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Meri office mein Manisha…

she was just a regular colleague, sweet looking, innocent, nobody noticed how short she was and how tightly packed her body was. She used to be smiling always and wished everyone around. Then one day it rained, the suit she was wearing was a dark coloured one and was sticking to her body like skin, her hair was wet and scattered, and she looked beautiful, her skin was glowing all one wanted to do was touch her, feel her but one hardly had the time.

Days went by and then there was an email “sweets @ my desk” as is the custom we read the email it was some girl who got engaged and would be married off in the next week or so. We all went to the desk and surprise surprise it was Manisha. She was happy and smiling and giggling and all red and looked truly happy. I congratulated her and went back to work not thinking much. She was a colleague who was getting married and was not overly sexy or wore anything suggestive anytime so I was not interested (why would I, I am tharki )
Well she got married and went off to her honeymoon and came back all banged up and open. That is when the story starts, she was wearing all new and shiny clothes given to her on her wedding and wearing the choodas we are all so fond of. What changed was her mannerisms, she now looked sexy, wearing clothes that accentuated her curves and my dick starting noticing her. She was smiling as always and wore clothes that sometimes showed a hint of her cleavage and that was it. Girls nowadays do not really really use their chunni to cover anything, it is more of an accessory or sometimes is neglected all together. She chose to neglect it which meant that we got to see the line that led to her cleavage clearly.
I started to get close to her group and now we all had lunch together, I sat on the opposite side of the table so that I could admire her and get a view of the line. I would imagine her having sex for the first time with me, undress her with my eyes, taking my hands through her wet hair, taking a finger down her face and feeling every inch of her skin, slightly part her lips with my finger and then take the slightly wet finger down to her neck and trace the line … and of course look away, I did not want to get caught staring at her and be too upfront about it.
Things went on like this for a while, I kept thinking about her and my dick used to salute her everyday, everyday she would do something which would give me something to think about and please me on my own. Sometimes she would wear ass hugging low waist jeans that made me jump and want to grab that ass, sometimes she would bend across the cubicle pressing her precious twos on the wall and excite me too much, or just smile and make my heart miss a beat. I think I was in love, lust and all of that.
Then we all planned an offsite where we would all go and stay out there for a couple of days (one night and 2 days) where we can do team building exercises and things like that. I look forward to such events gives me a chance to interact with all the hotties (somehow the girls, no matter if they are married or not never miss such events), and enjoy myself. I am known to be upfront, not hiding my habits, I do not mind grabbing a drink in front of every one and speaking my mind on any topic. Manisha had come to the offsite, fresh from her marriage she was still wearing the chooda (I mentioned it before but I cannot get over the fact), she wore a very tight choodidar and her boobs seem to be stuck inside it, I was having a constant hard on throughout the journey just thinking about her. During one of the activities where we were supposed to solve a problem together we were on the same team, I changed my strategy a bit and took the seat next to her in place of across her. We had fun solving the problem but more importantly she was close to me, I could smell her hair, her perfume, our hands touched each other a couple of times, and I happened to touch her boobs once and it was heaven. I was aware of the severe space problem my dick was facing down there and the tent it made but somehow managed to go through the session.
