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Meeting My Bhabhi’s Divorcee Sister

It was my brother’s marriage when I first saw her. She was tall, fair, long black hairs, well build, wearing an orange colored netted saree and a reasonable amount of jewellery. I was wondering “who is she?” most of the time standing near the bride. I moved through the crowd towards the stage to get a closer look. My eyes were sparkling when I saw her. She was looking damn beautiful. I realized she was wearing a Mangalsutra that too was of great designing work but I didn’t see sindoor is her head, which generally an Indian married women use to wear. I was keen to know who she was. But kept some patience and started talking to relatives.

From them I came to know that she was the elder sister of the bride i.e. my bhabhi I also came to know that her name is Megha, she is a clerk in a govt dept and she have a daughter of 8 yrs old and Megha was divorced since 2 years. I figured out she must be in her mid 30s. The marriage ceremonies ended and it was time to take our bhabhi to her new home.

We are a family of 4. Dad, Mom, Bro and me (Ashish) and now we’ve bhabhi as 5th member. I was wandering if Megha is coming with my bhabhi or not, as in our culture brides’ sister used to come with bride as a part of ritual. And soon I saw her and her daughter sitting in the car heading towards our home. We reached home and got bit relaxed and had some refreshments. The next day there were some rituals and the whole day I was just observing her. She must be 5’6” and her figure would be around 36-32-38. I was scanning her like X-ray machine. She noticed me looking at her two or three times but she was stone faced.

Finally in the evening they left along with my bhabhi for rituals at their home.Days passed and we got to know each other well as sometimes I used to go drop bhabhi to her native and bring back to home when bro was busy with work. Once she came to our home as she was having an appointment with a reputed ortho. She was having too much of pain in her right toe. I remember it was Friday and her appointment was on Saturday. Her daughter was with her grandma and uncles as she didn’t want her daughter to miss her school. Finally we had dinner and it was sleeping time. We have a 3 bedroom banglow. Master bed is occupied by mom and dad, other by bro n bhabhi. The third ws mine.

First it was decided that both the sisters will sleep in bhabhi’s room and we brothers in my room. I never expected what happened next. Megha said bhabhi that there’s no need to do this and she’ll sleep in my room on floor. Immediately I offered my bed to her and said I’ll sleep on floor. After bit of persuasion she agreed and so my bhabhi too. I put an extra mattress on floor and make my bed. Till then she changed into a night gown of my bhabhi’s and took the cot. I was in my shorts and vest. I asked her if I switch off the light and did she need a light lamp and she said yes. It was a decent lamp with a 0 watt bulb. It was 10pm and everyone’s lights were off.

We were quiet for few moments and then she broke the ice by asking “so what are you doing nowadays?”

“I am working for XYZ bank as an officer” I replied.

“Ohh, I thought you are studying PG” She said surprisingly.

“After graduation I prepared for competitive exams and was appointed as an officer. I am just 24” I again replied.

She said ok and was silent. Now I took the move. I really want to get close to her and make love to her.

“How’s your pain now? I heard your toe is paining” I started.

“Yes it’s been a week now. It is swollen and the pain is increasing” She replied.

“Ohh, do you mind if I take a look” I asked.

She reluctantly said ok and showed me her toe. It was swollen and I tried to touch it with my finger. As soon as I touched and pressed a little, she hissed in pain and asked me to be careful.

I asked “Is it paining too much?”

“Yes, with a bit of pressure also” she replied.

“I’ll get a pain relief ointment, it will subsidise the pain a little bit” I said and got it from the drawer of the cupboard. When I opened the cap and squeezed it on my palm, she said

“There is no need, I can manage”

“No formalities please, let me do it or you’ll be struggling with the pain whole night and will be sleepy tomorrow whole day.” I kind of ordered her with authority.

She said ok and I started doing the work with my right hand. Initially she was hissing due to pain but after some time she was smiling and was looking at me.

“How are you feeling now?” I asked and looked at her. She blushed and was caught looking at me and smiling.

