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Magnificient sex journey of Bangalore techie

I am a 26 yr old guy living in Bangalore, I am a Techi by profession, working for a MNC company.Most of my friends telling me that Me and Tamil hero surya (Ghajini Movie Hero) look alike. I want to share my set of experience happened during the bus journey.

This incident happened around one month back, when I was coming back to Bangalore from my native place. The time was around 3 PM afternoon, I was waiting for the bus, meanwhile one KSRTC bus came from Davanagere, I get in to the bus, however only few seats were unfilled, I decided to sit in the second row of the bus 2×2 seater.


I noticed that a girl of about 25-26 yrs sitting next to window and was looking Georgiou in her Jeans with tight T shirt. She was having long black hairs, her hairs look very beautiful and she has having good structure and the most attractive part of her body was her heavy big breasts. To be frank I love long hair girls very much.

She kept her jacket on the empty seat so no one occupied, while passing I asked her whether some body is sitting here, she said nope and she took her jacket and I sat next to her, hmmm…. My heart already started beating…….While sitting, my shoulders rubbed her shoulders but she didn’t care and me too, Usually the 2×2 seat in the KSRTC bus was little bit congested,

but some how I adjusted, After few min, what she has done was to avoid touching my body to her body she leaned towards window side so that there will be no contact with our bodies, it happened for 10 -15 min … and slowly she started sleeping, I too started leaning back and rest my head and closed my eyes, however while the bus overtaking the other vehicles,

our shoulders started touching each other, This happened by naturally, not intentionally, I tried to avoid as her face look very serious. So it went like that for couple of minutes, I am feeling fantastic when our body touches, Its really hotter and I guess she too feeling the same. And I purposefully moving closer to her in such a way that my left shoulder

and her right shoulder completely in contact, she too didn’t take out her hand, I got bit courage! so I took the advantage of that, it keep on going for a moment and every moment our shoulders compressed each other and she was nearly getting very close to me and I was enjoying the feeling of warmness, I then realized that she too enjoying the touching,

so slowly I started moving towards her, however she kept quite, then I started pressing her hard, even though she keep quite, all of a sudden driver took right turn with speed, I just fall on her where my elbow touched her waist, that feeling was amazing, Till now I never touched any of the girls waist,

My god ……… I was really enjoyed that first touch… still I can remember that touch………. Meanwhile I saw her face, her eyes were closed and breathing heavily, then I didn’t remove my hand, my elbow keep touching her waist, I keep on pressing her soft waist, she completely enjoying it, then I started moving my thighs towards her thighs.

both our legs started touching each other, I can say her entire right side body and my entire left side body was attached, really It was amazing feeling, then I try to touch her thigh by my hand, it was really hot, I am getting tempt like any thing, from one side she is very much co-operating, our elbow tough her soft waist, my palm squeezing her thighs,

I am getting tempt but we cant do any thing bcz, unfortunately we were traveling in the day time, so finally I took a courage and started move my elbow upper so that I can feel her softness of her breasts, so she understand my intension, so she moved her hand little bit upper and I though that she too wants, with out wasting my time I started moving my elbow towards her,

OOPS!…. I felt very much soft…. Oh god,I wanted to say thanks to her because very first time I touched the boobs, that to In this situation means really wonderful………. Oh god I don’t have words to explain those moments, and that experience…… wow, Ok… I started touching her Right Boobs with my elbow, as her Mangoes are Big,

enjoyment was superb, at the same time she too enjoying that feeling, her entire body was warm, she was breathing heavily, and she was unable to sit in that situation, she was more tempted…… then I keep on moving my elbow …. Through elbow only I started pushing under her T shirt…..oh god her body, skin was HOT HOT HOT………….

Later it went on like that she put her hairs towards her left, she looks Georgiou’s………. Angel…….. I try to put entire hand but I too got afraid as we are traveling in the day time and many ppl were there around us…. So till I reach Bangalore….. I squeezed her boobs she too enjoys…… We reached Bangalore, we really got disappointed bcz we reached the city…

and bus stopped people started getting down… but the thing was we both sitting and never got feeling to get down…. What to do… so I stood, she also stood up… before standing; I made my mind and decided to squeeze her beautiful boobs before getting down…. So while standing, she too joined with me and just leaned towards her and I squeezed her boobs hardly and she enjoyed it…

later she gave a smile and we both get down, and I felt to take her contact no or email id but as soon as she get down she took the Auto and left the place, while going in the auto she gave beautiful smile (Her smile saying thanks to me to make her enjoy) and she waved towards me auto disappeared.

Friends this is really happened to me and really enjoyed, I love to enjoy the fun, enjoy your Life Be happy …. I am not telling with bad intensions, I am requesting if any unsatisfied ppl like me, we have to find the ways to enjoy the life to make our life happiness…..

sex life is very important for a human being to lead her/him life cheerfulness…… Thanks a lot for the people who read this and I guess you enjoyed It….