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Me and aunt rock on

my name is Rohit height 5.8 inches I hope u all will believe on my story this is true incident happen when I was 18 yrs old I shifted to new Bombay from Jalgaon and we owned a flat my neighbors were good but in first 6 months I was not introduced to anyone but in December I made my friends easily cause I was good in arranging parties and I helped everyone and all became my good friends then they all introduced to me to everyone in society

And had a great fun one aunty leaving exactly opposite to my house who was looking sexy I guess she was in late twenties but she had a problem that her husband never remains at house most probably and she feels empty so after I got introduced to her she often calls me for some work and also I feel free to discuss every stuff of my college and my life she always gave me suggestion whenever I asked something my parents also thought that we are at good relation of aunt and son because of this they can go everywhere leaving me alone

And ask aunt to make my lunch one time they happened to go at our native place which is in Gujarat before going they ask my aunt to take care of me and make food for me. I went with my parents at station as luggage was too much and we went in car when I came back I thought of masturbating watching porn movies which were saved in my laptop I was watching my penis was at hard and having tough time to control suddenly bell rang and I was afraid what to do I switched of my laptop and went to see who was there

I didn’t notice that my cock was clearly visible from my shorts as it was hard rock on, on door it was aunty she was scanning my full body and I m sure she got her eyes on my cock she then ask me what I was doing I told nothing playing games then she said ok and told that dinner is ready and come to my house means to her house and while going smile her was quite different from every time I then went to her house had a dinner and told that your dinner is delicious as you she again gave me naughty smile and asked me when I had taste of her that I’m telling her delicious

I again made joke telling now I will taste you and took his hand and kissed she was shocked but came down but the current went in her body which was clearly visible I had never thought of fucking her or thinking like this type about her but on that day god knows what happened she asked me to sleep with her in her house I was alone and also she was alone I went to house close all window and doors and took one key and locked door and happily came in her house at that time she was watching movie at my goodness it was murder going on

And you all know what is there in that movie when I joined her she changed the channel where there was Zeher going on and again she changed and came Hbo there was add going on but when add ended the movie running was American pie naked mile at last she kept Zeher while watching some time the scene started mine was becoming hard and she was also becoming hot expression you can see on her face she again noticed me that my cock was rock hard

And visible she then came near me she was wearing low cut kameez in which I can see a great highway passing from between two mountains which were fully not visible but cleavage was visible she again asked me what I was doing at that time when she came and told me tell her frankly I told I was watching porn and I put my head down she laughed loudly and told me why are you nervous I have dvd’s of that type movie and told me whether you want to watch it now on hearing this

I was shocked and told yes, she went in room brought a cd packet full of porn and played one while watching mine was rock hard again she was noticing that and ask me whether I was comfortable I answered yes after that she took her hand and placed it on my cock and told hmmm nice big one I was again shocked I thought in my mind at last my dream is going to be fulfilled by her I moaned little ohhhh she then took my hand and placed it on her right boob oh god what a feeling was and what a soft an tight boob was her boobs size were around 38d.

I asked her what she was doing she told i m teaching you chemistry of real life and learn it properly i answered yes aunty she told come onn don’t call me aunty call me Swati her name. then i took another hand of mine and placed it on another boob I was pressing hard she started moaning ohhhhhh henilll press press it hard waiting for you ohhhhhhhhh pressss. then I pulled her in my arms and started pressing my whole body on her body then she told come in bedroom

I went behind her poking my cock in her ass she told control henil control we are going for this only and full night we have to do this I was happy and hold her from behind and jumped on her bed together like mad I was kissing all over her and she was moaning like hell ohhhh ahhhh oouuuiiii after that I tore her kameez and pressed her boobs over bra then I removed all my clothes she stroked and took my tool in her mouth I was moaning like hell I shouted I’m coming and cum all over her face and in her mouth really this much

I have never cum before after that I felt on bed she came on me again we were kissing lip to lip, lip lock like hell I pressed her boobs my cock came to life she analyzed it and told me to enter it in her I first licked her pussy and then made her cry for cock and at last if told I’m entering she told fast enter fast I stroked her pussy and started fucking her she was shouting and moaning like fuck me fuck oohhh uuuuuu I’m your fuck me we then changed position and fucked in doggy style and i hold her boobs and fucked her and

I shouted I’m coming she was also to cum and we both fell down on bed was caressing and touching each other’s parts we fucked that night for three times and in morning we were tired but fucked once again and in bathroom under shower I was fucking her till my parents came we were fucking daily now also we use to fuck but I took precaution I never cum inside her even she insist me.