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Me and aunty

Hi guys this rakki from Hyderabad age 25.. if aunties or girl
interested you can have fun and also for send your feed back and
sugeestion to my mail id i had completed
graduation and waiting for the results at that time. Now let me come
story i went to my aunties home for summer vacation In child i visited
my aunty house and then this second time i visiting my aunty home if
you see my aunty now you will also feel for one change if aunty walk
her ass moves like snake when i meet her she was in blue sari which
made very naughty glimpse at her figure sry i forgot to describe about
my Aunty is very adorable figure..her size 36.30.36. she is a house
wife My uncle is a hardware engineer he is working one best company he
is a manager in company he used to come home very late when i visit to
my aunty her hospilality is very good ,In evening aunty very much
tried heat in city she decided to have shower sh went to bathroom and
had shower and back to rum and she wore pink colour Nighty for the
first time i saw the aunty in the Nighty my dick is growing bigger
which i cant control it Then i went to my room and think about aunty
after five minutes a came from the room and looked around then i found
aunty is busy peparing dinner then i went to aunties bed without her
permission as soon as i entered the ded rum i found the panty and bra
on the bed then I went sniff the bra and panty at that time i cam to
known the size of aunty i went inside the bathroom and started jerking
off it on the bra panty after five minutes i back to the ded room
auntie is in bed room what are you doing her i replied i watching
house aunty then she told ok .she notice what had happened she kept
quiet then at 8.30 Aunty called me for the dinner i said we will eat
after uncle to home then she told uncle will come in late night we
will have the dinner i said its ok aunty then we are having dinner
aunty came near me to serve the food at i feel good perfume smell come
from aunty i asked the aunty which perfume are you using she frist
thought for few second and told me that its ks(kamasutra) did you like
it yes aunty its very nice, iam having extra you can carry it while
serving i can see her clevage total because at nighty time she doesnt
wear bra at home while glancing at breast and notice it ..and covered
it then she asked me about my studies and gf extra…
Rakki :she asked me are you having girifriend then i replied no aunty
aunty : why you did not have girl friend
Rakki:Not intersted aunty
aunty: ohh ok then
Rakki:shall I ask one question
aunty: yes
Rakki: how is your life
aunty: aunty started crying i consloded her taking into hug at that
time i can feel her huge breast touching my heart she told your is not
showing any intersted her he very much busy in the work he will not
come to house for two to three day he will be in office only i am
feeling very bore in the house
rakki :what your personal life…
aunty: i think which had it last year…..
rakki: ohhhh god how are you control ur feeling aunty then
aunty: by mastruabation….!
rakki Ok aunty
mean while phone is ringing
phone call between.aunty and uncle
aunty: hello
uncle:i am not coming to home today
aunty :will you help me uncle is not coming today
rakki :tell me
aunty:will you fuck me
rakki:Aunty!what are you saying
aunty:in the evening i saw you you are sniffing my bra and panty and u
jerked on it also do not tell lie
rakki :ok aunty.
i am waiting in room for aunty she came after all the work is
completed she locked the main door and came to bed room and looked the
she is standing i front of me with shy….
then i went slow planted a lip kiss and pressed her boobs and my hand
was on her vagina squezzing them all at a time she is is moaningg
aaaaaahhhhh raakki…..
slow i took her to bed and removed her nighty dear is no bra inside i
am pressing the boobs very strongly she
moaaningggggggggggg……..haaaaaaa……..haaaaaas…… iam sucking
her boobs like aa small children and asked her will i get milk she
nodded my head ………i placed a kiss on her pussy she is shivering
when i plant a kiss on her pussyand she is moaning in very high sound
then i put a hand on her mouth she has bitten my finger and she is
she told fuck me fuck me i cannot wait …fuckkkkkkkkkk me because she
did have the sex for past one year so so i removed my clothes threw it
on the floor
initally i took my dick out feww minutes she had my dick in her mouth
and she enjoyed the ice fruit….. moaning aaaahhhhhhhaaaaaa rakkii
.then after i pushed my dick in her pussy it little tight dick is not
going inside i pushed it strongly and she told
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaasaa i told do it faster i
fucked her for 15 minutes she told me thanks ra …….
on that day we had 3more sessions and we slept without dress on the
bed till morning
we got up in morning calling bell was rung …..we got up and dressed
the milk man came to pour the milk then aunty came and kissed me on
the fore head and told once again thanku …….
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