Then came a discussion session where we were on the opposite team, the topic became heated and I forgot how hot she looked, she was putting her point across, and I came across too strongly and she negated my arguments expertly. I got upset and gave even a stronger argument that led to her being totally humiliated in front of everyone. I did win the argument but I could see the anger on her face and the fact that she was not happy. I did not do it deliberately but I cannot stand anyone putting me down. We went off in different directions and forgot about the same. It became dark and we all assembled for dinner and there were drinks as well. I grabbed a few of them. Then I saw her, she had changed into a sexy skirt with a slit that showed her a bit of her thighs, the top covered everything but was stretched to the limit, highlight the mangoes / leeches whatever the hell that you want to call them and I forgot that she was married. I went up to her to talk, I apologized for the morning and told her that it was nothing personal… a tried and tested line I think.. She smiled and said she knows, we started talking and I asked her why she was alone, I mean spouses are allowed to come to these offsite events, and she mentioned that her hubby was a businessman and was traveling most of the time for his business. I got excited thinking about all the lonely MILF’s and wives stories that I had read and seen on the board, although a part of me told me that this was fantasy and this is reality. We started really chatting and she told me about her family and I told her about mine and I was in business. She started opening up. She grabbed a drink and I looked at her, how misleading can appearances be, Here I was thinking that she is a conservative girl who was shy while she turns out to be this hottie who is open and free minded. We started drifting away from the crowd towards the sea shore and started a long walk, kept talking and I Was listening though time and again I would fall back a step or two to admire her ass and the movements in the skirt, it was awesome. She had taken off her shoes and was enjoying the sea in her feet and the sand slipping by. I kept staring at her wishing I could have her there and then, we saw the stars and were listening to the sound of the seas, and kept walking. Suddenly she yelled, she had stepped on a splinter in the water and her leg was hurting, I gave her my hand and she grabbed it and started limping towards the sand. I helped her sit on the sand and started to take out the splinter. I grabbed her feet and lifted it to put in on thigh, her leg was lifted and so was the skirt, I could see the silky legs, thighs and a little more… I was taking the splinter out slowly deliberately enjoying the moment as well. I took it out, washed her feet with some sea water and then helped her get up and we started walking back to the hotel, she had one arm around me and her boobs were crushing against me she was not minding it. I looked at her and there was a strange sadness in her eyes. I asked her kya hua, and she started sobbing madly. She was like if this was my husband, he would not have done anything just scolded her for being careless and moved on. I kept quite, just made a sympathetic face and let her hold me. I was like you are kidding. She said no, we did not even go on our honeymoon, in the last couple of months he has spent a couple of days at home he had been busy traveling. I said that this is not good. She started to come closer and started hugging me. I kept my hands to myself and then said something that startled me, she said take me Abhi… and I was like what? she said take me … I have never been touched and I long for someone to complete me. I lost control, I turned and took her little face in mind and put my lips to hers. She shivered, I lingered on and then realised that we were in full view of everyone if some one wanted to observe us. I was not worried about my reputation but I was about her, I am a kameena, I wanted her but not destroy her plus I wanted a long relationship . I told her lets get back to the hotel, you are drunk and are not thinking clearly. She said no no I want you, I need you …. I said no lets go back. We made the way back home to our rooms, I was cursing myself for letting the chance go but there was too much at stake plus if she needed me so bad, we can always find a way to get into each other some other way. I had retired to my room and put my boxers on and nothing else, and I heard a knock on the door and I asked who is it and “Room Service” was the answer… I was perplexed and I toke a robe on my nearly naked body and opened the door and saw Manisha…. I was like you here? She was like do not worry nobody saw me slip out of my room and if I stay here a bit longer someone will definitely see me, I said allright come in. She came in she was still wearing the same skirt and blouse. I poured her a drink and asked her to make herself comfy, I went in to wear some shorts and a t shirt. I came back and till then Manisha had finised her drink. She was tipsy and had made herself comfy on the bed. She looked inviting and sexy. I went over to her and sat right next to her and decided it was time to take control. I noticed that she was wearing her chooda and was smelling fresh and inviting. I kissed her again and this time it was deep and wet, Our tongues rolled into each other’s and I had my hand in her hair weaving through them, she responded back, I kissed her on the neck and grabbed her into my arms completely our bodies tocuhing each other and weaved into each other. She was enjoying every minute of it. I ran my hands down the line that started it all towards her cleavage, the little hair there standing and my tongue rolling over it, I could feel her nipples tighten up but were hidden under her top and bra. I went down a little further and lifted her top a bit. I saw a navel that was deep and smelling like heaven, I put my tongue into it and she screamed with joy. I loved her laughter. I went down and I could feel her in heat and smelling like she wanted it right now. I lifted her skirt a bit and started moving my hands up her thighs, I reached to her panties, she was wearing lace panties, I was loving it. I started taking off my shorts and she ripped my t shirt. she began to rub her hands all over the tent that I had in my boxer. I helped take her skirt off slowly in slow motion, I wanted to savour this, I had been in bed before but all of them had been one night stands, this was like I was actually conumatting a wedding. It was our Suhaag raat.
