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Mature aunt taking command over a teenager-2

Raj slowly gets up and unzips his pants and starts stroking his dick.
With 3-4 strokes, he shots his cum which he collects on his left hand
and runs in his room to clean himself may be. After some time, he
comes out, puts on my wife’s panty and shifts her next to me and
leaves. Sakshi was left unsatisfied due to Rajs inexperience and hence
I had to have sex with her which was the best possible sex we ever had
that night. I asked Sakshi to teach him about sex whenever she finds
an opportunity.
Next day, Raj came out of his room at 11am. We had already made a plan
for today. Raj came to the kitchen and greeted me “good morning
Sakshi:. I purposely gave him a cold shoulder and replied “yea, GM”.
He instantly knew something is wrong. He asked where is Akash uncle
and sakshi said he has already left but I was actually hiding in my

Sakshi went to have shower and after about 30 mins, gives a call to
Raj. “Raj, can you come over for a min?”
He comes running to our room. I was now hiding in the washroom. He
opens the bedroom door and freezes seeing Sakshi. Sakshi had nothing
but a towel around her body which barely covered her boobs and pussy
area. She was smelling like a lotus flower.
Sakshi said : “can you help me fix this hair dryer? It isn’t starting
for some reason.”
Raj: let me try it aunty.
Meanwhile Sakshi continued lifting things from the floor, bending down
purposely and showing him her ass. He was left absolutely surprised
there becase he didn’t see Sakshi from the back. While lifting things
from the ground, Sakshi unties her towel and let’s it drop on the
Sakshi: ohhh!! Raj I am sorry…my god, turn around. Sakshi covered
her boobs with her right hand and her pussy with left and turned her
back towards raj. What a sight it was. Raj was left with a mouth wide
open. Sakshi lifts the towel and in process while bending down, both
the ass cheeks open wide and gives Raj a good look of her ass hole.
Sakshi covers herself but only from the front and says : Raj, I feel
so embarassed now. I am sorry.
Raj with his soft shaky voice : thats fine aunty. Don’t worry.

I will leave the room if you want.
Sakshi: no, stay back. I need a favour from you. Could you please
apply this ointment on my back. Your uncle has already left and I need
to apply this as prescribed by the doctor.
Raj : yes sure aunty. I shall help you.
Sakshi removed her towel with one flash and stands absolutely naked in
front of him again leaving Raj speechless. She walks towards her bed.
With every single step her boobs start jumping up and down and side to
side. Her nipples were already erect. She lays down on the bed upside
down and hands over raj the ointment.
Raj : where should I apply this?

Sakshi: pointing at the bottom of her spinal cord, apply It here. Raj
does so with his shaky hands. He continues massaging her back for 10
minutes. Sakshi had covered her ass with the towel. Raj tries to have
a look at it again but slowly moving it away from her ass.
Sakshi: you can move that towel aside if you want. You can apply the
ointment properly then.
Raj slowly lifts it and uncovers her ass.
Sakshi : please can you apply a bit downwards?
Raj does so without saying a word for 15 min.
Sakshi : enough of the ointment. Now please wipe it off for me and
sanitize your hands. After that, Sakshi turns around and covers her
boobs and pussy with one hand. She was looking like a sex idol lying
naked on the bed. Without saying anything Raj himself starts messaging
her thighs. This surprises Sakshi and she lets him do it happily.
Sakshi: thanks son! You are all good.
Raj massages in clockwise and anti clockwise direction. And slowly
moves towards her pussy area. With every move, sakshis body
oscisllates like a jelly. Raj kept staring at her boobs and pussy.
Sakshi noticed this and slowly opens up the fingers that covered her
pussy. This now gives Raj a clear view of her love hole. He looks in
her eyes.