“It’s paining less” she replied.

Now it was my time to blush. “Why you were looking continuously at me the other day of marriage?” she asked.

“You were looking so beautiful, that I can’t stop myself staring at you. So you noticed, ha?” I replied immediately.

She blushed again. And this time I thought like grab her head and suck her lips.

“You too were looking handsome by the way” She surprised me.

I moved my right hand little bit up from her ankle moving her night gown and was massaging her lower calf. She was having goose bumps and was enjoying by closing her eyes. Again I moved my hand up massaging her calf towards her thigh. Her long and slim leg was making me hell horny. She was breathing very heavy and her eyes were closes and when I grabbed her thigh hard in my palm she opened her eyes and looked into my eyes as if saying “please fuck me”. I moved a bit towards her and brought my face near her face and looked into her eyes very closely. Our breaths were mixing now and I put my left hand on her right cheek.

She was moving her head to brush her cheek against my hand. Very delicately I put my lips on her lips and started sucking her upper lip very passionately. Slowly she started responding. She put her left hand around my neck and started sucking my lower lip. We were so engrossed in our smooching that we both forget her toe was paining. Now I took out my right hand from her night gown and grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me. Now her both hands were on my back and we were hugging each other. Suddenly I remembered that the door is open. I got up and locked the door and again hugged her.

I slowly leaned her on bed and came beside her to her right. I kissed her eyes, her cheeks, her nose, her forehead, her chin and again her lips. Then I moved down to her neck sucking and kissing. Her neck was fairly long making her look even more sexier. She was trembling and moving her left hand on my head and right one on my back. After 2 long years she was getting what she was starving for. The ultimate pleasure. I started to press her boobs. They were stiff and handful. I thought what a gift I’ve got today.

I pulled her night gown up and removed it from her head, she wasn’t wearing an underskirt. As soon as i did that, she too removed my vest and started moving her hand on my chest. I moved down with my kissing and kissed in between her boobs. She arched her body in pleasure and moaned. Immediately I moved my right hand on her back and unhooked her bra and removed it from her hands. In the dim night light I saw her naked boobs. They really are an amazing part of her body. I started sucking them. I took her left boob in my mouth and tried to take it full.

“Aaaaaaah Suck it hard Ashish Aaaaaah” She whispered.

I sucked it hard and now started to bite her left boob all over. Meanwhile she moved her right hand towards my short and removed it along with my underwear with the help of her left feet and started stroking my 6” fat penis. She was moaning in pleasure and murmuring “Ashish aaaaaah please put it inside I am starving for it from 2 years, aaaaaah Pleeeeeeease”

“Wait for a while Megha, you are about to get lifetime memories” I said.

She became so excited hearing her name from my mouth that she pulled my head with both her hands and kissed me wildly. I also started kissing her wildly. It was so wild that our lips started burning after few minutes. We broke the kiss and I concentrated on her right boob now and she on stroking my penis slowly. I moved down on her navel and started sucking it. She arched her body like a bow and was moaning in pleasure whispering my name. Now I put my tongue in her navel and started moving it. She was trembling and arching her body so much. I moved down kissing and removed her panty with my teeth. A different kind of smell was coming from her pussy and her panty was totally soaked in her cum. I threw the panty on the floor and slowly started kissing her inner thighs.

As soon as I put my lips on her pussy lips and started sucking them she passed a loud moan and I got scared that somebody might listen to her moans. I told her to keep low. My penis was in her hand and I was in the right angle. She pulled me with my penis towards her and started sucking it. Now it was my time to moan loud but somehow I controlled. Now we were in 69 Position from sideways. She was a pro in blowjob. Cum was boiling in my balls and I told her that I am about to burst. Listening to this she started taking my penis full and moving her head in full pace. Here I was also sucking her pussy wildly biting her pussy lips and clitoris. Suddenly I burst and loads of cum were shot in her mouth. In response to this she also burst and her fluid was all over my face.

