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Middle Aged Uncle Takes a Maid

Ambika was an extremely average looking conservative woman and got pregnant in the first year of their marriage, by the third anniversary, they had a boy and a girl. Swami’s sex life wasn’t all that good with Ambika, it seemed as if she had sex only to have kids but Swami was content with his life as he was always distracted by his daily routine of work and saving money for his kids. Swami was an honest man and never strayed in his marital relationship with his wife and he felt even stealing a few glances at women as a disgusting thing to do.

Fast forward 10 years, Swami was well settled in his life, his father had bought some property in the Velachery region and Swami sold it to an IT company for 2 crore rupees, he was surprised at the rate at which the property got sold and for the first time in his life he was debt free. On Swami’s 50th birthday, his son got an opportunity to work overseas for a couple of years and left.

In the subsequent months, his daughter also got accepted into a university in Australia for her master’s degree. Swami was happy that he was able to afford things now for the sake of his children. He invested the money carefully and he decided to hold onto his bank job also. Swami was now rich, well settled and for the first time in his life he was free, no fear of paying loans, he happily took leaves from work (which he had never done before) and his home was empty, no kids and Ambika constantly went to temples to thank the gods for their good fortune.

Swami was finally able to put his feet up, read a magazine, watch movies without any distraction.

Swami took a month off of work to enjoy his new comfortable life, he started watching all Tamil movies and spent a lot of time in front of the TV. He never properly looked at the actresses before, he used to fall asleep when taking his kids to movies due to overwork. He was particularly enamored with Shruthi Hasan. Her dance moves, her curves were driving him mad and after a long long time he jacked off to a Shruthi Hasan picture in a newspaper. The feeling was wonderful, he never had achieved such gratification with his wife or by himself before. And before long he started jacking off three times a day and tried to have sex with his wife but alas Ambika had lost her sex drive, she never was interested in sex and derided her husband for his actions, Swami felt ashamed and left her alone. But he couldn’t control because he had woken up a beast inside him.

Swami got a new unlimited broadband internet connection for his home so as to speak with his kids online. He never used his home computer because his son/daughter were always using them. He had learnt to use Google and he found out how to download porn in his computer. He was hooked to internet porn. He downloaded all sort of porn videos, anal, gangbang, gloryhole everything there ever was. He played with himself daily as he had no other way to direct his sexual energy.

Swami and his wife visited their native place to attend a ceremony. It was a remote village in Thiruvannamalai district. All the relatives from his wife’s side knew that they had recently became rich and had settled in life. Ambika came from an extremely poor background and she felt slightly guilty at her luck. They were visited by a long distance relative of Ambika who had also came for the ceremony.

They grieved to Ambika about their ill luck and how the lack of rainfall had brought them to their ruin. They also seemed to have 5 kids. After two days, they came back to Ambika with a proposal. Among all their kids only one girl had decent education and they wanted her to pursue further studies and they needed Swami’s help for it. The girl’s name was Hemapriya, she was 18 years old and had just completed her 12th standard. She had taken commerce group and her marks weren’t even that good, she had merely passed.

He explained this to their parents that she would never find a good college for that mark and it would be a waste of money, he told them she could take a correspondence course for B.Com from her home. They insisted that she may not have much opportunities in their village and that living in the city might help her instead. Swami picked up that they wanted his family to take care of their daughter but he didn’t want his privacy disturbed by another kid in his home. But his wife was moved by their humble request and that she found the home empty without her own kids. She pleaded,

“Swami it might be good to have her at our home. She does the domestic chores well it seems. I might be able to take a break from doing all the tasks.”

Swami agreed reluctantly. The relatives introduced their daughter Hema to Swami and his wife. She was a dark skinned, thin girl about 5’7”. She was dressed neatly in a shirt and skirt which extended beyond knees. She wasn’t particularly attractive. She told in a small voice,

“Thanks very much for having me Ayya.”

Swami replied, “No problem Hema. You have to thank Ambika here, not me.”

All three reached their home in Avadi. They had three bedrooms in their individual house and gave one to Hema. As soon as they reached, they applied for the correspondence course that Hema was going to study in. She fit in well with the family. She took it upon herself to complete all the chores in their house like sweeping, cleaning, washing clothes etc. Ambika was very pleased, this gave her a lot of time to visit different temples every day. Two months passed, Swami had started going to office and he didn’t have much interaction with newest member of their household. Swami again decided to take a month off from his work as he was bored.

