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Maya mausi Part 1

I have been reading stories on this site over past 6-7 years from all the categories and it gives me so much pleasure reading these hot stories posted my people like me around the globe. It is obvious that every person is attracted to the opposite sex irrespective of the relation with them and I am no excuse. I was never a person thinking about incest but reading all those stories on this site made me interested in seducing my aunt.

This is a true incidence that happened with me 5 years back when I was 24 years old and my aunt i.e. “maasi” (mom’s sis) was 39 then. My maasi is a divorcee over past 15 years and she never got married again after her breakup with her hubby. She stays in a town 100 Kms away from mine and often comes to visit us. Being a divorcee my mom always ask her to spend more days staying with us and this has been happening since years and I was never attracted sexually to her (though she is sexy) but since I started reading erotic stories on this site I started thinking of seducing her.

Once my mom got ill and invited my maasi to come and stay with us so that she can help her. We leave in a 3 BHK flat which is a duplex and the situation is like on the lower floor there’s 1 bedroom which is occupied by my parents and on the upper floor there are 2 bedrooms of which 1 is occupied by my brother and bhabhi and other is solely for me. So whenever she comes to stay with us she shares my room and it didn’t bother me.

Before I go any further let me introduce myself to you. I am Akhil, I stand 5′ 9″ tall, broad shoulders and chest, wheatish complexion, to sum up was quite famous amongst girls in school and college. My maasi’s name is Maya, must be 5’3″ tall, fair and her assets were incredible. She has 35C boobs, waistline must be 30, and the sexiest part was her ass which is 39-40 and I love every part of her body.

On the first day when she came to stay with us I saw her and I had this immediate erection between by legs seeing her voluptuous boobs and ass. I was giving her those stares which I had never given in somany years but fortunately she did not notice it. I was so excited having her staying with us and the whole day I was thinking of how to seduce her. I was even scared attempting any move towards her. The first night came and I was happy that she is going to share the bed with me (its not that she has not shared my bed but those were different days and this is different tonight).

We went to our room and we just lay on the bed talking here and there for quite some time. It was getting late and so I went to washroom to change and came back while my maasi was still lying. I wore a short and a t-shirt which I normally wear while going to bed. Than my maasi went to change and while she was away I was just thing of seducing her and getting a hard-on which I had to hide when she comes back. When she came out she was wearing a nightgown which is normally worn by women at night. She came and lay besides me and we switched of the lights calling the night off. She drifted to sleep but I was not able to get sleep and was just thinking of seducing her with my throbbing hard-on.

I was just wondering what to do and how to make my move but had no idea and was still sleepless for more than an hour. She was sleeping facing against me and her ass was popping out not allowing my hard-on to subside. It was so tempting for me to feel her big globes but was scared what if she wakes up. Suddenly she changed position and was now facing me and I saw her boobs making up and down movement as she breathed. I could have a glance of her cleavage from the top of her nightgown but nothing much as it was dark but the street lights were on and so I could just see a bit. What I understood was that by changing her position she got a little close to me and so I wonder that while in sleep even I could get a little closer and so I just moved a little to her side so that I could hear her breathing and smell her. I was quite close to her boobs just staring at them but not having guts to touch them.

Now it was quite late must be at least 2 hours since she slept but I couldn’t get sleep. I was horny like hell and so I thought that I have to start somewhere and so I just put my hands close to her boobs so that if she happens to move a little her boobs would be touching my hand and even if she wakes she would think that it’s the way I sleep. After placing my hand like that I was waiting for her to move but sadly she did not for an hour. When I thought that it’s pointless waiting for her to move and get a chance to feel her boobs and was above to change my position when she moved a little and fortunately her boob fell on my palm. She was still in deep sleep and I was so overjoyed feeling her boob for the first time in my life but was also scared to move my palm thinking she would awake with the movement and feel on her boobs. With my palm still under her boob I drifted to sleep. When I woke up she was gone and I was thinking what all happened the whole night. But I was still happy that I atleast got to touch her boobs.

