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nicegirl: hi
rajat: hiiiiii
rajat: asl plz
nicegirl: 22/f/mum
rajat: 23,m,del
rajat: wana b frnds n chat

nicegirl: ya
rajat: k
rajat: so karishma wat u do dear
rajat: tel me abt u
nicegirl: i doing jov
rajat: n feel free to ask nethng u like n one is i wana is honesty
nicegirl: job
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: so ne bf or single?
nicegirl: single
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: so still virgin like me or…..
rajat: dont lie
rajat: ?
rajat: whr?
rajat: helloooooooooooo
nicegirl: ya
nicegirl: i am not telling lie
rajat: so still virgin?
nicegirl: yes
rajat: okkkkkkkkkk
rajat: acha karishma tell me in fullest detail wat all u wearing now wth color
nicegirl: blue jeans
nicegirl: and red t-shirt
rajat: kkkkk
rajat: tight jeans?
rajat: n i asked evthng dear
rajat: n u plzz atleast ask my name yar
nicegirl: yes’
rajat: neway i’m rajat
nicegirl: tell wht is u r name
rajat: so wat else wearing karishma
rajat: wth color shape sizes
nicegirl: means
nicegirl: i cant understand
nicegirl: wht u say
rajat: wat else u wearing other thn jeans n t shirt dear
nicegirl: nothing
rajat: ab samjhi dear?
rajat: dont tl me
rajat: underwears?
nicegirl: yes
rajat: so telllllllllll
rajat: wat color underwears yar
nicegirl: brown
rajat: name it
rajat: wch underwear is brown
rajat: comon kari,b bold now
nicegirl: realy its a brown colour and red flowers
rajat: mmmmmm……name ur underrwear
rajat: wat u say it
rajat: n wats ur bra color
nicegirl: pinkish
rajat: mmmmmmmmmm
nicegirl: white
rajat: mmmmmm….
rajat: so ur panty is brown wth red flowerssss
rajat: mmmmm…….
nicegirl: ya
rajat: ok…….tell me how dense ur pubic hairs r
rajat: u keep dense jungle or trim thm or cleans have
nicegirl: last week i clean that but now its small hair
rajat: mmmmm……
rajat: how u clean thm
rajat: u trim thm wth scissors or wat?
nicegirl: laser
rajat: mmmm…..
rajat: laser?
rajat: or razer?
nicegirl: no its a lazer
rajat: how wth it
rajat: n u do it urself or parlours
nicegirl: no i doing
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: accha karishma tell me whrt all u hv moles
rajat: til kahan kahan hai
rajat: kari?
rajat: n plzz ask me smthng also yar
rajat: only me asking
rajat: i wana know evthng abt u kari
rajat: comon say nowwwww
rajat: u thetre
nicegirl: wht
rajat: y slow?
rajat: whr all u hv moles in body
nicegirl: lips
nicegirl: boobs
rajat: mmmmmmm…….grttttttt
nicegirl: hand
nicegirl: legs
rajat: mmmmm…okkkkkkk
rajat: boobs pe kahan pe
rajat: n wch boob
nicegirl: right side
nicegirl: u have any hot & sexy pict
rajat: well
rajat: yaaa
rajat: tell me frst
rajat: ever seen real penis
nicegirl: no
nicegirl: i dont have bf
rajat: cn i b urs
rajat: on net
rajat: bolo
rajat: b serious
nicegirl: ya why not
rajat: thnksssssss
rajat: accha kitni panties hain aapke pass
rajat: n ur fav color
nicegirl: pink
nicegirl: 5
nicegirl: hogi
rajat: kkkkkkkk
rajat: accha tell me ur most embarrssing moment in life
nicegirl: abhi tak to aisa nahi hai
rajat: okkkkkkkkkk
rajat: acha aapne kisis aur ladki ya lady ko less clothes ya nude dekha hai
nicegirl: ha dekha hai
rajat: kisse n kaise
nicegirl: meri cousin ko
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: hey got voice chat?
rajat: kaise dekha cousin ko,how old is she
nicegirl: i dont have
rajat: k
nicegirl: she is same to me
rajat: ok
nicegirl: and one day she in bathrrom
nicegirl: aur mai use towel dene
nicegirl: andher gayee tab dekha
rajat: kya kya dekha
rajat: sachhi batao
nicegirl: sub dekha
rajat: kitni purani bat hai yeh
nicegirl: recently
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: uske pubic hairs kaise hte?
nicegirl: uske boobs bahot bade hai aur wo moti thi jada nahi aur hair jada nahi the
rajat: so aapne usse poori nangi dekha
nicegirl: ha
rajat: kisi aur lady ko
nicegirl: aur nahi dekha
rajat: bra panty mein?
nicegirl: nahi
nicegirl: kya pane kisi ko dekha
rajat: haan
rajat: lekin woh thodi der mein bataunga
rajat: ab yeh batao aap kaise nahati ho
rajat: panty mein ya poori nangi ho ke
nicegirl: pure kapde nikalkar
rajat: accha tell me hindi words for penis,vagina,boobs,panty,ass
nicegirl: muje pata hai
rajat: kucch to pata hoga na
nicegirl: muje hindi word nahi ata per pata hai
rajat: so tell me
rajat: kya pata hai
nicegirl: penis means boys ka
nicegirl: boobs means hamre upar ka
nicegirl: ass means niche ka
rajat: okkkkkkkk
nicegirl: right na
rajat: i tell u hindi words
rajat: penis is lund or lawda
rajat: vagina is choot or bur
rajat: ass is gaand
rajat: boobs is mammay
rajat: panty is chaddhin or kachhi
rajat: remember thm
nicegirl: k
rajat: ever heard ne one of thm
nicegirl: k
rajat: accha wat u say fucking in hindi
nicegirl: i dont no yar
rajat: shud i tell
nicegirl: tumhara nam rajat hai na
rajat: haan
nicegirl: u r in delhi
rajat: yaaaaa
nicegirl: u rage
rajat: 23
nicegirl: aur kya karte ho
rajat: well me studying
rajat: preparing for cat
nicegirl: ok
nicegirl: now u r in home or cyber
rajat: cafe,actually me in college hostel
rajat: so hv to b in cyber
rajat: karishma got ne pic,cn i see you once plzz
nicegirl: i dont have now
nicegirl: but sure i send u
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
rajat: thnks
rajat: accha kari
rajat: if i’m ur frnd
rajat: wat all rght i hv ovr you
rajat: i meanb if i’m ur bf now
nicegirl: ya
rajat: wt all rghts i hv ovr u n ur body
nicegirl: ht
rajat: wat all rights i will hv ovr u n ur body
rajat: bolo
nicegirl: kya
rajat: if i’m ur bf wat all i cn do wth you,wat all will u allow
rajat: y u slow yar?
rajat: karishmaaaaaaaaa
rajat: whr u?y u slow?…u busy wth smone else?
rajat: tl me
rajat: karishmaaaaaaaa
rajat: whr u dear?
rajat: wats wrong?replyyyyyyyy
rajat: karishmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
rajat: u thereeeee
rajat: helloooooooooooo
rajat: kahan gayi yar
rajat: karishmaaaa
rajat: karisham
rajat: karishmaaaaaa
rajat: kahan gayab ho
rajat: bolo
rajat: kahan gayab ho gayi yar,karishmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa