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Masi Masi Bahu And Me

I am now 45 years old . I was introduced to sex by my mother indirectly. I loved to suck her breasts till I was almost thirteen. I enjoyed it in motherly fashion till I was eleven but after that I always got a stirring in my loins while sucking her breasts. My mother never refused my request for sucking her breasts.Her hands would be on my crotch pretending as if it was all inadvertent.

I realized much later that she,always enjoyed my sucking with sexual inclination. Later on I came to know that my father was impotent and never had an erection in his life. He had refused to marry and his younger brother , my uncle was married off before him. My mother got her sex from others. I had by chance seen her doing it with one of the gate-keepers at fathers rice-mill. I was just less than five year old at that time and could not comprehend what was happening. The scene is still very vivid in my mind after so many years. I for a long time did not know who my biological father was till I got my hands on a letter written by my mother to her ‘lover’, a friend of my father, informing him that she was pregnant. As the date of the letter matched according to my birth I knew who he was. I probably got my ‘assets’ from him. I was always aware that I had the perfect asset that girls were crazy about. I had big balls and big dick. It was eight inches long and quiet thick. I always had a very hard and solid erection. My penis just tended to go a bit curved when erect. My sex debut happened at my Nanihal (my mother’s father’s place.) My mothers are seven sisters, she being the eldest. Her younger two sisters were just a few years senior to me. I was thirteen and they were fifteen and sixteen years old respectively. One day as I was sucking my mothers breasts my elder masi (mother’s sister) Santosh came and saw me. My mothers eyes were closed but mine were open, I was holding her exposed breast that I was sucking in one hand and my other hand was on her unexposed breast. I was just enjoying the sensation. The stirring in my loins was quiet high that day. Santosh masi left after watching for few minutes.Santosh masi, younger masi, youngest mama and my younger brother used to sleep on the same bed which was much small then required. We all had to sleep much closer to each other. It was not uncomfortable as nights in Rajasthan are not hot or humid. The nights are very pleasant and cool. I normally slept on a side and my brother slept next to me. That night also we slept as always. However after about midnight I felt a light touch on my chest and a female voice whispering my name,” Nirmal, wake up! I opened my eyes and found that my brother has been shifted and my Santosh masi was next to me on my right side. She was half turned on her left side and trying to wake me. I said in normal voice,” Kya hai santosh?(I did not usually call her masi except in the presence of elders) She kept a finger on her lips and asked me to whisper. She asked me what I was going to her sister (my mother) during the day. I said all sons suck their mothers breasts and that is what I was doing. And then I realised her breasts were touching my sides. She was in a frock. She had not yet started wearing bra. I suddenly started to realize that her body heat was seeping into me and I was having the familiar stirring in my loins. I asked her why was she asking. She said she was curious how it felt to get ones breasts sucked. She said is it because of this sucking her(my mothers) breasts have grown big. I sensed a desire in her and replied in the affirmative. I added why don’t you allow me to touch the breasts and see if she likes it, I shall suck them if she feels like. I did not wait for her reply and placed my hand on one of her breasts. She shuddered and got closer to me, she was on her side and placed her right leg on me. As I was lying on my back her right knee was strategically placed on my crotch. I started kneading her breasts and soon could feel her nipples harden and get erect. I took them in between my fingers and rolled them. Masi was sighing trying to keep her voice down. She suddenly got up and left the room and returned almost before I could realize what had happened. She again came and slept near me and turned. Then I realised she had got up to open her frock buttons at the back and now she had slid down the frock to expose lovely small breasts to me. I immediately took them in hand. Each one fitting in each of my hands. It was first time I had seen and touched such young breasts which were so hot and making me hot between the legs. I took her right nipple in my mouth and sucked on it and then took the left one. I had a full erection hard and my penis was standing in its full glory when suddenly masi’s leg touched it. She sat up