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heart_virus_here: lipika…………..
heart_virus_here: kahan chali gayi thi sexy
heart_virus_here: bolo ab…ab nahi jane doonga
heart_virus_here: aaj nahi jane doonga
lipika chopra: hiii

heart_virus_here: hi sexy
lipika chopra: i m back for you
heart_virus_here: xams khatm
lipika chopra:
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk………..
heart_virus_here: thnks………
lipika chopra: yessss over
heart_virus_here: mmmmm………
heart_virus_here: now frst i wana u to c my all pics
heart_virus_here: aaj i wana chat in detail wth u
heart_virus_here: kahin nahi jana aaj
lipika chopra: i have seen but unable to opn video
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk
heart_virus_here: u have real player
heart_virus_here: tell me
lipika chopra: windows player
heart_virus_here: no ral plaer?
heart_virus_here: real
lipika chopra: no
heart_virus_here: ohhhhhh…..
heart_virus_here: then sorry yar
heart_virus_here: u cnt see
heart_virus_here: neway seen pics na
lipika chopra: oopsss
lipika chopra: yesss
heart_virus_here: y dont u install real player
heart_virus_here: it will take 10 mins
lipika chopra: i m in cyber cafe
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk
heart_virus_here: how is my lund then lipika
lipika chopra: nice
lipika chopra: bigg
lipika chopra: can u send me some xxx pics??
heart_virus_here: i cn
lipika chopra: frm messanger only u can send no need of email
heart_virus_here: bt later plzz
heart_virus_here: abhi i just wana chat
lipika chopra: ok
heart_virus_here: so mera lund pasand aaya na
lipika chopra: yesss bhaut jaayaadaa
heart_virus_here: mmmm………
heart_virus_here: kucch hua tha dekh ke
heart_virus_here: is it enough for ur choot n gaand hole liika
lipika chopra: g meain wet ho gyee the
lipika chopra: its bigg
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmmmmm……………….
heart_virus_here: so cn u take it easily in ur choot n gaand
lipika chopra: no its very big
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmm……………… u cn try atleast
lipika chopra: lets c
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm………….
heart_virus_here: sabse pahle hindi mein batao ki kya kya pahna hai wth color ns ahpe
lipika chopra: black sweater aur light blue jeans
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm…………
heart_virus_here: aur kya kya lipika
lipika chopra: kacchi aur bra dono white hai
heart_virus_here: mmmm……………
heart_virus_here: choot ke baal kitne hain lipika
lipika chopra: aaj saaf hai
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm……………
heart_virus_here: lipika aapki school ki dress kya hai
lipika chopra: white shirt n skirt
lipika chopra: grey for summers
heart_virus_here: mmmmm………..
heart_virus_here: kitni lambi hai aapki skirt
lipika chopra: knees tak hai
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm……………
heart_virus_here: aisa to nahi kisis ladke ne aapki skirt ke andr dekh liya ho
lipika chopra: ho safta hai buit i dnt knw
heart_virus_here: accha school mein toilet ke time kisi aur ladki ko nangi ya panty mein dekha hai
lipika chopra: yes
lipika chopra: panty main
lipika chopra: y?
heart_virus_here: kaise kab kisie
heart_virus_here: aise hi asking
lipika chopra: woh skirt teak kar rahi thi
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmmmm…….
heart_virus_here: kisis ladki ko poori nangi dekha hai kabhi
lipika chopra: nahi
heart_virus_here: ya lipika kabhi aisa hua hai ki kisi ne aapko less clothe mein dekh liya ho…ur most embarrassing moment lipika
lipika chopra: my bro have seen me in panties tat was most embrassing momnt
heart_virus_here: how n whn
lipika chopra: i was chging he came in
heart_virus_here: sirf panty mein thi
heart_virus_here: wats his age
lipika chopra: 21
heart_virus_here: boobs dekh liye
lipika chopra: yes
heart_virus_here: ohhhhhh……..kabhi aapne usse dekha
lipika chopra: nahi
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: u hva sis aoso na lipika
heart_virus_here: younger?
lipika chopra: yes
heart_virus_here: wats her age
heart_virus_here: accha tell me kitni kachhi hain aapke pass n ur favourite
lipika chopra: 14
lipika chopra: meri fav pink hai
heart_virus_here: kitni hain
lipika chopra: 6-7 hai
heart_virus_here: mmmmm……………..