We were so exhausted that both were catching breaths. I turned and kissed her lips and hugged her.

“You are an amazing lover Ashish, I loved it” She said with heavy voice.

“You too Megha, where did you learn to give such an amazing blowjob?” I replied and asked.

“I didn’t know it was called blowjob but always wanted to suck a penis. My husband never allowed me to do it.” She replied. We hugged and took some rest.

After about 15-20 minutes she started kissing me and stroking my penis slowly and in couple of minutes it was at its fullest. She came on top of me and guided my penis in her pussy and started moving up and down kissing my lips. I was squeezing her ass cheeks and supporting her movement. She started gaining speed and I also started moving my hips from below synchronising with her movements. Her pussy was having quite a good grip on my penis. She started moaning like “aaaaaah…….aaaaaaaahh….aaaaaaaah…ashiiiiiiiish I lovvvveee youuuuuuu. You’rrrrre the bessssssst” her juices were flowing along her thighs and my penis towards my balls.

After few minutes I hugged her and moved her below me in missionary position without removing my penis and again started giving long and deep thursts. She was enjoying and asking me to go fast. She was supporting me by wrapping her legs around my ass and pulling me towards her. I gradually increased my speed to the fullest and gave her some hard strokes. She was smiling in pleasure with her eyes closed. I kissed her and asked her to be in the doggy position. She immediately changed the position and I entered her pussy. I grabbed her hips and started giving hard and fast strokes and she was moaning very fast.

After fucking few minutes I moved her on her back took her silky smooth legs on my shoulders and started stroking her in missionary. After 10 minutes of fucking, she started vibrating like a vibrator and her pussy was pulsating on my cock gripping it tight I waited for couple of minute to let her enjoy her orgasm. Her fluid was all over my penis and also on the bedsheet. She had grabbed a pillow near her head very hard. I gave few more hard and long strokes and informed her that I am coming. She asked me to come inside her. Her wordings were “Come inside me Ashish fill my womb with your seeds. Come inside me pleeeeease”. And I shot my semen inside her vagina. It was like a revolver emptying all the bullets at point blank. We were so tired. She hugged me with her legs around my ass and I slept on her for a while and moved to her right side.

“It was first time I am experiencing this kind of pleasure, thank you very much Ashish, thank you very much” She whispered.

“It was my first experience Megha and i don’t think that this kind of experience I’ll ever get in future. You’re amazing Megha, truly amazing” I replied in whisper.

She hugged me and kissed me. When I looked at the clock it showed 2:15 am. We slept as it is on the bed. I felt a hand moving on my penis and my lips were being sucked. I opened my eyes and it was Megha. She broke the kiss and said “wake up its 5 in the morning, go and wear the clothes and sleep on your bed”. I was having morning hard on and I pulled her tight.

“I didn’t want to waste my morning hard on atleast today when you are here with me.” I requested her.

“Its 5 am anybody may wake up” She replied with a naughty smile.

“No one will wake up before 6:30, I know my family. We have one and half hour” I replied.

She came over me and was rubbing her pussy on my cock and started teasing me with a naughty and erotic smile on her face. I took my penis and guided it into her love hole. She closed her eyes and moaned crushing her left boob with her left hand. She started moving up and down and her boobs were jumping along with the mangalsutra. I was a damn erotic and arousing view. Now I also started stroking her from below. She leaned and put her right boob in my mouth and was pressing her left boob.

Her free long hairs were covering my head and arousing me the same time. I sucked her both boobs and gave some love bite impressions on both of them. Her cum was dripping on my balls but it was less than the night. After around 15 minutes I was near explosion and she sensed it. She gripped my cock and I understood that she wanted it inside her again and I shot my load inside her. She collapsed on my body and put her head on my shoulder.

We slept there for a while. It was 6:15 am when she asked me to get dressed and move on my bed and she started dressing herself searching and wearing her under garments which I threw in the excitement at night. That day she went to the doctor and in the evening to her native place. We talk over phone and whatsapp every day now and do phone sex also. This incident is just a month old and she promised to do it again when she’ll come in the summer vacations of her daughter.

