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Mast Housewife with a tailor

Her name is Nidhi. What a treat for eyes and perfect to arouse me. I am a ladies tailor. First time she came to my shop was around 2 years back. She was wearing a black chiffon saree with black blouse and white bra. From his bra selection, I knew she was seeking attention type. She is fair like milk and “Bhara hua Badan”. Her navel was visible thru the saree and boobs were protruding out. From her makeup, bangles, necklace and ring, I could make out that she was recently married. She was really looking ripe to eat. My cock was in action inside my pant behind the table. She smiled and told me that she wants her blouse stitched. I was getting excited that I will get to measure her. However, to my disappointment she got a blouse out of her bag and asked for the same size.

Out of my lust, I old her that if it’s for her it would be better if she let me take her measurement. She thought for a moment and agreed hesitantly. I asked her to come inside the shop. My shop is in middle of DDA flats made out of a scooter garage. So, there is not much space. It’s on a busy road and hence a curtain in front of the door so that women do not feel embarrassed when giving measurement. As she was knew in the colony, I expected her to get nervous when I pulled the curtain. So I myself told her that this is to make you feel comfortable while giving measurement. I went near her and asked her to turn. Her back was wonderful. The “Patli Gori kamar” and round ass were so tempting. She was facing the mirror and hence could see me watching her back. Meeting her eyes in the mirror, I asked her confidently to remove the pallu. She did that. God! It was some view. I asked her whether she would the blouse skin tight or slightly loose. Expectedly, she was surprised as generally this is not the right question. She said it should be ok type and almost like what she wore right now. I took the measurements and purposely brushed some fingers here and there but did not go overboard. I really wanted to crush her boobs but thought it’s not the right time. I asked about the type and depth of neckline and she said it should be same as she wore. I told her that she could go for one inch deeper neck. To which she got embarrassed but said OK. I gave her the slip and asked her to collect it after 2 days.

I really wanted to see her naked but wanted to go slowly on it to win her confidence. She came after 2 days and was really looking even more tempting in the light blue chiffon saree. I handed over the blouse to her. She checked it and said the neckline is looking really deep. I knew this reaction as I had made it 2″ deeper rather than proposed 1 inch. She was looking angry. I asked her to try it and then we will see. I came out of the shop and asked her to go inside and change while I pulled the curtain. Very hesitantly, she went in. After 2 minute she called me in and said “Masterji dekh lo aapne kya kiya hai”. I was waiting for this moment only. Here cleavage was clearly visible and because the fitting was so good, her chest was looking so sexy. I told her “Maam, fitting bahut achchi aai hai aur aajkal itne neck ka to fashion hai.” She said “no is not possible, my husband won’t like it” She was looking herself in the mirror and probably admiring her chest within herself. Her fingers were on her cleavage which was really arousing me. I was staring at her chest and cleavage as if it was no big deal. It encouraged me. I told her “Maam, sach mein aapka figure bahut achcha lag raha hai is blouse mein”. She was 36D-34-36. She said “Thik to hai par mere……..” She stopped in between but I understood. She really liked this but was sure that her husband won’t allow her to wear it. I said “Sorry Maam, main aapko naya blouse sil doonga aur aap ye bhi rakh lijiye kyonki yeh to mere liye bekaar hai”. She looked at me and smiled and probably got impressed with my offer. I left the shop indicating that she can change now.

I gave her a call 2 days later and told her that her new blouse is ready. She requested me to deliver it at home. I asked her if tomorrow 10AM is fine. She said make it 10:30AM. Next day I reached her house at 10:15AM but kept waiting in the park in front of her house as she had called at 10:30AM. Suddenly I saw a man coming out from her house and I guessed it was her husband going to office. She had come out to bid good bye to hi. She was wearing a gown so just remained at the door. She had not seen me. After 10 minutes when I rang her bell and she opened the door, I was amazingly surprised to see that she was wearing a green chiffon saree with the same deep neckline blouse. She was really looking gorgeous and tempting. She called me in and said “yeh blouse sach mein bahut comfortable banaya hai aapne”. The she asked “Aap kuch Loge”. My naughty self was about to say “Haan agar aap Dogi to kyon nahi Loonga”. I said “Nahi, jaldi mein hoon kyonki shop kholne ka time ho Gaya hai”. She was alone in the house. She said “Masterjee, do minute baithiye mein ise try kar ke aati hoon”. She went in the next room and closed the door. I immediately got up and tried to see thru the keyhole. God! I could see her taking off her blouse. Her chest was clearly in my view. She was opening the hooks of her blouse very slowly. She was not wearing any bra. Her boobs were so wonderful. First time I had seen such lovely boobs all naked. My lund was full erect now. She wore the new blouse and started for the door. I immediately got back to my seat. As she came out, her pallu was on the floor and hands on the upper hook of blouse. She said “Masterjee, yeh hook kharab hai”. I said “Maam, laiye mujhe dikhaiye”. She came near me. I stood up and tried to close the hook. It was really having some problem. I was trying hard and was enjoying it as my fingers were touching her upper boobs, sometimes on the flesh and sometime thru the blouse. She was also getting to breathe heavier. She suddenly got her senses back and pulled back from me, adjusted her pallu and said “Masterjee, main aapko de utar ke de deto hoon, aap thik kar ke de dena”. She went inside the room and locked the door. I peeped thru the keyhole again and I could see her smiling and her hand was o her chest while it was going up and down. She removed the blouse and naughtily pinched her nipples and winked herself in the mirror before putting her old deep neck blouse. I understood that this housewife is going to enjoy my lund very soon. As she came out, I stood up while purposely adjusting my crotch for a moment to give her the indication. I wanted her to make the first move so that I can tame her then the way I want. As I told you I wanted to her to come to a point where she will make herself fully naked in bright light before me.

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