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kanika and kajal enjoy voyeurism – Part III

Really? Who all did you have problems with?” I asked.

“Well, you know Babu, the old guy? He is like the alpha male down there. Even the floor supervisor is scared of him. And he has two minions, Heera and Yousuf. The three of them are like the unofficial leaders of the shop floor. And this new guy Jaggu also hangs around them all the time.”

“I did not know that.”

“Yeah. So the 4 of them had a lot of trouble taking instructions or criticism from a young woman like me. That led to a lot of shouting matches.”

“What happened next?”

“Well….” Kajal took a long pause, as if deciding how much she could share with me. “It just all worked out in a few days. I won’t bore you with the details. Now we get along fine.”

And then she changed the subject. I was very curious to know the turn of events that had led to an acrimonious relationship turning into one so close that she was now having sex with all of them. I thought about mentioning that I had seen her with them last night. But decided against it.

Four days later, I stayed back in the office till 6 pm to finish with some paperwork. Only a couple of other salesmen were in the office when I finally got done and decided to leave. As I approached my car, I noticed someone approaching me from the corner of my eye. I turned to see Babu and Jaggu standing there.

“Kanika ji, I wonder if you could do us a favor. Could you give us a ride?”

I stood there, staring at them both. I had never really talked to Babu at length, except for a couple of times when I had to personally explain some manufacturing specifications to him. And I had never talked to Jaggu at all. I just stood there speechless, wondering what to say or do.

“Please? Just a ride to the bus station. We promise we won’t bite. Hahaha.” Babu laughed.

“Yeah sure, of course. No problem.” I said, not wanting to seem rude or snobbish. The bus station was just a couple of kilometres away anyway.

Babu got in the front seat next to me and Jaggu was sitting in the back. All this while, Jaggu had a very strange, even creepy grin on his face, something that should have tipped me off. I took the car out to the street and had been driving for barely a minute when Babu said,

“So….did you like what you saw? You certainly seemed to have enjoyed it.”

I jerked my neck and looked at him in horror, and almost banged into another car in front of me. I noticed it at the last minute, swerved, heard the driver honk in annoyance, and regained control.

“Now, now. Keep your eyes on the road. No need to get us all killed.” Babu said with a smile on his face.