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Married couple get too friendly with another couple and watch each other first then have sex together

Hi, this is Naheem 30 m and my wife Naina 26. My wife and me are very
sexually active enjoying the whole night till morning in each others
arms. We are married fo 3 years and are just crazy for sex.We are
frindly to a couple Rohit 31 and his wife Manisha 29. Both of us had
been to Rohit and Manisha’s on a couple of occasions they had in return
visited us for meals.It all came about because I had known Rohit through
work for a couple of years at work we both worked as managers but in
different departments, on occasions where we got together during work
socials we had struck a friendship. He seemed to be very stayed and
assured about what he was doing and where he intended to be in life,
where as I am happy with my lot, not looking further ahead than a few
years at a time.At a couple of the works socials my wife Naina had
attended with me as had Rohit’s wife Manisha, both the girls had met
immediately getting along. From there we had started to go out socially
as well as having each other round to our respective houses as guests.On
the last occasion we had gone to their place and had had a great evening
very relaxed talking about anything and everything, that’s how it
started..I don’t know how the subject had arisen but as usual with
conversation mixed with alcohol, the subject turned to sex, jokingly at
first but then getting into the “what do you like “ arena.The usual
positions were discussed but surprising me Naina touched upon the
subject of group sex, something, which I knew, excited her in private,
but I would never have thought she would have mentioned it in company.

She went on to say that the thought of others watching whilst we had sex
was a thrilling idea, I was not too sure how both Rohit and Manisha
would react but surprisingly both agreed that there was a thrill factor
about doing it.The chat continued on the same vein for some time and the
wine flowed, Naina who was sat next to me had quietly taken hold of my
hand during the talk of sex to an audience, I took the opportunity to
catch her eye just to see how she was reacting to the subject, I was
lucky she caught my eye too, knowing her so well I could se in her
expression that she was getting turned on, the prospect of a good night
to come was on the cards when we got home, I could not help wishing we
were there now where I could be slowly undressing her delicious body.I
noticed that body language between Rohit and Manisha had changed, they
were both pushing against each other, I thought it won’t be long before
we get the hint to leave as I was sure they needed each other as much as
myself and Naina.That’s when it started…… Manisha looked me in the eyes
and said that it was time to go up stairs, I agreed and said we would be
off as we had an early start, we didn’t but I just wanted to get home
and fuck Naina. “No I think we should all go up stairs I want to see if
the idea is as good doing it as it seems talking about it” said Manisha,
I thought Rohit would react by telling Manisha not to be so silly but he
just looked at me then at Naina and said it was worth a try.I was about
to disagree but Naina stopped me looking straight in my eyes, saying it
would only be looking we weren’t going to touch.Rohit and Manisha led
the way upstairs Naina gently leading me with her hand I mine, inside I
could help but wonder what we were doing, at the same time I had always
wondered what Manisha would be like in bed, she was attractive athletic
and only in her late twenties, Rohit like her was athletic too as both
regularly went to the gym.We got into their room without even waiting
for any polite conversation both Rohit and Manisha sat on the bed next
to each other and started kissing gently at first but the n as the
passion built they started exploring each others mouths with their
tongues, probing, licking and biting, Rohit started to slide his hand
along Manisha’s thigh his fingers disappearing under her saree, Manisha
gasped I knew he must have pushed his fingers in her panty and must as I
looked on be playing with her clit with the tips of his fingers. She was
gasping and writhing with each move of his wrist, she let her head roll
Back and Rohit started telling her that we were watching while he finger
fucked her, she gasped groaned and bucked her hips harder, in a husky
sex filled voice groaned that she wanted his hard stiff cock to fuck her
till she couldn’t take anymore.He said that he was going to spread her
legs wide so that we could see her beautiful pussy slick with sticky wet
pussy juice, that he was going to shove his hard cock into her and pump
her full of his hot cum.Manisha practically screamed out that she wanted
to suck his cock first while we watched, she gasped that she need to
taste his cum before he fucked her.With that she pushed him back on the
bed unzipping his trousers and pulling his cock out all in the same
movement, I couldn’t help feeling she had done this many times before,
she pulled his hard stiff shaft out of his trousers and looked at it for
a few moments whilst gasping loudly, it must have been a full eight
inches in length and thick, she pulled his foreskin back, opened her
mouth and took in the hard bulbous purple end of his cock in her
mouth.Rohit let out a gasp of pleasure as she moved her head up and down
on his cock, each time so hard you could see her cheeks being pulled in,
he would move his hips upwards towards her face each time so he was
slowly fucking her wet willing mouth, Manisha grasped the base of his
shaft with her right hand whilst she eased her panties down over her
thighs, she got them below the knee and pulled them of completely,
exposing her perfectly shaven pussy, she then pushed her first two
fingers into the cleft of her lips and with gentle circular movements
with her fingers on her clit brought herself off.

