about that
colorderainbow: we are humanbeing
colorderainbow: society prohibits us to do many thing
colorderainbow: if set free
colorderainbow: we wil be like dog fucking each other every now n then
kamini shetty : but some do fuck dogs
kamini shetty : i have read about it lol
colorderainbow: realy
kamini shetty : now dont act foolish
colorderainbow: i have seen
colorderainbow: girl fucking dog
colorderainbow: but a man fucking dog i didnt see
colorderainbow: realy
kamini shetty : i had to mention females fucking dog
kamini shetty : sorry …looks like you took it on the heart for your male gender
kamini shetty : lol
colorderainbow: haahaaahhaahaa
colorderainbow: nothin like that
kamini shetty : so girl fucking dog
kamini shetty : whats the point?
colorderainbow: no point
colorderainbow: i dont know
colorderainbow: why do they do so
colorderainbow: are the dogs better than man
kamini shetty : well as i havent tried i cant answer
kamini shetty : lol
colorderainbow: hmmmm
colorderainbow: may be u dont have a pet
kamini shetty : hmm yea
kamini shetty : maybe i would have tried if i had
kamini shetty : but i need to get the point
colorderainbow: hmm
kamini shetty : probably some really liked and were interested in inter species intercourse
colorderainbow: weird thing i would say
kamini shetty : cery true
kamini shetty : very true
kamini shetty : well whatever it is i dont think either of the species in teh intespecies intercourse will get satisfaction
kamini shetty : pointlesss
colorderainbow: definately
colorderainbow: a horse cant put all his dick in a lady pusssy
colorderainbow: its not fun for horse neither for women
kamini shetty : well i would say u will not get it right when you go beyond what nature has provided
colorderainbow: hmmmm
colorderainbow: so u dont like anal ???
colorderainbow: it implies
kamini shetty : there are always amendments to the laws
kamini shetty : lol
colorderainbow: haaahaaaaahahah
colorderainbow: n what it impliss here
kamini shetty : as anal sex is enjoyable and both the parties involved have a sense of satisfaction it can be practiced
kamini shetty : lol
colorderainbow: i didnt ask ur opinion
colorderainbow: what do u follow
colorderainbow: i m more interested here
kamini shetty : i did not get u
colorderainbow: do u practise anal
colorderainbow: how was ur experiance
kamini shetty : not that much
kamini shetty : but its a bit odd
colorderainbow: tell me in a bit detail if it doesnt offend u
kamini shetty : well in comaprison the hole is pretty small
kamini shetty : there is no lubrication
kamini shetty : u will do a lot of groundwork like using oil or cream before you try out
colorderainbow: hmmm
colorderainbow: lots of homework
colorderainbow: its like going for war
colorderainbow: hehehhehhehe e
kamini shetty : ha ha
kamini shetty : yes
kamini shetty : u have to break in the door to enter the fortress
kamini shetty : then fight the enemy walls to gain conquest
colorderainbow: hahhahahaha
colorderainbow: with a single warrior
kamini shetty : yes
colorderainbow: it becomes tough
kamini shetty : and if its a big fortress as mine then it is more tough
colorderainbow: hmmmm
colorderainbow: ur butt chicks are big
kamini shetty : wonder how that happened
colorderainbow: how??
kamini shetty : i really dont know
kamini shetty : its a question to myself
kamini shetty : but maybe it looks good i think
colorderainbow: yeahhhhh
kamini shetty : i used to envy Asha Parekh
colorderainbow: its a teaser for ur hubby
kamini shetty : have u noticed?
colorderainbow: may be it invites him for anal
colorderainbow: na
colorderainbow: i dont remember her by name
kamini shetty : Asha parekh was the head of censor board few yrs ago
kamini shetty : prior to that she was an actress
kamini shetty : with shammi kapoor in junglee etc
colorderainbow: its was soha’s mom
colorderainbow: as head of censor board i remember
colorderainbow: soha ali khan
kamini shetty : before that
colorderainbow: hmmmmm
colorderainbow: so she had similar butt chick
colorderainbow: ??
kamini shetty : chick?
colorderainbow: similar ass
kamini shetty : yea
colorderainbow: i meant
kamini shetty : big one
colorderainbow: hmmm
colorderainbow: n now u have ur own
kamini shetty : lol
colorderainbow: so
colorderainbow: how was ur experiance with anal
colorderainbow: u liked it
colorderainbow: ??
