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Mature aunt taking command over a teenager-1

Dear readers,
This is Akash (40 years) here and I am going to share an experience
which is probably the best thing happened to me and my wife after our

I am married to one lovely lady named Sakshi Who is 38 years old now.
To describe about her body, she has got a perfect voluptous body. Not
a perfect figure though but her body certainly makes me go crazy when
she is in her birthday suit. Her boobs are quiet visible. Has a belly
absolutely fair in colour which is beautifully decorated with a deep
navel. Her ass has a considerable amount of fats. Her ass cheeks
literally oscillate when she walks without her panties on.

To talk about our experience, this happened to us like 4 months ago.
Me and my wife are happily marrried since 10 years but have no kids as
yet. We have an amazing sex life too but to make it more adventurous,
we decided to go out of our comfort zones and do something very
When I was growing as a kid, one thing that excited me the most was
the thought of having sex with a mature woman, married woman. I was
never successful in fufliing my desire. So yea, keeping this in mind,
I thought why not relive my childhood and make the most of my sexy
voluptous wife.
One fine day, I had returned from office and took shower, my
wife-Sakshi was lying on the bed in her night gown reading a book.
After coming out i started kissing her but she prefered reading. I
then started kissing her legs and Sakshi was in no mood to pay
attention. I lifted her gown in a flash and planted a kiss on her
thighs close to get love hole. Now she was paying attention to me.
Sakshi uttered a small ummm with my kiss. I then started kissing her
vaginal area but without removing her panty. Sakshi said : Akash, stop
it what are you doing!!

I didn’t stop and started giving small bites on her pussy which
probably made her hot. Without wasting any time, I started finger
fucking her and Sakshi was now enjoying it. She kept aside her book
and with closed eyes enjoyed every bit of my movement. I finger fucked
her for good 12-14 minutes and she started cumming. I went ahead with
a second round for her and I knew she is high with sex now. After
fingering her for good 20 min she was all drained out and I thought
this is the best time to speak my mind out to Sakshi.
After all the cumming, Sakshi was lying on my chest. I said “Sakshi,
we have enjoyed sex at the utmost level. If you dont mind, can I ask
you a favor so that we take our sex life to a different level
Sakshi said “speak up darling, I am all ears”
I said “I would like to relive my childhood desire. I know it’s a lot
to ask and expect but i really want to experience that with you.”
Sakshi knew about my desire to have sex with a mature woman but
hearing this she was clueless as to how am I gonna fulfil my desire at
the age of 40. So she said, how is it possible Akash?
It’s easy Sakshi but only if you feel comfortable and are ready for
it. The plan is, “YOU will try to expose, flash your body, seduce a
guy who is a teenager. If you manage to help raise interest in that
boy then we will see how far will he go. I want to see his emotions
and relive my desire.”

After hearing this, Sakshi was a bit quiet and confused too. I said
take your time and think about it. So the next day, suprisingly Sakshi
agrees to my plan and we hug eachother in happiness. Sakshi said ”
though it is very difficult for me but i think this whole thing would
be worth experiencing Akash”. I said don’t worry honey we will
definitely enjoy it. Now our next task was to find a guy who is a
teenager for which I remembered my friend asking me a paying guest
flat for his son. I immidiately called him up.
“Hey Rajesh, you told me the other day that you were looking for a PG
for your son. So are you still looking for one?”
Rajesh: yes Akash!
I said: why don’t you send over your son to my place till he manages
to find a good PG. It will save him a lot of time for studies as my
place is close to his tuitions and college.
Rajesh: thanks a lot Akash, i will always be indebted to you for this.

I said that’s fine. So do send him over tomorrow. After knowing this,
Sakshi got excited and also felt a bit nervous as this was something
she never did.
Next evening, Rajesh’s son Raj comes to my place with all his luggage
and we welcome him and make him feel comfortable. Raj is a 15 year old
simple guy. Good looking,fair and body is slightly below atheletic.
After doing all the formalities, Rajesh went back and I asked my wife
to escort Raj to our guest room. Sakshi escorted him to our guest room
and said “Raj,make yourself feel at home. Be comfortable. Study, watch
TV, eat whatever you want or let me know if you need any help” this
made Raj more comfortable as he was already a shy person. That night i
said to Sakshi : “Honey, lets start the fun. Trust me its going to be
exciting and you will love it. Will stop it right away if you ain’t
comfortable at any point of time”. We hugged each other, gave a good
night kiss and went to bed.

