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Meri bihari naukrani Part 2

After that she turned to me and held my dick in her other hand. Varsha exclaimed, ” Ohhhhh Shivprasad! See this! The dream come true! Watch your Maid servicing her clients for Rs 2000/- Ohhhhh isn’t it nice! Watch me sitting on one cock while i fondle two more hard cocks. Ohhh I am in heaven. I want all these lunds in my choot, gand and mouth. Ohhh Shivprasad just rub your cock for me. Let me watch your cock getting excited by watching me fucking these guys. Ohhh! I want all these cocks! Come on fuck me! YES Jeevan I am yours with the money you paid. Take me fuck me in any of my holes.”  Shivprasad took his cock out and showed the hard lund to his Maid. His lund was really hard and he was rubbing it while watching his slut Maid servicing us. He shook his lund at Varsha, ” see Varsha! My lund is hard watching you and it will grow more hard as you fuck these guys and I watch u getting laid. Ganesh could not wait to fuck this slut.

His cock was rock hard and Varsha had made it wet with all her choot raas. Ganesh said, ” come on Varsha take my virgin cock in your fucked choot! Sali ki choot raas nikal rahi hai! chal le mera lund aapni choot mein!” “Sale itni jaldi kyo kar raha hai? Mai to tere lund ko meri Gand dikhana chahti hu! I want you cock to lose virginity in my gaand! Chal meri gand geeli kar. thuk uspe!” With this Varsha moved her butt up so that Ganesh could see the puckered hole. Her asshole was darkish and really small and needed boring with mighty cock. He Rubbed Varsha’s puckered hole with his fingers and poked it a little. he spread her as cheeks and spat on the puckered hole making it wet with his saliva. He took his hand there and spread the spit all along the ass hole. He spat on his fingers and inserted the wet fingers in Varsha’s ass to lubricate the inside of her asshole.

We watched this game and asked Varsha to rub our cocks. Varsha pushed her hand again to our cocks and started to rub them. Ganesh then spat on his own cock and placed his cock head on the puckered asshole of Varsha. He lunged upwards while Varsha sat on his cock again. This made his cock enter the puckeded hole with force. Varsha was not ready for such a strong attack and cried in ppain, ” Ohhhhh~Sale meri gand phadega kya? jaara slowly dal na aapna lund. Ohhhhh Kitna mota lund hai sala. chal dal! chod muze! meri gaand maar. Sale ye dono bhi garam hio gaye hai. Ohhhhhh! chal jaldi se chod meri gaand.!”  Ganesh did not require any more encouragement and her pushed his cock in the tight ass hole of Varsha. We watched this 2/3 rd cock disappear into the ass and Varsha bucked her hips up and down over the lund to take it more and more.

Soon the struggle ended with Ganesh’s lund buried upto his balls in Varsha’s gand. Ganesh was sitting on the couch and Varsha was riding his lund buried in her gaand facing opposite to him. her boobs were bouncing as she moved over the impaled lund and her head moved from my cock to Ram’s cock watching the two more hard cocks. Varsha also looked at her husband to see him beating his meat.  We both now wanted some hole to bury our cocks in and so we lifted the two fuckers from the couch and made them lie on the floor with Ganesh on his back and Varsha riding him facing opposite. Her pelvic reign was pushed out to allow the movement of Ganesh’s lund in her gand and her choot was vulnerable for both of us. We both rushed to her choot with our lunds in our hands but there was only one choot in front of us so one of us had to wait. We compromised on fucking Varsha’s mouth with her choot too. So I positioned my cock at the choot of Varsha and pushed my cock in the gaping hole.

My cock entered, all 9 inches in one swift motion and Varsha stayed still for a moment to adjust the rhythm with the other lund buried in her gand. Ram pushed his cock to Varsha’s mouth, ” Come on slut take this cock in your mouth and suck it. sali randi teen teen lund dalke le rahi hai. sali ke saab ched lundo se bhare hai. mast randi hai sali.” and he savagely pushed his lund in Varsha’s mouth, making her gag and lose her breath. but Varsha was real slut and soon welcomed the attack of two more lunds I n her choot and Mouth.  I felt Ganesh’s lund fucking Varsha’s gaand. His lund was rubbing against my lund through the thin membrane separating Varsha’s choot and gaand. It was double fucking and double sensation with other Lund lodged in other hole. Ram was in a difficult position and had to struggle to fuck her mouth but Varsha adjusted his cock too. She bent sideways taking the entire cock inside her mouth and deep throating Ram. Varsha was real slut, taking the three cocks in all her orifices. Shivprasad got up and came near us to watch us from close distance. He held his cock in his hand and was rubbing it very slowly, avoiding spanking from his cock.

He encouraged his Maid to fuck us and even went ahead to knead her breasts. As a token of love he bit Varsha’s nipple with his teeth making her cry loudly.  We fucked Varsha for more than five minutes and wanted a change. I suggested to change places but Ganesh refused as he was close to coming. Ok we continued to fuck in the same position and Varsha orgasmed three times, her cunt clasping my cock firmly each time she came. Ganesh was now banging Varsha’s ass fast and soon came pushing tons of come in Varsha’s ass hole. i could feel his cock spurt the come as it jerked in spasms. Ganesh lay still and Varsha too came with him again spasming her choot around my cock and biting Ram’s cock the fucked her mouth. I jerked Varsha from Ganesh’s cock and his cock popped out of her gand. Varsha looked frustrated but knew that I was upto something. I made Varsha squat before us propped on two legs. I asked her to shit out the come Ganesh had spread in her choot. Varsha sat as if she was shitting and forced the come out of her shit-hole.