forcig me to leave her breast that I was sucking. She took hold of my penis in her hand from outside the pyjamas, and shook it casually and asked most innocently, ” Yeh kya hai Nirmal “. I was too stunned to speak. I stammered that it was from here I passed urine. She said that her urine passage was very different and that why was mine which was so big and hard not visible during the day. We were whispering. I motioned her to go out of the room. We came out of the house and in the courtyard. It was full moon and there was enough light. Masi immediately took in her my hardness which was quiet prominently visible from inside my pyjama and more so because I was wearing a very thin under garment. She again said,” Yeh kya hai mujhe dekhna hai.” I said as I told you this is from where males pass urine. She insisted she wanted to see it as she had never seen such thing before. I pretended to be reluctant and then said I can show it on the condition that she also shows me the place from where the girls pee. She readily agreed. I insisted that she show it to me before I do. She said she did not trust me, and that I shall not show after she did so it has to be me first. I pulled the string of my pyjama and it dropped to the ground. Masi’s eager eyes were fastened on my midsection. Now my penis was fully visible in my underwear standing at full attention. Masi said with no visible sexual feeling to show it by taking it out. I did take it out from the side of my brief but masi tugged at the cloth and pulled it down. It was the first time that I was naked in front of someone else than my mother and that with a full blown erection. Masi took it gently in her hand, touched it with her other hand and soon was trying to push it down and side ways, she was very playful with it. I was getting hotter by the second. I had just 2 or 3 times ejaculated by playing with my hands and knew that the feeling at the time of ejaculation was just great. I wanted one now. I had known that male member goes inside the female stomach while sex as I had seen my mother take it from few different men, one of them being my mama. I wanted to try it with my masi but did not know how and was also sure that it was masi’s first sexual experience. She was just untouched by such feelings. It was her introduction to sex through me. I wanted the introduction to be complete for me also , as I had also never seen the vagina of a girl. I had seen my mother naked while bathing with her and seen her hips and pubic hair or a glimpse of her clit while she played with herself for a few minutes during bath. I always thought that she is cleaning herself. I said,” Masi, now its your turn to show me the place you piss from?” Masi tried to go back in. I held her in strong grip and took her in my arms crushing her breasts on my chest till she was unable to breathe. She nodded her head to say yes and I released her. She held up her frock and showed her panty which was slightly wet. I asked her if she passed urine, she said no and said she did not know how her panty got wet. I tugged at her panty string but she held on and said,”Nirmal mujhe sharam jaise lag raha hai.” I said that a promise was a promise but she did not agree then I said that if she did not show me I will tell my mother everything that has happened today. And to my surprise she said she did not mind because she had seen my mother feeding me her breasts so there was no harm if she also did. Seeing no other way I said that then I will have to force my way to her pissing site. I pushed her to the stairs on which we were standing. She fell on her hips and I took hold of her legs and raised them in air, she was now half in air held by me and half on her back trying to steady herself on her elbows. I bent down took hold of her panties in one hand and pulled up with full force and in one smooth motion the panty was off her body torn from the centre. Now masi was totally stunned at the ripping sound of cloth. I did not give her a chance and broadened her legs and sat near her genitals. The region was plain and smooth with very small hairs just started to grow. I placed my palm on her cunt and it was boiling hot. She was sexually aroused without knowing what it was, what the feeling was. She was just staring in space not knowing what to do. I parted her outer lips and saw the hole , the hole of a girl for the first time in my life, and intuitively knew that this was the place where my penis is to enter. As I parted more the clit was also visible and unknowingly I took it between my fingers and kneaded it very softly. The reaction of masi was as if a current has passed through her. It was so intense that I was also taken by surprise. I left the clit and also removed my hand from her cunt. Then came the second surprise. Masi took my hand and place it on her cunt. I again