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kanika and kajal enjoy voyeurism. Part VI

I looked at Babu and Heera with glazed eyes, dug into my pussy to take out a big wad of Jaggu’s semen, and gulped it down. Then I slowly turned over and got on my hands and knees, wondering which one would fuck me where.. As I got into the doggy style position, I felt Jaggu’s cum ooze down my inner thighs in a thick stream. I was hoping Babu would fuck me next, but to my disappointment, he kneeled down in front of me and shoved his cock in my mouth.

And Heera got behind me, I noted to myself that he was by far the worst fuck in the group. He had already fucked me doggy style once, had not shown much technique, and had shot his load too fast. As he plunged his dick into my wet pussy, I braced for a couple of minutes of nondescript fucking, and turned my attention to Babu’s cock.

But within a minute, my attention was back to Heera. After fucking me for a little while, he had taken his cock out, I thought to avoid cumming so soon. But then he inserted two fingers into my cunt and took out a few gobs of Jaggu’s remaining cum. He then smeared it all around my asshole, and inserted a finger into my asshole with the cum on it. That’s when it hit me…. he was going to sodomize me!! I tried to take Babu’s cock out of my mouth and say something in protest, but Babu had a tight grip on my hair.

There wasn’t much I could do as Heera pushed the head of his dick on my sphincter. I clenched hard, making it difficult for him to insert it in.

“Come on, just relax your body. You know it is going to happen. Don’t fight it. You’ve been such a nice slut so far.” Heera said, and gently patted me on the ass a couple of times. I thought it over. It had been years since I had been fucked in my ass. One of my boyfriends before Rohan had taken my anal virginity, and had fucked me in the ass quite regularly, making it almost completely painless. Rohan was not into anal sex, so my butthole hadn’t had anything inserted in it in many years. Would it hurt again?

I decided to find out by unclenching my butt and relaxing my muscles. Heera moaned in approval and pushed his cock on my asshole again. I fought the instinct to clench, and tried to relax my butt as much as possible. After slow gradual pressure for about 20 seconds, Heera’s cock head entered my asshole. It hurt, but not as much as I thought it would. He stopped it there, inserted his fingers into my pussy and smeared some more cum all over his dick and on my asshole. Another inch went in. He did this a couple of more times until I noticed in amazement that his whole cock was buried up my ass, and his balls were resting on my ass cheeks.

Babu had been looking at all this spellbound and said,

“Wow, she took it. She took it all the way in. Not like Kajal, who hollered at even the head entering her butthole and forbade us from ever trying to fuck her in the ass.”

“This slut is special.” Heera said, and slowly started fucking my ass.

“That she is. I need her cunt now.” Babu said, took his dick out of my mouth, and slid under me. He maneuvered his position so that his cock was right under my pussy, and then said, “Heera, keep your dick buried in her ass, and lower her slowly.”

Heera did as was told and gradually lowered my butt, with his cock still buried inside it. Babu adjusted his cock so it was right below my pussy. The tip of his dick effortlessly entered my cunt.

“OK Heera, I am in, now push her down hard.”

Heera pushed my butt down hard and Babu’s cock entered me in one motion. I let out a low moan as I registered this reality of two cocks in me, one in my cunt and another in my ass. I had never had this experience before, and the feeling was indescribable. Even in that delirious state, I remembered the phrase – double penetration. I had read about it, seen it in porn films, and had even fantasized about it, but had never even come close to actually feeling the way I felt now.

So it was only when Heera pulled up the car to in front of my building that I realized the risks. What if someone saw me with these men? Yousuf got out and I got out after him and scanned the surroundings. It was just past midnight, so luckily none of my neighbors were around. The night watchman was on his chair inside the gate, but was luckily sleeping. Phew, dodged a bullet. Or so I thought.

After I got in to the driver’s seat, Babu came up to me and said,

“I am sure you had a great time tonight. We’ll tell you soon when we can do this again. And next time, Kajal will join in too.”

I didn’t say anything, just nodded. As Babu stepped away, Yousuf came to the window.

“Good night.” he said with a smile, then lowered his head into the car, and kissed me for a good minute or so. I tried pulling away, but could not resist. Once he broke the kiss and stood up, I whispered in a voice full of anger,

“Are you crazy? The watchman is right there! He can see us.”

“Don’t worry.” Yousuf laughed and said. “He is fast asleep.” and started walking away with his three friends.

I sat there in the car for a minute or so until the four men were far enough. The watchman was sleeping. I thought I’d wait for a couple of minutes more before waking him up to open the gate of the building. Just then he opened his eyes, looked at me, and gave me a very lecherous smile.

“Open the gate.” I said to him.

He kept smiling and unlocked the gate, opening it for my car. I pulled it inside the gate, and for some reason said in a stern voice,

“You should not be sleeping, you know. You are a night watchman. It is your job to be awake all night.”

“Don’t worry Madam. I just had my eyes closed. I wasn’t asleep. I was awake enough to see enough.” he said and winked.

I didn’t say anything, and drove my car into our assigned parking space. As I got out and turned around, I noticed he still had that creepy smile on as he kept staring at me. He kept staring at me as I went to the elevator and got in

“Hah!! What an amazing ass you have Kanika. God created it specially for ass fucking.” Heera said as he spanked it hard a few times.

