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Me and my mom in a hotel room

The clock was striking 12.00pm,I and my mom reached one of the best
hotels in Mumbai as we had a party tonight. We both went into the room
and my mom told me to change my dress and even she did it so.I just
did it early and started seeing tv by sleeping on bed and came in and
I could see,like a s.. angle with a short night skirt mainly I just
cant express how she looked if at all I could express she is 44 but
looks like a teen because she cares a lot about fitness she has a
curvy body with A shaped b—-.Then I just came out of imagination and
she ordered me turn off the tv because it was time for us to sleep as
per the plan because we had a over night party and now she turned of
the tv and slept next to me.We both slept and suddenly I got around
2.00pm to piss,when I came back I could see a wonder it is like I
could see her pink panties as her skirt was up and my cock just
started tearing my boxers. I just went on the bed and then removed my
boxers and started to put my middle finger into her p—- and I
noticed that she was in deep sleep because of stress and journey. It
took half an hour to remove her panties slowly and now I just started
liking it and even then she dint get up.So,I thought what so ever
would happen today I need to —- her. Now I just tried to put my dick
into her —– and I did it.I think I just fucked her up for 6 times
and she got up but I did not notice it and I continued,but she got
saying I am your mom and u can’t do that to me and I really was num
and after saying that she slept and I again did the same and she told
the same but this time she just got to know that I was horny so she
caught my dick and kept it crosswords towards her —– and now I got
a clew that even she wanted to so I just did not care a fucked her and
slowly she also became horny but telling no.Now she just removed her
dress and was naked too.Likewise I just put my dick into her mouth and
she sucked till all her saliva was over and then she was like come on
fuck me and I just did that for about 2hours meanwhile I was even
squeezing her boobs tho.Now the time was 5:00pm so she told me to
sleep for 3 more hours and told me to get up at 8 and wake her and I
said k and we both slept naked with each other with my hands on her
boobs and my dick was like an iron rod so I just placed it into her
pussy.It was 8 and we both got up and she told me to bath and I did it
so but after I was done she just went into and just minutes later I
sneeked into and hold her tight by telling come on mom I fucked
u,there is no matter of bathing together and without thinking she said
ok and we continued bathing and meanwhile even ducking with the shower
on after I felt enough we came out.When my mom just saw the clock it
was 9:14pm and she was like hurry up but I was cool.I evenly told her
it’s k mom the party is at 10:00 because we need to have our lunch but
I even told I want to have it the restaurant not at party so she told
k and we planed to go at 11:00pm and even she said ok.Now I myself
told her I will dress u up and u should do it to me but then she said
no and somehow I made her agree.First she dressed me by wearing a
underwear and then she felt my body for a minute and wore me a t-shirt
then my shorts and now it was my turn,I first rubbered her with a
towel and I told her I want to see u naked for some time and she said
ok and after some time I told mom I feel your pussy dry so I want to
make it wet and I did it so and next I just took a transparent panties
and covered her wet pussy,smooth I took a bra and kept it
aside and squeezed her boobs like a lemon and she mooned too loud too
and now she was like get my jeans and my Kurtha.I told her no and I
bought her a middy with sleeveless t-shirt and she wore it.Now I could
feel that she was the sexiest in the world and as per the plan we both
went to a restaurant had our lunch and reached the party.We both
enjoyed the party and went back to the room and now she was like
wearing a baby doll without panties and I was just with a underwear
tho.Likewise we both have sex when ever we are free mainly when my
fathers out or I and my mom go to a hotel…