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Marwadi bhabhi likes Muslim dick

Hi, I am Alok; an entrepreneur runs family business in Mumbai. I belong to typical conservative Marwari family, I’m married since last 4 years & having kid 3 years, my wife pinky is not much educated but looks stunning even after 4 years of marriage, pinky is very fair,height is 5’5 inches her hair are highlighted with burgundy brown colour,beauty pots on her lips,neck,breast & back which looks clearly from her low cut size bloue,pinky always keeps herself clean & fragnating,regularly she visits beauty parlor for makeovers but pinky is very conservative & religious everyday she goes to derasar in the early morning after bath wearing light colored saree,low waist petticoat showing fleshy hips,

her navel is deep & looks sexy from transparent saree,pinky always wear low cut size blouse with wide open back only covers small patti type blouse her figure would be 36-28-36,tight figure with hard tits & butts, I have enjoyed every bit. Of my life full of sex, I still remember my first touch & fuck with pinky before marriage our family has arranged our marriage & we had got ample time of 6 months before marriage to understand each other, in 3 month were closed to each other, I remember my first fuck with pinky in resort cottage, I broke her hymen by pushing hard whole bed got blooded…hmmm those were the days but now due to work pressure & stress I’m unable concentrate on my personal life, I do hardly have sex in a month & that’s too tiring which finishes 10 minutes which has made me & pinky frustrated due to business loss,

I have borrowed money & couldn’t paid on time which lead me to alcoholic habit & find ways to get easy money by any means, I formed my group for easy money which leads me to get success but 1 day it forced me to pay my life in trouble. I met a group they were in scandal of making fake notes & stamps, all were Muslim & somewhere re-lated to underworld they made currency of two cr & asked me keep in my house. They use to everyday to my house to collet cash & sometimes pinky use to answer doorbell which make their eyes wide open while looking at pinky, these Muslim bastards screened their eyes on her body greeting her Namaste bhabi & poor pinky delightfully entertained them with badam milk shake but I use to ignored all this coz as my focus in life was to earn more & more money & I was all set to do anything for it. I had to clear my debts, which were giving me sleepless nights.

Which 1 day known to those Muslims guys they barged in my house 1 day & offered a deal in front of me………..allow your wife sleep with us & clear debts, after hearing this my blood started glushing in my eyes but those guys were so arrogant & rough which kept me Meeked in front of them they were heavy built with flat tummy but I’m flabby with big pounch. My marwadi brains were giving me some negative vibrations, I quietly peeped in my kitchen were my wife was preparing food. I came back to goons & given an idea of hitting me & asking a ransom, which after that makes easy to convince pinky. They started hitting me in my house with whatever they had in their hand after few seconds pinky came running from kitchen crying, kept crying continuously & was louder but 1 guy strangled her & order to keep quite or they will kill me. Pinky was startlet she stand there like a pillar with keeping mouth shut. Then they started tying me up on chair & then they asked her to sleep with them which in turn they will make her husband debt free & if she declines this offer they will face big trouble of their life. Pinky fell down on the corner lonely kept crying but she knows what is best for her ,

I thought now they will take her outside or they will take her to our bedroom for fuck 1 by 1 but they made me sit there tied on the chair & 1 guy said to other “bhaijaan kya karu marwadi bhabhi ka mutton keema banay”e,pinky was wearing light red transparent saree with sleeve less low cut size blouse with low waist petticoat showing her clean stomach & sexy deep navel, they made her it on sofa in front of me & started kissing her, smoothing her in front of me, I really didn’t know what to do my dick half erected with sexual desire & half tilted for shame, I kept my eyes half closed & half open so that I cannot miss this anything for a second .they started kissing very aggressively on lips & keep pressing her boobs & rubbing fleshy hips,1 of them was rehman he said” bhai, tum is kaafir ko sambhalo,main marwari bhabhi se masti kar leta hoon”,he stood up remove his pants up to his knees & removed his dick,his foreskin is cut from fornt,sizes up to 8 inches erected thick & was looking hard as rock,rehman was 5’6 inches fair handsome guy with light beard & pointed nose, nice physique with curvy biceps,rehman has removed his all hair around his dick & balls which made look like red flesh, he caught pinky from hair & asked her to lick, pinky eyes were closed till now but she opened with an wild surprise,

