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Magnificient sex journey of Bangalore techie

Hi, I am an engineer and I live in Banglore. I came home from work one Friday afternoon and my wife Shipra greeted me with a surprise. She had bought a sex board-game which was unusual for her as I normally am the one that comes up with things of that sort. The board game was more of a foreplay type of game and me being curious opened it up and dove into the instructions. The game was for two or more which raised my curiosity. So of course, I had to ask “This says two or more players, do you have someone in mind? Preferably female.”…..


“You wish.” she replied, “you know that would never happen on my watch.” Typical of her as there are rules for her and rules for me…..oh well, back to the game.


The game was set up like the Game of Life. You pick a man or a woman which are naked of course and very anatomically correct by-the-way. There are three different men and 3 different women so I assume six players could play. Sounds like fun.


As you move around the board, each spot will state a directive or the spot could be to draw a bonus card. There are three sets of cards, one unisex and two gender specific, blue for male and pink for female. The is also a small digital timer. The first set had directives such as stare, remove, lick or kiss and the second set would describe a person’s body part or article of clothing. The timer which tops out at 15 seconds would be the duration of the card directive. The first one that completes the game picks the sexual position of his or her choice and the location of the act.


Just reading the directions got me kind of horny. “When do we start?” I asked. She just laughed and continued cleaning the kitchen. “Maybe later.” Shipra giggled.


Oh well, I had some work to catch up on and went to my basement office to catch up on emails since I was out of town most of the week. It was a long week and I dozed off at my desk for a while. I woke up smelling the scent of my wife’s very tasty lasagna. I yelled up “what time do we eat?” she told me it would be an hour or so, so I had time for a shower. Not sure where the time went but by time I got showered and into my sweats, it was 7:30 pm. My nap must have been longer than I thought.


I found my way into back up to the main floor where I found a perfectly clean house and my wife all dressed up in a pretty skimpy low-cut dress, stockings and high heels. I guess my description of the sex-game gave her ideas.


Diwakar: “Do I need to change clothes or something?”, she said I was fine which was fine with me. I let her know how sexy she looked and walked through the dining room toward the family room. I noticed the table was set for three people. Hmmmmm, now I know she has something planned.


Diwakar: “Why are there three table settings?”


Shipra: “I invited an old friend who is in town for the weekend.”


Diwakar: “One of your girlfriends from college?”


Shipra: “You wish.” in a funny tone. “Actually, it is one of my old boyfriends from college, Lalit.”


Lalit, I remember him, she talked about him a lot, he was 4 or 5 years younger and a real shy religious guy that wanted to wait to till he was married to have sex. She said she used to give him hand-jobs in the back of his car. She was 23 and he was 19. She always told me he had a big lund that was fun to play with.


Diwakar: “So, is he a priest or something by now?” This was 20 years ago.


Shipra: “No, he gave the religious stuff up many years ago. He got married a while back and has been divorced for a couple of years.”


Now the whole thing makes sense, Lalit, the well-hung guy from college that wouldn’t give it to her, the skimpy dress and the sex game. I went back to the bedroom to change out of my sweats and grabbed a pair of jeans and a nice shirt.


As I walked out of our bedroom, the doorbell rang. She was heading to the door but I got there first. It was Lalit, I introduced myself, shook his hand and he gave Shipra a hug. He told me that they ended up Facebook friends, she saw that he would be in town for business and asked him to come for dinner. It’s funny she never mentioned to me that they stayed in touch or that she invited him for dinner. She most likely didn’t want me to interfere with her plans.


Shipra opened a bottle of wine and said that dinner would be ready in 10 minutes. Lalit and I sat at the table and talked a bit about work and sports.


Diwakar: “So, I heard you and Shipra dated years ago.”


Lalit: “Not sure I would call it dating but we got together once in a while.”


Shipra: “I told him what we did in your backseat Lalit .” Looking embarrassed


Lalit: “Sorry about that Diwakar.”


Diwakar: “No problem, they were pretty good stories.”


Shipra: “Dinner’s ready.”


Shipra served us a nice dinner and opened another bottle of wine, she must have drunk the majority of the first bottle while she was cooking. We ate dinner and talked a bit, mostly Shipra and Lalit talking about college while he stared at her tits.


