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Massage in Khajuraho

I am 37 years old engineer and my wife is 35. She is very beautiful and nice looking lady. We have 2 kids of 8 and 5 years. We are living at factory site at Chandrapur, small town of Maharashtra. Because of small town there is no place to visit with family in holidays. In vacations we used to go for outing. My wife came from very conservative family. Every day she prays at least 2 hours and take cares of children in a very nice way. She never had any affair outside in my opinion. Our sex life is normal and she likes to enjoy sex in different positions.

In last summer vacations, we decided to visit Khajoraho. Because there are sculptures of sexual positions in temples there, we didn’t want to go with our children. So we left our children at their maternal uncles’ place and left for Khajoraho. After reaching Khajoraho, we hired a guide. He was a young boy of 20 years. He suggested if we want real enjoyment of Khajoraho, we should go for the guest houses in a nearby forest. He told that there are some nice places between forests. We decided that he is right and hired a car and went 20 Km away from Khajoraho in a forest with him. A very nice guest house with all necessary facilities was there and we took a suit in that guest house.

Next morning we went to see the temples of Khajoraho with the guide. Very open and wild sexual figures were made on the outer walls of temples. The guide was telling us about sexual positions and the history behind them. Me and wife both started feeling horny to see those figures. The guide always had a naughty smile all the time especially when he was telling to my wife regarding sexual position. He is tall about 6 feet tall and having nice muscular body. We saw all the temples by the evening. While returning back to guest house I asked the guide that what is left here to see tomorrow. He said so many things are left. I asked him again are you working as guide only for your living. He told that he is a very nice massager also. Tourists from overseas always search him for massage.

I said that I want to be massaged by him after reaching guest house. He said ok. He came with us in our room. After refreshment he asked me to lie on bed in a short for massage. My wife said that she is going in garden. I said ok and took off my cloths and lied on bed in only shorts. The guide also took off his cloths and stands in short only. He was looking so sexy in short. He applied some special oils on my body and started massaging. Started with back, he massaged my legs, hands, hairs and stomach for 30 minutes. Surely, he has magic in his hands. I started feeling very refreshed. While massing my back, without asking me, he took off my shorts and started massaging my hips. He pressed and massaged my buttocks. Then he asked me to lie on my back. I turned and my penis was erected. He took my jerking penis is his hands and massaged it. I enjoyed so much. Than, he took my 6 inch long and 2.5 inch thick penis in his mouth and started sucking. I was in seventh sky. He sucked my penis like a lollipop for 3-4 minutes.

After a nice blowjob he asked me that if I allow, he wants to massage my wife also. I was also thinking that. This desire of him to massage my wife gave me a new type of sexual feeling regarding my wife. I said ok to guide, but gave one condition that you will massage her as you want and I will see from a hiding place. He said ok but requested not to interfere in the massage. I agreed again. There were two doors in the bathroom of that suit. One door has opening at outside. From that door one can come in the room. I said that after some massaging to my wife I will left the room and continue seeing from the curtain of bathroom door. I was feeling very horny to think that my wife will be massaged and may be fucked by an unknown young person.

I called wife and told her that the guide is really a nice massager. I told her that he gave me a very nice massage and all my back pain is gone. I suggested her that you should also try his massage. After initial hesitation she agreed. I sat on a sofa and the guide asked my wife to take off her sari and blouse and lie on bed on her stomach. She looked me, I told her to feel easy and do as he saying. With hesitation she took off her sari and blouse and laid bed on her stomach.

The guide started massing her back with some special oils. While massaging on her back he asked wife to unhook bra so he can massage complete back portion. Again, she showed some hesitation and then unhooked her bra also. By thumbs and fingers he was massaging her back. Wife was feeling comfort because she closed her eyes. Massaging her back he was also massaging her pinkish boobs by sides then he came on ridge of petticoat. With out asking anyone, he unhooked her petticoat and tried to push it little back. To my surprise my wife lifted her buttocks. He applied oil on her pinkish buttocks and started massaging. Nice comfort and pleasure was looking on the face of my wife. I thought this is the time to go out and see what my conservative wife does in my absence.