parted and enjoyed the scene. Masi took the clit in her own hand and said,” Nirmal touch me here.” I took it in my hands and started to knead it again. Masi was uttering silly sounds not heard by me before. But I somehow in my subconscious mind related them with the sounds I heard my mother utter during her sex with people. I suddenly got up and positioned my self to rub my dick on her clit but suddenly we heard a sound from inside the house and knew someone has got up. We hurriedly dressed, masi took her torn panty and hid it and quietly sneaked back to our beds.After lunch the next day as I was lying down and thinking about the night before my younger masi shakun came to me and said,”Nirmal I also want to see what santosh had seen at night.” I was stunned. Santosh had told everything to shakun!!!! I lied I did not show anything, it was santosh who showed me. Shakun was naughtier of the two and also bolder. As I was thinking about the night my dick was growing and was slightly visible. I turned on my stomach to hide it. Shakun said Nirmal I will not go back on my words as santosh did. I will willingly show mine to you after you show me yours. I knew santosh had told her everything in detail. I was interested in going ahead but outwardly I said if you really want to see mine then you shall have to show me yours first. She said that she was prepared for that and was not wearing her panty under the long frock being afraid that I might tear that also. I laughed out loud and asked shakun to lie down on the bed. She did lie down after closing the door. I pulled up her frock to reveal her pubic region. She did not resist and was willing to do it. Shakun also did not have much hair on her cunt. It was even less than that of santosh. I asked her to bend her knees and widen her legs, she did and open before me was another treasure of girlhood. I parted her outer lips and saw her hole which seemed to be very small and also her clit which seemed to be larger than santosh’s. I took the clit between my fingers and rolled it but shakun did not react the way santosh did . She was very cool to my manuvers. It seemed she was not much aware of sex feelings at all . It was then that I realised that santosh already had the sexual desire as she had seen me suck my mothers breasts and had also gave me her nipples to suck. Santosh was already roused before I took her clit in my fingers, rather it was she who directed me to her clit and for the first time had revealed to me the pleasure center of girls. My dick had grown to its largest and tugging at my half pant. I just placed my hands on her breasts and put pressure on the lightly. I wanted to remove her frock and see them and suck them as I did to santosh. Shakun seemed to like my touch much more here then at the lower end. She sat up straightened her frock and told me to show her mine. She left the bed and stood in front of me. I unbuttoned my half pant and it fell to the ground and revealed my underwear with my dick creating a tent. Shakun sat on her knees intently watching my pubic region. Her face was parallel to my crotch. I took down my underwear and my hard ramrod jumped out. It was standing in full majesty and almost touched the face of shakun. She had a look of surprise on her face and said,” I did not believe santosh when she described this thing(she caught my penis in her hand) but it really is more interesting than what she said.” She put a small kiss on its head and let it go. She stood up and took me in her arms(she was three inches smaller than me), my hardness was perfectly placed at her level of vagina and was pressing it. She said,” Nirmal oh I really enjoyed it.” Lets do it again after some time when no one is at home. Nirmal when you touched me here (she placed her hands on her breasts) I really liked it. Nirmal it is very simple to touch me here and you can do it any time whenever we get even a small time free. I agreed and said that I had seen the boobs of Santosh and even sucked them and she enjoyed it so why don’t we try that also. Shakun immediately opened a few top buttons and revealed her small breasts. I took them in my hand and delicately pinched her nipples, she seemed to like it, I bent down and took one in my mouth and she gave out a sigh. It was my first revelation how much girls love to get their breasts fondled. She was getting hot and I could know that this feeling she was experiencing for the first time. Within minutes she was pressing into me and there was a musky smell oozing out of her. I wanted to put my dick inside her small hole. I was visualising my mother getting it from through the guard in Bihar rice mill, how she took a rod which was double the size of my member into her hole so smoothly. I was enjoying that scene now thinking about it. At that time I did not understand what exactly was