heart_virus_here: do u mind if i talk abt ur sis
heart_virus_here: just askng
heart_virus_here: plzz
heart_virus_here: dont mind at all
lipika chopra: noo
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
lipika chopra: ok
heart_virus_here: how is she
lipika chopra: shes young
heart_virus_here: who hs bigger u or her
lipika chopra: me
lipika chopra: she must b 32 only
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm…….saw her nude ever…..
lipika chopra: yes many times
heart_virus_here: poori nangi
lipika chopra: yes
lipika chopra: humara room eeak hai naa
heart_virus_here: usski choot kaisi hai n pubic hairs…….
lipika chopra: yes but very less i havent seeen very clearly
heart_virus_here: mmmm…………
heart_virus_here: usski gaand badi hui
heart_virus_here: jyada badi gaand aapki ya usski
lipika chopra: meri
heart_virus_here: jyada chikni kaun hai
lipika chopra: shes still growing
lipika chopra: i cant say
heart_virus_here: mmmm….accha wat u think…cn she take mine
lipika chopra: arre nahi abhi toh woh bacchi hai naa
heart_virus_here: mmmmm…………..
heart_virus_here: mera dekh legi to kya hoga
lipika chopra: pata nahi
heart_virus_here: aap aur woh kabhi bat karte hain naughty si i mean abt guys
lipika chopra: no
lipika chopra: but i hate her
heart_virus_here: yyyyyyyyyy
lipika chopra: shes by enemy no1
heart_virus_here: yyyyyyyyyy
heart_virus_here: seriously or just in mazak
lipika chopra: jus like tat
lipika chopra: serous
heart_virus_here: ok……so wud u mind if i make her my gf n fuck her choot
heart_virus_here: just saying
lipika chopra: she deserve it
heart_virus_here: mmmmm…………… how uwd u like me to fuck her
lipika chopra: insult her
lipika chopra: once i have take pad out of her bag n she was uncomfortable throught the day in shchool.. i loved it
heart_virus_here: hahaha
heart_virus_here: u naughty………
heart_virus_here: accha usski gaand ko chod doon to
lipika chopra: accha hoga
heart_virus_here: wat u want…choot ya gaand mein ghusaun uski
lipika chopra: dono
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmm…………
heart_virus_here: aur aapko lipika
lipika chopra:
lipika chopra:
heart_virus_here: bolo bolo
lipika chopra: jo apke mergi
lipika chopra:
heart_virus_here: pahle choot…phir aaram se gaand m,ein
lipika chopra: jo apke mergi
heart_virus_here: hahaha..u sweet
lipika chopra:
heart_virus_here: accha kabhi parents ko chupke se room mein dekha hai
lipika chopra: nahi
heart_virus_here: ok…….mom ko
lipika chopra: nahi
heart_virus_here: less clothes mein
lipika chopra: yes but shes my mom
heart_virus_here: okkkk…………… v chat abt her……
lipika chopra: ok
heart_virus_here: pakka
lipika chopra: g
heart_virus_here: acha unki figure kais hai
lipika chopra: i like u
heart_virus_here: thnks dear…
lipika chopra: might b 38-34-36
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk……boobs bade hain na
heart_virus_here: aur gaand kaisi hai
lipika chopra: g kafi
heart_virus_here: gaand kaisi hai lipika unki
lipika chopra: moti hai
heart_virus_here: mmmmm………
lipika chopra: round bhai
heart_virus_here: unko nangi dekha hai
lipika chopra: nahi.. magar nahanee ke bad towle meain kyee bar
heart_virus_here: boobs dekha hai matlab
heart_virus_here: choot nahi dekhi
lipika chopra: nahi
heart_virus_here: aapke father kitna chodte honge unher ne idea
lipika chopra:
lipika chopra: u naughty
heart_virus_here: hahaha
heart_virus_here: bolo na
lipika chopra: han ho safta hai
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmm……….
heart_virus_here: kabhi dekha nahi unko chodte hue
lipika chopra: nahi
heart_virus_here: mom ki gaand ekhi hai kabhi
heart_virus_here: unki kachhi to badi hongi na
lipika chopra: nahi
lipika chopra: han kafi badi hai
heart_virus_here: mmmmm………
heart_virus_here: ne idea ki choot pe bal honge ua saaf
lipika chopra: shes has the razor
lipika chopra: baki pata nahi
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm…………u seen her razor
lipika chopra: yes
heart_virus_here: u hv razor or not?