kamini shetty : initially it was pointless
kamini shetty : as no pleasure for both parties
colorderainbow: hmmm
colorderainbow: then ………
kamini shetty : he did some practice and got it to work
colorderainbow: hmmmmm
colorderainbow: n now its fun
colorderainbow: rite ?/
kamini shetty : it was frustrating as he used to say one more time one more time
kamini shetty : every time it was going wrong
colorderainbow: hahahaha
colorderainbow: practise makes a men perfect
kamini shetty : going wrong in the sense its not that it was not going in
kamini shetty : it was just that none of us were enjoying
colorderainbow: hmmmm
colorderainbow: so how it progressed
kamini shetty : yes and woman has to be there to get his practce done
colorderainbow: from wrong to right
colorderainbow: hahhahahahha a
kamini shetty : maybe my ass got used to it
kamini shetty : it got fed up and said chalo mai haar gayi maze lelo
colorderainbow: haaahhaahhaahahah
colorderainbow: how many trials it faced before surendered
colorderainbow: how many months
kamini shetty : in between we dropped the idea as well
colorderainbow: hmmm
kamini shetty : and when we used to watch some porn movies we were just wondering
colorderainbow: hmmmm
kamini shetty : how is it working for them and not for us
kamini shetty : well now i think we can get it better than they do
kamini shetty : lol
colorderainbow: ohh
colorderainbow: so sure
colorderainbow: great
kamini shetty : no just kidding
kamini shetty : but yes its much better now
colorderainbow: hmmm
colorderainbow: so its like ur fuck session includes anal also whatever it is 2 3 times a week
kamini shetty : yea
kamini shetty : its the dessert in the session
kamini shetty : because after that i dont like to suck my own yuck of the cock
colorderainbow: hahahhahahaha
colorderainbow: but dont know in porn movie
colorderainbow: there is no yuck even in anal
colorderainbow: so how different it is in real life
kamini shetty : i dont know how they do it
kamini shetty : read any literature
kamini shetty : its clear that after anal sex its always recommended to clean off before proceeding further
kamini shetty : precations so that u dont get some infection
colorderainbow: hmmmm
colorderainbow: true
kamini shetty : see anus is a part which is just an outside path
kamini shetty : it has mainly the waste
colorderainbow: yeahh
kamini shetty : thats the only human part which has no intake
kamini shetty : except for the cock which goes inside during anal sessions
colorderainbow: so do u feel the dick is hitting the waste
kamini shetty : no i dont get fucked up when i have a situation like that
colorderainbow: hahahahah
colorderainbow: in general i m asking
kamini shetty : well its just the thrusts u get to feel
kamini shetty : and there will be this pain which generates in that area and as it travels to mind it gets converted to pleasure
colorderainbow: hmmmm
colorderainbow: nice explanation
kamini shetty : seriously sometimes i think i should do some writing
colorderainbow: hehehehhhe
kamini shetty : maybe my writings are reaching out via you nowadays
kamini shetty : lol
colorderainbow: so how does the dick look like after anal , i meant is it messy
colorderainbow: with shit on it
kamini shetty : well nothing sticks out as such
colorderainbow: hmmm
colorderainbow: may be its just smell bad
colorderainbow: but its infected for sure
colorderainbow: not hydenic to suck afterwards
colorderainbow: thats why u call it desert
colorderainbow: smart lady
colorderainbow: gone ???
colorderainbow: lagta hay kuch jyada hin questionng ker di
kamini shetty : maybe if u havent cleaned ur ass
kamini shetty : sorry there was a power fluctuation
colorderainbow: hmmm
colorderainbow: so lots of homework like cleaning ur ass
kamini shetty : lol
kamini shetty :…ugurates01.jpg
kamini shetty : its a link
kamini shetty : website
kamini shetty : not photo
kamini shetty : click the link
colorderainbow: ok
colorderainbow: hmm
colorderainbow: big fat ass aunty
colorderainbow: heeeeeeheh
kamini shetty : ha ha
kamini shetty : thats asha parekh for u
colorderainbow: naaaaaaaaaa
colorderainbow: she is too old for me
colorderainbow: gift it to hubby
colorderainbow: hehehehehhehe
colorderainbow: hahah
kamini shetty : ha ha ha ha
kamini shetty : 50s ki model hai
colorderainbow: hmmmmm
colorderainbow: ab to namuna hay
kamini shetty : ha ha ha
kamini shetty : hum bhi 30 saal baad namuna hi kehlayenge
kamini shetty : dhyaan me rakhna
colorderainbow: wait a call is there
kamini shetty : ok
colorderainbow: gone ??
kamini shetty : no m here
colorderainbow: hmmm
kamini shetty : so whos ur fav actress
colorderainbow: soha ali khan
colorderainbow: she is cute
colorderainbow: then manisha lamba
kamini shetty : hmm
colorderainbow: i dont like renowned actress actor
kamini shetty : hmm
colorderainbow: okay kamini
colorderainbow: i think we shall talk later
kamini shetty : yes
colorderainbow: okay
colorderainbow: finish ur other stuff
colorderainbow: c ya
kamini shetty : ys
colorderainbow: muaaahhhhhhhhhh
kamini shetty : so when is the new panty getting released
kamini shetty : lol
colorderainbow: lets seee
kamini shetty : ok
colorderainbow: how the ppl respond
kamini shetty : yes try getting responses
colorderainbow: hmmm
kamini shetty : provoke them a bit
colorderainbow: hmmm
colorderainbow: chalo babbabaye for now
kamini shetty : bye