Sakshi: what are you staring at Raj? Did you never see it before?
Raj: doesn’t say a word and replied by nodding his head side ways.
Sakshi slowly spreads her legs and with her index finger and middle
finger slowly opens up her pussy. Now Raj stops massaging her legs.
And keeps staring at the pink area. Sakshi opens it slightly more
exposing her clit. Seeing this, Raj slowly moves his hand towards her
pussy and touched it with his index finger. Sakshi closes her eyes.
She takes his finger and guides it in. Raj supports her move and
inserts his finger deep which takes Sakshi to another level.
Sakshi: ummmm ummmm do it fast Raj.
Raj now gets confident and innocently inserts his middle finger too.
Sakshi: ummmm … gentle Raj. Be careful.
Raj now tries to insert his third finger and Sakshi suddenly gives a
loud moan.
Sakshi: ahhhhhh! Raj not three fingers please…it hurts. But raj
doesn’t listen to her. He starts moving in and out and now sakshi
responds to his movements. After about 6 minutes, she cums all over
his hand. Her body forms an arc, she tries to hold the bedsheet, cover
her face and goes bizare!
Sakshi: stop stop please raj stop it. And her whole body starts
shivering. Sakshi waits for 5.mins to calm down and spreads her legs.

SAKSHI: is this your first time to see a woman like this?
Raj in his low voice : yes aunty !
Sakshi: come close and bend down. You can taste these juices if you
want. Sakshi opens up her legs wide and lifts them in the air. Wowww
what a sight that was! A teenage boy with his face close to my wife’s
pussy and her legs in the air.
He then starts kissing her vagina which was all wet.
Raj opens her pussy lips and gives a big lick cleaning first layer of
her cum. Sakshi likes his move. And he continues to do so till she was
clean. With every lick, her pussy was secreting juices rapidly.
Sakshi: thats so nice of you raj. Come here give me a hug. He leans
over her body.
Come on top of me Raj I can hug you properly then. He agrees and
suddenly Sakshi feels a small bulge touching her pussy area. She
spreads her legs and let’s Raj sleep between them.
Sakshi: ohhh my my! Someone seems to be standing since a long time.
Isn’t it?
Raj nods in an affirmative manner.
Remove your shirt and he does.

Raj stand here besides my bed. Can I take this off. Raj doesn’t answer
anything now.
Sakshi slowly pulls his boxers down and she could see a developing
pubic area with small pubic hair first. And then she pulls it even
more and boom. Suddenly his dick jumps out like a springs and starts
swinging. Rajs cock was just 5.5 inches long and about 2 inches wide.
It wasn’t the biggest but Sakshi was happy with it.
Sakshi holds his dick with her right hand and starts stroking slowly.

You like it raj?
Yes aunty.
She pulls his skin back to have a look at his dick head. Raj now puts
both his hands on sakshis shoulders. Slowly she moves down and takes
his dick in her mouth. With just 2-4 strokes and licking, raj tries to
withdraw from her mouth. Sakshi doesn’t let him and holds him back by
pushing his ass towards her mouth.
Raj: aunty; please.let meee..And before he could say anything, he
shots his load in her mouth.
He shots like for 4-5 times. With every shot, raj moves his dick even
more deep in my wife’s mouth. Sakshi withdraws his dick and holds his
cum in her mouth and looks in his eyes.
Raj: I am sorry aunty. I just couldn’t control. I tried to withdraw
but everything happened so fast. She then slowly opens her mouth and
shows him his cum. Raj remains silent and watches her tongue play with
his cum. She eats his cum like a chewing gum. And finally gulps it.
They are still standing in the same position, my wife close to his
dick and raj in standing position. By now his dick had lost all the
power and become lose. It shrunk down to 4 inches.
Sakshi: you taste so raw. It was so different from that of my husband
Akash. I like your taste though and gives a small seducing kiss on his
placid dick. I hope you liked it raj. Sakshi now gets up and starts
walking out of the room expecting everything is done now. As she walks
her ass cheeks runs against each other. She bends down to pick her
panty lying on the ground.
This makes Raj even more bold and his dick starts getting erect

The moment Sakshi bends down, raj comes from the back and starts
mounting on her.
He holds her by her waist, pulls her towards the bed and tries to
enter from behind.
Sakshi: wait wait!! hold on Raj! What are you trying to do?
Raj is in no mood to listen and continues humping her from behind.
Sakshi let’s him do it and lies quietly on the bed. After sometime,
raj slows down and stops.
Sakshi: what were you trying to do Raj?
Raj: I don’t know…..I saw it in porn movies and was trying to do the
Sakshi: but thats not the correct way to do it. You should have told
me once.
This conversation takes place with sakshi lying on the bed and Raj
mounting her from her back.
Get off me Raj!
Raj: sorry aunty, I didn’t know how to do it and couldn’t control
Sakshi: just get up. Let me atleast stand.

