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Kerala Swap Plans

We are Ajay and rani, married couple from Kerala .I am an Engineer,30 years,working in a reputed company and Rani is a housewife,aged 27. We have been married for 5 years and our life is going smooth.We are livng in an apartment near my work place.Our flat has 2 bed rooms,a hall and a kitchen and the two bed rooms are bath attached.Let us describe our body features.I am 6 feet,well built having a thick moustache and attractive.Rani is 5’6”,slim,but with good boobs and ass.She has long hair upto her buttocks which touches her ass while she walk.In simple words,she is very sexy!

We chat daily in yahoo messenger at night with a lot of other couples.One of our friends are very well mannered and attractive. We often see on webcam while we chat.Their name is Suresh and Kavitha and there are of our same age and features. So we like each other. They are both working in Technopark..Once Suresh called in my cell and asked me to meet him at park to talk face to face.I reached there and I was happy to see that he is also an energetic handsome man like me.

How are you suresh?- I asked
Fine,Ajay..What about your wife?
She is fine.
From Suresh’s gestures I realized that he has something to tell me…I asked him whats to tell me..
He started to tell me…Ajay, your wife is very sexy and beautiful.I am addicted to her..I wish I could touch her hands at least.
I am surprised…that was the thing I wanted to tell him about his wife.Ajay,I was also thinking about this to tell you because your wife is beautiful and sexy..and I would like to enjoy her if you allow me…Can we swap our wives?Did you ask your wife anything about this?
No Ajay…I will discuss this matter with her today.I don’t know she will agree or not…
Suresh,I am also not sure about rani that she will agree in swapping.Anyway I will discuss today at bed time.

We said good bye each other and returned.At about 10 O’clock at night,Suresh called me and told…Kavitha is interested in some soft funs,but she is very shy to proceed..

Its ok Suresh, here also Rani like soft funs, but she is also shy like your wife.Anyway as they are 50% agreed, we can lead them to 100% willingness.We can plan accordingly..Goodnight.Please meet me in the morning.
Next day I went to Suresh’s office.He was waiting for me.I told him that I wanted to fuck Kavitha badly because he is sexiest.similarly Suresh told me that he wanted to fuck Rani,who is a sex goddess in his eyes.We both planned for a tea at tourist place.we both like to see our wives in saree. He told me that we will meet at 6 pm at beach hotel.

I took my car and proceeded to beach hotel.Rani was in a Pink saree with black bra.In that dress she look hot.She wear saree below navel and she has a deep rounded navel which make any boy hot at first sight.Her buttocks were rounded and soft.even if she is slim she had nice rounded boobs.It is enough to make a man mad!

On reaching beach we saw Suresh and kavitha was waiting for us.On seeing Kavitha,my dick began to harden. because she was in a transparent blue saree through which I could see her flat belly and navel.She was with rounded ass and good pointed boobs!

On seeing each other we waved hands. Suresh told me that to make them agreed at any cost.We decided to walk a little over the beach in the breeze.I told Suresh to leave our wives in front and we started walking behind them.At this time I was staring at Kavitha’s rounded soft ass, which is swaying as she walked.Suresh’s eyes were in Rani’s rounded ass!Suresh whispered to me…How beautiful is Rani! And I whispered him..How sexy is kavitha….Let us try to swap them and enjoy soon if we plan it carefully!

I was walking in the left side and Suresh on right side. Kavitha on left side and Rani on right side. Both of our dicks become hard by thinking about each others wife! We planed to touch each other’s wives ass unknowingly. We walked fast to reach near them. Now we are about a feet from their ass! But both of us also become shy as it’s the first time.

We told them to walk into the sea a little. We know that there will be tides often reach the shore with force.If they are in front, they will run back when heavy tides come to the shore.that was our calculation!They both were walking into the sea.we both accompanied then with hardened dicks1Suddenly a heavy tide came and they both moved back forcefully! To our surprise, both of their asses hit at our hardened dicks! Wow it was a nice feeling. I told Suresh…Kavitha’ ass is very soft yar!…haha rani is also same yar.. we both laughed. When the tide reached the shore, they both riaed their saree upto their knees. they have hot legs. We walked over the beach for about half an hour. Sometimes we could touch each others bodies unknowingly. They became more friendly.

I put a suggestion to Suresh..I asked everyone .What about staying in the beach hotel for a night? He said ok..Then we waited for the reply of our wives. they looked each other and told us that they are ready! We are glad to see that because everything is happening as we wanted. We moved to the reception of that hotel and enquired for two double rooms. They said, tourists are occupied almost every rooms and only one double room is available and if we want they can put additional beds there.On hearing this we both jumped with pleasure…Because we four people can stay in the same room. what else we need! Thank god!

We four entered the room. Both of our wives were a little embarrassed. I told loudly. Dears we are close friends and we are married too. So no need to get shy here. We are adult people and we must enjoy our get together.

Actually we both planned and came here for some funs with all of us. Got the point? I will explain. here we will do some funny games that you will enjoy! We will tell it later.

Kavitha told Suresh in her ear that she wanted to urinate.I also heard that.Suresh become bold and told loudly that,Kavitha, you may urinate in the bathroom ..Dont close the door ok?

She became more shy and asked.How can I urinate without closing door?I am shy.

Its may close the door and urinate..I winked at her..She went to the bath room..She was shocked to see that there was no door for it!

I assured her…Kavitha, we are here for enjoyment.So no problem if we see each others body.So you may go and urinate.Kavitha entered into the bath room and raised her saree upto waist and pulled down the blue panty and sat down .Wow I got an erection when I saw her nude ass crack!Rani saw my cock hardened and she winked at me.I told her and next is your turn to urinate and Suresh is waiting to see ur ass! She shocked! When kavitha returned I told Rani to go to bath room and told suresh to watch. He got a nice view of her soft rounded as when she urinated.Due to this thy shy disappeared ..and we 4 became very social.They changed there sarees in presence of us and they put in nightees.We dressed in lungies.with nothing underneath. By this time we all became very friendly.I asked Kavitha to come near me and she came..I asked her ..can we do some funs?She replied..yes is rani also like.Suresh asked rani whether she can join or not..rani told she like to join.

I grabbed my wife rani and kissed her lips slowly, by this time Suresh kissed kavitha…Four of us are excited..We all continued kissing and caressings with our wives…Suddenly Suresh grabbed my wife and let kavitha to me.He kissed my wife ans I kissed Kavitha.It was a new sensation because we are making love to different ladies.I removed my lungi….He also removed…We were in heat.Kavithas ass were full and soft..I grabbed it and fondled.By this time Suresh was working with her ass and boobs…We all become hot…we lead each others wives into bed…..undressed her…Moaning sounds are there in the room….Full of excitement..
I placed my hard cock into Kavitha’s wet love hole and waited…Suddenly suresh came there and pushed my ass harly..with a hard push, my hard cock entered into Kavitha’s sweet pussy..and she screamed with pleasure…By this time he went to rani and pushed his large cock deep into her….we all moaned each other and enjoyed..we come in each others pussy…and we orgasmed in same time…..So our first meeting was very smooth….We packed up early morning…We will meet next week and I will narrate it later..Thank you!