going on. We were interrupted by sounds outside and we became decent and pretended to sleep away from each other.In the evening we had a meeting. Santosh Shakun and me. We agreed that all of us were enjoying what was going on and that it was risky to do anything during the night. During the day we had to take care of my younger brother but he seemed to be ore interested in other things and games and was usually came only for lunch etc. We decided that daytime was best and one masi can stand guard while the other was enjoying with me. I suggested that lets not wear the undergarments, we can touch each other without any hindrance. Both surprised by pulling up their frock and showing that they were already not wearing panties. What a sight it was, watching two youthful cunts fully bare with just the beginning of hair growing there. They said that it is better if I also wear my half pant without wearing the underwear so that they could catch mine through the side of my half pant. Just the thought of my masi’s hand creeping in to hold my penis made it jump. I said okay I shall do it soon. I went to bathroom and removed my underwear and wore the half pant again. As I was not used to not wearing a underwear, I was feeling naked and to add to this feeling was the that even the slightest hardness in my penis was immediately visible from outside. With underwear inside the hardness was obvious only after the erection was really hard and not before. We started playing ludo. Santosh was pressing herself on me. She was really getting hot. I said Shakun you stand at the gate as guard and allow us to enjoy. I placed my hand on Santosh’s thighs, she sighed and parted her legs. With no panty to stop it my hand slid directly to her vagina. I took it into my hand and heard Santosh moan aloud,”Oh! Nirmal, bahut accha lag raha hai.” I parted the outer lips of her cunt and located the clit and started rubbing it between my fingers. Her moaning became greater and louder. Shakun panicked and asked me to stop whatever I was doing to her sister, but Santosh immediately said,” no, don’t you dare leave it, go on, go on goo ooonnnnn, Neeermal, go onnnnn!!!!! Shakun seemed to be very much worried and came near us leaving the gate unguarded, I scolded her and sent her back. I now lifted the frock of Santosh to have a view of what I was doing. I almost had orgasms seeing her clit and then also saw her hole. I opened the buttons of my fly and took out my erect penis and started rubbing it on her clit, clear liquid was oozing out of her hole. I gently inserted my finger inside her hole and it felt so nice. It was the first time for so many things. The hole seemed to be on fire. The walls of the hole were in spasms. They seemed to be sucking my finger. I instinctively started fingering her, she was matching my finger strokes with her hips moving up and down. It was becoming difficult to finger her as well as rub my dick on her clit. I took out my finger and pressed my dick on her and took her in my arms crushing her breasts to my chest. The rubbing continued with my dick. I was soon feeling like I will explode and Santosh seemed to be disoriented. She was grunting and panting and asking me to rub even more harshly and suddenly she scissored me between her legs and her grip was getting very tight. She suddenly released me and raised both her legs in air and shouted,” OOOOOOOOOOOOOO Neeeeerrrmallllllllll, haan, haan haan !! Oh oh oh oh oh… She had uttered my name in almost full volume, I knew soon someone will come looking for what had happened. I was panicking, it was not easy to control Santosh at this crucial moment , I also wanted to continue for some more time as my ejaculation was imminent. Again it was my first experience to watch a girl reaching the orgasms, I had seen my mother utter things like this but had never understood the reason. But as luck would have it we heard our Nani jee (mother of Santosh and Shakun) approaching our room and asking in loud voice,”Santosh, what happened.” Immediately Santosh sat up and became decent, the ludo board was lying on the floor. Almost the moment I put my hardness inside and finished buttoning my half pant that Nani jee entered the room. We were thinking of what to say when we heard Shakun telling Nani jee, Ma, NIRMAL was loosing and Santosh was winning so Nirmal has thrown the Ludo board spoiling the game, so she is angry and was shouting at him.” Wow what a plausible reason she had created in seconds and so acceptable because the ludo board with dice etc. was lying scattered on the floor. Nani scolded Santosh telling her that I was just a kid and they were my aunts so they should allow me to win. She left telling Santosh to close and secure the main gate as all elders were going out for the night in some ‘whole-night’ keertan & my younger brother was