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Love with cousin Part 3

“Maybe after school you can show me more.”  Disappointed I relented.  But I knew I was going to have my cousin this afternoon.  After she dressed we boarded our bicycles and took off for school.  All day long I kept visualizing Tammy on her bed, her legs spread, and her fingers stroking her bright pink pussy.  School seemed to drag on forever.  Finally the final bell!  I walked briskly to my bike, unchained it and waited for Tammy.  Unfortunately…or maybe fortunately…her brothers were riding their bikes home with us.  They arrived around the same time and we all departed the school grounds.  On the ride, Tammy asked me in front of her brothers if I had plans when I got home.  “No…just going to hang out.  Why?”  “I need some help with geometry and I know you’re good with shapes.  Can you give me a hand?” I smiled and peddled.

We arrived at their house.  The boys immediately dropped their books and took off on their bikes to play in the neighborhood.  Tammy, on the other hand, went to her room and got naked for me.  The afternoon sunlight was shinning through her bedroom window backlighting her.  Her figure was a silhouette with a ray of light shinning between her legs.  “We don’t have much time…mom will be home in about an hour.”  She climbed on her bed and spread her legs and began stroking her pussy for me.  I stripped for her and walked over to her.  She fingered her clit and never took her eyes off of mine.  I took her tiny nipple into my mouth and sucked and my tongue flicked it.  A gasp escaped.  My fingers found her wet box and she let out a moan.  I released her nipple from my mouth and lowered my body.  I had to see my cousin’s newly shaven pussy up close.

It was bare, little, and very pink.  I put my mouth over her wet gash and she arched her back…  “Oh god!”  She wrapped her legs around me holding me into her.  I lapped at her bare young pussy to the chorus of moans and groans.  Seeing the light reflecting off her pale skin, her tiny nipples as erect as they could be, and me trapped by her legs, forced to eat her pussy.  I looked up at her, my face coated in her wetness.  “I want to fuck you, Tammy.”  “You can’t!  You’re my cousin.”  “So!”  “So…you can’t.  You can jerk your cock off again.”  “Tammy, I want to fuck you.”  She looked at me, not sure what to do.  I stood. My dick raging.  I walked over to my pants and pulled out a rubber and put it on.  She sat there watching, her legs spread and that pussy inviting me in.  I walked back to her, she watching me the whole time.

I stepped in between her legs.  “What are you doing?”  “I’m going to fuck your pussy.”  “Oh you are?” she said a bit coyly.  Her hole was tiny and disappeared when I placed the head of my dick against it.  “I’ve got to have this pussy, Tammy.”  “But you’re my cousin.”  “And your cousin is about to fuck you.”  I pressed in slowly.  She let out a grunt then relaxed.  Her hole was tight and I pushed in slowly taking more and more.  Finally when I was all the way in, she relaxed fully, wrapped her legs around me and locked her ankles at the small of my back.  “Do you like my pussy?”  “I love your pussy, Tammy.”  “Show me, Michael.  Fuck me.  Fuck your cousin.”  I began fucking her faster and harder.  I wish I could tell you that we fucked as though we were in a marathon.  Truth was her pussy was tight, I was horny as hell, and couldn’t control myself.

After a couple of minutes of steady pounding, I shot my load into the rubber sheath surrounding my cock.  I was disappointed that I hadn’t performed likeone of those studs in the porn movies but she didn’t seem to mind.  I pulled out and we got cleaned up.  I was about to leave when Aunt Sue arrived.  After some family chatting, Tammy asked her mother if I could stay for dinner and help her with her homework.  Aunt Sue gave me permission and we worked on her homework while Aunt Sue cooked.  When Uncle Don arrived, we all sat down for dinner.  There was family discussion and talk about school.  The boys were excited about finishing dinner so they could get back to their friend’s house to finish a game.  Tammy and I returned to her room and continued working.  We heard the television on in the living room and Tammy reached over and touched me. “Did you like it?”  “Oh my god, did I!”  “Do you want more?”  “Tammy, your parents are home.”  “Dad’s sleeping in his chair and mom is watching her show.  Let me suck your cock.”

That’s all I needed to hear.  I pulled my dick out and fed it to her.  She had never sucked a dick before and I could tell.  I gave her pointers and encouragement.  My dick began to swell in her mouth, something that she was amazed at.  As she sucked my cock, I was torn by the sensation and listening for someone to come in the room.  My dick was straining as her pale face bobbed up and down in a perfect rhythm.  You pulled off of my cock and whispered…  “Do you want to fuck me again?”  “I do, but I don’t have another rubber.”  She shot me a frown.  “Think you can fuck me and not cum inside me?”  My smile told her I could and she climbed on the bed.  “I want you to fuck me from behind.”  She turned around and assumed a position on her hands and knees.  Her ass was up in the air and her tiny pussy glistened below.  She parted her knees just enough to accentuate her gap.

I put my hands on her hips and angled my cock head at her hole.  Pulling her to me and thrusting, I found the mark and my cock burst her lips apart and I shoved deep into her.  “God!” she yelled accidently.  “Tammy, you okay?” came from her mother in the living room.  “Yes mom!  Just a mistake.  Sorry.”  Looking back at me, “Now fuck me before she comes in here” she whispered.  I immediately began pounding her pink cunt.  She met my thrusts and her pale, round ass bounced off of my stomach with each thrust.  Our bodies slapping, I tried to keep the noise to a minimum while still getting her pussy hard, fast and deep.  My cousin was looking back at me watching me fuck her.  It was hot!  Two teenagers exploring one another, learning about sex, and related.  I felt my cum building as my cock pushed in and out of her tight hole. “I’m going to cum.”  She reached for her panties.  “Here…cum in them.”  I took them from her and put them on her ass.  “What are you doing?”  I pulled my dick out just in time.

I stroked it a couple of time and shot my load.  It came screaming out my wet head and sprayed her back, ass and her panties.  I used her panties to wipe the excess.  My cousin became my lover that that day.  Over the next twenty years or so, Tammy and I have maintained our incestuous relationship.  Both of us are married and we have our own families.  We still live near each other and we cheat on our spouses with each other a couple of times each month.  Her body still entices me.  Her pale skin is as clear as it was that beautiful day down by the river.  Her nipples still pink and tiny.  Her pussy a rosy, pink with a tight little hole that still begs for my dick.  And that gap!!! With Tammy it’s more than just sex, its family and that is something not many people have or understand.