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Lost my virginity

I am reader of this site this is my first story I would be great if my story is published on this site this was my first story please forgive if any mistakes are there in this story due to my first post in this site Hi each n every one im sanjay(fake names ) from bangalore I am not a regular reader once I was browsing I come across the site this im going tell true story how I lost my virginity ..

now am 23 5.6 height 58 kg weight ill tell u true I have oly 6inch I don’t lie like 8 or 10 inch cock that time I was only 18 I had sex with my senior gal her name is tara 19 abt her 34,28,32 she was dream gal in our school she had finished schooling she was studying in girls college that time I was in 10th it was august month in our school dey ll celebrate function grandly so she came to give practice juniors end of the day head master told me drop to her house so I took bike keys from him n went on his bike  she was in back set I got 1 road hump so her boobs pressed my back I liked the electric shock even she was like that so I stared apply the break wanted soon we reached her place no one was at her place then she asked come in..

I “sure can I have water plz” She ”sure ” She brought the water I had even she had while drinking some water fell her white top now her bra v can see through white top I became mad she went to kitchen I followed her start to touch her she turn in shock in a low voice she asked that r u doing  I didn’t reply just started to press her boobs hardly even she liked that she hugged me I stared to kiss her she told me “ ur making me horny I “ ur looking so sexy in wet top  even she responded me I pressed her boobs while kissing I asked her to undress she removed her wet top  I started to her nipple over bra, pressed her boobs her nipples become hard its poking me then I removed bra, pant & panty I again started to press her now she caught my cock over my pant started kiss me she removed my dress and started to sucking me I was in heaven out of the world I changed my position we came to 69 both of den sucking each other’s she twice came my mouth even I came in her mouth I was teasing her please don’t make to cry for cock she begged to inter cock into her pussy she was guiding my cock towards her pussy its easy to inter her wet pussy to me full cock interred she started to moaning “hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes sunju yes yes fuck me baby fuck“”  don’t stop fuck me hardly more more ” am Cumming she had her orgasm I didn’t stop fucking then v both came at a time then she cleaned me again my cocl was rock hard I asked to ride me she sat on my laps guided my cock to her pussy filled with my meat she had her creaming loudly others can hear her moaning so locked her lip with mines she started move up & down then only I came to she had affair with her mom’s brother then I came in her pussy she cleaned with her tongue I dressed up n lift the place after that v didn’t get any chance to fuck now she married and she is staying in hubby place v don’t have any contact I miss her after that I got so many gals that is anther s ill tell u pls send ur comments on any females/babies/widows age is not important to sex want have a secret affair pls feel free no guys don’t mail me in gals name……..bye gals n guys…………….