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kiran bhabhi

me: hi
me: asl
kiran: hey sory i m on a call
me: ok
me: tke ur time

kiran: hi
kiran: ur name?
me: rajat
me: ur asl plz
kiran: kiran here
me: hi
kiran: 42 f del
me: oooooooohhhhhhhhh…….really 42
me: n wud u mind chtting wth 25 yrs guy
kiran: ???
kiran: such an exclamation
me: yaaaaaa…..i thot u wud b 20 thats y….
kiran: ok
me: actually my fav age of ladies is frm 35 to 45
me: so got a bit exited
kiran: oh ok
me: so how u knw my id kiran aunty….cn i say u aunty or u wana me to say u bhabhi
kiran: aunty
kiran: well i got it from one of my frnds
me: ok aunty
me: wch frnd?
kiran: actually she dosnt know
me: n wat she told u while gvng id?
kiran: jashu
me: jashu?i dnt knw her
kiran: oh ok
me: n wat she told while gvng id
kiran: she never gave me the ids
me: ok
me: thn?
kiran: i jus read it on her desr
kiran: desk
me: okkkkkk
kiran: shes one of my collegues
me: okkkkk
me: her name is jashu?
kiran: oh no no
kiran: i thot u knw her so
me: no
me: thn her name
kiran: oh ok
me: may b i knw her frm name
kiran: Jasheen Mistry
me: okkkkkkkk i hv no idea…neway wana b frnds aunty
me: tell me more abt u aunty….ur family,wat u do….wat u looking for on chat…wana long term net frndship wth me?
kiran: oh i hav already added u havnt i?
me: yup u hv
me: bt just adding n being really good frnds is dfrnt na…
kiran: yes
kiran: yes we need to talk
me: ok
kiran: well i m married
me: so wat u do…u housewife?or work
me: okok u work
kiran: husbnd is in merchant navy
me: u said colleague
kiran: work
me: okkk nice
kiran: 2 kids
me: merchant navy means mostly out of town
kiran: i have moved to india only few years a go
me: ok…kids age?…kids live wth u only na
me: okkkkk
kiran: i was in new zeeland
me: whr wre u thn
me: cool
me: nice place aunty
kiran: beautiful
me: kids wth u only
kiran: kids are 9 n 14
kiran: yes
me: ok..both sons?
kiran: 9 dau
me: okkkk
me: wch class they in…i guess 5th n 9th
kiran: 4th n 9
me: okkkkkk
me: so aunty wat work u do
kiran: wat about u
kiran: tell me about u
me: me actually in ASST. COMMANDANT IN CISF bt on leave for preprng other competitive xams
me: so u cn say still student
kiran: lol look like u still wanna b a kiddo
me: haha
me: yup….whn i get an aunty like u thn being a kidd is good na
kiran: bnaughty
me: haha
me: so aunty tell me abt ur nature….how u look n cn i b ur nest net frnd…wana a long term frndship wth u
kiran: i don know abput best
kiran: but frnd yes
me: okkk
me: so ur nature,hobbies n how u look aunty…
kiran: i hav a pic but i wont send it jus sho
me: ok
me: show plzz
kiran: ok
me: okkkkkkk..hey cn i se u in photo share…its so small pic aunty… u look nice
kiran: ok
kiran: but i still dnt see u
me: i will shw u
kiran: go
me: me avrge looks
me: plzz wana c big pic of u aunty n in salwar n saree if possible
kiran: saree?
me: ya…is thr ne pic of u in saree
kiran: u look good but cant make out much
me: or in salwar or westen dress?
me: let ur pic b clear
me: i’ll shw u my other pic later
me: shw ths pic too wch is in display…in salwar too
me: got ne in jeans?
kiran: ok
me: let thm b clear
me: u look nice
kiran: k
me: skin is so good
kiran: ty
me: in ur ytounger days u wud hv been really good looking
me: ne in jeans or trousers?
kiran: i guess so
me: ok plz
me: ur eyes r nice…dfrnt color
me: lil greyish na
kiran: yes
me: wana c u in trousers or jeans aunty
me: so aunty wats ur figure…wana knw exact…
kiran: sory none of em
me: okkkk
me: ne full pic in saree?
