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Manisha Seduces Her Hubby’s Nephew

I had been married to Abhishek for a year & was frustrated with the monotony. Then one fine day Abhishek’s nephew Anuj came to stay with us to try for his college admission. He had just turned 18 but looked younger due to his slim body. He was very shy while speaking to me & blushed if he even touched my hand accidently. His awkward way turned me on & I began fantasizing about being screwed by him. I tried to make eye contact & get as close as possible but he always averted his eyes & moved away. I was desperate.

I stood naked in front the mirror, ‘What is wrong with the males of this family?’ I thought to myself. It wasn’t that I was ugly & out of shape! In fact I knew I was attractive as hell, I was 5 ft 5 inches tall, slim & with an almost perfect figure. My brown silky hair fell over my shoulder & some of it cascaded onto my dark brown nipple. I stared at my reflection & gently caressed my firm breasts. I fingered my deep round navel & let my fingers slip towards my clean shaven pussy. I teased the insides of my naked thighs & groped my perfectly rounded bums with my other hand. I knew I had to do something to satisfy my starving pussy.

For the next couple of days I kept irritating Abhishek as much as I could. Especially when Anuj wasn’t around. Finally Abhishek lost his cool & slapped me. We fought & I cried acting as if I was the wronged one.  I also made sure Anuj noticed me sobbing & crying. I saw he was sympathetic towards me. The next morning, Abhishek & I, had another massive fight before he left for his office. I cried & cried & acted as if I was ill & about to collapse. I acted so well that the usually shy Anuj came up to me & said “Manisha mami (Aunty) are you all right? Do you want some medicine?”

I flopped down on to the sofa & groaned as if in agony.

“Thank you for asking, dear” I said controlling my sobs & continued “it’s just that I have a very bad headache, my head feels as if it’s going to burst! Can you get some pain balm?”

“Sure!” he said & went to get the ointment.

So far it was all going according to the rough plan I had in mind.

I had planned my dress in detail. I was wearing an old front buttoned maroon blouse which was more than a bit tight. Underneath I was wearing a black bra with white embroidery. I had it clipped on to the tightest so that my boobs seemed to push out over the top of the bra. I had not worn a petticoat but had slipped on a tiny panty which matched my bra. Finally I had worn a sheer semi transparent maroon sari which barely managed to cover my assets.

As soon as Anuj went to the other room I got to work. I removed the pin with which I had pinned my pallu to my blouse. I moved my pallu to the edge of my shoulder; I loosened the buttons of my blouse so that they would pop open slightest tug. I also pulled my sari so low down that if I had not had a clean shaven crotch, my jhante (pubic hair) would have peeked out.

I felt my pussy tingle with anticipation as Anuj returned.

“Manisha mami, here’s the ointment” he said.

I looked at him with pain filled eyes as I tried to sit up.

“Oooohh!” I moaned as I clutched my forehead & flopped back on the sofa.

Mani..shaa!” he sounded scared “mami, are you allright? Should I apply the balm?” he asked.

I nodded but he seemed uncertain how to go about it. I didn’t rush him. He leaned over me & tried to apply the balm. His knee brushed my leg & he drew back.

“Anuj, help me sit up” I said.

He slid his hand behind my neck to help me up. I felt a shiver run down his hand as he pulled me forward. I pushed forward & my face almost banged into his stomach. I had half a mind to dig into his shorts & pluck out his cock but I controlled my urge.

“Anuj! Be careful!” I said as if it was his fault.

“Sorry..y! Manisha mami!” he stammered as he blushed.

“Oooff! My head!” I groaned again.

He was quiet for a while then he said “maybe you should lie down?”

My heart beat faster; this was going perfectly as I had hoped for. I lay down on the sofa as he stood watching me. I was disappointed was he going to apply the balm standing so far.

“Anuj, dear, why don’t you sit & apply the balm to my forehead” I coaxed him gently.

He nodded & sat down. I lifted myself on my elbows, pushed my head towards his lap & while doing so tugged at the end of my pallu. It slid off almost completely exposing my bare midriff.

