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Malayeka Seduces her Mama

Malayeka had plans. Big plans, and today was the day she was going to implement them.

She was awake when her Mother kissed her goodbye on Monday morning, but she pretended she was asleep. She got up when her mother left, but stayed in her room, quiet as a mouse, until she heard the car drive away. With her Mother off to work and Mahbasah, her older sister, off to her college classes, Malayeka was alone in the house with her Faqeeh mama.

Malayeka stood in her bathroom surveying herself in the mirror and thought, ” Faqeeh mama doesn’t stand a chance. I’ll seduce him before lunch.”

She was beautiful. Brown, sloe eyes, heart shaped face, clear skin lightly tanned, long, shapely legs, and hair, gorgeous, tumbling, shining, healthy, free-spirited, spilling and spiraling black hair. High, hard breasts, not fully mature like her mother’s or her sister’s, but, even now, filling a B-cup. Flat, almost concave, stomach. Tiny waist. Hard ass, high, molded by nature and exercise.

She had thought about this day since she was… oh, how old? She’d wanted Faqeeh mama as long as she could remember. Her mother and sister flirted with him. Malayeka flirted, too, prancing and preening before him. She had no doubt he loved her and thought she was beautiful, but he had gently defused her erotic offerings of herself. She knew, absolutely knew, she’d given him erections, only to have her mother and sister reap the benefits.

She had planned for this day not knowing when it would come. Faqeeh mama visited them several times a year, but randomly at his pleasure. When he had arrived Friday, he hugged and kissed her Platonically. She sat on his lap, flirting and talking and enjoying his presence, his feel, his smell. But it was her mother who slept with him each night. Malayeka wanted it to be her.

She had shaved her bush, although it didn’t need shaving. It had been a sparse field of soft black hairs. But she knew Faqeeh mama liked it smooth because she overheard him comment to her mother when no one knew she was listening. Little pitchers have big ears.

She had ordered a bikini over Flipkart, the kind she wouldn’t dare buy in a store and wouldn’t think of wearing except for him in their own back yard. The Internet site had called it a “lycra metallic regular tri-top and tie-side thong bottom.” She watched herself in the mirror as she put them on. The top made her breasts appear bigger. The thong bottom barely covered her newly-bared pussy and the back strap rubbed between the cheeks of her ass, making her shiver.

She had cut down a pair of low-rider jeans to be shorts, carefully trimming them until the bottom of ass cheeks were uncovered. The jean shorts were tight enough to be sexy and loose enough for him to remove. She wiggled into them and looked at herself in the mirror.

“Do I wear a shirt?” she thought.

It was a tactical decision: how much flesh to show at first. It wasn’t like he had never seen her. She couldn’t remember a summer where they didn’t swim at the beach or the pool in their backyard. She had always worn two-piece suits or modest bikinis. But the bikini top she wore now was demanding, calling attention to her breasts like a clarion. Was that the first impression to give him today or should she be subtler? Subtle won out. She had an old white Tee shirt she inherited from Mahbasah. It was cut off to end just below her rib cage. Loose at the bottom, his hand could easily slide under it to her breasts.

Shoes were last. Did she even need shoes? No, she didn’t she decided. She brushed her hair again and arranged just as she wanted it. She wore little makeup. Faqeeh mama liked his women natural. She knew because she overheard him telling Mahbasah that.

She was ready. With a self-satisfied smirk, she turned to leave, but she stopped. She needed to do one more thing. She unzipped the jeans, jammed her hand down her pants, and stuck a finger in her pussy. She was wet. She’d been wet since she awakened that morning thinking about her seduction. She rubbed her finger with her wetness – her scent – behind each ear. For good measure, she wetted her finger again and doused the area between her breasts. Now she was ready.

Faqeeh mama stood beside the swimming pool in the backyard cleaning the pool with the long handled leaf skimmer. He was a tall, handsome, muscular man wearing a pair of old black boxer trunks. He enjoyed the quiet of the day and the feel of the sun on his shoulders. He thought about Mahnoor, his sister, who was his mistress and had been for ten years since her husband died. He thought about Mahbasah, his niece who was now twenty two and in college. She was a sweet, smart young woman with a serious beau of her own.

But mostly he thought about Malayeka, his precious, precocious eighteen-year-old niece. She had always loved him madly, with an intensity rarely given s by their nieces, rarely given any man by any woman. Even as a child, she clung to him when he was there. Now she was different. Growing. Blooming. She was a young woman now but the intensity of her love for him had only become brighter.

He wondered how sexually experienced she was. He knew how she looked. Any boy of any age was attracted to a woman who had a body like hers. She flirted with him. She always had, but before it had been the natural, subconscious flirting of a girl to a man. Beginning with his last visit, her flirting was more intense, more personal, and was the conscious flirtation of a woman to a specific man. Since Friday, her desire for him was direct and demanding. He could easily imagine her pouty lips wrapped around his cock or moaning into his ear as he lay between her legs.

