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kanika and kajal enjoy voyeurism Part V

Yousuf noticed me staring at it and said,

“Haha, Kanika has the exact same expression on her face looking at Jaggu’s dick as Kajal did. It is quite something, isn’t it? Gives even me a complex, and I’d never had any complaints from women. Don’t worry, we usually make Jaggu go last.

By the time his turn comes, the three of us have loosened the pussy enough to make it manageable.”

I looked at Yousuf’s smiling face and then at Jaggu’s. Jaggu had a proud and evil grin on his face. He looked at me and said

“You like it, don’t you? Want a closer look? Want it in your mouth?”

I nodded almost involuntarily. As Babu’s fucking tempo increased even more to the fourth gear, Jaggu came and sat on his bent knees next to my face. My mouth was already open in amazement. I opened it even wider, and Jaggu shoved his remarkable organ inside. It was so thick, I could not roll my tongue up and around it while it was in my mouth, like I had done with Babu’s cock.

“Here, this will work better.” Jaggu said, and pushed my head backwards until the top of my head was partially in contact with the ground. Then he moved from the side of my head to behind my head, and gradually started pushing it in my mouth and down my throat. Babu groaned in approval, and started fucking me even harder, now in overdrive. Jaggu, clearly experienced in this, gradually kept sliding his cock inside, and I would feel it against the wall of my throat, and going downwards.

His cock being shoved down my throat made me feel like even more of a slut. As it made its slow progress, for the first time, my eyes fell on his giant balls. They were perfectly in proportion with his dick, and so were massive. Babu’s by now rapid fucking teasing my insides and the near-choking sensation of this monster cock advancing down my throat, combined my first close observation of Jaggu’s huge balls, and started the first of my many orgasms for the night. I breathed in deeply, and arched my back.

“Hold her down by her arms unless you want your dick broken.” Babu said breathlessly, realizing I was about to cum, and grabbed my waist and held it down. Jaggu immediately did as he was told, pinning me down. And the orgasm hit, as I started shaking, constrained by the strong grip of these two men. It was as if a jolt of high voltage electricity had been shot through my body. my body started convulsing even more as my orgasm lasted longer than it ever had. My orgasm sent Babu over the edge too, and as my orgasm started subsiding, I felt a large amount of cum filling my insides. He pumped into me for about half a minute and emptied his load into me, and it started oozing out of my pussy.

Jaggu took his dick out of my mouth in one swift motion, wincing as my the edges of my teeth rubbed against it, and let go of my arms. I inhaled a lot of air, as if to fill the vacuum left by Jaggu’s giant dick, and started coughing. Babu took his dick out, and sat on his knees in front of me, breathing heavily. I was still shaking and shivering from the intensity of the orgasm, and was covered in goosebumps. Breathless and still shivering, I sat up and said,

“Oh God!!! That was AMAYYYYYYYZING!!! That was just…Oh god o god go god… ” I looked downwards to see the river of Babu’s cum oozing out of my pussy. I put a finger in my pussy, took out a gob of the cum, and licked it. As I looked at my pussy, I thanked my luck for being on birth control pills. This amount of cum would have surely knocked me up, if I hadn’t been.

“Glad you liked it, slut. Now who is going to clean my cock?” Babu said.

I then got on my hands and knees, went to Babu, and started licking his now softening dick clean. Heera meanwhile walked up, got on his knees behind me, and shoved his dick into my pussy. After Babu’s dick, Heera’s barely registered its presence. But to be polite, I made a few moaning noises every now and then. Heera was not much in terms of technique either. In a few minutes, Babu’s big dick had been licked clean, and Yousuf, the last dick to make contact with me, replaced it in my mouth.

It was nice and thick…. not as scarily thick as Jaggu’s, but thick enough. I had barely been sucking on it for a minute when I felt Heera grab my waist hard. He started pumping his load into me. As soon as he was done, I took Yousuf’s dick out of my mouth, looked at him, and said,

“Your turn to fill my pussy now.”

“Of course. But I’d actually prefer a different position.” Yousuf replied.

He lay down on his back, with his cock pointing straight upwards, and smiled at me, indicating that he wanted me to ride him. Being on top had always been my favorite position. It allowed me to take control of the pace and the tempo. With my knees of either side of Yousuf’s hips, I gradually lowered my pussy over his cock. I started moving up and down and sideways, fucking him at a higher pace than Rohan. He started playing with my boobs and I did that.