After that incident Megha and I used to talk over phone in late nights and used to do phone sex regularly. But we both were starving for another real love making. One day Megha informed me that she’d taken an appointment of the previous doctor as she had problem with her right foot again. I asked her for what date she had taken the appointment and she said that she’ll let me know. I insisted her to tell the date as I was very excited but she said she’ll let me know.

It was summer time; my Brother and Bhabhi were going to some hill station for a vacation with my brother’s friends and their wives. My routine was going as it is. Morning 11 to 7 office and at night 11:30 to 1:30 with Megha. There was a marriage at our native village of a relative so my mom and dad planned to attend the marriage and spend few days in the village meeting relatives.

Their plan was of five days and my brother’s vacation was for 8 days. Mom and dad were expecting to leave on Friday morning as the marriage was on Saturday and my bro was leaving on Friday night as there were two holidays coming in a row for him i.e. sat and Sunday so they want to utilize it to save leaves, so as I. I am a good cook so there was no problem of my food and all as I learn to manage it all in my graduation when I was away from home.

And here comes a surprise call to my bhabhi on Friday afternoon. It was Megha she informed my bhabhi that she is coming by evening as she is having her appointment with doctor on Saturday morning. My bhabhi told her that mom and dad are also gone for a marriage to the village but asked her to come as I am here. After their call bhabhi called me and informed me about Megha and I immediately called Megha from the office.

“So this was your plan ha?” I asked her excitedly

“Yes this is the plan, I knew that they are going for vacations but I was surprised to know that we’ll be alone as your mom and dad are also gone to village” she replied.

“So what are you going to do for me tonight” she asked in a naughty tone.

So why should I stay behind, I replied “Will let you know in the night honey”

“I’ll see” she exclaimed naughtily.

We disconnected the call as we both were having work and I thought that she is too a govt servant and was having the same holidays. If she stays till Sunday it will be heaven. I started making plans about the night. While going home I bought some aroma candles and a pack of flavoured condoms. I thought of buying her a pair of sexy lingerie but dropped the idea coz mow much time she’ll stay in that. So I reached home around 7:30pm and was very happy to see her. But I hide it so did she.

We all have dinner at 9 and were all set to go to the railway station. My brother’s train was in the night at 10:55pm we reached there in our car at 10:30pm, boarded them and soon train left the station. Megha sat beside me in the car holding my arm while we drove back to home. As soon as we reached home and I was locking the door Megha hugged me from behind. I locked the door and slowly turned towards her and looked into her eyes. They were sparkling with happiness.

After all it was a long time and there was no obstruction for us. I hold her cheeks in my palms and kissed her on her forehead. She hugged me very tight putting her head on my chest. I then lifted her in my arms and carried her to my bedroom. She was so carried away that I can see tears in her eyes. I put her on the bed on her back and sat beside her to her right leaning and moving my right hand on her left cheek and I asked

“Hey, what happened? Why are you crying?”

She replied “Nothing”

“So why you’re having tears in your eyes?” I questioned her again.

“It’s just, I’ve never been so loved, cared and pampered as you do. I always wanted a husband like you but what I’ve got” she answered and started crying.

I took her head to my chest and hugged her and was moving my right hand on her head. She was crying grabbing my T-shirt in her left hand. I consoled her and gave very passionate kisses on her eyes, cheeks, chin, nose, forehead and everywhere. I said “If you always like a husband like me then think as if I am your husband” and jokingly said “but you have to treat me as if I am in real”. We both laughed and I asked her to freshen up and change.

She got up and went into the attached bathroom in my bhabhi’s room, I took out the candles and light them and switched off the remaining lights and I too went in the common bathroom to freshen up and change to my shorts. After that I went to bhabhi’s room where I found Megha changing. I stood there admiring her body, she smiled and asked, “Why are you looking at me like this?”

I said “Megha you look amazing”

She blushed and asked “Ok ok, so what have you planned for me tonight?”