me: yessss
me: this last one is so good
me: u looking lovely
me: elegant
kiran: ty dear
me: so aunty ur figure
me: u look best in saree
me: so u originally frm delhi only?
kiran: yes
me: ok…figure aunty
kiran: arent u ashamed to ask me that
me: nope…u look beautyful so if u dnt mind wana knw it aunty…..if u dont like it thn sorry
me: bt cudnt resist myself as u look really good in saree
kiran: i m still waitin fr up pics
me: oh
me: 2 mins….actually i formatted my system so dnt hv much..just one more…will shw u all later…i pic i hv more whr u cn see my all body
me: rght hand side is me
me: bt face nt very clear bt face u hv seen in frst pic
kiran: ok
kiran: u r very lean
me: old pic…now mota ho gaya hun thoda
kiran: padhai karte karte?
me: yup
me: baith baith ke
me: jyada nikalna nahi jota
me: hota
kiran: u shud get some exercise
me: ya me doing jogging these days
me: hey aunty figure plzzzzzz
me: tht green saree pic is soooooo pretty
kiran: ty
kiran: but no
me: okkkkkkk
me: so aunty tell mre abt u
me: shud i guess tht
kiran: i think u r smart enuf to guess
kiran: lol
me: shud i?
me: me nt very sure but…36 34 38
kiran: he he
me: was i close?
kiran: wat do u think
me: cant say…may b lil close
kiran: too close
me: i hv no personal xperience of female body
kiran: 36 35 38
me: mmmm……yesssssssss
me: ooooooohhhhhhhhh…….it was so close na
kiran: u sure u r not married?
me: yup
me: unmarried n virgin
me: n nvr seen full nude female in real
kiran: wats ur age?
me: 25
kiran: u must b jokin
me: yaaaaaaaa.seriously….no joke
me: y to joke in this
kiran: i dont trust u
kiran: never seen a nude fem?
me: no…not in real
me: dekha hota to virgin kaise hota
me: nvr seen vagina…
kiran: i guess u mom n all never taugh u the real stuff
kiran: lol
me: no….u teach this to ur kids?
kiran: ever hear about sex education?
me: ya….but during our days it wasnt thre..this concept is current…
kiran: ok
me: n tht too in modern families…still nt fully accepted
me: all school nt ready yet to provide this
me: even in parliamant no concensus over this
kiran: they dont have a concensus on anything
me: yup…..this boat pic is 2007 n looks india?
me: or its newzealand?
kiran: india
me: n its 2007
kiran: yes
me: u wre in india tht time
me: kkkkk
kiran: i cam bac na?
me: okkkkkk
me: so aunty…tell me abt ur hobbies n ur nature
me: wat u like on t v..n recent movies watched?
kiran: well i travel lots
me: good
kiran: i m very restless
me: haha
me: y?
kiran: i need to b moving
me: okkkk
me: mm…thats good
kiran: work wise or mind wise
me: so in our chat which level u wana move…or u wud get restless na?
kiran: notty
me: haha
me: accha aunty wat age u got married?
kiran: 25
me: kkk….arranged?
kiran: yes
me: okkkkkk
me: cn i ask u lil personal thng?
kiran: yes
kiran: i m very open
me: wre u virgin at ur marriage?
kiran: no
me: okkkkk
me: thn had a boy frnd?
kiran: i was a swimmer so i used to wear tampoon a lot in school n college
me: okkkkkkk
me: so….?
kiran: hope u know wats taht
me: nope…explain
kiran: they break u some times baby
me: oh i didnt ask abt hymen aunty..thats dfrnt na
me: ok…did u hv sex b4 marriage wth neone?
kiran: yes
me: i knw u undrstood my question bt wre teasng me
me: okkkkkk
kiran: lol
me: so had a bf?
kiran: no one constant
me: kkkk
kiran: i told u i need to move
me: so wth howw many u had?
kiran: cant count
kiran: more that 10 i m sure
me: oh really
me: u had sex wth so many?
kiran: life in NZ is very forgiving
me: k….so wat all u wearing now aunty…details plz
kiran: details?
me: wat all wearing now
kiran: a saree
me: color?