Raj gets off from her with his dick pointing towards her face. Sakshi
sits on the edge of her bed and looks into his eyes. “There’s a proper
way of doing these things. Whatever you want to do, do it. I give you
complete authority over me and my body but do it in a proper way
baby”. She was now trying to take command over him. Now move back. Raj
steps back and Sakshi stands in front of him, moves closer, holds his
face and kisses his lips. Raj stands still. She then makes her way
into his mouth and plays with his tongue. Their tongues fight with
each other exchanging saliva. Sakshi wraps her hands across Rajs body
and hugs him tightly. That brings his dick close to her vaginal area
giving a small kiss. Rajs dick was oozing precum which was geting
deposited on Sakshis vagina. Sakshi could feel his manhood and
playfully tried to rub his dick against her pussy.
Sakshi: you seem to be ready with your juices baby. Both of them look
down and as raj withdraws his penis, it leaves a string like sticky
fluid which connects tip of the dick to her vagina.
Sakshi holds his dick and wipes off the precum off it’s tip with her
index finger and puts it in her mouth. That scene instantly gives me a
superb hardon. Sakshi was killing it beautifully with her experience.

She then lay back on the bed. Open her legs and presents her love hole
in front of Raj.
Sakshi : come here Raj. I will show you how to do it.
Raj leans on her body between her legs. Sakshi holds his dick and
places it on her entrance of her pussy.
“Raj, now slowly try to push it. But don’t insert pressure unless I
ask you to do so.”
Raj tries to push it and on the third attempt his dick swiftly enters
Sakshi. Raj instantly closed his eyes and leaves a small
For Sakshi the dick was not as huge as her husband Akash but the whole
amateur sex experience was driving her sexually mad. After entering
her Raj stays there for some seconds.
Sakshi: baby now we are one body two souls. Now try to move back and
forth. Like how you fingered me do it likewise but this time with your
Ummmmm yeaaa….that’s like it sweetheart. Do it slowly. Now raj was
pumping her with a slow pace. Both of them were enjoying it and Raj
suddenly increases his speed.
Sakshi: oouch! Raj, slowly honey. You are hurting me. Dont be rough be
gentle. But he didn’t listen and Sakshi tried to push him back. It was
then when Sakshi realised that Raj was reaching his climax. She didn’t
oppose him. She let him be the way he wanted It to be. He was ramming
her hard. Sakshi then raised both her legs and placed them on his
shoulder. This gave Raj easy access to her love hole. After about
30-40 seconds, Raj increases his speed tremendously and Sakshi moans
loudly in pleasure. And boom, Raj cums inside her and empties his
balls. He gives two huge thrusts and tries to penetrate as deep as
Sakshi holds him by his head and makes him rest on her with the dick
still inside of her. Slowly the dick becomes placid and leaves the
pussy. I could see all the juices oozing out of my wifes pussy. Rajs
cum was not as thick as mine but it was slightly more like water and
Sakshi: get up honey. Lets clean ourselves. All your juices are oozing
out from me on the bed sheet. I don’t want to leave any stains on it.

Raj, without wasting any time gets up and moves down and starts
licking her pussy. He licks it clean without leaving anything inside
her pussy which took sakshi to surprise.”That was so sweet of you
honey. You are a quick learner”
Raj leaves the room and go to his room and dozes off in no time as he
got completely drained.
That was one of the best day of our lives. I said to Sakshi : woww,
you were like a pro. You absolutely blew his mind and mine as well
with your moves. Lets continue our exploration.
What happens next is even more exciting. And will be published soon.
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