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Lessons From Boss

This was 6 Months back in Mumbai, India. I was working as an analyst in company, under a cute Punjabi Boss Mrs Anita. She was 36, 5ft 6 inch, with perfect curves. No one would think of having sex with her. She was so aggressive, very strict and used to maintain distance with every guy in our company. I never realized my dreams come true that time. One fine Saturday afternoon, we got some major problem relating to our main product system.

I tried to figure it out all the day to find what was wrong. I checked everything, but I did not find anything wrong, I told to my Boss that, I would come on Sunday 9am to fix the problem; I took office keys from her. Next day I came around 9 am to open the main door of office I saw my Boss was standing nearby office. I wished her and asked “How come you are here”. She told “Well I have nothing to do, so I thought I would help you to fix the problem” We stepped in, locked the door, we both know that no one would come on Sunday.

While we were going through corridor I watched her from back, she was wearing low neck pink color blouse, and with sexy hips she got the meat on her bones with sexy curvy features from top to bottom. After we went in our department room I tried to break silence, before that only, she asked me to check anything wrong with wire connections in upper shelves. I am 6ft tall so I was moving the computers in the top most upper shelf moving computer aside, she came and sat down nearby my shelf started moving computers in down shelf.

Her saree was down the floor and exposing her boobs in close view. I stopped moving computers, stopped my breath and staring at her boobs and the valley line between in her boobs she was on low neck, sleeve less blouse and so I could see those two melons so clearly. God its like watching two big melons are dancing together. She raised her head suddenly and caught me stealing glance she smiled flirtatiously, having caught me cold; she said ” Hey kyaa dekh raha hai ” What you are looking? I said “Maaa …dam” and started mumbling for words, She pat on my butt and said “Bad boy”.

I was so exited; my face turned red, my dick started straining against my jeans, with her little encouragement smile, with in no time my dick was bulging. I tried to fix my dick by shaking my tight jean pants, but no use, It was so hard and pushing up and up. She saw the trouble in my pants and still smiling mischievously, I sat down near her and looked into her eyes and saw the look of woman who is ready and willing. We kissed so hungrily and wrapped in each other hug and rolled up and down in a deep locked coupling on the carpet floor.

We were so eager and hungry, so we quickly undressed within seconds each other without wasting time and losing our hug. She gave gasp of surprise looking at my 7-inch tool and I gave gasp of pleasure at her naked body. I quickly whipped around to take a seat on the floor. She flipped over enthusiastically into my lap and my arms; I grabbed her body so passionately, she undid her shoulder length hair, which cascaded on my face. I moved her hair on her left and planted a passionate kiss on her earlobes, nibbling her gently to her neck, returned to her eager mouth, and fondling her beautiful whitish color 36c size firm boobs.

She quickly turned and fed to my hungry mouth with her boobs. As I sucked and blew and kissed her tits, she began to let out low moan, and she got me on 69 position on the floor. I licked every inch of her soft pinky honey pot and lapped her sweet pussy nectar. She was giving a blowjob like a hungry cat eating sugar candy. Each of our acts are made to flow sweet juices but not to exploding and each wave adding to next wave without breaking and the pleasure is becoming so intense and powerful.

She got in missionary position; and she was too hot n wet for hardcore fucking, she raised her legs and widened to pave for my entry, I bent my body like a bow and I shot my hard rock dick into her hot wet pussy. She moaned with pleasure pain..ahhhhhhh! I allowed her few minutes to heal the hurt. I started pumping very slowly first and then steadily, She hold me with her pussy convulsions not to cum so soon. she knows the game how to keep for long time. Whenever I was about to come she stops up thrusts and moving her hips in same direction of my thrusts. so I would not cum soon,

I felt so fucking good with each stroke, every nerve of mine got so tensed and my thighs become like steel pillars. I felt like a marathon race..though A/C was on, we were sweating like a hell! . She kept going , I told I could not hold for long. We were shivering and shaking our bodies with the ecstatic pleasure and my dick was so hot and it was like hard rock! She gave final green signal. I started pumping so fast like a speed train without breaks, she gave up thrusts in opposite direction ..