Next morning, Sakshi was up early and was looking an absolute beauty.
I got ready for office and said “best of luck sweetheart and let me
know when i come back from office what took place the whole day”. And
I left; But unfortunately nothing happened for 2-3 days as Sakshi
couldn’t gather the courage to do this. I didn’t push her either but
on the evening of 4th day, I asked Sakshi to wear revealing clothes.
She jumped into a sleeveless low neck black top which rested on her
boobs so beautifully. I was in the bedroom and asked her to execute
our plan while I was hiding and watching it from here. Raj was already
sitting on the dinning table in the hall writing some notes. Sakshi
went out of our room and engaged herself with Raj. The moment she sat
next to Raj, he was awestruck seeing his Sakshi aunty in such clothes.
Sakshis boobs were partially visible from the side and if she bent it
would be a treat to watch. She said to raj “I am writing a new poem so
any suggestions are most welcome and started writing”Raj was still
surprised and his eyes were enjoying the show thoroughly. As Sakshi
used to erase anything, her boobs would oscillate and jiggle. Raj got
really nervous. Sakshi purposely dropped her pencil and bend down,now
her boobs were in clear sight of Raj. He didn’t move an inch probably
because he got a boner already. As Sakshi bent down, her boobs almost
came out of her top. After picking up the pencil, Sakshi walked away
from Raj. Her pyjamas were beautifully held on her ass cheeks and it
was a beautiful sight to watch that ass. Sakshi then asked Raj to come
and help her in the kitchen. While he was standing in the kitchen,
sakshi purposely brushed her ass on Raj’s dick which was erect
already. that night Sakshi confessed that she really liked the touch
of a raw growing dick.

Next day, me and Sakshi came home late from party and pretended to be
highly drunk. Raj was waiting for us and the moment he saw us, he knew
we were absolutely drunk. He guided me to my bedroom and I acted as if
I collapsed and never wake up again. Raj went back to the hall to
guide Sakshi to the bedroom. Sakshi was wearing an off white one piece
which was above her knee. Sakshi asked Raj to help her out on the
couch as she is not willing to sleep in the bedroom. Raj held her left
hand and put it across his shoulder and was walking her towards the
couch. In process, Sakshi’s boobs were now pressing against Raj’s
chest. Raj put her on the couch and immidiately her dress flew up
exposing her super white and bulky thighs. Raj looked towards my
bedroom to confirm that i was asleep. Raj continusly stared at Sakshis
thighs and then he tried to wake her up. But Sakshi and me had already
made our mind to pretend to be passed out. Raj was getting nervous
seeing her thighs but to my surprise he gathered courage and sat near
my wife’s legs to have a clear view of her panties. Sakshi was wearing
an off white panty. Raj slowly with his shaky hands lifted her dress
even further and now my wife’s panty which was tightly kissing her
pussy was exposed in front of Raj. Sakshis heartbeats started racing
but She didn’t move an inch. Raj then placed his index finger on her
pussy which gave her an electrifying feeling. Raj was amazed at the
softness of Sakshis love hole and hence he started rubbing and
pinching it slowly like a real amateur. He was touching everywhere and
then got even more confident. He moved Sakshis panty from one side to
get a perfect view of a real pussy. Raj was exploring her love hole
like an expert with soft hands. Being an amateur he didn’t know the
art of fingering. He slowly ran his index finger through Sakshis pussy
line. Sakshi was already wet. Raj then leaned forward and gave a kiss
on her pussy. Sakshi reacted to this by a sudden jerk which alerted
Raj. He waited for sometime before his next move. He held Sakshis
panty from both the sides and slowly and steadily removed it
completely with perfection. Sakshi was getting nervous but was
helpless as she was enjoying it too. Raj held her left leg and raised
it a bit and the right leg was spread apart. There she was, exposing
her pussy to a 15 year old kid who knew nothing about sex. Raj then
spread her pussy lips apart and was looking at it as if there is a
treasure in there. Sakshi had some pubic hear which made the pussy
look even more amazing. With the pussy lips open, her clit was exposed
and Raj gave a brief lick with his tongue. Sakshi was going crazy. Raj
continues to lick her pussy which was now secreting the juices
rapidly. At first, he tasted Sakshis cum and seemed to have liked it.
Hence he inserted his tongue deep in her vagina. This drove Sakshi
absolutely crazy. She held him by his head and made a hissing sound.
Raj knew sakshi is not in her senses and Akash uncle is already passed
out. He continues his licking. Sakshi finally reached her climax and
shots a stream of cum running out of her vagina like a river. Her body
forms an arc and is out of control. Sakshi purposely calls out my name
so that Raj continues his job : “I love you Akash. Do it, please do it