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Meghna in my office …

Meghna sat at her desk, tired and stressed from her overwhelming work load. It was around 9:30 and she thought the office was completely empty. Meghna sighed as she looked around, feeling lonely. Just as she started to get back to work, her imagination started to wander. That day Meghna was wearing a short black skirt and a tight, light blue shirt that outlined the voluptuous curves of her body. She purposely walked past my desk and as she turned around she noticed my eyes moving up and down her body, tracing the sexy curves.

She smiled and licked her pink lips as she sat down at her desk. All of a sudden she heard the ruffling of papers and the sound of heavy footsteps coming down the hallway. Her head perked up as she saw me walk into the office. “Oh hey. I thought I was alone,” I said. Meghna chuckled and explained she had some important work to finish up before the weekend. A smile brightened my face as I walked over to her and sat on the edge of her desk, next to her. We made small talk for a few moments, discussing what we were both working on and what a pain it was to still be there so late and on a Friday. As Meghna spoke, I found myself staring bashfully at her full, large breasts. Meghna pretended not to notice and kept talking. She seemed to be observing what a nice body I had under my clothes; I guess she could tell I had a muscular physique. We both struggled to come up with things to talk about; it was obvious that we had other things in mind.

Meghna stood up and said she needed to make some xerox copies of the proposal she was working on. As she started to walk away, I, feeling adventurous, grabbed her arm gently, stood up and pulled her to me. “Since you’ve starting working here I haven’t been able to concentrate. You’re so sexy. The second I saw you I wanted to kiss you.” She blushed a little and looked down but she could feel her pussy become warm and wet. I touched her chin and pulled her face to my and kissed her softly. Her lips tasted sweet and fiery.

Our kisses became more and more passionate and our tongues probed into each other’s mouths as Meghna pressed herself against my expanding dick, I explored her body with my hands, venturing across the soft fabric of her shirt, cascading over her breasts and hardening nipples. My hands were now moving down Meghna’s back in a soft, slow motion, causing her to moan delicately in my warm mouth. Her shirt was lifted over her head. As I saw her breasts in a sexy black lace bra I wanted to get behind her and fuck her right then but I felt I should please her slowly…

Meghna began to unbutton my shirt as our lips parted. She started down my neck, kissing sensually. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes as I felt her mouth move down my chest, then my stomach. She seemed to be loving the feeling of her soft lips on my hard body as her hand grazed over my rigid cock. She moved back up to kiss me again when I turned her around so she was leaning against the desk. I reached around her, unfastened her bra and removed it.

My thumb brushed over her nipple as we stared into each other’s eyes. The slight touch of my skin against her sensitive spot brought her to moan softly and bite her bottom lip. Her legs were slightly apart so my hand reached in with ease. As I teased her aching pussy, my tongue moved smoothly over her stiff nipples. My talented fingers slid into her wet panties. The feeling of her smooth, shaven pussy drove me over the edge and I could no longer maintain my slow attempts for pleasure.

I tore through her skirt, pulling it down to the floor. I moved down to her nipples again and sucked them with excitement and fervor. Her panties were removed quickly. Meghna, becoming hotter and hotter by this sat herself on the edge of the desk and spread her legs wide for me. I kissed her lips again, driving my tongue in and out while I rubbed her swollen clit.

She found herself reaching for my belt and pulling it off in a swift motion. With hesitance completely escaping both of us, she unbuttoned, unzipped and slid my pants off of me. We breathed and kissed harder, each moving our hands through the sweat of each other’s bodies. I caressed her neck with my lips and tongue, continuing my quest towards her longing pussy. I reached her breasts again, licking her nipples quickly, then moving down her stomach.

The unbelievable desire and anticipation running throughout her body triggered something in her to grab my hair and push my head gently into her wet pussy. I began swirling my tongue over her engorged clit with quick circles, then slower ones. Meghna’s hand remained on my head while she moaned uncontrollably at the sensation of my whirling tongue.

She moved against my tongue as she orgasmed with such force it made her scream. I wanted so badly to feel her pussy gripping my throbbing cock. To my pleasure, Meghna pulled me by my arm up to her face and removed my boxers. She muttered something like a “yes” as she led my pulsating cock to her awaiting pussy.

I began to fuck her slowly, sliding myself in and out of her while her hands moved to my lower back, pushing me in deeper and deeper. With our moans filling the empty office, I pumped in and out of her harder and harder. I felt myself reaching closer and closer to an orgasm as her whimpers became more frequent. I ran my hands on her breasts, pinching her nipples, making her cry out even more. Switching positions, I took her off of the desk and bent her over it, pulling her back to my glistening cock.

It slid back in effortlessly and I grabbed her hips to match my thrusts. To my excitement, she reached down and began rubbing her clit as I fucked her with rapid and deep movements. The cum was building up in my cock, making it harder for me to control my eagerness to release. Her moans were loud with sincere passion.

I was mumbling how much I wanted to shoot my cum inside her pussy, turning her on even more. She responded by moaning the words “yes, cum for me.” Finally, relieving myself, I shot my big load deep in the walls of her tight pussy.

Moaning and breathing hard, I turned her around and kissed her gently. We stood there for a few minutes, trying to come to terms with what just happened. I kissed her again delicately and remarked how I was sure I would be working late Monday night!