As she finished changing I replied “Nothing, Am I not special for you tonight?”

She came to me, put her arms around my neck and in a sexy voice she said “You are the most special gift I’ve got in my life” and took my upper lip in her soft and rosy lips. We kissed for few minutes and I asked her “So let’s go in our room honey, but first let me close your eyes”

She was surprised and raised her left eyebrow and said “So my dear hubby has planned something”

I put my hands on her eyes from behind and asked her that she will not open her eyes till I say. She said ok and we walked towards my room. I pushed the door let us in and closed it back. Now I put my palms on her arms and moved it towards her palms taking it both in my palms and hugging her from behind. I kissed on her right cheek and asked her to open her eyes slowly.

As soon as she opened her eyes she giggled like a teen aged girl and leaned back on my chest tightening my hands in her stomach. It may be around 1 am and there was a pin drop silence everywhere. In a husky voice she said “I LOVE YOU ASHISH” she turned towards me and put her both palms on my cheeks and kissed my forehead and asked me to wait a minute. I was confused and thinking what is in her mind. She came in a minute with a small container in her hand and something in her fist of other hand. She came close to me and said “Ashish I want to preserve and cherish this day throughout my life and I want you to fulfil my only wish”

I said “I’ll definitely fulfil it Megha, What is it?”

She moved her both hands in front of me and showed what she got.

“Today I want you to make me you wife” she said with a very heavy and intense voice.

It was ‘sindoor’ and ‘Mangalsutra’. I said “Ohh Megha! Do we really need to do this?”

“Please Ashish, I don’t want to pretend as your wife I actually want to feel I am your wife, like a married women feels” She said with lots of emotions in her eyes.

As I took the ‘Mangalsutra” and moved my hand to tied it around her neck, she started breathing heavily with closed eyes. Her boobs were looking like they are expanding and contracting under her nighty. I tied the ‘Mangalsutra’ then opened the small container and took the ‘Sindoor’ in my pinch and filled her forehead with it in the center where her hairs starts. She sighed and slowly opened her eyes. She looked into my eyes with a smile as a newly married girl looks into her husband’s eyes on their first night. I hold her hands as she was again having tears in her eyes and hugged her.

“Thank you Ashish, from today onwards I am your wife and you have all the rights on me. Thank you very much” She said in husky voice.

I released her, looked her in the eyes and kissed her on the lips holding her cheeks in my palms. I moved my hands towards her back and hugged her tight. She too responded by extending her hands on my back and pulling me towards her and crushing her boobs on my chest. We moved towards the bed and sat.

Then I made her lie on her back and was sucking her lips one after other. I moved my hand on her ass and pressed her ass cheeks. She moaned a bit and gave a bite on my lips. I lifted her nighty and took it away from her head. Now I came over her kissing her neck, she was moving her head from left to right and back and accordingly I was giving passionate and wet kisses while sucking her neck. Meanwhile her left hand was on my head and she was moving her fingers in my hairs and her right hand was pulling my T-shirt.

Soon she removed my T and was moving her hand on my bare back. I came down sucking and kissing her on her chest. I gave a kiss on her cleavage and she arched a bit. I slipped my hand to her back and unhooked her bra. I pulled her bra clutching in my teeth at the centre and threw it on the floor. She was looking at my act and was moaning in a low voice. I attacked her boobs by trying to take her left boob completely in my mouth but it was big enough to accumulate. I bite her left boob and took her nipple in my teeth and gave an erotic bite.

Now she arched her body in the air about 1 ½ ft and banged it back on bed. Meanwhile I was pinching her right nipple and crushing that boob. Then I interchanged my actions with the boobs. After mauling her breasts enough I moved on her navel and sucked it. She was now moving like a snake as I was sucking and licking her stomach and navel. She was going crazy as I’ve blocked her hands by interlocking her fingers with mine. I went down sucking kissing and licking towards her love hole. It had already soaked the panty in its love juices.

