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Lesbian Twincest at Indian Party


Aleesha watched Kamala fold her arms over her chest and glare at Quasim—Aleesha’s brother and Kamala’s boyfriend. “What is?”

“Him! I go to the trouble of throwing a Eid’s party, and the bastard spends all night talking to his mates and getting plastered.”

“He has drunk a lot.”

“You know what the worst thing is? When he gets in this state, it means…”

“Means what?”

“I shouldn’t really say, you being his sister and all.”

“Oh, I’ve probably heard a lot worse. Come on, spill the beans.”

“Okay. It means he goes straight to sleep later and I’ll…”

“Have to take care of your own needs?”

“Something like that.”

Aleesha shook her head. “I can’t say I’m surprised. He’s always been a selfish git. Even when we were little.”

“It’s just not fair!”

“I know. But hey, it’s a party, right? Let’s forget about him and enjoy it.”

“I suppose, although I didn’t know you planned to visit this weekend.”

“Quasim and I have never been apart for this long before. I missed him. Even if he didn’t miss me.” She saw the look on Kamala’s face and said, “What can I say? He’s a selfish git but I love him.”

Kamala sighed. “Yeah. Me too.”

“Just not in the same way, eh? At least, I hope not. Look, why don’t we go get another drink?”

It was the first time that Aleesha had met her twin’s girlfriend. She liked Kamala—she seemed like a fun girl. Somewhere through the alcoholic haze that she’d been cultivating all evening, a tiny voice nagged at her. It told her something was not quite right about her twin brother picking a girlfriend who looked so much like she did. She glanced at Kamala again as the young woman spoke. It was almost like looking in a mirror.

“Are you twins?” She didn’t recognise the voice that ripped her from her thoughts.

“Yes. Quasim’s my twin.”

“Get out of it. You’re having me on. I mean, he’s big. And male.”

“Well, we’re not identical, but…”

“Anyway, I meant you two.” The stranger wagged his finger at Kamala and Aleesha. “You’ve got to be twins, right?”

Aleesha shook her head. “No. We’re not. And if we were, we’d be triplets.”

The man frowned. “Eh?”

Kamala laughed.

“But you must be twins. I mean … You must be.”

Kamala was hysterical. She held her stomach as she tried to stop laughing. She put her full glass on the table and attempted to look serious. “We’re not twins. Here, I’ll prove it. Would twins do this?”

She turned to Aleesha and put her hands on her face. Aleesha wondered what she was up to. Kamala bought her face up close to Aleesha’s. Was she going to kiss her? Kamala closed her eyes. Their lips brushed together. Aleesha felt Kamala’s tongue push against her mouth and instinctively her lips parted. She closed her eyes as Kamala’s tongue forced its way into her mouth.

It was without question the best kiss that Aleesha had ever had. It was tender—Kamala applied just the right amount of pressure. Her tongue flicked against Aleesha’s, ran along her teeth and flicked her tongue again. Men didn’t kiss like that—they were too forceful. She kissed Kamala back and forgot about the slimy little man watching them. She forgot they were putting on a show. She kissed Kamala and she enjoyed it.

Kamala broke away. “See? Twins wouldn’t do that, would they?”

“That was so cool! Twins snogging! Cool!” The man scurried away.

Kamala giggled. “At least he’s got something to wank over tonight.”

“Ewww! Jess! That’s gross.”

“Come off it. You can’t tell me that the idea of giving that little squirt a fantasy that’ll keep him hard for weeks doesn’t make you just a little bit hot.”

“Well … When you put it that way…”

Another man Aleesha didn’t recognise interrupted her. “Are you the snogging twins?”

“We’re not twins,” said Kamala, laughing.

“But we do kiss,” added Aleesha. Kamala looked at her and winked. Aleesha grinned.

The two girls performed their party trick many times over for a variety of audiences. The more she did it, the more Aleesha loved it—although the booze may have added to her buzz. She loved the reaction they got from the men who watched, but she also loved how she felt when Kamala’s tongue slipped into her mouth. She was getting hotter, her pussy getting wetter. She only wished she had someone to take care of her needs after the party.

Suddenly, she had an idea.

Aleesha grabbed Kamala’s hand and dragged her out of the lounge and up the stairs.

“Where are we going?” Kamala asked.

“Take care of our needs.”

Aleesha led them into the bathroom and locked the door. She pushed Kamala against the door and kissed her. She squeezed her arse and moved her hands up her body to her tits. She caressed them gently and rubbed her thumbs over Kamala’s nipples—which was just how she liked her own breasts treated.

Jess lifted up her top and pulled her breasts free of her bra. “You ever done anything like … Ohhh, suck ’em. Go on, suck ’em.”

“No, never,” said Aleesha. “God, I’m so horny.”

“Me too.” Jess unbuttoned her jeans and shimmied them down her legs. Aleesha knelt and peeled Kamala’s panties down. A familiar scent filled her nose. Familiar, but different. Jess smelt sweeter.

She ran a finger along Kamala’s slit and brushed her clit. Jess shivered. Aleesha lent forward and licked. And licked. And licked. Kamala’s legs buckled and she rocked her hips against Aleesha’s face. She held her head tightly as her body shook and Kamala came.

“Oh, Aleesha. That was fab. I guess I should return the compliment.” She pushed Aleesha onto her back, hitched up her skirt and pulled her gusset aside before licking up the juices leaking from her hole. Aleesha’s orgasm hit even quicker than Kamala’s had. Her brain fused, her body shook and she tried not to scream.

When they had both recovered, Aleesha and Jess adjusted their clothes and checked their appearance in the bathroom mirror. Their cheeks were flushed but Aleesha wasn’t worried—the flat was dark and she was sure no one would notice.

They returned to the party to find Quasim staggering around the lounge asking if anyone had seen his girlfriend. He spotted Jess and nearly tripped up as he wobbled towards her.

“Hey, sweetheart, isn’t time you gave me my Eid’s present? Come ‘ere.” He pulled her towards him and planted a kiss where his sister’s pussy had been moments earlier.

I wonder,  Aleesha thought, if he can taste me on her tongue?