me: wat else thn saree
kiran: steel
kiran: color
kiran: a blouse n petticot
me: mmmm.wat else?>
kiran: a bra
me: color?
kiran: lets see if u can guess this?
me: mmmm.white
me: or black
kiran: greay
me: mmmmm.n wat else?
kiran: nothing
me: pantyies?
me: panties
kiran: none
me: y…u dnt wearng now or u dnt wear it
kiran: 50 50 of wat u sed
me: okkk
me: nice……
me: accha aunty how u tke bath…in panties or poori nangi ho ke?
kiran: naked
me: okkkkkk…n how dense ur pubic hairs?……how often u trim thm aunty
kiran: y dense?
me: just asking….
me: r they trimmed?
kiran: i believe they shud b shaved
kiran: shaved
me: okkkkkkk
me: nice….
me: how many panties u hv aunty,wch one is ur favourite n wch is sexiest?
kiran: niw tell me about u
me: ask nethng…
me: n reply tht panty one
kiran: many i hav
kiran: but i prefer thongs
me: wowwwww…..wch color thongs u hv aunty
kiran: otherwise they show in a tight dress
me: got red n pink?
me: mmm.yup
me: cn i see ne pic of urs in tght dresses
kiran: no no blues n blacks
me: okkkkkk
me: so aunty wat age u frst had sex?
kiran: u wanna see everthing today it self?
kiran: sex or sexual contact
kiran: ?
me: plzzz
me: both
kiran: frst sexual xperience was wen i was vry yung
me: wth whom..wat age?
kiran: cant say age here
me: still was it around 10?
me: n with whom?
me: n wat all happned?
kiran: i was made to suck cock
me: okkkkkk
me: ne close relative?>
kiran: neighbour
kiran: i was 6-7
me: oh sorry…
me: n u did it?
kiran: yes
me: without hvng ne idea wta u wre doing
kiran: yes
kiran: me n my frnd from downstairs
me: okkkk
me: wrent u scared od tht cock?
me: wat was age of tht neighbour
kiran: hes 10yrs older
me: ohhhhhhh
kiran: she was my age too
me: n frst sex…i mean intercourse wat age n wth whom?
me: k
kiran: hmmm
kiran: 14-125
kiran: wid a gy i knew from where i used to study
me: 125?
kiran: 15
me: okok
kiran: sory fr that
me: so wat was tht guy’s age?was it painful frst time aunty
kiran: jus a lil bit
kiran: pleasure was overpowering
me: kkkkkkkk
me: n wrnt u afraid of cock?
kiran: no
me: okkkkkk
me: ever had anal?
kiran: not yet
me: mmmmm.means u still virgin at anus…
me: accha anus pe to thode se hairs honge na aunty
kiran: lil bit
me: mmmmmm……accha aunty whr all u hv moles on ur body…ne mole near ur pvt parts?
kiran: yes
kiran: down there?
me: okkkkk…down whre?
me: whr exactly
kiran: near my cunny
me: mmm.cunny……haha good…u say it cunny…..
me: accha wat u say it in hindi aunty
kiran: u mean u want me to say it in hindi?
me: ya
kiran: is this an exam?
me: no cunny in hindi…
me: no…just wana mke ur answer more naughty
kiran: toh say that na
me: hindi words in hndi
kiran: b straight forward
kiran: ok
kiran: chut
me: cunny in hindi
me: mmmmm.u knw all …u naughty
me: accha aunty whn u had last sex?
me: hubby is away na…so kab se nhi kiya
kiran: jus cpl of days
me: mmmmm….so extra marital too
kiran: yes
me: okkkkk…..
me: n ur kids hv ne idea abt tht?
kiran: no i never bring ppl home
kiran: mostly never
me: okkkkkk
me: so wch position u like most aunty
kiran: doggy
kiran: or on top
me: mmmm….nice……
me: n wat makes u moan most in sedx
me: sex
kiran: i like to b spanked
me: haha
me: okkkkkkkk……
me: n how u feel whn ur choot is licked
kiran: how wud u feel wen r sucked?
me: no experience
kiran: u never masturbate?