Diwakar: “I want to hear the stories about the back seat of your car Lalit.” I figured I would change the conversation. “Shipra told me how disappointed she was that you wanted to stay a virgin.” Shipra punched me in the arm and got up for more wine.


Lalit: “Yes, I was disappointed too, Shipra was the hottest chick in school. I still can’t believe I turned her down. What was I thinking?”


Shipra: “Thank you Lalit.”


I could tell she was getting a little tipsy when she bent down to pick up a few magazines from the magazine rack next to Lalit. The bra she had on earlier mysteriously disappeared. He was getting a good view of her big tits while she fumbled through the magazines.


Diwakar: “Ok, I’ll tell him.”


Shipra: “Tell him what?” she stood up.


Diwakar: “I’ll tell him about the board game you want to play.”


Shipra: “That is for us to play in private, forget about it.”


Lalit: “Wait, wait, wait, I want to hear more about this game.”


Shipra: “Diwakar read the directions, let him explain it.”


I explained the rules, went to get the game from our bedroom, set it up on the dining room table and told them both to pick a game piece.


Shipra: “Ok, if you guys really want to play the game, I guess I will play too.”


Diwakar: “You bought the game for this very occasion.”, I said trying to embarrass her


So, we started the game. Lalit went first, he stopped on


“Compliment a player of the opposite sex on something other than their clothes.”


Lalit: “You have always had really nice tits Shipra and they are looking very good tonight.”


Shipra: “Thank you again Lalit, I’m glad you like them, Diwakar likes them too.”


With that she took another big drink of wine.


Lalit: “Shipra’s turn.”


She landed on a bonus spot and picked a card form the first deck


“Kiss” from the first deck and “Forehead” from the second” She pushed the timer and it moved to 10 seconds. To my surprise she straddled Lalit and kissed his forehead for 10 second with her big boobs directly in his face.


Diwakar: “Time’s up.”


Shipra: “Well, that was rude, Lalit was just starting to have fun. Your turn Diwakar.”


I landed on “Tell everyone your favorite sex position.”


Diwakar: “If I had to pick one and they are all great, I would say doggy style.”


Shipra looked embarrassed and quickly told Lalit it was his turn. Lalit land on a bonus space “Touch” from the first deck and “Pussy” from the second, the timer moved to 13 seconds. Lalit looked at me, I nodded and looked at Shipra, she stood up and walked toward him. Lalit moved his hand up Shipra’s short skirt who I quickly realized was wearing no underwear for 13 seconds. I couldn’t see much but I could hear that she was pretty excited.


Diwakar “Times up” I spouted out. Shipra gave me a dirty look and sat down.


Shipra: “Again, that was rude.”


It was now Shipra’s turn. She landed on “Tell the group your naughtiest fantasy.”


Shipra: “It’s kind of embarrassing but I would like to see my husband lick me after I had sex with someone else.” I about fell off my chair. She had never told me that. Lalit just laughed and told me it was my turn.


I landed on a bonus spot.


“Lick” from the first deck and “Nipple” from the second and the timer moved to 13 seconds. I told Shipra pull down the top of her dress. I could tell she was getting pretty worked up as her nipples were hard as rocks.


Diwakar: “Since Lalit is our guest, I give my turn to Lalit if it’s OK with Shipra.” She quickly agreed and Lalit gently licked Shipra’s nipples.


Diwakar: “Times up” Shipra again gave me a disappointed look. “Lalit’s turn”


Lalit hit the next bonus spot and picked his cards. “Remove” from the first deck and “shirt or blouse” from the second deck.


Lalit: “Since Diwakar gave me his turn, I give my turn to Shipra.” Shipra looked perplexed, all she had on was a dress, garter belt, stockings and heels. We both watched eagerly as she removed her dress. She looked hot as hell sitting there almost naked.


Lalit: “Shipra’s turn”


Shipra again landed on the spot that said, “make out with someone of the opposite sex for 20 seconds.” She quickly hopped up and sat in Lalit’s lap and made out for the 20 seconds. He was feeling up her boobs and she was rubbing her crotch in his lap. I let them go a bit longer than 20 seconds and said.


Diwakar: “times up!” When she got up, there was a big wet spot on Lalit’s pants and I could see a big bulge that wasn’t present before the kiss.