The come literally sprayed out with lot of farting and landed on the floor below her ass. I asked her to dip her boobs in the pool of sperm so that they were coated with the precious come. Varsha loved this and immediately lowered her chest on the spunk. She swayed her body so that the come was spread all over her breasts and even belly. Her boobs looked fresh and shiney and she cleaned all the come with them. Ram and me went to Varsha and rubbed her boobs on the floor removing all the come. Then we spread the come over the massive boobs and rubbed her nipples with it. Varsha came again with all the rubbing she was receiving. Varsha was hell of a comer and made lots of noise while she orgasmed. Shivprasad loved the show and his cock shoot sperm all over the back of his Maid. Again we rubbed Varsha’s back with the sperm of her husband and finally Varsha licked our hands clean of all the mixed come. She then pushed her fingers in her ass and licked out the remaining come from the shit hole.

Now I had another idea! i lay on my back and asked Ram to lie on his back so that his gand touched mine and our cocks were close to each other. I asked Shivprasad to come for help and asked him to hold our cocks together. I then asked Varsha to lower her cunt on the two cocks so joined. Varsha could not believe what was going on and exclaimed, ” Ohhh Jeevan! You want me to take the two cocks in my choot? Ohhh How weird! Ohhh the idea makes me cream! Ohhhh here I am taking two big hard lunds in my choot! Together! Two at a time! Ohhh here I go!” With that she squatted over the cocks and placed her choot hole over our cock heads. Her choot was not big enough to take the two cocks but she was determined to do it. as my cock was longer, her choot took my cock head in her hole and as she lowered her choot the crack of the cunt touched Ram’s upright cock. But she could not take his cock in. so I asked Shivprasad to hold Ram’s cock and push it alongside mine. He did it and Ram’s cock head rested near my cock touching the choot.

BUT Varsha could not take it in! Her choot was small. BUT still she did not lose any hope. She merrily took all of my cock in her choot and rode me asking me to fuck her choot so that it will become loose. I fucked her choot hard and fast. Her choot was juicing lot of choot raas and soon my cock slid in easily. NOW i felt that Ram might enter the nicely bored and lubricated choot of Varsha. i asked Ram to make efforts and told Varsha also to take his cock in her choot when my cock is fully buried in her hole. Varsha bent to me and Shivprasad pushed Ram’s cock near the upturned choot of Varsha and rested his cock head over the love hole. Ram’s cock head was now on the choot hole of Varsha and as he pushed his cock Varsha moved her ass and his cock head entered the choot of Varsha. Varsha was delirious with pleasure and moved her choot to take in more of his cock.

Shivprasad and Ganesh watched in awe as the Maid took both of us in her choot and their own cocks were getting hard watching this. Varsha slowly adjusted her cunt to accommodate the two cocks and at the same time fucked both the cocks by moving her choot. I felt Ram’s cock rub against mine and Varsha’s cunt felt so tight as never before. Varsha slid over the two cocks expertly as if she was used to this sort of fucking. The slut she was! Involuntarily we both began to move our cocks in and out of the tight choot of Varsha and Varsha went mad! She cried in pleasure and pain, “ Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Meri choot do do lund kha rahi hai! Ohh Sali itni tight hai phir bhi do lund chod rahi hai! Ohhh Ma! Ohhh Amma! Ahhhhhhhh! Shivprasad Dekho tumhari randi bibi kaise khulke chod rahi hai! Aaaahhhhhhhh Sale tera bhi lund khada ho raha hai! Ohhh Ganesh la tera lund mere muha mein dal Ohhhhhhh! Chal jaldi se! mai to lundo ka maar kha rahi hu, pyar se! Ohhhhhh Chodo! Phad dalo meri choot k0! Ahhhhhhhhh maro meri choot! Ohhhh Dal tera lund mere muha main!”  The slut took Ganesh’s lund in her mouth and all the time fucked our two cocks.

Shivprasad wemnt to her and thrust his cock on her boobs, rubbing his precome over the nipples. We all were enjoying Varsha’s fucking immensely and Varsha was in heaven. She thrashed her body over our cocks and chewed Ganesh’s cock in her mouth. HOW can we hold on for more time? We both came in Varsha’s choot shouting at her and abusing her, “ Randi! Whore! SLUT ma ki choot and many I can not write herre! Our come sprayed on the walls of Varsha’s choot and our cocks bathed in it. Varsha too came, wetting her cunt even more with another load of womanly come. We got up and allowed Varsha to stumble on the floor, her legs weak and unable to move but still sucking oin Ganesh’s cock.

We wiped our cocks on Varsha’s boobs and sat down on the floor besides the naked Maid’s body. Her mouth was avidly sucking the cock and now Shivprasad jumped on Varsha and rammed his cock in the slippery, come filled hole of his Maid. He jabbed her choot for 5 minutes and sprayed his come on her belly. Ganesh didn’t want to come for third time so fast and so he pulled his cock out of Varsha’s mouth and sat besides us. Varsha lay on the floor, fully exhausted and unable to open her eyes. We had come once or twice and wanted more action for our moneys worth and so waited for Varsha to regain her senses.  I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep, I don’t know when! When I opened my eyes I saw Varsha in the center of the room with her legs spread, choot exposed and her 3 fingers buried in her love tunnel. She was giving a nice show to the clients and her husband.

Ram was rubbing his semi hard cock and Ganesh was jacking off watching the slut masturbate in front of them. Varsha’s choot was red with all the fucking we gave her and her choot lips looked swollen. She pushed her 3 fingers in and out of her choot easily and with other hand she rubbed her breasts, concentrating on her nipples, pulling at them and making them hard and spongy. I went around the room to look for any object to stuff in the choot of the whore we had paid. I found a soft broom (Zaddo), which had long cylindrical plastic handle. It was thick all right, thicker than two cocks held together. I went to Varsha and offered her the broom to fuck.