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Meri bihari naukrani Part 1

Well friends I am back with another Maid story and mind you, the Maid was a real sex goddess with all her potentials used for pure enjoyment. They met me through e-mails and we decided to meet into having nice sex party. Now he wanted me to bang his Maid with two of my friends and wanted to see her every hole filled with cocks. WOW! Was she sexy! And he too enjoyed every second of it. I had told my friends that they were to fuck a sex craved slut and she had a price tag on her cunt and ass and mouth. They pay the price to her husband and fuck her particular hole. The husband will collect the money and then allow them to further fucking. So in short he was a pimp for his Maid and his Maid was a whore in our vernacular language. Now about the couple! Maid was Varsha, age 35 yrs, ht 5’6” stats. 36-28-40. she was fair, with long brown hair running upto her shoulders and she let the hair loose.

Her face was oval with almond eyes, Bedroom eyes to be more precise and straight thin nose. He was Shivprasad, age 38, ht 5’8”, handsome and his fetish was to collect money for his Maid and watch her getting laid with more than one man. This suited us and we, me plus two of my friends, Ganesh (age23) and Ram (age 35), purchased the Maid for one full night for fees of Rs 2000/-. Shivprasad told us to come to posh hotel in Mumbai and book in the evenings and he will come to our room with his Maid at 8 PM.  So as per the plan we booked a room into a posh hotel in Dadar and waited for the couple to arrive. We were passing our time with beer in hand and sex on mouth.

I was telling my friends about Varsha and her husband and told them how to go ahead with the couple. I will not tell you anything about it as it will spoil the thrill of reading this story, so read it and find it out. Varsha and Shivprasad arrived at 8 sharp and my friends were stunned to se her mature figure. Varsha was wearing pink Punjabi dress that fitted tight over her nice figure. Her boobs were prominently seen over the transparent dupatta and that invited our attention. She had applied dark, red lipstick making her lips really inviting for a deep hot kiss. She was wearing mangalsutra, a sign of marriage, that was resting right on her bust and moving as she breathed. She had not tied her hair and they caressed her back and shoulders as she moved. She swayed her hips from side to side as she walked with her husband, holding his hand. She was looking at us and may be judging us as she walked to the couch and then sat on it with her legs crossed. Her kamiz rode up and we could see her fleshy thighs over her salwar.

In short we all liked her and my young friend Ganesh at once fell in love with her. Ram was happy and winked at me appreciating the beauty of Varsha.  Shivprasad spoke, “ Friends, this is my Maid Varsha. I have brought her here to please you all for just Rs. 2000/- for the whole night. I am at loss and so please pay her generous tips so that she will be happy to please you more and take care of every fetish you imagine. Call her any name; she loves it and me too. She is a real SLUT and WHORE for today and you can treat her as you want. The only thing is that I will watch the show. So just let me watch and all will be fine.” Hearing this my friends lost their patience and literally lifted Varsha and brought her to the center of the room. Varsha stood there gaining her lost balance and smiled at them. I sat with her husband watching the activity.

Ganesh asked Varsha to dance with him and she readily agreed. Ram looked at them and told them that he too wanted to dance with Varsha. “Hey! You all can dance and shed your clothes at the same time. That will give us nice strip show.” I shouted.  All of them started to dance and I looked at Varsha in particular. She was gyrating her hips and shaking her big bosom making the boys drip saliva from their mouths and I am sure from their cocks too. Ganesh and Ram got rid of the pants and shirts and danced with just the underwear. We could see prominent bulge at the crotch of the underwear and knew that their cocks had responded to the dance of Varsha. Varsha too had removed her kurta and her Bra clad boobs sprang out. Our eyes bulged and we told Varsha to go ahead and remove her Bra so that we could se her naked boobs.

Varsha stopped moving and thrusting her chest forward took her hands to her back to undo the hook holding the bra. Her boobs jutted out and Ganesh and Ram too came near her to look closer. She removed her bra and gave it to Ganesh and her boobs sprang out naked. They were nice pair of mammaries, fleshy and hard. They had retained their shape in spite of her being 35 and did not sag. Ganesh took the brassier in his hands and smelled her perfume on it. This must have aroused him because he at once removed his underwear and let his cock free. His cock was rock hard and stood proudly in anticipation of what he was watching. Ganesh wrapped the brassier on his cock and let it rub there. His cock twitched with the sensation and he waved at us with pleasure. Varsha caught her boobs with both her hands and thrust her chest forwards as if offering the melons to all. She opened her mouth and sucked her own fingers imitating sucking a cock. She then loosened her hair and let them fall freely, giving her seductive look.

Her Mangalsutra swayed freely over her boobs telling us that she was a married whore!  Ram was a little matured of the two and he was rubbing his cock in his fist letting the precome spread over the cock head. Varsha was really showing off her breasts now holding them in her hands and kneading them for us. Her boobs were really matured and her nipples were erect with anticipation. She had big black aureoles and long fine nipples. Ganesh went to Varsha and tried to grab her boobs but she pushed him away in mock anger, “ Hey don’t touch me yet! Enjoy looking at my body and then I will allow you to touch me. And yes first give the money to my husband so that we can be fair with the deal. Please don’t mind this, now look at me!” Ganesh stepped back and stood there rubbing his dick. Now Ram accompanied him as well. Both the guys rubbed their cocks slowly and steadily.