me: i do..everyday
kiran: toh phir u shud know
me: okkkkk
me: accha aunty describe ur boobs n choot
me: detail mein…complexion….size…
me: r boobs round or oval…nipples longer or round n wch color nipples
kiran: i think u hav seen my complecion
kiran: ovalish
me: ya but i guess choot wud b lil dfrnt na
me: mmmm
kiran: nipps are round
kiran: lil darker
me: choot is puffy?thick choot hai ya patli si aunty…
kiran: wats that like?
me: i mean fatty
me: n choot lips r thick or thin…long lips?
kiran: yes
kiran: long
me: mmmmmm…..
me: accha susu karte hue do u make hisssss sound wch gals make aunty?
kiran: no
me: okkkkk
kiran: sorry got dc
me: ok
me: so aunty ever did susu without toilet…i mean in bushes or behind trees?
kiran: sumtimes
kiran: in swimin pool too
me: haha
me: ne pic of swimming pool…plzzzzz
me: wana see u in tght dressssss
kiran: me in the pool
kiran: no
me: swimming costume pic
kiran: i think u have seen lots fr today
me: okkkkkk
me: accha so aunty ever did susu without toilet…i mean in bushes or behind trees?
me: ever did?
kiran: yes
me: whn?
me: ever got caught by ne male doing it?
kiran: picknic or so i guess
kiran: no
me: okkkkkk
me: wats ur most embarrassing moment ever…got caught by neone poori nangi or in panty etc. or u saw ne male nude by mistake
kiran: actually being frm nz its less of ebrasmnt
kiran: we have nude beached there
me: okkkkk
me: okkkkkkk
me: in india?
kiran: no
me: ok…
me: daughter;s name?
me: ever ur son saw u nude by mistake?>
kiran: nikki
kiran: no
me: okkkk
me: ok
me: nikki must hv seen?
me: has nikki dvlpd her parts>
kiran: yes statrd very nicely
me: okkkkkkkk
me: her pubic hairs grown now?>
me: she must b pretty like u
me: u thre?
kiran: hi
me: ya
me: kahan gyi thi?
kiran: bad connection
me: i was asking nikki ke pubic hairs to aa gaye honge na…n she must b pretty like u
kiran: thode thode
me: okkkkkk
me: so aunty…how often u talk to hubby on phone
kiran: not much actually
me: okkk
kiran: netwrk is an issue
me: okkkkkkk
me: whr is he these days
kiran: greece
me: okkkkkkkk
me: but y did u need xtramarital affair?
me: just for sex?
kiran: yes
me: so all d wife of merchnt navy worker hv xtra?
kiran: hubbys not much wen it comes to cock
me: okkkkkk
kiran: not all but i wud say many
kiran: i was going around frm the very frst year of my marriage
me: okkkkkk
me: in ur office too thr r xtra maritl affairs?
kiran: yes
kiran: dont u know its very common
me: yaaaaaaa
me: accha aunty….wana c my cock pics
kiran: really?
me: yaaaaaa
me: accha aunty how many days u hv sex on an average in a week
kiran: ok but i don have any nudes
me: no probs
me: 1 min
kiran: k
kiran: i wud say 3 days or so
me: k
me: so just one boy frnd or more thn one
kiran: i prefer not to keep a bf
me: y so?
kiran: not so many pics
me: comments aunty
kiran: great head
me: thxxxx
me: u liked tip
kiran: love the dark color
me: okkkkkk
kiran: nice n big
me: enough fr u aunty…for ur choot n anus holes?
me: thxxxxxxx
kiran: i love it son
me: thxxxxx
me: enough to satisfy u?
me: i wud love to break ur anus virginity on net smday
kiran: u uncut
me: ya
kiran: ok
kiran: i have a request if u dont mind son
me: ya
kiran: wud love to see ur cock wid ur upper body
me: body means?
me: how is thickness aunty?
kiran: i hav to say i m ipressed
me: thxxxxxx
me: i wana break ur anus virginity wth it
kiran: nice thick cum too
me: m thxxxxx
me: wats best n wats worst in my tool
kiran: one suggestion dont keep it away from grls
kiran: they ll love it
me: haha
me: okkkkk
me: cn it satisfy thm?