The next day passed out as routine and I was waiting for the night and to once again feel her boobs. The night came and we went to our room as usual and changed and went to sleep. Once again she slept against me showing me her big ass and once again giving me a big hard-on. Seeing her big ass I thought that I should try placing my hand close to her ass like I did last night near her boobs to get a chance to feel the globes and I did. Tonight I was lucky coz she changed her position just in 15 mins and my hands were dumped under her huge ass and I was feeling the softness of her cheeks and was getting more horny and could not get sleep and now I was in a state where my hand was under her heavy ass and was getting numb and I could not even bring it out coz if I do it would wake her.

I lay like that for and hour but then it became difficult to keep my hand like that and so I started trying to bring out my hand from under her sexy ass and feeling more of her cheeks. When I tried to pull my hand from under her ass I saw that she did not realized the movement and was still asleep and this gave me an idea of her deep sleep. After sometime I once again put my hand close to her boobs waiting for her to move little closer enabling my hands to feel her boobs but she did not. Being impatient I tried to put my hand on her boobs pretending asleep and knowing from earlier experience that she is deep asleep I put my palms on her boobs and closed my eyes so that even if she wakes she would think that I did it in my sleep and I was lucky she did not wake and I could feel her nipple as she was not wearing her bra and that made me crazy and my hard-on was out of control. That night I had to get up and masturbate thinking of my maasi. I came back and went off to sleep.

I am a deep sleeper and someone has to come and wake me up atleast 5-6 times before I really wake up and since my maasi was available she use to come and wake me up every day. Now this morning when she wakes me up I just said that I want to sleep for 10 more mins. She went down and in those 10 mins I just stroked my “cock” to make it hard and bring it out from the sides of the short in all its glory and pretended to be asleep. When she came after 10 mins into our room I was sleeping (pretending) with my hard on displaying all it glory. Seeing this she went out of the room and knocked the room so I have to hide my member before allowing her in but I knew that she has seen my member and only because of this she has to knock on the door. For your knowledge, I am blessed with a 7″ cock and quite thick though I have never measured. When I woke and opened the door she gave me that look as if she knows that I was not asleep and was pretending but did not said anything and I was relived.

The following night once we were in bed and lights were off I waited for 15 mins and when I realize that she is fast asleep facing me I took my hands to her boobs and places on one of them feeling her nipple in the centre of my palm. I waited for 5 mins to see if she is still deep asleep and on confirming I started putting pressure on my hands to press her boobs. All the while being scared at what if she awakes I stopped pressing her boob and started roaming my palm on her to feel the complete boobs and nipples when all of a sudden she rolled on the other side slipping my hand from her boobs but got more closer to me. I was disappointed and scared not knowing if she is awake or not. The sights of her ass with globes like water melon were driving my cock crazy wanting to hide itself in the confines of that sexy globes.

I waited for 5 mins and when satisfied that she is still asleep I slowly put my hand on her lovely ass and waited for her reaction and there was no reaction I started feeling her globes from above her gown with my hand and realized that she was not wearing any panties. Her ass is so big and the feel of her was too much for my raging hard-on which was ready to burst. I started caressing the crack between the two globes with my finger all the while roaming my hand on her ass and occasionally squeezing her bums. She was sleeping with her legs folded towards her chest and hence while feeling the crack of her ass from top to bottom I was getting closer and closer to her pussy. My heart started racing as I once again started feeling her crack from the top of her ass and sliding my finger towards her pussy and finally my fingers felt her pussy lips which made her shudder a little and she changed position and was sleeping straight on her back.

As soon as she did this I pulled my hand and turned back. I again waited for sometime and understood that she is still deep in her sleep and this time her legs were folded to her ass so that her knees were pointing to the ceiling. Encouraged by her deep sleep I turned towards her and put my hands on her thighs and started a slow journey towards her cunt. It didn’t take me long and I was feeling her pubic hairs covering her fuck hole and as I inched further my fingers were rewarded and welcomed by her lower lips.