I thought of teasing her and sucked her thighs and went down to her toes kissing and sucking. First I put her left leg on my shoulder and sucked it from toe to thigh. Similarly I took care of her right leg too. She was so excited and moaning my name. Then I spread her legs apart and grabbed her panty near her pussy biting a bit on her pussy and removed the panty with my teeth. She helped me lifting her ass. I attacked her pussy now and as soon as I took her pussy lips in my lips and sucked, she lifted her ass in the air and came tremendously. She kept vibrating less than a minute and was like unconscious.

I tasted her salty cum and then slept besides her moving my hand on her body to overcome from that tremendous orgasm. After few minutes I started kissing her and she also started responding. We kissed for few minutes and it started going wild from her. So I reciprocated accordingly and we were kissing wildly and passionately. Soon she moved me on bed and came over me. She came over me like a tigress and started sucking and kissing my neck followed by chest. She gave some love bites on my shoulder and nipples. She went down and removed my shorts and undie in a single go. She hold my penis so delicately as if she’d found a treasure of life. She admired it for few minutes shaking it very slowly and then she started sucking it. Gradually she increased her pace taking its full length in her mouth.

She seemed more effective than previous time. She soaked my penis totally in her saliva making a slurping sound. I asked her to give her pussy to me in 69 position. Without taking my cock from her mouth the turned and put her legs on either side of my head. I also started licking and sucking her pussy. I licked it top to bottom, in and out of her pussy, chewing her clit. She was trembling as I was playing with her clit. I again licked her pussy from top to bottom but this time I continued to her ass hole.

As soon as my tongue touched her ass hole she moaned loudly and trembled a lot, almost lost her balance. I applied lot of saliva and rotated my tongue tip along the opening of her anus. I sucked it for a while and then I slowly inserted my middle finger in her ass hole. She was moaning as if she was mad about it. She was stroking my penis and was moaning looking at what I was doing lifting her upper body a bit. She enjoyed it heavily and I made a plan to fuck her in ass. I bit her ass cheeks while fingering her ass.

Now she want the real action so she turned, took my penis in her hand, guided it in her cunt and started moving up and down. Her boobs were brushing my face. I grabbed her ass cheeks and was encouraging her. She was moaning and I was trying to grab her nipple in my teeth. I started stroking her from bottom and soon we were in unison. She was moaning loudly now. As there was no one at home so she knew she can go loud. After fucking like that for few minutes I stopped her. Asked her to blow me a little and she went down and started blowing me.

We switched to missionary and I asked her to do anal. She said she have heard it is very painful but asked me to be gentle and slow as she was reluctant as she was never fucked her in ass by her ex husband. I applied a lot of saliva and her love juice to her ass hole and prepared it by fingering it for a while. Then I kept my dick head on her anus and pushed till the dick head goes in. She was screaming saying “Ashish please remove it, It’s paining too much. Aaaaaaaaaaah.” I waited for couple of minutes till her asshole accumulate my penis and her pain subsides and again I gave a hard push. Almost my full length was in but Megha was sreaming like hell. I again waited to reduce her pain and after sometime started giving slow and steady strokes.

I asked “Megha, How are you feeling now?”

“I never have this kind of pleasure, it feels so good Ashish, you can go a bit fast” she replied

I increased my pace and gave some hard and fast strokes. After few minutes I was about to burst and I informed her. She said “Spill it inside Ashish, your wife wants to feel your hot cum in the ass.” I came inside her with a loud grunt and collapsed on her after releasing all my cum in her ass. We both were so tired and drenched in sweat that we cuddled each other for few minutes we have one more session at night and fall asleep as it is.

In the morning I felt something wet around my penis and when I opened my eyes I realised it was Megha giving a good morning blow job to me. We did have a quickie in the morning as she was having her appointment with the doctor. I took he to the doctor and then to a movie where we did some wild things in the theatre, we spend the evening together had dinner at a romantic place and at night we again have two amazing fuck sessions. Sunday morning again we did morning sex and she left for her home town.