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Lesbian Experience

Hey Guyzz this is NANDHINI Again….. Remember me posted my first Experience with a kiddo now m posting my latest sexperience with that same Kiddo. I donno but now I really like his penis in my ass )). But this story will have 1 more character in it Shruti (My Best Friend and lesbian partner from College) Shruti was a lesbian like me it was her first anal experience.

So this happened to me a week later after first incident. We had made a plan to have sex in a cheap hotel. So AS planned I told my parents that I am going to Shruti’s She told she is coming to mine. And that boy said that he is going to his frenz house. We left at different time so that no one will doubt at 8.30 Sharp we 3 were suppose to meet at a local mall.

Then Real story We took a room and dint start sex immediately but had dinner being topless it was a cool experience of nudity . and after dinner he had brought some of his porn movies while watching shruti started sucking my boobs, I replied same by removing that boys jeans and licking his cock circling it well and pushing it up and down had his precum.

he was just enjoying it. then I removed my jeans as well as shruti’s now we three were completely naked that boy laid on bed and shruti was riding his cock while me and him were engaged in a lip-lock. I don’t know about him but till now shruti had 2 orgasms and I and shruti took 69 position and were licking each others Pussy We drank

each others cum and were playing with our private parts. while he was enjoying the show then he started licking my body from neck to thighs. It was an amazing experience for me when he was licking my thighs. I started moaning loudly while he was licking my body shruti was engaged in masturbating I had more 2 orgasm then we moved to Shruti same like Me.

After that I it was my turn I was licking his dick and was fortunate enough to get a cum shot from him it was all over my face I managed to lick some and shruti and I cleaned my face.And I told him to do my favourite part he was inserting his Penis in my ass that same sweetful pain Muaahhhhhhhhhhhh.

I was moaning louder and louder all this time I don’t know how many times I had cum but shruti and him managed to lick it up every time finally he had cum inside my Ass. Suddenly I shouted Ohhh Yeah!!!!!!! That was my favorite part of this experience I got exhausted laid on bed while he was inserting shruti ).

after few moments while he was inserting in shruti’s ass I stood and was licking shruti’s body while near her vagina licked her come… That Small of fresh orgasm and sweat near thighs was very intoxicating I managed to clean that up and after he had cum inside shruti he also was tired and so was shruti and shruti

and I faced towards each other kissing and touching our boobs very tight and this went on for about 15 mins and when I saw time it was 1.45. I couldn’t we had sex for more than 3 hrs no doubt we were so exhausted so we laid down he managed to clean up mine and shruti’s vagina and we had bath together having some sexual fun there we were all cleaned up

and went to bed naked we all 3 laid on same bed naked and I was besides him I asked him how was he feeling he answered paining I asked him whether my hand will help he said k and we gave him a blow job and finally after more than 3 and half hrs his penis was resting I gave good night smooch to both of them and went to sleep while he was sucking shruti’s boobs

I don’t know about them but I went to sleep I was having sex with him in my dreams also. in morning before leaving we had some foreplay and left. While in way to our society I asked him how was last night he answered Amazing a man’s Dream come true. I smiled and gave him a kiss he got down from taxi before our society came.