I started playing with her pussy lips and all of a sudden she pulled her one leg towards me and my hand was dumped between her legs on her pussy and my finger was on her lips. I was dumfounded, I tried pulling my hand out but was difficult without waking her. I waited for quite some time and finding no way I thought that if I have to be caught than I should play little more with her cunny and so I did, I started playing with her pussy lips with my fingers which were dumped between her legs. I flicked her lips for sometime and when I was about to insert my finger in her fuckhole she suddenly woke, let loose my hands from there and said “stop it aki” and I was zapped unable to speak anything.

I turned away from her and tried to sleep but could not. She did not said anything after that. I thought I was screwed and she would tell my parents the next morning and being so scared I just went closer to her and asked maasi are u awake? She just replied with a hmm. I started pleading that I m sorry and I was just carried away, I have never done anything like this before and was tempted seeing you sleeping deeply and thought you would not wake. Please forgive me I promise I would never do that again. Than she said that you are not suppose to do all this to your “maasi” and started giving me advice. But during all these talks between me and my maasi, I realized that my cock was rubbing her ass as we were sleeping in a spoon position and she did not objected. This encouraged me and I once again placed my hand on her big bums and started caressing her globes while my cock was placed in the crack between her melons.

Now I started pleading her to let me feel her once again and my pressure increased on her ass. Now I started mauling her ass cheeks and my cock also started slow humping as if she was nude and I was fucking her. This time she got angry and asked me to leave her alone and don’t dare touch her. Both of us went to sleep.

Next morning nobody had to wake me and when I went down my maasi was talking to my parents and when she looked at me I couldn’t see into her eyes. Looking at me she said to my parents that aki is really a careless sleeper and turns here and there whole night disturbing her. My heart was racing, I reached the table and by than my parents had gone when my maasi asked me what would I like to have? Tea, coffee, milk or fresh milk. I was confused as to what she means.

It was Sunday and hence I was home and that afternoon we were watching TV only me and my maasi. She was a little distance from me and was sleeping and I was sitting above her. This way I was able to see her tits and after sometime I even told her I was sorry for the night and that her tits were visible from where I was sitting. Listening to this she gave me a stare and a sly smile but did not adjust her top to hide her tits from my view. She started teasing me by showing more of her tits and signaling me to sleep next to her but it was a day time and we were in the hall so I controlled myself and my cock. I was waiting for the night when again we would be in our room all alone. Finally the night came and we retired to our room.

Once inside our room I asked her why was she teasing me that afternoon but she did not replied. She dropped something and bent to pick it up showing me her sexy ass and that made me wild and I lost all control and grabbed her from behind pushing my cock to her ass and holding her boobs in my hand. I started squeezing her boobs and thumping her ass with my cock. She said aki you are not supposed to do this to me …. I am your maasi…. And to that I just squeezed her boobs a little more hard and said true but what if my maasi is a horny bitch who shows her tits to me and signals to take her like a slut. I made her turn around and now started squeezing her boobs violently and our lips met for the first time for a couple of seconds and parted. Once again our lips met but not to be parted but to be opened to each other and our tongues were lapping.

All the while my hands were busy groping her boobs. I moved my one hand to her ass and started squeezing her ass cheek with one hand and her boob with other and still smooching her. Suddenly she bought her hand in front of me and started feeling my already hard cock. We stopped kissing and parted and I looked into her eyes and signaled her to take of her top. I lifted her top and she helped me by raising her hand taking it away from my cock. Now she was in her bra and her boobs were ready to spill out. I couldn’t wait to unclasp her bra hook and just snatched her bra in one snap and her boobs were dangling in front of my eyes and I immediately charged on them. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and with my hand I tweaked the nipple of her other boob. I took my free hand to her ass and started feeling her crack with my middle finger trailing towards her pussy.

By now she had undid my pants and my underwear and was looking at my hard cock in disbelief. My cock was fully erect and at its best, almost 7″ and pretty thick from the way she was holding my cock. I flipped off my t shirt and was now completely nude in front of my sexy maasi but she was still wearing her bottom and hence I pulled the string of her bottom and it gathered to her ankles. She was looking marvelous only in her panties and nothing else. Her boobs were upright pointing me. I put my fingers in her panty’s band and slowly pulled it down. I at once put my hand on her bare pussy which was decorated with dark black pubic hairs which were nicely trimmed and still her pussy lips were showing out. I started rubbing her pussy lips parting them and finding her clits which made her wild and she started making noises like oohhh, aahhh, iiisssshh.

