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megha bhabhi

Megha Arora: hi
heart_virus_here: hiiiiiii
heart_virus_here: asl
Megha Arora: r u same guy posting ur chats on exbii
heart_virus_here: yup

Megha Arora: 25 f married
heart_virus_here: ok
Megha Arora: i liked ur posting
heart_virus_here: 26 m unmarried
heart_virus_here: thx
Megha Arora: so its just ur fantasy
Megha Arora: or u really do
heart_virus_here: nono just fantasy
heart_virus_here: u tell mre abt u megha
heart_virus_here: whr frm
Megha Arora: i’m from punjab
heart_virus_here: okkk
heart_virus_here: originally frm punjb or aftr mrge
Megha Arora: both
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk
Megha Arora: ur asl
heart_virus_here: so wat age u gt married megha
heart_virus_here: ne kid?
Megha Arora: not yet
Megha Arora: 24
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk
heart_virus_here: love or arranged marriage
Megha Arora: ur asl
Megha Arora: arranged
heart_virus_here: 26 m del
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
Megha Arora: u got gf
heart_virus_here: so meghamre abt u
heart_virus_here: no gf
heart_virus_here: who all in family
Megha Arora: i like roleplay
heart_virus_here: hubby only or joint family
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: nice
Megha Arora: joint
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: wat all wearng now megha n whr is hubby now
Megha Arora: he on tour
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: wat all wearng now megha…all details…..evrythng
Megha Arora: can we chat tommorow
Megha Arora: i need to sleep
heart_virus_here: u work or housewife?
Megha Arora: housewife
heart_virus_here: ok bt atlst wt all wearng….
Megha Arora: ye toh suspense hai
Megha Arora: kyu batayu
heart_virus_here: suspense khtm karo
heart_virus_here: gt voice cht or cam too?
Megha Arora: no
Megha Arora: i wont do that to
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
Megha Arora: bye
heart_virus_here: as u wish….ok tomo wat tine
heart_virus_here: time……atleast bata to do wat all wearing yar megha
Megha Arora: kal
Megha Arora is typing a message.
Megha Arora: bye
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk//
heart_virus_here: wat time….