I was so hard I could feel my own cock practically bursting out of my
trousers, I was looking at Manisha’s mouth imagining it sucking on the
end of my cock, thinking of watching her wank my shaft till I came into
her mouth, Naina was watching totally engrossed by Manisha sucking on
Rohit’s stiff cock, her breathing was ragged, whilst she seemed to
gently grind her upper thighs together, I realised she was about as
ready for a good hard fucking as I was, I looked at her breasts the
nipples were filly erect pushing against the light material of her
blouse , god! How I loved her tits!.Manisha now dropped off of the bed
onto her knees in front of Rohit, she pushed his legs apart and moved in
between them so that she could suck his cock in this position, her saree
had ridden up helping me get a good view of wet pussy, which was pulled
open by her being down on haunches, her tight little asshole was gently
pulsating, Oh how I wanted to taste and fuck her, a wild thought came
into my mind that I should just undo my trousers pulled out my cock and
ram it into her there and then, would Naina stop me? Would Rohit stop
me? I was just at the point of contemplating actually doing this when
Naina moved away from me towards the bed, she sat down where Manisha had
been and leaned on her right elbow so that I assumed she could get a
better look at what Manisha was doing to Rohit.Naina spoke, telling
Manisha that she looked so good with hard cock in her mouth and that it
must taste so good, Manisha groaned and pulled off Rohit’s cock, looked
at Naina telling her that it was the best tasting cock she had ever been
mouth fucked by. She went on to say that she should know as she had had
her mouth fucked with more than her fair share of cocknaina replied
telling her that she loved to have her mouth force fucked by a hard
stiff cock, this was one of our favourite things, I would kneel over her
whilst I forced my cock in her mouth, at the same time licking and
nibbling her tits, as well as frigging her sopping wet pussy with my

The last time we had done it Naina had said she wanted me to watch her
have this done to her, that she was going to let the man cum in her
mouth and make her swallow it all, then he would go down on her pussy
and eat her till she came screaming for him to plunge his cock into
pussy and fuck her till he pumped his cum into her hungry pussy, I would
then have to fuck her cum filled pussy.Naina put her hand out and gently
stroked the side of Manisha’s face brushing her hair back, I moved
around so that I could have a complete view of Manisha sucking Rohit’s
cock.Manisha stopped sucking on the end of Rohit’s cock starting run her
pink wet tongue down his shaft onto his balls, he groaned and thrust his
hips the tip of his cock blindly hunting for her mouth to fuck, Manisha
took one of his balls into her mouth and gently sucked on it, Rohit’s
stomach muscles spasmed it was obviously hitting the spot for him.I
looked at the end of his cock a drip of pre-cum was starting to appear,
I had an insane thought of how it would look for Naina to suck and lick
it off, I stopped myself and then in the same instant thought of it
again, I looked at Naina she was staring at me in a way I can’t explain,
sort of questioning wondering what was going through my mind, if only
she knew.But then my eyes flicked back for an instant to Rohit’s cock
then back to Naina’s stare, she had seen this happen. Something changed
in her face she must have realised what I was thinking, I had not
noticed but she had moved to within six of seven inches of Rohit’s cock,
she turned to look at it then at Manisha, they both looked into each
others eyes, Manisha smiled and Naina closed the final gap between her
mouth and Rohit’s cock, as she did so she opened her mouth stuck her
tongue out and licked the drip of cum from the end of his cock, smiled
as if she had found something wonderful opened her mouth wide and closed
it over the end of Rohit’s cock.She began to vigorously suck on his
shaft her lips stretched around it’s girth, pumping it in and out whilst
sucking on it for all she was worth, Manisha kept on sucking on Rohit’s
balls whilst Rohit put his hand on the back of Naina’s head force
fucking into her waiting mouth.I had never contemplated seeing Naina
with another guys cock in her mouth, it had been a fantasy but here I
was watching her suck a cock whilst licking cum into her mouth.Manisha
now moved up Rohit’s shaft and the two of them took it in turn to suck
on his cock, he was groaning and started calling out that soon he would
be cumming, both the girls became more intent on their sucking renewing
their efforts, I heard myself calling out for them to play cock game,
wanting to see them both fight over Rohit’s wad of sticky cum.

