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Lovely Night Journey

Hi everyone this is Anil writing for the first time. so if there is
any mistakes in it, I request you yo pls give your feedback on it, so
that I may rectify the same. I am a great Fan of these lovely & Sexy
Stories. Hence I am Sharing this real Story that happened with me. I
live in Navi Mumbai, The city of 21st Century, Near Mumbai. I am an
Average Health Man with Fair Complexion & Smiling face (as per
Compliments received from Aunties). This Story is about my latest sex
encounter in a State Transport Bus in da month of May. while I was
going to leave my Mother & my Naphew to my Native place.

Without wasting any further time, let me come to the Story. I was
travelling with my Mother & my Naphew (Brother’s Son). I was not
willing to travel by the Bus, but as we did not find seat in train, My
Mother Decided to travel by bus. we got a Bus in the night. But as the
Bus was Already crowded, we Did not got seats together. We 3 were
sitting on 3 Different places. My Mother was Sitting Besides an Old
Woman, my Nephew was Sitting besides a man & I got seat besides a
lady. Nw let me tell you something abt this lady. She was Avrage
looking lady with Wheatish Looks. She was not having a Gorgeous Looks
or Sexy Figure. But She was having a sweet smile.

As I Seated, we greated each other with warm smile. She was Wearing a
Light Pink Colored Saree. then the Bus Started. She was sitting on the
Window side. We started talking with each other on general issues.
During talks I came to know, she was leaving near to my native place
and now she was returning back after meeting some of her relatives in
mumbai. After sometimes the Driver Switched off the Light. and I too
started to feel sleepy as I was a bit tired running frm here & there
thoughout da day.. Till now I havent thought anything abt the lady,
but still her face looks & some nice curves of her Tummy was making me
a bit crazy. But I was afraid to make a move as the Whole bus was
crowded & above all my Mother was sitting just 4 seats ahead of me.
after sometimes I was feeling something heavy on my shoulders. I saw
that she was pushing herself on me, as Rain had Started all of a
sudden & water was coming inside thru the window gap. I asked her, “is
everything OK?” She said “rain water is entering thru the window &
Disturbed my Sleep”. I told her to lean on my Shoulder & have her
sleep. she agreed to it & leaned on my shoulers. She seemed to be very
much much Sleepy hence she agreed to it.

After sometimes the Ghat Started and due to the curves of roads, the
bus started swinging from left to right. She seemed to be in deep
sleep so she was not moving at all. but at one turn, the bus moved
very swiftly from left to right, that made her to lose her control & I
put forward my left hand to support her to avoid her from falling
down. She opened her eyes, my hand was on her right Shoulders very
near to her boobs. She did not said anything but Hold my hand & again
went to Sleep. OHHHH MYY… what a nice feeling it was, to have her
Hot hand touch in the Cool rainy weather. aftr some times as the bus
was moving thru the Ghat, She was pressing my hand more & more towards
her soft Boobs. Even though I was enjoying it, I was still afraid to
make a first move, thinking that may be wrong & she would be just
using my hand to Support herself.

