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Long term friendship leads to a man sharing his wife Tripti with his best friend of many years

My story is about my wife and my best friend and what happened this
summer. My story is a bit unlike the ones I read on the Internet. My
monogamous wife of many years didn’t just all the sudden see a friend’s
penis and find she had to have it. This seduction took place through
many years of friendship that grew closer and more intimate as years
went on.

I guess I should start in the first few years of our marriage when this
closeness started. Sunil was my best friend from 7th standard. After
Tripti and I were married this friendship continued. Many times when we
were together it was just the 3 of us. From the beginning Tripti and
Sunil were good friends with similar outgoing flirty personalities
they were always saying stuff to each other and affectionate to each
other. There were always warm hugs and pecks on the lips but never
anything out of the ordinary until one night during a week at a beach
house a bunch of us had rented.

A rainy weekday combined with a bunch of young couples and a bit too
much beer and we started playing some silly games but ended up playing
spin the bottle. Well it was pretty funny I guess for most but for me it
was the first time I was turned on my see my wife with another. The game
went on for a while the first few kisses were pretty tame but as the
rest of the group started teasing the couple kissing saying stuff like
you guys are bad kissers, we will show you! Well it became a little bit
of who can out do whom. The kissing became much hotter, tongues; lip
biting, deep wet kisses became the norm. My wife had to kiss all of the
6 men that were present but as luck had it that day Sunil got 4. Well
the game ended after a while and we all laughed about it after but the
intimacy between them had been escalated slightly.

The following year again we rented the house with most of the same
friends and again a rainy day would come. Well we chatted and played a
bunch of games and had many beers, once again teenage games came up and
we started playing strip poker. I was pretty surprised the girls said
they would play at the time, but as close as we were sharing beach
houses we had seen each other in very little clothing. I figured they
would quit before they really go naked. Well the game started and little
by little clothes were lost, my wife eventually went down as far as her
panties and tank top. She debated quitting but the crowd was unforgiving
when you said you quit. She played a little longer and lost top, when
she exposed her breasts and I was turned on. She quit after that and
thru her top back on.

Well after this game I noticed a change in just about all the girls in
the group, it seemed that after being seen like this by the other
boyfriends and husbands they didn’t seem as concerned about how they
were seen for the rest of the week. What I mean is they were more likely
to walk around wearing underwear early in the morning or right before
bed. This new comfort level would become very apparent with my wife and
Sunil who would hang out with me at our house often.

I noticed the change when Monday night football season started and
Sunil and I as always started watching it at our house, it seemed like
any other Monday, she would get ready for bed at around 11 and come down
to say goodnight to us. She started doing this in her sleepwear, I am
not saying she would come down in see thru underwear and nothing else
but she would wear some things that before might have been covered by a
robe. I remember the first time like it was yesterday, she wore a green
long silky nightgown, not see thru as I said but very clingy. As she
came in the room you could see the outline of her tiny panties and her
breasts. I didn’t say anything that night thinking maybe she didn’t
realize it was so sexy. But this continued for few weeks and one Monday
night after she came down in panties and a tank top covered by an open
robe I said something.

She responded like I was being silly, Sunil has seen me a million
times in my bathing suits and he even saw me topless she said. After
talking about it a while I felt kind of bad even mentioning it. As
months passed I got used to the occasional sleepwear around him and
didn’t think much of it.

The following summer we went with Sunil and his steady girlfriend at
the time to an island. We had a very secluded beach and the second day
there the girls went topless. A few people on the beach had gone totally
nude and one afternoon after many drinks we all decided to see what it
was like. It was the first time I had seen her nude in front of people
and I can’t tell you what a turn on it was.

I told her about it that night an she thought it was a little weird that
I would get a turn on from of other men and Sunil seeing her but she
laughed and told me she would go nude on the beach more on that
vacation. Well she and Sunil’s girlfriend did just that, not only did
they go nude at the beach but would walk back to the room in a towel and
lose it as soon as they walked in and stay nude as we snacked or had a
refreshing drink before going back out. Many sexy things happened in
those few days, I mean I thought I would cum in my pants the morning
that I came on to the beach a few minutes after the 3 of them and there
is Sunil putting lotion on my wife’s back and she is totally nude.
Later that day a little rough water play when we tried dunking the girls
underwater as they splashed us, well I cant tell you all the accidental
brushes that happened between me and his girlfriend and I am sure
between Tripti and Sunil.

We went home after a great vacation and again the intimacy between my
wife and my best friend had grown. This was when I first started
thinking about what it would be like to watch her with him, I didn’t
want all out sex but I remember thinking how sexy it would be if he had
put lotion on her legs that day, or if I could have seen their bodies
brush each other underwater that day.