As the three of us settled in a comfortable position, Babu and Heera started pistoning their dicks in and out of me. Both were going slow at this point, but at different speeds, and small explosions went off in my head every time either of them thrust their dicks all the way in. My mind, inexperienced at double penetration, was having trouble multitasking by registering the sensations of a simultaneous ass fuck and cunt fuck. The cunt fuck felt much more pleasurable of course, because that’s where the nerve endings that generate pleasure are. In some ways, the cunt fuck was the “main show”

But the ass fuck had a peculiar feeling too, different from my previous ass fucks with my ex-boyfriend all those years ago. Back then, although I found being fucked in the ass very kinky and fun, it did not really generate any physical pleasure. It was great for my ex, because his dick got the friction, but I was mostly just turned out at the taboo of being sodomized, and was always waiting for him to get done with it, and finish me off my fucking me on the pussy or working on my clit. This was different. My cunt was getting attention from Babu’s dick. And Heera fucking me in the ass was adding to the pleasure, mentally as well as physically.

As I was thinking about all this, both men had stepped up their tempo. Babu’s cock, in a different position from the last time he fucked me, was now probing and touching different places and driving me close to an orgasmic frenzy. Heera pounding my ass was helping it along. In a couple more minutes, as Babu started ramming his cock up my cunt even faster, I felt the orgasm approaching.

“OH YESSS!! OH YESSS!! Keep fucking my ass Heera, ram it hard.” I yelled out.

Heera acquiesced and started fucking my ass even harder, and that probably was too much for me.

“Ohhh…Kanika… I am cumming… I am cumming in your asshole.” Heera said breathlessly.

And he started filling my intestines with his cum. I felt that cum inside my ass, and that feeling sent me over the edge as I started shaking with the impact of the orgasm. Babu, who had by now seen how violent my orgasms were, smartly put his arms around my back, and held me down, my boobs mashed against his chest. He kept driving his cock into my cunt all the while. My hips were bucking wildly with the orgasm and Heera was still shooting his seed into my ass.

Finally Heera got done cumming even as my orgasm continued. After it subsides, I stopped bucking around, and Heera, his dick still planted in my ass, plopped down on top of me. I should have felt stressed by his weight on top of me. Instead I realized how I had become the meat in this guy sandwich, with Babu’s torso plastered against my front with his cock up my cunt, and Heera’s torso plastered against my back, with his cock up my ass.

“Heera, get off her, dammit. You two are crushing me.” Babu said in a thin voice.

Heera got up, took his cock out of my ass, and stood up. Within seconds, Yousuf replaced him. His thicker and longer cock met with more resistance from my ass than Heera’s had, so he could only insert up to half of it inside. Babu and Yousuf were now double penetrating me.

Jaggu got up, his cock incredibly erect again, and stood in front of me smiling.

“So do I get a go at your ass next?” he asked.

“Nooooooooo…… it’s too big and wide…. it’s tear me apart. Pleeeeeeeease…. nooooooooo.” I whimpered in fear.

“Yeah yeah, I know. But you will have to make up for it in other ways.” he said, lifted my head up, and thrust his cock in my mouth. I started sucking on whatever he was able to insert in my mouth.

And with that, another bullet point was added to my sexual resume – triple penetration. Being fucked in every fuckable hole of the body. Jaggu in my mouth, Babu in my cunt and Yousuf in my ass. With all three men fucking me at their own pace, I just relaxed my body and let it move according to their strokes. After ten minutes of the triple fucking, I had had two more orgasms and was getting very exhausted. Incredibly, Yousuf, even with the higher friction from my ass, kept going. Luckily, Babu finally started cumming in my cunt. After he was done shooting his load, he just lay there, with his dick buried in my cunt.

I then turned my attention to Jaggu. With my hands I started playing with his gigantic balls and sucked on his cock-head harder. As I kept working his balls, I sensed Yousuf speed up. He finally hit his orgasm and discharged his jizz into my ass. He then took out his cum-covered cock and slapped and rubbed it all over my asscheeks.

“Look at how her ass jiggles.” Yousuf said.

And looking at my ass jiggle against the impact of Yousuf’s cock probably sent Jaggu over the line too. He started cumming, with his copious jizz oozing out of my mouth, even as I kept trying to swallow it. I ended up swallowing half of it, with the other half dribbling down my neck to my boobs.

With all cocks now out of me, I collapsed on the floor, lying on my side. I was exhausted. And I was covered in semen and sweat, some dried, some still moist. My ass felt as if it was on fire, my thighs felt a cramp coming on, and my jaw felt ready to drop off. I wanted to be held and cuddled, just like after every time I had sex. But these men weren’t the cuddling types.

I turned on my side and saw them all getting dressed. Finally the sex was done with. As exhausted as I was feeling, the more dominant sensation was one of satisfaction. Complete and unimaginable sexual satisfaction that I had never thought possible.

Fifteen minutes later, we were driving back. Yousuf and Heera had helped me clean up with water from a tap outside. Obviously, they had felt me up all over while doing so. I had dried myself using one of the sheets, and gotten dressed. I was too exhausted to drive, so Heera was the one driving my car, and I was in the back seat between Yousuf and Jaggu. Both kept fondling me and feeling me up all the way. Yousuf even kissed me in his amazingly passionate way a few times. It was decided that since I was too tired to drive, they’d all drive me back to my home, and get rickshaws from there to get to there home. I should have made them stop a little way off my building, but I was too tired to think straight.