I whispered into her ears, is this your first time, and she said no, my husband has raped me on the 2 nights he was home and the total time he spent in me was about 3 mins. I went on kissing her on the mouth while she was stroking my tent, I think this is when she decided to pull my boxers down and send my throbbing cock free. She gently held it in her small hands and began to rub it. Dheere Dheere she was stroking it, her eyes like they had seen gold were fixed on it, I sat up on the bed and she was kneeling on the ground, I grabbed her hair and directed her mouth to the cock monster she gladly complied and started sucking on it like a lolipop. In, out In out In out and I was just saying is this heaven or what. She then started taking it deeper and deeper and her hair were falling all over her face, i pushed them back to see the satisfied glow on her face, she had started stroking herself with one hand and I had started to pre cum, she tasted it and liked it. I told her no need to pleasure yourself with yourself, I am there and I pulled my monster out and stood up and she looked bewildered. I was naked and she was dressed, I began to slowly steadily remove the top, it started revealing her true beauty. The beautiful navel, the milky skin colors, the lacey pink colored bra and the nipples that were tight and trying to come out of it. I ran my hands gently on her boobs and gave them a little squeeze and she again squirmed. I decided enough being Gentle I need to have her now. I pushed down her skirt and she was there in her bra and panty. I made her lie down on the bed and she was there like a new bride. All ready to give her all to me, I removed her panty slowly deliberately, pushing it down and parting her legs, the cool air entering her vagina mixing with her hot juices were doing wonders for her. I then reached for her hands holding them in mine and slowly started removing her choodas exposing her silky white milky arms, my dick was aching for the comfort of her vagina but I wanted to taste her nipples first, I removed the hook of the bra and started revealing her nipples one by one, and started massaging them dheere dheere and then bit them, then savagely took her boobs in my hands and started sucking them tears rolled down her eyes and she put her hands in my hair and started pulling them gently, i had never tasted nectar so sweet. It was awesome, I then spread her legs and inserted my dick into her vagina and started riding her gently, her boobs bouncing as I rode her, I began to ride a bit faster and then stopped because I was about to cum, during all the foreplay I did not realise that this would be over too soon. I stopped and asked her to climb on to me, she savagely pushed me aside and pinned me down on my bed and started pumping me, it was a beautiful sight, the girl that I had been dreaming about for so long was naked in front of me, her light brown tits available to me and she was enjoying the slow motion of sex that we were having.
her motions started becoming faster and faster and she was moaning louder and louder, I took the bottle of wine on the side of the bed and poured some of it on her nipples and started sucking them again I wished I could do this the whole night / day and on and on..We continued in this position our fluids mixing with each other and our tongues rolling in each others mouth all night. I wanted to play with her vagina so I asked her to lie down and spread her legs and started playing with it with my hands and she was was whispering in my ears, I came down on her and started teasing her with my tongue, her fluids were already in there and she was moaning more and more I was fisting, licking and enjoying her fully. I then turned her around and wanted to admire her ass which had taunted me in the morning. She was beautiful and agreed immediately. I took my rock hard dick and started inserting into her hole slowly and then faster and faster, I had never done this before and had only seen this in the many movies I had downloaded, I enjoyed side B as much as I had enjoyed side A . the great thing about fucking her in the ass was the fact that one can enjoy the boobs more while conentrating on tearing Manisha’s gaand apart, I loved it to the core. She was moaning and loving it as well, I was about to Cum so I asked Manisha ki tum is tapasya ka phal kahaan logi, munh mein gaand mein ya phir choot mein.
She said swami, she had become a total horny slut by now, is ki sahi jagah aur kahin nahin meri choot hai. Hmm, maine poocha what if you get pregnant, she said do not worry about that. If I get pregnant, I get pregnant. My husband is going to be home tomorrow and am sure he will rape me again so I can always let him think its his. All the better since I get something to remember you by. And I said, I changed her side, and started to fuck her again, her body was glistening with all the sweat and the heat that we had generated. I fucked her and fucked her and I was hitting her hard and she was moaning and squeezing her own breasts. I let my cum in and it immediately acted as a lubricant and we were swimming in our own fluids. It was awesome. We got up and went to the shower, we both needed it badly. She again bent down to do the clean up job and started sucking my lund clean and I reminded her that the lund comes with two accessories which need to be cleaned as well and she obliged and took them in as well. I asked her to rinse her mouth with my cum and then use a mouth wash and she agreed and then I kissed her long and hard and her warm breath along with her cool mouthwashed breath were mixing together and arousing me again, we both went in to the tub and started fucking again. We fucked the whole night and just before dawn we parted ways…. It was the most wonderful offsite ever.

We kept in touch when we got back to base and fucked each other regularly, two months later Manisha did find that she was pregnant and her in laws were thinking their stud son had done it. I gave her paid leave of 2 years, where she could nurse her child, I had no use for her anyway for the next 2 years since she could not be fucked, it was time for me to get a new shikaar.