We would continue to do things as two couples and on some occasions to
pull off a cheap weekend trip even shared rooms, it became almost non
eventful for us to see each other in our underwear or catch a glimpse of
nudity as we shared rooms.

Well the friendship continued like this for a few years, trips
continued, some sleepovers, etc. On one occasion Sunil and me had gone
out very late for a bachelor party, I told him to stay at our house
cause it was late and we were quite drunk. Well he slept on the couch in
the den and Tripti was sleeping when we got home. In the morning she got
up early and jumped in shower, Sunil and me both woke up at that point
and sat on the couch holding our aching heads. All the sudden out of the
bathroom comes my naked wife, startled a little not expecting me to be
up or Sunil to be there, she wasn’t embarrassed and actually made a
minute or so conversation with us naked before going off to the bedroom
and putting something on. It was at that point that I figured that if I
wanted a 3 some, Sunil might be a possible person maybe the only one.

Well I never discussed that with my wife much, I mean a few mentions
about it while watching a soft porn movie that included wife watching, I
remember that she told me in didn’t surprise her that it was a fantasy
of mine because of what I had told her a few years back after she went
nude. She flatly said that their was no way she was picking up some jerk
to give me a thrill, besides she said I would get really jealous after,
reminding me that from time to time I would get a little weird about her
just flirting with Sunil. However nudity and some flirting was fine
with her up to a point.

Since that night I noticed her flirting a little more aggressively, she
would never confirm it but I some how sensed that she wore skirts a
little more then before in certain situations.

Well believe it or not over 7 years had passed since we got married and
Sunil had married Megha and then split up. The split came and Sunil
was feeling pretty down about life in general, we felt bad cause we were
so close to both of them. Megha had apparently, to our surprise fallen
in love with someone from work right before their wedding but went thru
with it anyway, of course it lasted just a year and it seems like she
was having an affair for almost the whole thing.

We decided to get our friend cheered up a bit so we rented a room down
the shore and invited him to stay with us.

Well this would be the first time that we would spend this much time
together without Megha and I couldn’t help thinking about a few sexy
things that could happen like before. Well Friday night was pretty
uneventful. We were tired after a full workweek and a long car ride so
we unpacked and went to the boardwalk to eat and play a few stands
before retiring for the evening.

Saturday morning started with my wife making coffee and breakfast in a
nightshirt. It was great as she reached for cups and dishes a little
panty would show and as she bent over table to serve food the loose
fitting nightshirt would allow a great view down her blouse. I thought
she hadn’t noticed me looking but after serving us our plates she
stopped while bent over and gave a little dirty look to both of us
saying, are you guys thru looking down my shirt, then saying something
about us being like 2 high school boys, We laughed and finished eating.

We lay out in the sun all-day and hung out and then took showers got
dressed and went out to dinner. Tripti wore a little short skirt and top
with no bra. She looked great not sultry or anything just great. Her
tanned legs, perky breasts looked very arousing. After dinner as planned
we took off for a club were we danced and drank a bit. She took turns
dancing with me and Sunil and had us both gasping for air, so much so
that we actually convinced a guy next to us at the bar to dance with her
for a while (not that he need much convincing). It was late and a slow
song came when she was dancing with Sunil, he motioned to get off the
floor but she said something and he stayed. I had seen them dance before
but something about tonight made it so sexy, her little skirt and
breasts pressed against him and her head resting on his shoulder. After
the dance we all agreed to call it a night. On the walk home she held
both our arms and I commented to Sunil that well at least we both
scored, as usual she was always ready for a comeback line saying that
neither one of us or both were enough for her tonight. The kidding
continued as we said that we would fix her when we got home, Sunil
saying at one point that I needed to control my woman.

We arrived home in great sprits and broke out a few beers, at that point
Tripti said she was going to get dressed for bed, I of course fired back
that she wouldn’t need any clothes for bed tonight. She laughed and said
something like well the same goes for you two then. When she left
Sunil was saying how great Tripti was, saying its like hanging with
one of the guys cause she can take the abuse and dish right back out at
you. Well I agreed but wanted to get her so I suggested that we strip
down to our underwear at least and wait for her to come back, we both
figured that would get a good laugh out of her and she would call us to
jerks. So we did it quickly stripping down.