I said loudly that I am going to bring the cigarette and told guide to close the door of room and continue. My wife didn’t say anything that I should stop for a while so that massage will be completed or any other thing. I went out and came again by the bathroom door and started looking from the curtain of bathroom. The guide was massaging her legs through her petticoat now. He asked my wife to lie on her back so he can massage her frontage. My wife turned and her bra slipped almost from her boobs. She tried to adjust it but guide caught her hands and removed it. He looked hungrily on her large pinkish boobs and put oil on it and started massaging with very gentle hands. In between he was pressing her nipples by his fingers. My wife’s eyes were closed and she was enjoying the pleasure.

Pressing her boobs, he came on her stomach and massaged it. Then he went to her legs and pulled her petticoat under her buttocks. Wife didn’t object. I saw my wife was lying fully naked in front of an unknown person. I enjoyed very much to see that my conservative wife is very hungry to sex with a young guy. I started masturbating to see it. He started massaging hairy vagina of my wife and wife started moving her buttocks with loud moans on bed. The guide gave a nice finger treatment to my wife’s pussy. Then he put his hands under wife buttocks and mouth on her vagina. He sucked and licked her vagina wildly and pressed her nipples and clitoris about 10 minutes. Wife was crying in pleasure and was rubbing in buttocks in bed. Her public hairs were all wet and she was looking so horny.

Now the guide took off his shorts and penis of 8 inch long and nearly 4 inch thick came out. I was surprised to see his penis. His penis was so thick. He gave his penis in my wife’s hand. She was also afraid to see his size but started masturbating his penis. The guide made her in 69 positions forcedly and pressed his penis in my wife’s mouth. She didn’t open her mouth initially but to my surprise, my wife, who never sucked my penis, started sucking penis of that lucky guide. Guide looked at me and smiled. I was masturbating to see this great movement. Wife was sucking his penis like a lollipop now. After a long sucking, guide made her in missionary position and put his tip of penis on vaginal lips of my wife and in one hard stroke he inserted half penis in wife’s vagina. My wife cried aaaayyyy Dddrrreeee sssseeeee, he rested for a while and in second stroke he rammed entire length of his massive penis in my lovely wife’s vagina. She cried dddhhhhheerrrrreeeeeee sssseeeeeee oooffffffff ohhhhhhh but the guide was not listening anything.

He started pumping her vagina brutally. I was surprised to see that immediately wife started enjoying every hard stroke from the guide. She was moaning hhaww dddrr ssseee huuuu kkk. He pumped her vagina with a great force. After pumping this way, he lifted her from the bed and made in standing doggie style. He climbed on my wife’s buttocks like a bull and this time he inserted his monster cock in my wife pussy in one stroke. Wife’s full body jerked on this stroke. He caught her boobs in both hands and in full force started pumping my wife vagina. He pumped her about 4 minutes continuously in similar position. She was crying with every hard stroke of that lovely guide. At last she cried hhhhhh aaaa hhhhhh hhhmmmm and reached on her orgasm. Thick and white fluid came out from her vagina. Guide holds her for a while in that position.

Then he made her missionary position again and rammed his penis again in my wife pussy. This time his speed was like a piston. He was pumping my wife as fast and hard as he can. My wife started moaning and moving buttocks again. He was pumping with his full force in her vagina. Wife cried hhhhhhhhhhhhho ggaayyyyyyyaaaaaaa and got her second orgasm. He increased his speed and with full force ejaculated his thick and hot semen deep in my wife’s vagina. Wife’s eyes were closed and she was holding him so tightly.

Then they separated and I saw thick and white semen was overflowing from vagina of my wife. Wife was not able to walk properly but looking so happy and relaxed. After their nice intercourse I left the room and after 5 minutes came from main door and knocked. They weared their cloths and were looking very relaxed. The guide was smiling. Wife told me that he is really a nice massager. We will try him again. I said Ok .