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This is a story that really happened a year ago. My husband doesn’t know about what I’m about to relate to you. First a bit about myself, I’m Dee and I work in an office in the midwest. I’m just a shade over 40, have dark hair and have been told I have a nice body ( told this by some of the guy’s and gal’s I work with.
One summer day last year, I had to attend a business seminar with a couple co-workers. Doug, Steve and myself rode together to the site of the meeting.

Not really wanting to be there, my concentration was lacking. Thankfully the meeting was’nt scheduled to last all day. We finished just shortly after noon. The guy’s suggested we go for a drink, since we were given the rest of the day off. I agree’d to go (since I was riding with them, it seemed like a good idea), But I told them I did’nt want to get wasted because I had been planning to spend the afternoon relaxing around my pool. Doug got us a drink at the bar we went to. It was a STRONG drink, but not wanting to wimp out I finished it. Steve got another round, to which I said this has to be the last one. The guy’s frowned but said Ok, they’d run me home after this one. Damn, two drinks and I was feeling pretty buzzed. The guy’s did’nt seem to be fazed in the least. We got in Doug’s car and headed to my place, the guy’s were teasing me about the buzz I had. I told them I was fine. Steve made some smart comment that I missed . We pulled up at my place and the guy’s asked if they could come in for a quick swim. I was’nt sure if this was a good idea, but said ok. I showed them to our pool house and told them they could use one of the spare suits we have for guests. I went to my room to change into my suit, I picked a red string bikini (probably not the best choice to wear in present company, but oh well). I went to the pool carrying a tray of drinks, not that I really needed any. The guy’s stared at me when I walked up. I am the oldest in the office and kinda looked at as office mom. Doug let out a low whistle and Steve just looked , trying to take in as much of a view as he could. We chatted, about the office and my office mom reputation. Doug said office MILF was more like it. I laughed and threw an ice cube at him. Doug returned the favor by tossing an ice cube between my tit’s which were a pretty easy target. I jumped up and dived into the deep end of the pool, which accidently(?) caused my top to come off. Steve grabbed the top and held it up so that if I wanted it back I’d have to come up out of the water giving them a real good view of my tit’s. After a second of thinking and not wanting to disappoint them I popped out of the water and tried to get my top back. After I figured out that this was’nt gonna work, I turned and dived back in and promptly lost my bottoms. At that point Doug was in the water and moving toward me trying to get a better look. He grabbed my wrists and pulled me close to him. I thought what the hell and kissed him, then thanked him for the office MILF comment. Being so close to Doug I noticed a very nice bulge in his borrowed swim trunks, so I reached out and grabbed it to get a real feel. Steve just sat back and watched as I slid Doug’s suit off his hips. WOW, he had a nice cock and I hadn’t had any since my husband left on his gambling trip with his buds. I leaned down and took Doug’s cock into my hot mouth, sucking him first gently and then really getting into it. Doug was feeling my tit’s and kinda pumping his hips into my face. Steve must have seen all he could take because the next thing I knew he had his trunks off and was behind me rubbing my pussy. Soon Steve moved closer and slid his meat into me. Doug was approaching his climax and I did’nt miss a beat sucking his load down my throat. Steve was really enjoying my cunt and I must admit I was loving his dick. We kept up the pace til both of us moaned and climaxed together.
We got out of the pool and stood under the outdoor shower together to rinse any leaking seman from ourselves. I thanked the guy’s for making the office mom feel really good, They corrected me saying Office MILF, and that they wanted more. I kissed both of them and gave each a kiss and lick of their dick’s, and told them another time for sure. Hopefully this gets published so I can show my husband what he missed by going gambling. Thanks, Dee-in-Ia