Well out of the bathroom came Tripti but not changed yet as apparently
she had gone to the bathroom first and was coming back to the living
room to ask if we wanted to take a walk on the beach before we changed.
When she walked in still fully dressed she did laugh as she looked at us
saying that she didn’t really see anything she liked. Well we laughed
back and I said that she was the one that mentioned that we wouldn’t
need many clothes for bed and that in fact she had just chickened out.
She gave me a pretty stern look saying that she was going to ask if we
wanted to walk on the beach since she wasn’t yet tired but if it was
naked I wanted I would get it. She pulled the shoulder straps of her
dress over her shoulders and the dress dropped to the floor as she stood
there in her panties. She looked at me knowing I enjoyed that and said
okay now at least maybe you guys won’t have to eye me at breakfast, so
now what. Well I didn’t really know what to say at that point cause I
didn’t know what was next or what I wanted next, then she gave me
another look and it was a look like, okay lets see how far you go before
you get jealous. She walked over to Sunil and said I love this song on
the radio lets dance, well Sunil was looking pretty awkward at that
point but he started. She held him close as her naked breasts were
pressed against him and his penis rubbing her naval. Well I couldn’t
believe it, it was so hot. They danced for a couple of minutes and a
different song came on, she kept dancing, she looked at me and said have
you had enough of our game. I didn’t say anything part of me didn’t want
to blink for pride sake, part of me loved it but part of me also felt a
bit threatened about what was happening.

As I thought about what to say she mumbled guess not yet, with that she
told Sunil how when she danced she liked to get her neck and ears
kissed and took his hands off her back and on her panty covered ass. He
just held her ass for a bit but I guess not getting any stop from me and
being very aroused at this point himself he started to gently kiss her
neck. She noticed his arousal I am sure and started to grind him more.
Meanwhile I was in another world, all different emotions were going on
in my head. My brain was saying that I it didn’t want him doing this
with my wife while my cock was saying, wow I have masturbated to this
scene before. I just sat there and said nothing and I am not sure
whether because she was proving a point and wanted me to be the one to
stop it or she was getting aroused herself but she took the next step.
She broke the dance and looked at me briefly as to give me a second to
stop her and when I didn’t she peeled off her panties and then grabbed
Sunil’s boxers pulling them off his waist. She said something like
this will make dancing nicer and went back to the dance. I didn’t even
realize it then but thinking back they were now dancing slow to a fast
rock song but anyway the dance continued only now it was skin on skin.
That was the last time she looked at me as from that point on whether
out of being dared or sheer sexual desire and arousal she began to kiss
Sunil and massage his chest. He returned her kiss but was very
hesitant to touch her anywhere but she continued the dance and after a
few minutes reached down and started to stroke his cock. I was frozen in
time, Sunil would later tell me that he looked at me but I didn’t
return his look and he was too hot to hold back anymore. He started to
massage her breasts and quickly started to kiss and suck them as she
continued to stroke his cock.

This went on for a few minutes more and then she stopped grabbed his
hand and went towards the bedroom almost as if I wasn’t there. She
brought him in the bedroom and he was no longer being shy, she lay down
pulled him toward her and reached down to insert him inside her. I had
followed and stood at the edge of the bed, as it was obvious by her
purrs and moans that she was hot. Sunil started fucking her and she
quickly started to squirm, I figured Sunil would cum in an instant
also but I was in for a surprise. She came hard lifting herself and
Sunil off the bed at times with her legs as she came. She had always
had great orgasms but this one of the best I had seen, the amazing thing
to me was Sunil didn’t cum. It was like the guys in the porn flicks
that seem like they can fuck for hours and not even come close to losing
it. He continues to fuck her and within 5 or 10 minutes she again came.
Her sounds were unbelievable as she did.

Then she broke there kiss and said something to him, with that they
flipped over and she got on top. Again they fucked, this time much
longer as she rode him, she was in heaven, for the first time I came
over to the bed and started to stroke her hair. She looked at me with a
weird kind of look but she never stopped riding his still hard cock. We
held a great deep French kiss as she rode Sunil’s cock until she broke
the kiss. She was on her way to yet another orgasm when finally Sunil
mumbled something that sounded like he needed a condom I said its okay.
With that she came again and he finally exploded inside her. There
sounds were loud, there sweat so erotic, I was ashamed to say it but I
couldn’t remember the last time I had fucked her like that. They both
came and collapsed on one another as I stood there rubbing my wife’s

After a few minutes Sunil got up and left the room to go to the
bathroom. We stayed in each other’s arms and she said a few things about
not really wanting this to happen but I assured her that although I was
a wee bit jealous I was okay and Sunil was the only person I could
ever imagine sharing her like this with. We kissed and proceeded to make
love for what seemed like hours after. Sunil never came back, I guess
he saw us and went back to his room.

We awoke and Sunil was already having coffee, Tripti blushed a bit and
so did Sunil. He asked if we were okay cause he had spent most of the
night worrying about us. We told him that we were fine and we had
enjoyed what had happened and were so glad we shared it with him. With
that she gave him a huge hug and a big wet kiss.