me: i really wana fuck an anus of sexy lady
kiran: yes
me: r u wet aunty?
kiran: btw i was njoyin ur pics
kiran: yes y did u remove
me: ohhhhhh i thot u saw enough….
kiran: stupid
me: mmmm…….cud u plzz lift ur saree n rub ur choot once for my penis….
me: wana c ur sexy pic too…ne sexy pic in sexy dress
kiran: wat makes u think i the reason fr not wearing panties?
me: mmmmm.cnt say…may b u feel naughty today thats y…
kiran: hmmm
me: or just had bath
me: or just had sex
me: or masturbated
kiran: or mayb i m lil frisky
me: mmmmm….okkkk
me: y so?
kiran: mmm more pics
kiran: its ur cck
me: yaaaaaaaaa
me: mine only
kiran: never shave it
kiran: ?
me: shw ur pics na aunty
me: nvr shave just trimmed
kiran: oh u shud
kiran: it wud look hotter
me: kkkkkk
kiran: older ladies prefer yunger hairless boys
me: mmmmm……
me: plzz lift ur saree once….open choot,i wud feel me seeing ur choot
me: wud love to penetrate ur choot n anus aunty
kiran: ok send more pics frst
kiran: pls dear
me: accha aunty tell me,my cock is best for wat?
kiran: choosne ke liye
kiran: baby i hav seen these don have any other
kiran: aunties gettin hot
me: no
me: just these
kiran: or shud i say wet
me: wetting ur choot?
me: yesssssss
me: wana sit over mu cock aunty
me: shw ur pic more aunty
kiran: my husbands cock is nothing compared to u
me: who is tht lil gal wth u?nikki?
kiran: yes
me: y so…he isnt big enough fr u?
kiran: lol
kiran: hes a joke
me: nikki is cute n has wider butts
kiran: u ll laugh if u see his cck
me: y?
me: ne more pic of nikki n u
kiran: i ll see if i can show u his cock u can judge urself
me: ok
me: cn u shw me ne pics of ur thongs aunty?
me: hey aunty got voice chat or webcam?
kiran: no i m in a hotel
me: okkkkkkkk
me: wth whom?
kiran: on my own
kiran: i m out of station
kiran: fr work
me: hey nikki ki white panty cn b seen
me: okkkk
kiran: yes
me: she has big ass
me: ur all pics in homely dress…ne in tght dress
kiran: yes
kiran: no
me: okkkkk
me: aunty nikki ki thigs kitni moti hain na
kiran: haan beta
me: how is her choot,ne idea?
kiran: woh thodi lazy hai
kiran: wat do u mean any idea?
me: i mean how is her choot compared to urs
kiran: obviously i know wat her chut is like
kiran: thats my husband
me: haha dnt tell me
kiran: sent me few days ago
me: haha
me: ya its a bit small
kiran: bit???
me: haha
kiran: uska lund nahi nunnu hai
kiran: lol
me: aunty u got ne naughty pic of urs?
me: accha wo to batao…nikki ki choot n compare it wth urs choot
kiran: how?
me: how is nikki choot?fat one…
me: long or short lips?
kiran: fat n fluffy
me: mmmmmm……….
kiran: puffy
me: cn she take mine?
kiran: no ways
me: y?
kiran: u r huge
me: okkkkkk
me: n in her anus?
kiran: u think
me: but u cn tke mine easily na aunty……
kiran: i guess
me: anus mein thodi mushkil hogi
kiran: haan tere lund ka sir bahut bara hai
me: okkkkkk but u cn easily tke it na
kiran: shaayad
me: mmmm.n in anus
me: i wana penetrate ur anus
kiran: mmmmmm
kiran: u wud like that?
me: yaaaaaa a lot
kiran: ok
kiran: i hav to go now dear
kiran: its time for dinner
You have accepted the invitation to start photo sharing.
me: ok…….abhi susu karogi na pahle aunty
me: i wud see u doing tht
kiran: nahi kyun?
me: jab bhi karogi i wud see
kiran: k
me: ya
kiran: i have to really go
me: okkkkkk
me: got voice chat aunty?
me: cn v do voice chat nxt time
kiran is typing a message.
kiran: ook if i m home