Before he arrived Friday, Faqeeh mama knew Malayeka would try to seduce him. He knew he would let her. Now he had a tactical decision to make: how easily would he let himself be seduced. It wasn’t a question of if. He wanted her to seduce him. It was a question of when, and after how much time and effort.

Malayeka’s assault began the moment he arrived. Her kiss was more intense, her grip on his hand more demanding. When the four of them talked after dinner on Friday, he was in his easy chair with Malayeka curled up in his lap like a kitten as she always did. But she quietly rubbed his chest with her hand or adjusted her position as an excuse to grind her ass against his cock. Saturday and Sunday brought more of the same-flirting and rubbing and touching. He had ignored her advances as if they didn’t occur.

Malayeka was sexually frustrated because he didn’t respond to her. She knew he loved her. If she had any doubt he wanted her, Saturday night when he tucked her into bed erased them. She wore a white baby doll nightie, transparent and sexier than nakedness. Her nipples, erect from thinking about him, were clearly visible. She was in bed with the covers to her neck when he sat down beside her. But when he leaned over to kiss her good night, she wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him with her tongue pushing against his closed lips. When he disengaged her and she flopped back on the bed, she pulled the covers down to her waist.

She was thrilled he stared at her almost naked breasts with a hungry expression before he covered her over, kissed her chastely, and bid her good night. The moment he shut the door, Malayeka’s hands flew to her sex. She masturbated thinking of him.

When he heard Malayeka come out of the house, he turned to look at her. He thought of a lioness stalking her prey. Even expecting her to seduce him today, he was stunned. He felt his cock twitch and began to rise.

“Hi, Faqeeh mama,” Malayeka called out.

Since she was too young to remember, she had run to her , leaping into his arms. She did it again, gracefully landing against him with her arms around his neck and her legs tight around his waist. Her head was by his. All seemingly innocent, but Malayeka knew her breasts were mashed against his chest and he felt them. She knew the scent of her she’d carefully lathered behind her ear was in his nose. As always, his arms were around her to support most of her weight. One of his hands was on her bottom. She clenched and relaxed her ass to tease him.

She always kissed him when her held her that way. Sweet, wet, little girl kisses had given way to softer, niece-like kisses. She kissed him on the cheek and leaned back to look in his eyes. Her passion blazed. She kissed him hard, hungrily, grinding their lips together.

“I love you, Faqeeh mama,” she said. The way she said it, and the way he heard it, was “I want to fuck you, Faqeeh mama.”

“I love you, too, Malayeka,” he said.

Coquettishly, she held his eyes and she unwrapped her legs from his waist to slide down him to stand. She felt his erection as it rubbed between her legs. She smirked and tossed her head to make her hair flutter and shimmer in the light. She stepped away from him.

“What are you going to do today,” she asked.

“Lounge around,” he replied.

“Can I do it with you?” she asked.

“Sure, honey,” he said.

“Want something to drink?” she asked.

“A Coke would be great,” he replied.

He watched her walk toward the house, knowing her ass twitching was strictly for his viewing pleasure. He smiled and returned to his pool cleaning. When she returned with their drinks, she unfolded beach towels and spread them side by side in the soft grass. It was a test of sorts. Would he sit in the lounge chair nearby or lie on the towels with her?

He sat down on the towels beside her and sipped on his drink. She sat on her bottom with her legs extended. She looked at them and said, “How do you like my tan?” Malayeka was one of the fortunate ones whose skin changed from white to a golden, nutty tan in the sun. She tightened the muscles in her thighs, drawing his attention to her legs and displaying their definition.

“Looks good,” he replied.

“I do need to work on it some more,” she said.

Malayeka had noticed his erection had subsided while she was getting their drinks. She wanted him hard again, so it was time for her next move. She quickly moved to rest on her knees facing him. She grabbed the hem on her top and pulled it over her head. She knew her breasts under the tiny bikini top would be in his face. She wished she could have seen his face when he first saw them, but she heard his tiny gasp and smiled behind the shirt.

She tossed the shirt aside. He was still looking at her breasts, but he forced his eyes to meet hers.

“Something wrong?” she asked innocently.

“I don’t think I’ve seen that top before,” he said. They both knew if he’d seen it, he would have remembered it.

“I bought it just for you,” she said. “Now’s the time to go for it,” she thought.

She lay back with her legs toward him, planted her feet on the ground, raised her hips, and slid off her shorts. The tiny triangular strip of material covering her virginal pussy was pointed directly at him. She knew he could see it was wet from wanting him. Feet widely spread, she watched him through her bent knees. A gold embossed invitation would not have been more direct. She saw his face and knew her seduction was nearly complete.

“Do you want me to put the sun-tan lotion on your back?” he asked. He tried to sound nonchalant, but his throat was tight.

