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Kavya, The Virgin

I was addicted to play with my tool from 8th classand as farheens family vacated from the building I was seacing for partner to play sex we were living in building since 9years. we and our owners were living as one family.kavya was owners daughter.they were very rich.

kavya and i were so close from my youger age we usedto take bath at atime when we werein upper primary. Kavya suddenlygrew fat and her boobs have become sexy and largein 10th.she used to wear nighty in her house from whih her boobs used to burst outI used to sleep in their house waching TV on weekends.she had stats 34-30-38 . I planned that i would see her naked.Iwent to their house sat near TV kavya shoted she was going for bath with her mother. Iheard it I climbed the compond wall,peeped through the ventilator. she put the towel on the hanger.her back was towards me she unhooked her nighty and her nighty had fallen down.Her dick was sexy .There were folds on her waistmy lund was erect at that moment. she removed her panty,unhooked bra,she was nanga as if at birth before me,now she turned towards window,Icold see her sexy boobs which were tight and her nipples were so black.I stared at the siht for 2 minutes,she noticed me but I was staring she came near ventilator and closed it.Iwas afraid wether she could complain, but she was open day there were nobody except kavya in her house,she was lying on the bed with green nighty,When i went she got upabout her shool,thatin their school boys and girls move closely and they kiss each other.

Hearing all this i felt i was lucky as i can use my tool I was wearing sleevless banian and pant.she asked about my scool I just pressed her BOOBS withot any forethought.she new everything about sex.she hugged me tight and said she was feeling pleasant I said we will do more.she had sex book.she read it and said that she will wear saree and come and i waited for it,she came in blue saree with white balloon like thing it was the first sight of condom.she came and i asked wat it is?she just told me to wear it, Iremoved my pand and my lund was erect she touched it ,then she started sucking , I could see some cum comming out.mind u it was her first time.but she had read many books about sex ,then she wore condom to my lund and said,at young age age u have this much hard and large i said iwant to see her nanga.I pulled her saree.she was in her blouse and undergarment (langa),I could not control,I jumped towards her and hugged her hard.she told me to kiss on the navel lying on the bed.Ikissed and moved upwards.

I kissed on her blouse I removed it,Her breasts were bursting outfrom the bra.the bra was very tight.I removed her lower garmentsand tsarted kissing from thighs she said i had tolick her cunt,I refused,she pleased,I started licking the cunt for first time.she was moaning haaaaaaaa haaaaa slowwly. then i made her turn upside down and startedto kiss on her butt from my past xperience,she told to put my penis in her dick,I keptand moved to and fro she shouted in pain,I stopped. I unhooked her bra at the back and asked her to turn.Her nipples were soft and rect and her boobs were plumand soft i sucked them she was moaning in last she caught my cock and placed it in her cunt which was very tight.we both felt very pained initially and we made jerks slowly.then she started licking my dick.I just pulled her and kissed on her lipsand finally she made me to lick her vagina .It happened for half year as there after we shifted to own house.kavya will come to my house rarely.I could not know that i had fucked virgin at that time .