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Little sister Pinki’s virginity lost to me

Hi AISS readers this Raj, and the story which I am going to tell is in fact a real story which happened with me which pulled me into incest. It is this experience which made me write many stories here. It was with me and my cute little sister Pinky and our sexual relationship. Pinky was in her 10th standard and I was in doing my intermediate. We were residents of busy streets of Pune. To begin with I didn’t have any sexual experience and I was very much obsessed with sex and female sexual organs and everything.

It was because of my traditional family I guess. Our family to traditional and was always careful in controlling me and my emotions towards anyting related to sex or nudity. My mom and sister Pinky used to close doors of the room when they are taking bath in the bathroom and didn’t open until they got dressed. This was the situation at my home. Though I was obsessed with sex I used to watch for cleavages in around the city like any average guy. I used cut pictures of exposing actresses from magazines and keep them in my wallet. This was for masturbation tonight or in the shower. We were a middle class family I didn’t get enough money to spend in watching blue films not I had a computer at my home since this happened long back.

Even in these circumstances I never thought I would think about sister as a sex object. But it happened as a miracle since even my little sister Pinky didn’t resist to do adventures with me. One day, my sister along with her friends was practicing a dance rehearsal at our home which they were performing at their school. Since our house had only three rooms our hall was the largest so they were dancing in the hall. And i was watching TV by lying on the floor at a corner. My dad was not at home and my mom in kitchen. These girls were wearing short skirts and tight t-shirts which was their costume for the dance too. Actually I have never seen my sister in Skirts except in school uniform or in chudidhars.

So I did give her a look but didn’t concentrate much. As they be dancing and I was lying on the floor it happened that hey need to do a dance step which included of spinning their bodies in 360 degrees.So this made their short skirts float and revealed their thighs. I was awestruck with this view. It was so amazing to see the beautiful clean shapely thighs and tight revealing asses out of their panties of these young girls. Now I started watching them all in a sexual angle but what was more astonishing was that out of all the girls my sister Pinky had the best thighs. And this made it impossible to take my looks off her. Pinky had a good figure of height at time around 5’4.

Her thighs were in very good shape with smooth calves and fair thick thighs especially round ass covered by a thin panty. I started imagining touching them and licking them and also smelling them. As these feelings made it worse and from that moment my view and perspective changed altogether. Now I started looking at her swinging youthful breasts held by the tight t-shirt. After watching her for some while new thoughts kept on running in my mind. I wanted to smell her inner parts which are a common feeling of that age. So quickly went into the bathroom and picked up her worn underwear and started smelling them. It was like heaven for me.

I started collecting her bra, panties and petticoat to smell it while sleeping and masturbating. Of course I never picked them when she had periods (lol) the smell of her vaginal fluids mixed with her sweat was unforgettable for me. The best thing was we never used perfumes at that age which made the smell much more relevant. So I was not satified with just smelling I wanted to do much more, but I kept on thinking and thinking in my mind for like a month after the main incident and one fine auspicious festival day I got chance like I said we were from a middleclass family so we bought a new camera which my dad bought me as a present and only I was authorized to use it since it was (considered) expensive. My dad always told me to take a hold on number of pictures because in those days like in early 2000’s we have to develop the photos in the studio which cost extra money. And my sister used to always request me to take a snap of her. I initially used to refuse but since my perspective changed towards her i started taking snaps her more often.

So on this festival day my sister was wearing new Gagra so she asked me to take many snaps of her. Now I wanted to use this as a bait to do somehting more. My dad and mom went out to relatives to meet and wish them on the festival day so we were alone. So I asked Pinky to come inside my parent’s room since it was litte clean and pictures would look good. She accepted. Then I shot two pics of her and told her that it was over. Saying that I went on my parent’s bed and sat over there Now Pinky came to me and started forcing me to take more pictures. She went like Bhaiyya kay hua, lets take another few snaps please, I need to show them to my friends” etc. I asked to sit beside me, so she did but she actually went on lying on the bed. So I said I will teach her how to operate the camera so that she can take her own pictures.