She also started stroking my hard cock in her hands. I started dipping my fingers in her fuck hole which made her moan again and again ooohhh aaaiiyy pls… pls… pls.. aki aaaahhh the more I rub her pussy and finger her cunt the more she moans. On the other hand she was stroking my cock hard and fast. I wanted to give my cock in her mouth and make her suck but being the first time I was shy to ask her. When I thought that I would be shooting my cum in 5 mins I just lifted her and threw her on the bed and jumped on her. I started kissing her lips, darting my tongue in her mouth, I squeezed her tits real hard and I was fingering her twat with two fingers and rubbing her nob with my thumb. She was in ecstasy and I was dying to fuck her hard.

Just when I bought my cock to recline on her pussy lips she stopped me and asked if I have condom? I did not have any. So in spite of being horny like a whore, my maasi said that I would not be fucking her tonight till I bring a condom and even I agreed. But I told to my maasi that my cock wouldn’t understand till it spew some cum to which she said I will handle your cock and u handle my burning fuck hole. Once again we started pleasuring each other and in some time we both came in unison. My cock spewed so much cum that my maasi said aki are u cumming or peeing. We went to bathroom and cleaned ourselves. I saw my maasi peeing and she hold my cock while I peed. We came back to bed and were lying nude next to each other caressing each others body thoroughly and discussing how it all started and how we wasted somany years of our life just sleeping next to each other. I said maasi I am sorry for calling you slut and whore but you are fucking sexy. She said aki don’t call me maasi when we are alone and call me with my name maya, that would sound much better. I said ok Maya if your want it like that than its ok but I am interested in fucking my “maasi” and not that whore Maya and we laughed and hugged and kissed.

Both of us were not getting sleep out of excitement so I asked after sometime

Maya what do u call your pussy in mother tongue?

I wont tell you I am feeling shy.

common maya tell me but instead she asked me what do we call it

we call it “choot” now you tell me

we call it the same.

not like this I want to hear what u say and she shyly said “choot”.

Now she asked me what do we call our cock

now its your turn to tell me first and she said “lund” and than I too said “lund”

your boobs


your ass


your clits


I was enjoying making her talk dirty in hindi and she was blushing. So now I asked her what do we do with lund and choot

you put your lund in my choot.

what do u call it and she said “chudai” but now her reply were more freely so I asked her how would u tell me that u wanted to get fucked my cock?

I don’t know so I said thats not fair and asked her back in hindi but in plain words .. agare tum chhahti ho ki mein tumse pyaar karun to kaise kahogi?

aki mein tumse chudwana chahti hun and I said mein tumhe chodna chahta hun maya. I was enjoying it so I asked tumhe mera lund pasand hai?

bohat pasand hai …. Tumhare lund bohat lamba aur mota hai, sayed meri choot ise andar leke phat jayegi… waise bhi maine 15 saalon se nahi chudwaya aur uspe tumhara ye tagda lund… hai mujhe kuch ho raha hai.

Than she asked me tumhe mujme kya pasand hai to which I said maya tumhare mamme mujhe bahot acche lagte hai kafi mote hai aur sakht bhi hai sayed kisi ne usme se dudh nahi piya isliye. Tumhari choot bhi lajavab hai, tumhari choot ke hoth bohat mulayam hai aut jaise hi mein use chunta hu to tumhara dana bahar aa jata hai. Lekin sabse jyada mujhe tumhari gaand pasand hai, kitni badi gaand hai tumhari aur bharavdar bhi hai, agar mein mere dono hathon se tumhari ek gaand ko lena chhahu to bhi nahi le sakta, aur jab mein tumhe kutiya bana ke piche se chodunga to tumhari gaand ek cushion ban ke sahara degi. Mein pagal hun tumhari gaand ka. Once again I started squeezing her tits and we fell to sleep.