“I want you to fuck me, you silly man,” Malayeka thought. “Yes, please,” she said.

She laid on her stomach with her legs slightly spread, pulled her hair up to expose the long lines of her back, and waited, wondering what he’d do. Her ass tightened and relaxed. She didn’t do it intentionally. Her body was signaling her need. When he pulled the strings of her bikini top, she almost giggled. She felt his the coolness of the oil and the warm strength of his hands on her shoulders. He lathered her from neck to waist before bypassing the hot wet center of her need to do her legs. She felt his hand on her calf. His fingers tightened, testing her muscles. His hand slid up her legs, caressing her thigh. But then he stopped.

Malayeka couldn’t see him. She couldn’t feel him. She wondered what he was doing and why he didn’t touch her – take her, then, there. She decided to encourage him a little. She spread her legs wider.

“You haven’t put the lotion on my bottom. I wouldn’t want it to get red,” she said.

“I would,” he said with a chuckle. “You have a delicious ass, a perfect ass. An ass that deserves my hand.”

She rolled on her right side to look at him, her eyes unblinking as she evaluated what he’d said. She rolled back on her belly again, reached back to undo the ties on her bikini bottoms, and folded her arms under her head. Her legs were spread even wider than before.

“I meant red from the sun,” she said. “If you’d like to redden my ass with your hand, well, I’m sure I’d like it. I’d like anything you do to me.”

“Tell me about the boys in your life,” he said.

“Why? They’re only boys,” she replied. “Anyway, I’ve been saving myself for my man.”

“Yours?” he asked.

“Yes. Mine,” she said emphatically.

“Do I know him?” he asked.

She snorted and said, “Are you going to oil my bottom?”

Faqeeh mama slapped one of her asscheeks with the flat of his hand. Malayeka squealed and reached back to protect her exposed bottom. He grabbed her wrists, crossed them behind her, and easily held them in one hand. He swatted her ass again, a series of rapid, relatively light slaps, enough to sting and stimulate but not hurt. Malayeka’s ass was clenching and nching in rhythm to his blows. He could tell she was getting close to orgasm, so he stopped. She moaned pitifully.

Faqeeh mama covered his hands in lotion and took one of Malayeka’s asscheeks in each hand. He began to knead. His thumbs slid upward, tracing the line of her crack, brushing the tender bud of her anus. Malayeka’s legs opened further. His hands slid down the back of her thighs and upward again. Soon, Malayeka was moaning and her breath came in little puffs. She couldn’t open her legs any wider. She pushed her ass upward to meet his hands. He toyed with her. She whined and squirmed and kept raising her ass to him until she was on her knees with her head on the towel. With his palms against her ass, his fingers stroked her labia, which were engorged and wet. The smell of her sex came in waves.

“It might hurt, you know,” he said gently.

“I know and I don’t care,” she murmured. “I want you to fuck me.”

He stood and extended his hand. They held hands as they went into the house and up the stairs into the master bedroom. The king-sized bed was still unmade, the sheets rumpled.

He lifted her into the air and gently laid her back in the middle of the bed. Her eyes were wide and needy as he knee-walked between her legs. “Like this,” he said softly as he raised her legs and pushed her knees back toward her breasts.

He kissed her bare breasts, kissed down her belly to kiss her pussy. He flicked her clitoris with his tongue and she jerked. She was dripping wet. He kissed his way back up to her mouth. He kissed her lips brutally, taking them, raping her mouth with his, and driving his tongue deeply in her. She gasped and melted, eyes languid, as he guided his cock to her pussy.

She opened her legs wider as he rubbed his cock back and forth on her pussy before nuzzling his cock head between her labia. Slowly so he wouldn’t hurt her, he began working his cock in her virgin tunnel. No hymen hindered his advance. When he was all the way in, he slowly pulled out and began to fuck her.

He loved the way she felt, the tightness and the heat. He loved her murmurs to him and how she told him a hundred times she loved him. He wondered if that love was real or just need. He knew she orgasmed more than once, and that she would dearly love sex.

Malayeka was ecstatic. Fucking her Faqeeh mama was ever more wonderful than she imagined. After he came in her and lay beside her, she wondered where she’d spend that night, and when they would fuck again. She knew no other man would ever touch her because she was his and he was hers. She would see to that.

Her mother had put her on the birth control pill six months earlier. Malayeka guessed Faqeeh mama knew that and it was why he didn’t use a condom. But only Malayeka knew her birth control pills had been dutifully flushed down the toilet. She wondered if Faqeeh mama’s seed was already planted in an egg in her womb, and what pregnancy and childbirth really felt like.

She smiled and wrapped her fingers around his soft cock. She sucked his cock head between her lips, enjoying the taste of them together. She sucked his cock and played with his balls until his cock stood proud and tall and ready for her.

“Can I be on top this time, Faqeeh mama?” she asked sweetly.