lipika chopra: yes
heart_virus_here: okkkkk…….
lipika chopra: aaj meri chut saff hai naa
heart_virus_here: ur mom knows ju hv razor
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm…………..
heart_virus_here: sacch mein geeli ho gayi thi aapki choot mera lund dekh ke
lipika chopra: g ab bhi geli hai magar i m in cyber cafe
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm………
heart_virus_here: accha wud u mind if i….ur sexy mom
lipika chopra: pls. not abt her naa shes my mom noo
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk…sorry
heart_virus_here: bt ur sis…i wana her choot n gaand both
lipika chopra: ok
lipika chopra: fuk her as much as u want make her randi
lipika chopra: not ur gf
heart_virus_here: mmmmm………..okkkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: cn u send me her pic….
heart_virus_here: if possible
heart_virus_here: i will masturbate thinking abt her
lipika chopra: i dnt have i m in cyber cafe
heart_virus_here: cn u send it to me later lipika…either her or urs…..
lipika chopra: i will
heart_virus_here: wana see u really yar
heart_virus_here: kiski bhejog i..sachhi batao
lipika chopra: use share herher
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
lipika chopra: but u have to rape her to her randi.. otherwise she will say noo
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkkk……….i’ll rape her as u say
heart_virus_here: will u swriously send me her pic
lipika chopra: 10std blue bells
heart_virus_here: wish cud smell ur or hers panty
heart_virus_here: mmmmm……………
lipika chopra: sangeeta
heart_virus_here: wats blue bells
heart_virus_here: school?
lipika chopra: name of the school
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm……….
heart_virus_here: wana smell urs or hers panty lipika
lipika chopra:
heart_virus_here: seriosuly lipika
heart_virus_here: my only fantasy is to smell n lick one panty of gal whom i know on net
heart_virus_here: coz nt posble in real life
lipika chopra: i geting hot
lipika chopra: wana masterbate
heart_virus_here: mmmm…………………ghar ja ke……
lipika chopra: send me some hot pics now
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: cn u send me ur panty
lipika chopra: i will
heart_virus_here: just saying lipika
heart_virus_here: hahaha
heart_virus_here: how cn u yar
heart_virus_here: ?
heart_virus_here: how will u send it
lipika chopra: i dnt knw
lipika chopra: ]
heart_virus_here: bolo….
lipika chopra: send me some hot pics now
heart_virus_here: ok just saying lipika
lipika chopra: plsssss
heart_virus_here: okok
heart_virus_here: listen na
lipika chopra: wat
heart_virus_here: cn u courier me ur panty or ur sis panty….withot writng ur address n name
heart_virus_here: just saying
heart_virus_here: bt its very much posble
heart_virus_here: very simple
lipika chopra: ok
heart_virus_here: lipika me serious n be serious for 1 min plzz
heart_virus_here: u know its my fantasy yar
lipika chopra: ok
heart_virus_here: how will u do it tell me if u cn
heart_virus_here: or say no now
heart_virus_here: plzz
lipika chopra: i will
heart_virus_here: how will u
heart_virus_here: tell me
lipika chopra: courier
heart_virus_here: seriously lipika
heart_virus_here: promise?
heart_virus_here: n u wont tell abt it to neone
lipika chopra: ok
lipika chopra: no w pics
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: wat pics u want
lipika chopra: dirty fuking one
lipika chopra: nude
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkkkk
lipika chopra: XXX
heart_virus_here: bt i wana ur sis pics n her or urs kachhi
lipika chopra: deal
heart_virus_here: tell me seriously…u in cafe or home?
heart_virus_here: how cn u see these in cafe
lipika chopra: yes its like a cabi
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm…….got cam?
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzz
heart_virus_here: cn i see ur webcam
heart_virus_here: whr u busy yar……
lipika chopra: phot not of good quality
lipika chopra: go 2 actions choose send file
heart_virus_here: see it again
heart_virus_here: see lipika
heart_virus_here: kahan gayi yar
heart_virus_here: lipika u got cam there
heart_virus_here: cn i see u dear
heart_virus_here: plzzzzz
heart_virus_here: once……
heart_virus_here: wana voice chat????
heart_virus_here: bolo na
heart_virus_here: kya kar rahi ho sexy
lipika chopra: go 2 actions choose send file
heart_virus_here: ok
lipika chopra: meri choot is burining
heart_virus_here: then
lipika chopra: go 2 actions choose send file
heart_virus_here: got?