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Last Excitement Before Leaving India

I got up in the morning next day and left Shekhar’s place. I told Shekhar that I have to go home, do some cleaning and will be back by evening. He said ok and I left. I wore my transparent saree and a deep cut blouse and a high heel. Tied my hair down till my big round swaying bums. Clipped it to the end as usual. I took a train to my place. I thought to have some fun so boarded the gents compartment. Some how I got into the train and it was very crowded. There were men all around me and the trainstarted. I was feeling very horny inside.

The smell of the men around me was making me mad. One man behind me was pushing me from behind as if he was stroking me. Slowly he kept his hands around my waist acting as if he had accidentally kept them. I just looked back a gave him a smile. He moved his hands further to the front and held properly around my waist. My big round firm boobs were pressing the back of the man standing in front of me. The man behind me was holding my waist and hitting my round bums hard. My nipples were hard and I was getting horny by every push the man giving my bums.

After sometime my stop came and I got down of the train. Surprisingly the man didn’t follow me or get down the train. I headed home. When I reached home I got a call from the shopkeeper. It was 3. 00pm and he asked me to come to the godown and that he and his servants were waiting. I got ready, applied light make up, wore a transparent saree and very deep cut blouse. I tied my hair to a bun with a hair stick. I knew the street which will take me to the godown will have a lot of onlookers when I pass by. So I decided to tease all the men on my way. Wore my red high heel matching my red saree and blouse. I reached the small dirty street and all the vendors with cart wheel were staring at me with lust in their eyes. I could make out that they must be imagining me naked, walking pass by. My pussy was getting horny by just thinking of walking nude in front of those vendors on the road. The shopkeeper was waiting outside his godown for me. I reached the place and he asked me to enter inside. When I entered there were 4 men. Shopkeeper said they are my servants here.

They were all looking at me hungrily from head to toe. I was excited by the idea that a shopkeeper is going to gang fuck me with his servants. All the servants were young, well built and older than me. Shopkeeper did the introduction, “Dekh lo yeh hai meri item. Shaadi shuda hai yeh, aur meri rundi hai. Main ise yahi appne godown mein chodta hu. Aaj main ise tum logo ke saath baatne laya hu. ” I felt like a dirty married whore who was being introduced in the most dirty way in front of 4 godown servants. Shopkeeper took me to the same table again and said that they will tie me up and give me some nice treatment. The 4 men went and got some ropes. Shopkeeper went behind me and was rubbing his dick against my big round bums. I was aroused with what he was doing to me in front of his servants. The shopkeeper dropped his pants down and I could feel his hardness over my saree against my bums. He then dropped my pallu and my tight deep cut blouse with an ample view of my big boobs and poking nipples were exposed to his servants. They all started rubbing their thing looking at me. He kept his hands on my boobs from behind and started pressing them gently.

My blouse only has a knot behind. He opened the knot and removed my blouse. My curvy body was now half exposed. Servants had already dropped down their pants as well. I closed my eyes and left a moan. ahhhhhh . . . The shopkeeper removed my saree and threw the saree on the table. I was wearing only my fancy panty and nothing on the top. My big round firm boobs were standing proudly and waiting to be sucked and licked. When the saree dropped the servants shouted, “Rundi ne andar kuch nahi pehna hai. “Shopkeeper said, “Yeh yaha aate waqt kuch nahi pehenti andar. Meri personal raand hai yeh. “He slowly slid my panty down. And I was nude showing my big round heavy bums and round firm melons. The servants took the rope and shopkeeper made me sit on the chair and tied my hands to the hand rest of the chair and legs to the legs of the chair.

My legs were wide open and my slutty pussy was exposed to the servants. I was only wearing my red high heel. The shopkeeper called the servants and asked them to do whatever they wanted to do. I said, ” main tum logo ki hu aaj shaam ke liye. Jo jee chahe karo mere saath. Mujhe apni rundi bana do. ” One came and held my right boobs and put his lips on my nipples and started sucking them. Other came and held my left nipple and started licking and sucking it. Third one came and started kissing my lips. Made it all wet with his saliva. Fourth came and sat in between my legs and started licking my clit. Oh I was in heaven. All my body parts were getting the treatment. Shopkeeper came and took of my hair stick and my long hair fell open. The fourth servant stopped kissing me and the shopkeeper came and handed over his dick to me and asked me to suck it. I opened my mouth and slid his dick inside and started sucking it. The fourth servant went behind the chair and held my long hair with his dick and started fucking my silky hair. The one who was licking my clit got up and inserted his dick inside my pussy. “Ufffff raaand teri chut ekdum mast hai. ahhhhh ” I was being fucked nicely.

My hair was getting fucked, my mouth and my slutty cunt also. The shopkeeper was fucking my mouth very hard. The servant fucked my pussy for sometime and went to suck my nipples. The one sucking my nipples went down to fuck my pussy. Shopkeeper said, “Saali ko jitna chodna hai aaj chod daalo. Rundi kutiya ko aaj poora chodkar hi chodenge. “I was moaning heavily with his dick in my mouth. The servant left my pussy after fucking it for a while and then third one came to fuck my slutty cunt. The shopkeeper left my mouth and the 4th one inserted his inside my mouth. The shopkeeper started fucking my whore cunt. He started fucking me hard and deep. He slapped my face and said, “Saali rundi kutiya. Itne saare mardo ke saath chudai karne mein maza aa raha hai na?”He fucked me for sometime and stopped. He untied me from the chair. Made me kneel down on the floor and tied my hands behind. The 4 servants went behind me and took little of my silky hair in their hands and tied it to their dicks. The shopkeeper came in front of my face and inserted his dick inside my mouth and started fucking my mouth. He was also pinching my boobs.