“That’s it that’s it here it comes!” Cried Rohit, both girls pulled back
and let go of his cock letting him wank himself off whilst pointing his
cock at their open mouths, he sat up so that he could see them both,
then he grunted and pumped his first string of thick salty cum straight
into my Naina’s mouth, he then pumped a second thick wad of white
slippery cum into Manisha’s mouth, the rest he sprayed over both of
their faces.Both of them moaned and swallowed every thing in their
mouths, then licked it off of each others faces, Naina let Manisha lick
Rohit’s cock clean, which she also gently milked into her mouth so as
not to miss a drop.Naina was shaking and quivering I realised the
excitement of it all had made her cum without even being touched, I was
set to explode, I undid my trousers dropping them to the floor, my cock
stood out in front of me throbbing I had never been so hard or willing
to fuck as I did now, watching my wife suck another man’s cock and then
swallow his cum had made me ready to fuck the world.

I moved over in front of her put my hand behind her head and pulled her
mouth onto my cock, I could still see drips of Rohit’s cum on her lower
lip and chin, this made me want to cum in her even more, Rohit got up
off of the bed and moved round next to me kneeling down in front of
Naina he put his hands on the top of her jeans practically ripping them
down to her ankles, she was not wearing any panties so you could see her
dripping wet pussy straight away, Rohit pushed her legs apart diving
straight in with his tongue onto her drenched pussy, I watched his
tongue probe and lick her clit, he inserted two of his fingers into her
pussy, she started groaning around my cock rolling her eyes back into
her head in ecstasy, she was getting everything she had always wanted,
to have her mouth force fucked, her pussy eaten and finger fucked whilst
being watched, all at the same time…….. Heaven.I looked at Manisha who
was staring intently at us all, she had a red glow to her cheeks and
looked ready to explode I realised that whilst this was going on she was
not getting what she need most of all, a damn good hard cunt fuck, I was
the one to do it.I said to Naina what Manisha need most was my cock
rammed up into her dripping wet pussy. Naina pulled away from my cock
agreed saying that in a minute she was going to fuck Rohit, as she
wanted a wad of his cum in her hungry cunt.I turned to Manisha told her
to get on all fours as I was going to fuck her pussy till she begged me
to stop, she did exactly as I asked sticking her pert little butt up in
the air, I placed the head of my wet saliva covered cock against the
slippery opening of her pussy, pushing into her inch by inch, enjoying
the hot tight wet feeling as her cunt took me into her. I fucked her
good and hard revelling in the feeling of her pussy gripping onto my
shaft, Rohit had by this time on insistence from Naina mounted her and
was rutting her really hard making her tits bounce, she was letting out
a low continuous mewling sound, she did this when she was getting a good
fucking from me so I knew Rohit was getting it right. We both gave each
others partners a good hard fucking for the next fifteen to twenty
minutes, I started at this point to feel a deep burning sensation in the
base of cock spreading up along the shaft, I was going to cum with a
vengeance, Manisha sensed this pulling away from me at the same time as
turning and laying at a right angle to me on her back, her face and
mouth turned towards my throbbing cock, she took it with her left hand
deftly pulling on it with the tip pointing into her mouth, she sucked on
the end hard and as I felt the cum being pumped along my cock, she
pulled back with just the tip of my cock resting on her bottom lip.Then
I saw and felt the first stream of glistening hot sticky cum shoot from
my cock into her mouth, she did not miss a drop I must have pumped the
same amount into her open mouth in at least three hard pulses, she
swallowed every bit even licking a drip off of her chin that had managed
to escape, she then milked me dry and slumped back.I went down and
licked her pussy till she came, whilst Rohit groaned and pumped a large
mass of cum into my wife’s pussy.We lay together for a while then agreed
that it was time to call an end to what turned out to be a brilliant
night, we assured each other that we would be back for more, we have not
gone back on this promise, in fact we are off to their place tonight…