Then the ghat ended & the bus started moving Smoothly again. She was
Still Sleeping with my hand Attached towards her Soft Boobs. I had
lost my sleep now. I Decided to play a gamble. I kissed her Forehead.
& placed my lips on her forehead. She wokeup but did not looked at me
& took my hand around her. I then realised that She might be liking my
company. so I too hold her more firmly towards my chest. She Leaned
towards my Chest. her Head was resting on my Cheat & Hand on around my
body. I placed my other hand on her back & again Kissed her Forehead
passionately. In return She Hugged me Tightly. I adjusted myself &
took her in my Arms. We remained in each others arms for abt 15 -20
mins. The rain Outside was increasing more and more. I took her face
in my Hand & Kissed her Cheeks, her ears, her neck, and came down to
her boobs. I took her on my lap with her both legs on my either side.
I removed her pallu & started kissing her neck, she was moaning
aaaaaaahhhhhh… ooooohhhhhh…… I said her to slow down as her
moaning could awake other peoples aroound us. She Smiled & dig herslf
on my Chest. & started removing the buttons of my Shirt. I was not
wearing anything inside my Shirt. She then Started Kissing around my
Chest & also on my neck areas. meanwhile I was busy pressing her boobs
above her blouse. I felt she was not wearing the bra. I Loosened her
Blouse Hooks & Started pressing her Boobs more passionately. MYYYY
MYYYYYYY they were not so big but enough to fit in my palm, they were
like smooth & buttery soft. Her kisses on my Chest was increasing as I
was Increasing her Boob massage. Her Nipple was becoming hard. As I
was Tickling & playing with her Nipples, She was becoming more & more
horny. Seeing this, I took her 1 Boob in my mouth & started Sucking
it. ohhhhhhh what a feeling it was my friends. Heavy rain outside &
Hot body inside. then I shifted to her other boobs. She was also
enjoying this Sucking Session a lot. This our love session lasted for
more than an hour..

She then placed both her legs on my right side. I again Started
pressing her boobs alongwith kissing her neck & licking her ears. then
Cheeks then came to her Rosy Lips. They were already wet. My Boob
Massage had already made her wild. We were passionately Kissing each
other. She was moaning a Lot. I placed my 1 Hand on her tummy and was
massaging the tummy curves & Fingering at her naval. As the Thunder
showers were going on outside the window, She was getting more
frightened. I again took her passionately in my arms, gave her a tight
Hug. I was Kissing her on her Neck & carassing her back. As I so much
Like to carass & kiss the back side areas. She dig more on my chest &
rested her head on my Tummy, her back was now more open to me. I bend
down & started Kissing every inch of the back.from the Outline of her
Blouse, to the open areas in the middle. She was enjoying the Kissing
Session a lot. & pressing my both Hands on her Boobs which were on my
Hands. I laid myself on her Back with my Cheeks resting on her Back &
Massaging her Boobs Slowly, Slowly for sometimes. I asked her, did u
like it ?? She said, She has never enjoyed this much.& Kissed my left
hand which was near her Lips. We rested for some times in that
position. Just then the driver switched on the light as the Bus was
Halting for a loo Break. We both got up, and looked around, but
everybody was Sleeping. We looked at each other & exchanged a Loving
Smile. I told her to Button the blouse & we both walked out of the
Bus. my Mother & Naphew were in Deep Sleep. We both went for loo &
came back to the bus as the rain Started again. We came to our seats &
the bus started again.