The servants were fucking my hair. After a while of jerking on my hair they came all over my silky hair. And the shopkeeper untied me. The 4 servants took me in their arms, 2 on either sides. Shopkeeper went in between my legs and inserted his dick inside me. With the servants holding me in their arms the shopkeeper fucked me. Then he made me sit on the floor on my knees. They all came and stood around me and started jerking their cocks again. I kept pressing my boobs and was moaning. They all sprayed a load of cum on my and my face. They all held my hair and made me lick their dicks clean. I licked all of them like a popsickle. Once they were clean they asked me to clean the cum on the floor. I stood like a dog and licked the floor and cleaned all the cum fallen on the floor. I wore my blouse and saree and left the place. I had too meet Anil and Raj in the society before leaving to meet Suresh.

Next day I went to Anil and Raj in our society. They were waiting for me to come. I had gone home got fresh and called them. They said we can meet in the evening. I wore my saree tight and deep cut blouse and tied my long hair to a bun. I did little make up and they called me to the terrace. I slowly got out of my house and reached the terrace. It was 7 in the evening and was dark. They both were standing in one corner. I went to them and they both hugged and kissed me on my lips taking turns. They were caressing my bums and slapping them and pressing my boobs from over the saree itself. I was moaning lightly. They took me home and took me to the bedroom. They stripped my saree and blouse and I was totally nude as I had nothing worn inside. They made me stand on their tread mill and asked me to run on it. I started running and they slowly increased its speed. My boobs were bouncing heavily. And my round heavy bums were swinging and swaying. My hair started getting lose and finally it opened and I was running on the treadmill with my hair open and totally nude.

They then made me wear a high heel and asked to walk on the mill wearing the high heel. I walked little faster on the mill with my hair open. They were sitting on the bed nude jerking their cocks. They then tied a dog leesh around my neck and made me walk like a dog. Raj held the leesh and Anil held my long silky hair. They made me walk like a dog all around the house. I was like their personal slut. Doing whatever they wanted me to do. Anil came up with an idea of taking me to his construction site and fucking me there. He was an engineer. Raj also agreed to it and they got me ready wearing my saree and we left on his bike taking triple seat. I was sitting in between and Raj on to my back. He had kept his hands around my waist. I was sitting side ways as I was wearing a saree. He also kept massaging my boobs on the way. We reached the site. It was an underconstruction building.

They took me to the top floor. It was open as the ceiling was not constructed. It was like a terrace. There were some wooden chairs and stools and ladders kept. Anil said, “Chaitrali tujhe aaj yaha chodenge hum dono milkar. ” I just blushed on his remark. Raj held me from behind and started pressing my boobs from over my saree. His dick was hitting my big round ass. Raj said, “Anil chal nangi karte hai isko. “Anil pulled my saree and Raj removed my blouse and I was nude in front of both of them. Raj started kissing my back and Anil started licking my nipples and boobs. I was moaning. Raj put his hands in between my big round heavy ass. Raj, “Anil kya gaand hai yaar iski. Mast gol aur tight hai. “Saying that he slapped my bums. Anil was busy with my boobs, pressing and licking them. Raj held my hair and asked me to tie it to a bun. I tied my hair up to a bun and then they took a rope. Anil held one end and Raj the other. They made me stand in between and asked me to skip when they move the rope up and down. I started jumping and they were rubbing their dick with other hand looking at me. My boobs were bouncing heavily and my bums were also swinging up and down.

After sometime my long silky hair opened. They asked me to continue skipping with my hair open. I was jumping for sometime and they stopped. Their dick were erect and tight by now. I knelt down and took both their cocks in my hand and started stroking them. I took one dick inside my wet mouth and started giving blowjob. Raj fucked my mouth for a while and then Anil pushed his dick inside my mouth. Anil was saying, “Le hamara lund mu mein raand Chaitrali. Choos is lund ko. ” They were holding my hair tight and fucking my mouth. After sometime they made me stand and made me stand on the chair like a dog. They tied my hands to the chair. Raj went behind me and pushed his dick inside my chut and started fucking me hard. Deep and faster he started fucking me. Then Anil went behind. He held my hair and fucked me hard. Then when he was ready to cum he controlled and removed it out. Then again Raj went behind and fucked me holding my hair. They both got ready to cum and stood in front of my face. They sprayed all their thick hot cum on my face and I licked every drop of it, but there was still little on my face and on my hair. They said not to clean it. And we will return home with that cum on my face. They didn’t even allow me to wear my blouse and saree. As our house was nearby they made me return home nude. I was sitting in between them and as it was very lonely area and late night nobody noticed us while returning. They brought me home and again fucked me in my bedroom. That whole night they fucked me in turn in every possible position. They said they enjoyed the night with me. And that they will miss me when I go to join my husband.