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Me my wife & my friend

Hi I wanted to write this true story and let a few of you enjoy people checking for grammar avoids reading. It so happened that my old friend around 10 years younger to me had come to our house and spoke to me and my wife and it was around 12 noon, and I also did not go to my work site (I am a builder) my wife after she finished cooking lunch went to have bath and take a nap, we got married in 94. And this is the time my stupid brain started working and wanted this fellow (let’s call him Druv) see both of us have sex.

Anyway after some time I went to my bedroom to see what’s happening she had her bath, wore sari, normally she doesn’t wear nighty if some new person is at home ’cause all the shapes are visible, she was sleeping with her legs a little apart, one hand on her eyes the other on the pillow by the side her belly was visible she doesn’t show her bellybutton I don’t know what went into me I called Druv upstairs without making any sound and signaled him to stay out side the door and I went inside with the curtain half closed and slept with her and started slowly rotating my hand on her belly she dint say anything then on her teets then slowly on her pussy over the sari she said unn I said unn and went and stood near the legs of the cot in this movement I saw from the corner of my eyes that Druv was peeping inside.

Then I lean forward placed both my hands on her legs at her ankle and started moving upwards rotating I came up to her thighs she again made some sound I said relax and kept rubbing her thighs which are flat smooth and big by this time the sari went above her nee and her fair thighs were clearly visible to Druv, I slowly pushed my right hand up on to her pussy and started massaging softly I think she got tempted and opened her legs little more I did not want to show him her pussy then I started kissing her thigh and pushed myself in between her legs and started kissing her pussy she lifted her knees and spread more I spread her pussy lips and licked her for few minutes then again, without thinking any future problems I looked back, he was staring at us with his mouth open in shock, I signaled him beside me he came in silently and she was by this time fully tempted and did not move at all I removed one hand from her thighs and placed his hand and told him to rub her just the way I did and removed my other hand got up and pushed his face directly to her pussy before she moved or turned. Druv started licking her like an expert and my wife spread more and turned her head from one side to the other in full mood holding the pipe of the cot above her head she loves to be licked. This guy never in his life licked any pussy not even his wife who were married two years back.

Druv put both his hands from under her thighs pushed himself up into her buried his face in the pussy as if settling there. Then he started rubbing her belly, fingered her belly button now he slowly took his right hand on to her teets (breast) and started squeezing it. I really felt like killing him ‘cause I love them, they are big I am not so perfect in telling you the sizes like 36-35-36 but they are big. And I hold one breast with two hands and suck. Any way she was enjoying to her full and I love her and would do any thing for her enjoyment. I was kneeling beside her on the ground and watching them both enjoy. I think I never saw my wife’s face so closely when we had sex before, she was so involved and enjoying, she was slipping her lower lip closed her eyes rolling her eyeballs under the eyelids, seeing her face at that movement was like I felt very satisfied that she was realy enjoying, no blue movie will show you those expressions, anyway. This guy was eating her pussy as if hungry for years. My cut cock was trying to tear open my zipper to come out, after some time he came out from between her legs to clean his mouth then I took over and with both my hands spread her lips with the tip of my tong licked her favorite spot, she shivered and closed her legs to push me out, she doesn’t like me to lick her after she comes.

Druv was sitting on the ground trying to be away from her view. I asked her if I can screw she mumbled saying put it fast and come fast I am tired. I then immediately removed my pant wore the condom spread her legs put my cock at the entrance of the soft slippery cunt and slipped it in. Then held Druv’s hair pulled him behind to see how it is moving in and out for some time then pulled him beside her and opened her blouse. She was not wearing a bra so they came out like a water bag. I was sitting on her now and riding, holding her teets and sucking them she was now coming to her peek again I got up still pumping held his hair and pressed his face to her exposed breast he immediately took over, started sucking and the scene was like I was screwing and he was sucking I put my hands one on either side of her with out touching her. After some time I was coming in the condom and she also tightened the grip on my cock I immediately pulled him and guided him to go out, he got up and without making a single sound he went into the toilets in the ground floor, I as routine got up gave her a tissue, removed my condom dressed. She woke up dressed up went into toilet came back and asked where is Druv and why is the door open, I said he went home and the kid is sleeping (20 months boy) in the next room she then went back to sleep for some time. I came down and Druv went home silently, but my fear started now weather she knew about Druv or no, and will have any problems from Druv in future, I dough ‘cause Druv is very sincere and obedient, loyal to me. Then as usual we some times ask each other as to how was it today etc she said “it was very good and your cock was very hard today, and I came twice”

I told her I took a small break in the beginning while licking she said “that’s ok and it was for a few seconds only by then I was already tempted and wet” then I asked her was there any difference before the break and after ’cause I was not sitting properly and adjusted myself between you legs” she continued saying “you were pushing your tong and face inside me like never before which I liked and got tempted so fast and came twice after a long time” and at the same time there was call on my cell, it was Druv on the line, I went out to speak to him he was very thankful to me he said he never expected this kind of a treat and thanked me more than ten times I said stop it, first I took a promise that he will not tell this to anybody. Any way I don’t know weather I have done wrong or right it happened, any feed back you are welcome It’s sdkhyd at