by the way my dick size is 3 inches which gets erected up to only six inches. Pinky started licking mutely but rehman was merciless after looking a Marwari bhabi licking, he forced her suck hard & hard by putting his dick up to her throat which made her cough in between her suck, rehman leaked the cum in her mouth, she tried to remove her mooch on time but all in vain more than half cum she must have swallowed which can clearly marked on drops sprinkled on her face, other guy parvez shouted abbey chutiya ye tune kya kiya. However, Rehman smiled wildly & took. Pinky in his arms to bathroom & started shower on her made complete wet & bought her back ,he removed her saree pinky was standing quietly after getting complete drenched she was looking marvelously beauty,rehman asked her to stand facing a wall & asked her to open her blouse he moved his hands on her bare back & kissed her beauty spots mercilessly then he pull her back make stand again facing me started licking her pink tits & sucked like a kid ,pinky started moaning…..oooaah…oooaah…danton se… karo,magar dhere se….oooaah…aaah!rehman started now licking her navel by putting his tongue inside her deep navel, Rehman was very hungry he pulled down her petticoat by pulling her nada with his mouth,ooh my god ,she is wearing thorn type panty which only covers her vagina & show her big butts with only thread between her bumbs, Rehman started moving his hands on pinky thighs & removed her panty,

like her name pinky ,her vagina yane ke uski choot ekdam pink hai,rehman started licking her clean shaved cunt she started moaning madly,bas…bas main aur nahi kar sakti,dhere se….dhere se…,Rehman pulled down his clothes completely made her sleep on sofa in front of me & pushed his dick inside her without condom, pinky shouted “e bai,e bai…maru pe.ebai” but rehman mercilessly pierced his dick inside her, he stopped put big pillow under her hips & pushed hard now he succeeded, now Rehman got the rhythm he started sailing like a boat, pinky watched me with a small tear in her eyes till Rehman was like cumming he tood up put his dick in her mouth now she swallowed whole cum, Rehman raised his both hands in air & shouted “Marwari bhabi ka jawab nahi,maza aa gaya bhaijaan,ab aapki baari”. I at stared parvez he was 6’2 tall heavy built, big beard, cunning & very arro-gant, while Rehman was fucking pinky pervez was doping sitting near to me. He stood up with his red burning eyes picked up pinky with only 1 hand pulled her near him & politely asked to dress-up, pinky happily picked up her clothes & ran inside to wear, after some time parvez enter her bedroom where she was wearing clothes, suddenly I heard 1 sound, then after that it was parvez moaning, Rehman took me inside with my hands tied,

I was shocked after seeing this scene,parvez was lying on my bed completely naked with erected big pillar size dick,very thick,broad,fleshy may size would be around 10-11 inches, pinky was only wearing her bra & panty, Rehman held her head tightly & make her suck harder, Rehman moaned…hai rabba, hai rabba…bhabhi,aaj to tu bata de ke tujme kya hai. After immediately he cummed little then a full force flow pumped from his dick on my ceiling fan, bloody idiot Muslim dick don’t know how to keep hygiene his dick was hairy & smelling urine. Pinky now was exhausted but parvez made her lick again his hairy dick forcefully by holding her hair tightly in hand; he kept on commenting lines,”aaj tujhe asli maza dilata hun chenal, aisa lund tujhe tere marwari koom mein nahi milega, and chuse…chuse haramzadi. After cleaning parvez dick by her tongue then she started licking his hairy balls, she started teething her balls like apple, pinky was going mad & tortured she seems like enjoying sex,she pinned down parvez & started licking his thighs arm pits which made parvez mad, he started screaming, then he pinned back pinky smooched her deeply & made her sleep flat on bed on her stomach, he started licking her bumbs,teeting her bumbs mercylessly,now pinky became wild moaning ooi maa…e bai…parvez pulled down her panties started licking her ass hole, he had spreaded her legs so widely that I can clearly see his tongue entering pinky’s ass hole,

even I haven’t tried this since 4 years coz pinky complaint it hurts her,parvez get his position by keeping pillow under pinky’s stomach & slowly put his dick in pinky ass hole ,pinky shouted…e bai….e bai…maru pe….maru pe..E bai, parvez put her hand on her mouth & said “ae marwari bhabi, jyada chilla mat, asli maza to ab tujhe aayega jab mera Lund pura Teri gand mein jayega”pinky said with little tears in her eyes “bas karo mujhe dard hove hai” Parvez said, kya bhabi itni badi Teri gaand hai, tu sab kuch bardarsh kar legi”. Pinky had no options left she closed her eyes enjoyed every moment, parvez inserted his complete dick, he was enjoying every bit saying ya…ya…ya…pinky moaned quietly aah…aaah…aah. Parvez so much excited he cummed inside her butts, after they slept naked for half an hour on bed very tired & exhausted. Parvez & Rehman left happily giving me all money they have earned. Today I am debt free & got everything in life coz I have. Wife like pinky, sexy, beautiful, fair Marwari bhabi. However, in all this she has priority of having dick of Muslim person.