“Manisha mami, where is it paining…?” he began asking but I cut him off & said “Anuj, please don’t call me mami; it makes me feel so old. I am only 5 years elder to you. Call me Manisha! Please”.

“But Abhishek mama (uncle)? Won’t he object?” he asked.

“Oh! You can call me Manisha when I am lying in your lap!” I teased.

I moved my head upwards so that my cheek was in line with his crotch. At the same time the topmost button of my blouse popped. I was sure Anuj would be able to see my pushed up fleshy boobs. I glanced at him, his eyes were lowered but his crotch gave him away. A bulge had developed in his pants & was short distance away from my fair cheek.

Again I glanced at him, this time his eyes were wide open & staring hard at my boobs.

He sensed that I had caught him ogling at my breasts & stammered “Manisha mami..where is it paining..?”

“Anuj, darling, didn’t I tell you to call me Manisha?” I crooned. His hand trembled “Manisha” he said in a low voice.

“Good!” I said “you know, you remind me of someone?” I continued.

“Really? Who?” he asked.

“My aggressor!” I said; actually I had not been able to see any of aggressor’s clearly but there was no reason why Anuj should know that.

“What?” he blurted & dropped the bottle of ointment “Manisha, you have been forced?” he asked.

The bulge in his shorts had increased suddenly.

“Actually, I was gang forced by 6 men! They took my virginity!” I said.

“Oh fuck!” he mumbled & his prick bloated even more & almost rubbed against my cheek through his shorts.

“Manisha, if you were forced by a guy who looked like me, then you must hate me for the agony you went through?”

I twisted on my side, placed my hand on his cock & said “Anuj darling, why should I hate them when I enjoyed it!”

“Manisha, you enjoyed being forced?” he seemed genuinely shocked.

“Not at that time, but later when I got laid by others I realized what an awesome fuck fest it had been the first time round!” I said & licked the bulge in his shorts.

“Manisha…aaahh! He mumbled.

I reached down & pulled up my sari exposing my legs right up to my creamy thighs.

His eyes almost popped from their sockets.

I got up & pulled his legs onto the sofa.

“! This isn’t right!” he protested.

I sat on his knees with one leg on either side of him & slid forward.

I tugged off my sari as I slid towards his crotch. As soon as I felt his bulge below my twat I began rubbing my soggy pussy on his cock.

“Does this feel better?” I asked & peeled off my blouse. I was wearing only my bra & panty.

I slipped my hand inside his shorts & began pumping his cock.

“Does it feel right now?” I teased.

He lay back with his eyes shut, moaning softly.

I ripped off my bra & placed his palms on my boobs. He began kneading my boobs slowly.

I leaned forward & licked his lips with my tongue. He opened his eyes & suddenly grabbed my hair & pressed his lips against mine roughly. I pushed my tongue inside his mouth & played with his tongue.

In the meantime he slipped of his shorts & tore away my panties.

I moved my head down & sucked on his 6 inch virgin cock.

Quickly I moved my throbbing pussy above his erect cock & pressed it inside my twat.

“Aaa…hhhh! We moaned together.

Suddenly he stiffened & looked away & stopped pumping. “No..oo..No let me go!” he mumbled.

I was in throes of a massive orgasm, I gripped his cock with one hand &held his collar with the other & screamed at him “Chodo mujhe! Fuck me! Fuck me you bastard!”

“No!” he yelped & I slapped him hard & screamed at him “chut phad de iss randi!” (Tear this whore’s pussy!)

I kept thrusting up & down on his cock when he suddenly let go off his cum inside my twat.

I clutched my tits & screamed “Yesssssss! Fuck me!”

Only when I relaxed did I hear other voices yelling.

I looked around to see Ritu my sister in law & my in laws screaming at me “Manisha, you whore!” “Stop it!” “Get off him!” “Bloody slut!”

I sat there naked straddling Anuj with my fingers squeezing my erect nipples, a contented smile playing on my lips.