Varsha looked at the two cocks and rubbed her boobs, pulling on the nipples and caressing them between her thumb and forefinger. Her eyes looked dreamy as she looked at her husband and smiled. She called me and asked me to give the money to her hubby so that she can proceed to fuck my friends and me. I told her that I will give the money to him but not the way she wants. First she has to accept the money and then her hubby will collect the same from her. She said, “ok come on give it to me.” I took off my shirt and pants and got naked, took the money (Rs.2000 /- in hundreds notes) and went to Varsha. I asked her to remove her salwar and panties so that we could see her cunt. “ Come on Varsha! Get rid of those clothes and show us some pussy. Show us your choot and gaand. Come on whore show us your shit hole too.”  “Ohhh Jeevan! Sale chal paisa de! Phir mai tumko aapni choot dikhaoongi.” “Hey Randi nakhare mat kar aur jaldi se aapni choot nangi kar. Muze teri choot mein paisa dalna hai.

Yehi ek Randi ki fees dene ka tarika hai!” She agreed and pulled the knot of salwar. She wiggled her ass and lowered the salwar below her hips. Her ass was plump and she had trouble in taking it down. She wore pink coloured panties that were very thin. We could see her ass-cheeks bulging out of the thin material and wondered how hard they were. She removed her salwar and pushed her panties down, still shaking her ass at us. Varsha lifted one leg up and ran her hand over her exposed thigh, sighing heavily. She thrust her belly forward and moved her hand all along the flat surface and even poked a finger into her deep umbilical hole. She turned head backwards and sighed erotically. She was now moving her body shaking her boobs and her ass. Her cunt was well shaved with nice fleshy pussy lips on either side. Varsha looked at us watching and said, “ Come on look at the love hole.

My choot. See how nice it is. Sali tumhara lund khane ko taras rahi hai. Ohhh Shivprasad! Dekho tumhari bibi kaisee besharam hokar nangi ho rahi hai aur ye sale meri choot mein lund dalne ko ready hai. Chalo dekho meri choot.”  Now Varsha put her thumbs in the elastic of her panties and slowly started to pull them down, shaking her body from left to right. Slowly her entire belly came into view and then her pussy was exposed. She removed the panties and stuffed it in the mouth of the host, telling him to keep it in memory of this occasion to remember her. Now her sweet pussy was in view and all were staring at her mound. Varsha spread her legs wide and showed her pussy clearly to each and everybody, moving around in all angles. I shouted, ‘Come on show them some action Varsha.’ Varsha now put her hand over her pussy and cried, ‘Ohhh ahhhhhh its so nice ooh my choot is so wet.

Yes I am rubbing it. Watch me ohhh ya.’ Now all cocks were out and each was rubbing his hard on. Varsha dipped her fingers in her pussy and finger fucked it for some time, writhing in front of the audience and moaning loudly. She took out her fingers and licked her own cunt juice. Ohhh what a lady! Finally she collapsed on the floor with her legs high up in the air and came, pouring her pussy juice all over the carpet.  She spread her cunt lips and pushed two more fingers inside. We watched the three fingers vanish in the fuck hole easily. She must be dripping choot raas! Our cocks were rock hard and dying to enter any hole what so ever. But I had to pay her money! I went to her and spread her legs looking at the wonderful hole. I rolled the money and pushed the bundle inside her cunt. Ohhhhh the whore was getting her fees inside her cunt. She moved her ass and accepted the bundle inside her hole, “ Ohhh fuck my choot with the money! Ohhhhhhh chodo muze! Ohhhhhhh chal Shivprasad teri Randi bibi ki choot se paise nikal.

Ohhhhh fuck me!”  I thrust the bundle in and out of the cunt and fucked her choot. Varsha was moaning loudly and moving her choot. Ganesh and Ram could not wait any longer and they too came behind her. Ganesh held her boobs with both the hands and Ram caught her ass cheeks looking at her getting fucked by the money. Shivprasad got up and came to his Maid. He kissed her lovingly and took the money from her cunt. The notes were wet with the pussy juice of Varsha and Shivprasad licked the notes clean with his tongue. “ Friends, my Maid is yours now. You can fuck her the way you like and do anything to her. Fuck any of her hole, choot, gaand and mouth! She is yours!” I asked the boys to sit on the couch while this slut serves us. We all sat on the couch with our cocks jutting out to be caressed. “Come on Varsha rub your boobs on our cocks and make love to them.

Then rub your ass over our cocks and then I will ask for other things. Ganesh is virgin so take care he doesn’t come too fast OK?” “Yes Sir! What you say is order for me. I can see your lunds! They are so nice. I want each of you in me, filling my every hole. Come on lunds! Get the lifetime of rubbing with my boobs!”  Varsha came to us and knelt on the floor so that her breasts were near to our cocks. She bent down and danced sideways rubbing her swaying breasts over our lunds, all three lunds in one movement. Her boobs felt soft over our lunds and Ganesh jerked his body with the sensation of orgasm. His come splashed out of his cock in globs and fell on Varsha’s breasts. Varsha moaned loudly with the touch of the sticky come, “ Ohhhhh come! Give me your come Ganesh! Ohhh your spunk is so hot coming directly from your Lund.

Ohhhhh it’s so sticky! Come on rub it on my boobs Ganesh!” Ganesh was worried as he came so fast but he soon cooled down and rubbed his come over Varsha’s breasts, making them shiny with the lund honey, virgin honey to be more precise. After getting his come rubbed, Varsha continued to rub her wet breasts over our cocks, expecting more come to fall on her breasts. But we two were not ready to lose our loads so fast and told her to rub her ass over our cocks instead. Ganesh’s lund shrunk down, loosing its turgidity and Varsha was rubbing her ass over his cock too, in expectation to make it hard again for her pleasure. Her ass felt nice and soft on our cocks and our cocks swelled in anticipation. After making sure our cocks were hard Varsha turned to us and looked at the hard throbbing lunds with pride.  She sat on the lap of Ganesh crushing his lund with her firm ass. She moved over his lund and massaged it with the soft flesh of her ass and then she bent sideways and caught Ram’s lund in her soft hand.