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Madhu’s Job Part 1

Madhu was a very smart and enthusiastic woman. At 28 years of age, she was quite young and energetic in her daily life. She was married to her long loved partner Harish, whom she met at her college. Harish was also a good guy with right attitude. He works in a private bank and was doing well with his job. They were married for two years. They didn’t have any kid as they decided to enjoy life a bit before going to have a family.

Madhu was very beautiful and of charming nature. At around 5’8″, she has a tall and slim body. Her round face, nice rosy lips and fair complexion added bonus to her beauty. But the most stunning feature of her beauty was her perfectly shaped sexy body. Madhu was not all that voluptuous but she did have proper amount of flesh at proper places. Especially on her two full boobs, and her nice round ass. Her nice pair of D cup sized boobies could easily catch everyone’s eyes. Her long and shaped legs and above them her nice round ass was also looked quite heavy and obvious on her slender frame.

In fact, Madhu was quite a head turner in her college years. All of her male friends and even some young professors also tried to have her attention all the time. Madhu was aware of all these. She actually uses her beauty to seduce some of her senior guys to make them help her out in her study. She even did let her Chemistry professor, Mr. Kulkarny to kiss her and fondle her nice body once, for passing her in her final chemistry practical. But that was only for one occasion and she never met that man again. She was a smart girl and knew how to handle situation very well. Her husband Harish has no idea about any of her those activities.

In fact, many of her friends were surprised when she married Harish. Although Harish was a good guy, but he was of no match to her beauty. He was dark and not that good looking too. But Madhu knew that, in real life, it’s not only the look that gives you comfort. She was quite happy with her decision of marrying Harish as he turns out to be a good husband.

Things were going good for two years. At first Madhu decided against of working. But as Harish got promoted in his job and use to got more and more busy, Madhu tends to find it boring staying alone at home. She brought that topic to Harish one day. He suggested her to find a job and get busy with it. So Madhu look at the paper for vacancy add. After searching for few days, one post caught her attention. It was a marketing executive cum trainer’s job in a reputed MNS which required young and hardworking lady candidate. The salary was also quite heavy too. But the only difficulty was that she had to travel two to three times a month. She talked with Harish about it and Harish said it’s ok with him if she goes out for few days. So Madhu called on the number given on the add and fixed an interview for next day.

Next day, after Harish left for office, Madhu took her bath and get ready for the interview. She took out blue SARI and a matching blouse to wear for the occasion. The color of the SARI looks quite good on her fair body. The blouse was sleeveless which exposes her milky white arms. She wrapped the SARI tightly around her body to revel her nice curves. She knots her long hair and put on some light make up. Then she admired her body in the mirror and move out of the house.

Madhu took a taxi and went to the address given by the lady on the phone other day. When she reached the place, she entered the building and asked the security guard about the office. The guard told her to go to the third floor. Madhu took the lift and when the lift stopped at the third floor, she was quite impressed by the sight in front of her. The office of the company was quite impressive one and immediately Madhu decided that she had to get this job.

Madhu stepped inside and went to the help desk. A young beautiful girl was sitting there.

“Excuse me.” Madhu asked.

“Yes mam, how can I help you?” The girls replied.

“Hi, my name is Madhu Sharma. I’m here for the interview of the marketing cum trainers post.” Madhu replied.

“Ok, you please sit there mam, and I will call you in a minute.” The girl replied, showing her the chairs in front her desk. Madhu sat on a chair as the girl took out file and search something. After turning few pages she stopped. Looking at the file she said “Madhu Sharma isn’t it?”

“Yes.” Madhu replied.

Then the girl picks up the phone and call to someone.

“Sir, Madhu Sharma is here. Should I send her to you now?” the girl asked. Madhu looked at her as the girl kept nodding her head. Then she put the phone down and looked at her.

“Ok, Mr. Prakash will meet you now. Go straight and the last room in the right side of the corridor.” The girl showed her the way. Madhu thanked her and walked down the quite corridor up to the room at the last. She looked at the plate, Mr. Prakash Jha, senior manager. She adjusted her clothes once again and knocked the door.

“Yes come in.” came out a reply in a heavy voice. Madhu pushed the door and stepped inside the room. The room was a large one, filled with sofa and a large table, behind which a man working on his laptop, Mr. Prakash Jha. Prakash looked up and amazed by the breathtaking beauty standing in front of him. He looked at her nice body from head to toe and stared back at her eyes. Madhu was a bit nervous with his look and took her eyes down.

“You must be Madhu?” Prakash broke the silence and asked her.

“Yes.” Madhu looked up answered.

“Come come, sit here.” Prakash asked her.

Madhu walked up to the desk and sat on a chair in front of him. She looked at him and found him staring right into her eyes. She felt ashamed and took her eyes off again.

“Ok Madhu, so you are here for the job?”

“Yes sir.”

“Don’t call me sir. You can call me Prakash. And if you don’t mind, can I have five minutes to finish my thing?” Prakash asked her politely.

“Sure, no problem.” Madhu replied. Then Prakash again got busy with his laptop. Madhu looked at him as he was busy typing something. He was a bit older than her. May be at his late thirties. But he looks quite strong and fit to her. The most impressing thing for her was the strong and confident look in his face. From his look, one can say that he was a determined guy and always had what he wants. After good ten minutes, Prakash finished his work and closed his laptop. Then he looked up to her and smiled.

“Sorry for keeping you wait.”

” It’s ok.”

“So Miss Madhu.”

“It’s Mrs. Sir.”

“Sorry sorry, Mrs. Madhu. And again, no sir please.”

“Sorry sir..Arrrr mean Prakash.”

“That’s good. So Madhu you want to work for us.”

“Yes Prakash.”

“But you know that we want somebody who can travel a lot. Will it be ok with you?”

“Well the add said only two to three times o month.”

“Yes, but sometime you have to do more than that. Do you think you can do that?”

Madhu thought for few seconds. She thought, “Will Harish agree.” Then she thought, Why not give a try. If things got too hectic, she can always resign. And may be Harish won’t mind that at all.

“Yes, I can do it.”

Prakash looked at the woman sitting in front of him. Her beauty has already catches his attention pretty much. Prakash has quite a reputation of being a womanizer in the company and he was always on the hunt for new goal. Now seeing Madhu, he had made his mind. Her sweet face and curvy figure had made his cock real hard. He looked into her few second and said “Ok then, Madhu you can join our organization. Congratulation. You can go now and come back tomorrow at 10am for joining.”

“Thank you Prakash. I’ll be sharp at 10 tomorrow.” Madhu replied and got up. They shake hands and she left the room to leave for her house.