We know Its final lap round! we were speeding up and up… all the waves set on me by her got more powerful and turned as big tide and came with a strong force and I called her name “Anitaaa” and exploded my entire loads in her pussy and sent a strong wave after wave pleasures all over her body though her hot wet pussy. It was so hot and wet and we were drenched at our genital organs, so much cum it’s all white cum everywhere..!

You are a bad boy. Asking your Mom to wear something like that in front of her own son,” she teased sitting down two plates of food on the table, knowing she’d do anything he asked of her. You know you love it too!” he laughed watching her beautiful face and pretty green eyes light up and her pretty face turning red. “What other Mom around here is a sexy babe like you? There’s none! I say that you’re the hottest Mom on earth,” he said with a smile, wishing there was some way he could make love to her, but she was his Mom.

She loved Jimmy so much and wished it could be more. “You’re silly!” she smiled as her lonely pussy started to burn with need. “Are we going to finish our movie tonight?” she asked, hoping he would stay home with her and pick up where they left off. Last night, they were lying on the sofa watching a very sexy movie. He was behind her; his cock was hard and pressing against her ass. His arms wrapped around her gently hugging her throat and she needed more. She knew it was wrong, but damn he was so fucking good to her.

He looked at her and smiled. “Why don’t we just finish it today?” he asked watching her pretty face, wondering if there was a chance that she was just as horny as he was. “Will you wear something hot for me?” he winked, knowing she would. She wanted to hide her face, but it was her Jimmy teasing her and she loved it. “I always wear hot things for you buster! A few of them are a bit too ‘nice’, but you’re a big boy now. And ‘yes’ I loved snuggling like that,” she replied knowing her face was so red. She knew it wasn’t right flirting and wearing the things she did for Jimmy, but it turned her on so much. She figured it was ok as long as it didn’t go any farther than that.

Jimmy knew it wasn’t right, but she drove him crazy. All he ever thought of was her, Layla, his sexy Mom. “I loved it too and could lay with you like that for hours and hours,” he smiled reaching to hold her hands, wishing he could love her and end their loneliness. Jimmy hoped she wouldn’t get upset at his next words, but he had to ask her again. “How come you won’t let me watch those movies you were in?” he asked, watching her smile turn upside-down and knew he fucked up.

When she was in her teens, Layla ran away and went to Hollywood to be a star. But, nothing went her way and she ended up making three porno movies. Jimmy knew it would drive him nuts watching someone else fucking her, but he just had to what she was like back then. Layla heard him and her heart sank. “Why do you want to see them so bad?” she asked, hoping he’d get the movies out of his mind. “I was young and didn’t know any better, baby,” she added thinking back to those days and all the kinky things she’d done.

I’d be jealous as hell, but I think it’d be cool seeing you,” he said standing up and went around the table, sat on his knees to give her a hug. “You already turn me on more than any girl I’ve ever known,” he smiled running his hands around her warm, tender body, feeling his cock growing so hard it hurt. “I wanta see my hot, sexy Mom in bed,” he whispered in her ear and could swear he heard a soft moan come from her.

Layla didn’t know what to say. She knew he got hard seeing her, but this was the first time he’d ever outright said it. “I wonder about you sometime,” she smiled wrapping her arms around his and wished he wasn’t her son so she could make all his dreams come true. “You’re ‘not’ supposed to get turned on by your Mom.” Layla said looking into his eyes, thinking of her tall, dark haired son making love to her.

He laughed and couldn’t come close to knowing how many times she’d turned him on. “Sweetie,” he said caressing the side of her face. “I couldn’t count the times you’ve given me wood and I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but…” he stopped to catch his breath, knowing his next words would really shock her. “I even jerk off thinking about us,” he said hugging her, hoping she wouldn’t get too mad at him.

Layla’s brain felt like a computer that someone had just clicked the restart button and it was taking time for it to reboot. “You actually think about making love to me?” she asked with a shaky voice.