After going some distance, the Driver switched off the Lights. We
waited for a while for everyone to get asleep. as soon as we got
confirmed, We Hugged each other tightly and I took her on my lap
keeping her legs on the either sides and continued kissing eah other
on the ears and neck areas, my hands again got on her boobs. She asked
me, “Are u not satisfied yet ?” I said, “How can a person be satisfied
loving such a lovely pair of boobs.” This time she herself opend her
Blouse with a lovely smile & I Continued Pressing & sucking her Boobs
& Playing with her nipples making it errected again with passion. I
was busy Kissing her neck & Sucking her boobs, they were becoming more
and more erotic as I can feel around her nipples. I started delicately
kissing & sucking her nipples & around areas one by one. & she was
pressing herself more & more towards me & moaning a lot and making
noise like oooooooooohhhhhhh aaaauuuuu uuuuuummmmm. I asked her “How
do u feel?” She said, She is feeling soooo nice. & enjoying sooooo
much & we again started kissing each other then placed my left hand
from her boobs to her back & she again opened my shirt buttons & our
bare chest were rubbing each other. then I inserted my right hand
below the saree & started massaging her Thighs, slowly slowly one by
one. Her thighs were very Hot in the cool weather. I continued
massaging her thighs & moved ahead to her cunt. It was Clean Shaved
with little hairs above it as I could feel with my hand. I Inserted my
1 Finger inside her Vagina & Started fingering her. She was again
moaning with Pleasure uuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
I again asked her Is she enjoying the act ?? she said she is feeling
very nice & enjoying a lot as she has never being fingered. I
continued the fingering & she placed her 1 hand above my pant. She
opened the zip & took out my 8 inch Penis she was shocked by feeling
it as it is around 3 inches wide. She said she has never seen such a
long & Fat penis. I told her to kiss & Suck it it but she denied it as
she has never done it before. I said its ok as I was not willing to
spoil the Show. Then I while fingering her Pussy, I said her that I
was willing to Suck & Kiss her pussy to which she again Denied. I told
her to relax & just enjoy the game as she will enjoy a lot more than
what she is enjoying now. I convinced her & got up frm there, made her
sit & I shifted below the seat. The plce below the seat was not much &
I too was not feeling Comfortable but then too, In my mind there was
only one thought, to give pleasure to her. I brought her thighs before
my face & Started kissing & Massaging her Thighs. I was feeling the
heat of her thighs hence I was pressing it against my face & rubbing &
kissing the thighs with my cheecks. The kissing & Beard rubbing was
making her horny. I then placed my mouth on her already wet cunt. &
gave her a long Lick from bottom to the upper edge. then started to
suck & lick her cunt slowly slowly & with that fingering the cunt with
my right hand, I placed my Left hand on the boobs & Started pressing &
massaging it one by one & Playing with her Nipples.. She was getting
mad by my lickings. She was making horny sounds like
hhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuu I told her to slow
down as her voice could awake other passengers. she hugged me tightly
& kissed me on my lips. I told her to wait & enjoy more Cunt Sucking.
I again went down & continue the sucking. licking & kissing of her
juicy cunt.& pressing her boobs again with my left hand. as I started
to lick her G – Spot, She become more wild & Started lifting her
waist. I continued the licking & Carassing her ass alongwith. In a
Short while from then She pressed my head on her cunt & Spayed her
juice on my face. I remained there for a while & continued licking her
cunt. Her whole body was Shivering & sweating. I went up took her on
my left lap & Kissed her forehead. She thanked me for such a lovely
love session. We againg hugged each other & kissed each other
passionately. She said me that She too wanted to give me something in
return to what I have done to her. She placed her left hand on my
penis which was already erected & Started Shaging it up and down &
Started kissing my neck & Ears & hugged me tightly. I was Holding her
back with my left hand & Right hand was busy pressing & playing with
her boobs. after some times I started cumming. She took out a hand
kerchief from her hand bag & Placed it on my penis. She again started
to Shag & I came in the next minute. We kissed each other passionately
during that time. She removed the Handkerchief & Cleaned my penis
nicely & kept it in her handbag. We again hugged each other with a
nice kissing. & remanined in each others arms for sometimes, she was
still holding my penis I my right hand was on her boobs. & Slept in
the same way as we both were tired.
We slept like this for abt 2 hours & after that I woke up with the
call from my mummy as she was calling me for our stop was about to
arrive. We both again thanked each other arrenged our clothes properly
& Kissed good bye. We exchanged our numbers & promised to meet again.

Friends, My Story would be boring to some of you, But, I Sincerely do
not Believe in Finishing the Session in Hurry, I Mostly give more time
on Kissing & Sucking Boobs & loving on Other Erotic Areas other than
the main fucking session,, for as per my experience, they are the most
Delicate & Sexual arousing parts of womans body. They Ignite their
Passion of Love & Thus making them to Surrender themselves to us. Pls
feel free to give feedback on my id – so
that I may tell u what happened the next time we met & Enjoyed at her
place.Any sweet aunties or ladies who like to have a passionate
session may pls mail me. Waiting for your Sweet replies. Pls take care
& keep enjoying these lovely Stories !!!!