She said ok and was excited and then I gave the camera into her hands And she was observing all the options and I with almost bursting heart slowly kept my hands on her feet. She didn’t react and then I was pretending as if I am explaing some shit to her and kept on moving my hand up towards her thighs inside her gagra. She was busy looking inot the camera and taken away by my words. Also she was little innocent and immature to notice such kind of behaviour. But I was now almost rubbing my hands on her thighs and my shivering fingers suddenly touched her pussy. She shook in a jerk. And said Bhaiyya what are you doing. Why are you trying to touch me over there. Then I said if you want to knw camera and take more pics of yourself just be quiet. She first said this and that and finally she said ok. It was her pure ignorance and she didn’t know what mistakes and pleasures that single yes meant. Now she was holding the camera and I started feeling her thighs openly by lifting her gagra above her waist.

She was feeling shy and smiling. Then I pulled her panty down and felt her cute pick pussy lips which were covered by mild hair. It was like silk and all of the sudden we lost power at our home. Since it was around 8 o clock in the night, our room went dark and beast inside me pushed my head into Pinky’s crotch. I kept my tongue on her pussy lips and licked them good. It was clean and soft. I went deep and deep. She now kept the camera aside and started enjoying the moment. I don’t know how it happens but Sex is a natural process and it needs no training. She was holding my head and pulling my hair as i licked her pussy. Then i pulled her down by holding her legs and started kissing her on her lips. She was more than happy to do beacuse its all pure sexual instincts acting over there. She didn’t have any experince neither do I.

But we were like a hot young couple on the bed. I kissed her for sometime and simultaneously put my fingers deep into her vagina. Then suddenly our phone rang. We both were jolted. She moved away from me. Which was a natural reaction and then I picked the phone to hear that my dad saying that, my mom n him will be late and they will reach home by something around midnight which left me a window of 4 hours. I went back to the dark room and my sister Pinky was on the bed all wrapped in the blanket and on the corner of the bed. Then I thoguht I should first make things clear because I knew I was about to do something big in next few hours. So I went close to her and asked her.

Pinky, did you like what we just did”? She said smilingly yes in a cute romantic voice. I again asked will be comfortable if we do it again and again daily”? She said yes and then I asked her. She really like it then asked her to remove all her clothes. Meantime I went and closed our main doors. As I walked in our power at home came back and lit the room in bright light exposing Pinky in all nudity. She was standing in front of the bed naked and her gagra panty and bra were at her foot, which I realised that she just dropped. Her boobs were sprouting out with long nipples in dark pink color. She had little hair on her pussy so it was clearly visible I stripped off my clothes and slowly grabbed her ass and lifted her and made her lie on the bed and started exploring her whole body. She was murmuring and moaning throughout the process.

I kissed her for long time like a lover and we played with our tongues by biting them and stuff. Then i kissed her neck and took her nipples into my mouth sucked them good and hard. I played my tongue over her both nipples rapidly. Then kissed her navel and licked her pussy again whihc was drenched with her orgasm. She was having her first orgasms of her life I suppose and also she had multiple of them. Then my dick was hard enough now. I made her feel my huge hard penis. It was first time for both of us so it was all pure sexual feelings. She held it hard and felt happy, surprised and excited. I asked her to suck it, she said yuck, but then I forced and convinced her saying that how I sucked her pussy and stuff.

Then she accepted and sucked it nicely throughout. She didn’t do it properly but picked up very fast in doing it right. I was enjoying while she did it. Then I inserted my fingers into her vagina and played with it for a while so as to make it enough wide and used to large sized objects. Then asked her to bear any pain caused and not to shout in any circumstances and then I pulled her legs wide and arranged her position into the missionary position and then slowly rubbed my dick on her pussy lips.

She said it was not paining but it was tickling and smiled about it. Then I started pushing my thing inside and she was ok untill half of my rod was inside her but she felt the pain when I inserted my whole penis into her vagina. She was about to shout but I closed her mouth tightly. She was becoming restless as I increased my thrusts. She was sweating and she was like in another world while the fucking progressed. She was holding me tight all the time and I was enjoying the fun in exploring her tight virgin pusssy. It was tight in the beginning but later it was all smooth for me. While I was about to cum I asked her to point her mouth and splashed the loads of cum into her mouth.

She swallowed it and said it was nice. Then to my surprise she asked me to do it again. Then we did it for 3-4 times that day before my parents came. She was tired that day and also affected by fever. But later we continued the sexual relationship for many years. We explored many fantasies as we grew older. I also convinced her to do anal and much other stuff. Since we started our sexual relationship at very early stage we are now experimenting our relationship in threesomes and sister swapping kind of fantasies so that we are always excited and not bored of each other. She is now married and even iam married now but we still do maintain a very good healthy Sexual relationship.