also accompanying them. My dick almost jumped out of the half pant hearing that we three are going to be all alone in the house for the full night.As soonasIheardthemain gate closing, I almost pounced on Shakun and took her in my arms and said,” Wow, masi, you are great!! What an excuse you created and that in an instant.” She was blushing. I kissed her on the lips and she slightly opened her mouth. My tongue inadvertently entered her mouth and she was sucking it without any prompt from me. All this happened unintentionally and in spur of the moment. It was my first experience of a ‘real’ kiss and it seemed both of us were enjoying it extremely. Shakun was sucking my tongue and I was sucking her upper lip, her breasts were crushed against my chest, my one hand was behind her head making sure she did not pull back and the other was on her hips pushing her towards my hard dick which must have been rubbing on her lower stomach. Her eyes were closed. She was oblivious of her surroundings. Santosh entered the room and stood still watching us mesmerised. She had returned after closing the main door after everyone had left for the night. She came near us and stood near me, her breasts brushing my back, soon I could feel her erect nipples also. What a feeling I had , sandwiched between tow pairs of breasts, breasts which were never before touched by any male hands or mouth. After a few minutes Santosh could not take it any more And shook us both asking Shakun to move away so that she could also try what we were doing. Very reluctantly shakun moved away and santosh took her place and shakun went behind me to take santosh’s place. For me nothing changed except for the taste of the mouth and that too was imperceptible. The feeling was just incredible. All three of us were heated up and none had any previous experience of actual sex. Had seen my mother do it but that too from a distance. I did know that male dick is inserted inside the hole just under the clit of a female. I had seen three different dicks enter my mothers cunt and they were quiet big compared to mine but then my mothers ‘hole’ also must have been much larger in size than that of my masis whose holes were not even properly invaded by their own fingers.I pushed back Santosh and ushered Shakun also in my front and told them that I wanted to teach them something I knew about sex which was very little. All I had seen was my mother sucking the limp penis of my uncle(a friend of my father) which grew into an almost 10″ monster. Uncle used to first mouth fuck my mom and shoot his cum in her mouth and on her breasts. Mother used to relish the cum on her body which was evident the way she rubbed it all over her nipples and breasts. Thereafter uncle would make mom lie on her back raise her legs duly parted and expose her honey hole even to my view from the window. We would proceed to rub his semi hard cock on her clit and make it rock solid again and then place it at the entrance of her cunt and with small stroke push it in completely. After pushing it in fully he would then increase his tempo and soon I could see his member running like an engine piston on full acceleration going in and coming out as if on auto pilot. And with this also would increase the oohs and aahs of my mom. Soon she would be uttering words incomprehensible. And nearing the end she would raise her legs and say,” Chod de haraami, madarchod jor ke dhakke maar, do chaar dhakkey aur , aur aur AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and lock her legs behind the back of Mahabir uncle. Mahabir uncle would also be uttering obscenities,” saalee tera pet kabhee bharta hai kya. Roj saali ko paanch baar chahiye. Aaj randee saali teri choot faad doonga. His last few strokes would be masterful. He would take out his entire lund and ram it in, in one smooth stroke. Both of them would come almost at the same time. If father was late to come some day, uncle would stay back and have a second session. He would touch mom all over, knead her breasts and suck nipples and insert finger inside her cunt and then finger her clit and soon Mom would be responding to his hands and fingers and so would Uncle’s lund by way of its growing hardness. Life was infused more rapidly into his sleeping lund by Mom taking it once again in her mouth and sucking it back to life and it would stand proud like a flag pole. Second time was always better than the first time. It would be slow and more languid. I told this all to my masis and asked them if they were willing to go ahead and try all this. They were more than willing. I shall write about this and my affair with one of my nephews wife and my own elder brothers wife, my beloved Saroj Bhabhi, my most prized fuck partner, about whom I am still crazy and once in a while I have orgasms just talking dirty with her on phone.