Shipra: “Diwakar’s turn, and by the way that was a quick 20 seconds, I really hate your rules.”


I landed on a bonus spot


“Lick” from the first deck and “pussy” from the second female deck, the timer moved to 11 seconds. I wasn’t handing this one off to Lalit as I am sure Shipra really wanted me to. I wanted to taste how wet she was. I got down on my knees and dove in, she was really, really wet, sweet and tasty.


Lalit: “Times up, time to come up for air Diwakar. How did she taste?”


Diwakar: “Heavenly, you should try it sometime.”


I really wanted to make her cum but we all agreed to play by the rules. It was Lalit’s turn again.


Lalit landed on a spot that I didn’t notice while looking at the game earlier. It said “Spread something tasty on the part on your body of the choice of someone of the opposite sex and have them lick it off.”


Lalit: “All I see on the table is salt and pepper.” Shipra quickly jumped up and grabbed a tub of cool whip out of the fridge and eagerly told Lalit to spread some on his lund and she would lick it off. Lalit dropped his jeans and out popped a fully erect lund about eight inches long and quite thick. He was completely shaved and looked pretty impressive even to me.


Shipra: “I told you he had a nice lund, what is the time limit.”


I looked at the spot he landed on and didn’t see anything about time so I told Lalit he could take all the time he wanted. Shipra had him remove all his clothes and sat him on the couch. Lalit dipped his impressive lund in the cool whip and she dove in. Once she started I knew she would drive him to orgasm quite quickly as she is great at sucking lund. It didn’t take long as he started to buck up and down. Lalit let out a grunt and I could see cum dripping out of the side of Shipra’s mouth. She swallowed what she could and I threw her a dish towel to clean up what had dripped out.


Shipra: “Wow, that must have been building up for 25 years.”


Lalit smiled and had a look of relief on his face.


Diwakar: “So, is the game over or what? I feel left out.”


Shipra smiled and told me it was my turn, told me to strip, sat me directly next to Lalit and gave me one on the best blowjobs of our 20-year marriage. As she was sucking my lund I could see Lalit’s lund starting to rise again. The thing was about two feet from my face and I could see why Shipra was so impressed. He watched as Shipra sucked me off, I know she was trying to impress him and it must have worked because about a minute later he was fully erect.


Diwakar: “I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you fucked her from behind Lalit.”


Shipra: “No, no, no, don’t move, I want Diwakar to watch.”


Shipra: “Sorry”, she released my lund and stood up to straddle Lalit right in front of my face. I could see his big lund disappear into my wife’s very wet cunt. She let out a scream as I watch her take all of Lalit’s thick lund. She began to bounce up and down, I jumped up quickly and grabbed my phone to video the show. Shipra must have came 4 or 5 time times while riding Lalit and luckily we don’t have any neighbors close because she was quite loud. She stopped, got off of Lalit and laid down on the floor spread her legs and Lalit jumped right back in the saddle. From where I was sitting I could see his lund moving in and out of my wife’s shaved pussy. It looked pretty messy down there but she was having the time of her life. Lalit started to make a few noises and I could tell he was once again cumming. He passionately kissed her on the lips for a few minutes, got up and reminded me of Shipra’s naughtiest fantasy. I had to think for a while and then remembered her fantasy, I had never tasted another man’s cum before so I asked her if it is something she wanted. She grabbed my head and told me to suck every drop of his hot cum from her pussy.


As I went down on her I could tell that she had been stretched out from Lalit’s big lund. His warm cum tasted kind of sweet and it seemed to keep oozing out from the inside of her pussy. Before I was done she orgasmed once more and it seemed like I swallowed a quart of Lalit’s cum.


We cleaned up a bit and my crazy wife asked if Lalit could spend the night. Lalit gladly agreed. Shipra asked me to get more wine but when I went to cabinet we were out, so I drove up to the liquor store to get more.


I walked in with the wine to see Shipra on top of the counter, legs in the air and Lalit fingering and licking her pussy. He looked up at me.


Lalit: “You told me I had to try it sometime and you are right, she tastes heavenly.” She motioned me over to kiss her. I could feel her body tense with every movement of his tongue. Looks like a long night…………… I’m sure Lalit will be a frequent flyer after tonight. Stay tuned.