Ambika had started going to a temple in Mangadu every day and Swami spent every day locked up in their second bedroom where the computer was kept. He watched porn every day without interference in the morning hours when his wife was not there. Hema also didn’t disturb him thinking he was doing work. Two weeks into his month off, Swami had gotten bored and stopped watching porn, he spent the entire days eating and sleeping.

One fine morning, Swami was sitting in the hall and reading newspaper, his wife had left for a temple. Hema was busy with sweeping the home. As she switched off the fan in the hall to start sweeping, Swami looked up. Hema was as usual dressed in a half sleeve shirt, a skirt. She had woken up early and had bathed.

“Ayya, breakfast is ready. I’ll serve breakfast if you want.”

“That’s fine. I’ll have it when I feel hungry.” Swami replied.

“Ayya, sorry for coming into your home and disturbing you like this” said Hema in a crying voice.

Swami was shocked at hearing the voice and enquired, “What happened Hema? Why are you crying?”

“Nothing Ayya, it just seems that you are not happy at having me here, you don’t even talk with Amma much. You always look stern.”

“Ha ha ha. I’m always like that. In fact I’m happy that you are helping out Amma. How are your studies getting on?” lied Swami. Truth be told he didn’t like having her in their home.

“It’s going good Ayya. Amma got me money to buy the books.”

“Do you have enough time to study? Amma is not over working you right?!”

“Ayyaiyo nothing like that Ayya. I have enough time to study. Amma has been very kind to me.”

Since that morning, Swami began talking with Hema normally every day, they greeted each other, enquired about their daily routine and started spending time every day. She was extremely innocent and was a jovial girl. Swami started noticing her even more every day. He and Ambika got her new clothes and nighties to wear inside home. She was very happy. Swami porn habits didn’t stop, he regularly masturbated thinking of Shruthi Hasan.

One morning while Swami was sitting in his usual place in the sofa, Ambika was busy doing some work in the back, Hema started sweeping the floor, she was in her nighty and she bent over to pick something up from the floor, Swami managed to get a glimpse of her beautiful boobs, it was over in a fraction of seconds and Swami got instantly hard.

He started noting Hema on that day onwards, she was only an average looking dark girl but her physique was good, she had no fat in her body, her figure looked delightful with firm buttocks and shapely legs. Her boobs were a bit difficult to judge for Swami, most Indian girls wear tight bras, inner wear inside their clothes. He always managed to sit at a higher level opposite to her so he could look at the fleeting view of her boobs. Swami was getting turned on daily by Hema’s young figure, he started jacking off thinking about Hema instead of Shruthi Hasan.

One day, Hema was in a good mood, she was laughing with Ambika and carelessly broke a costly camera, Swami got instantly mad,

“Quit your stupid laughing and concentrate on the work, do you know how much it costs?” He always had a short temper.

Hema immediately started crying and apologising profusely.

“Sorry ayya, it slipped from my hands.”

Swami gave her a contemptuous glare and walked away. He instantly felt bad. At night, Ambika came to bed,

“What’s this Swami, she is a poor young girl away from her parents. Why were you so harsh on her? She has been crying all day.”

“What am I supposed to do?”

“Go and console her. She is in her room.”

Swami had been feeling bad all day and he decided to go to her room. The door was open, he knocked and called,

“Hema are you awake?”

There was no answer. She was lying on the bed with her face on the pillows, Swami could make out this from the night lamp. He decided that she was asleep and started to leave.

A timid voice called out “Ayya?”

Swami turned around and came inside the room and switched the light on. He said,

“I thought you were sleeping.” He looked at her face, her eyes were red. She replied,

“I just woke up hearing your voice. I’m really sorry ayya for breaking the camera” she said in a crying voice and started crying again. Swami sat near her in the bed and put a consoling arm around her and gave her a squeeze.

“It’s alright, I have a short temper. I shouldn’t have shouted at you like that, I had no right to.”

“No ayya, it was my mistake, you have every right. Here after I won’t act in any way that angers you.”

Swami’s heart was moved by her words but the beast inside him started waking up after seeing her in her bed, in her night dress, he was able to see her bra as she had not adjusted her clothes. Swami pulled her close and felt her boobs as he gave her a quick hug and said,

“It’s alright.” He gave her a quick kiss on her cheek. Hema looked stunned and embarrassed. She gave Swami a small smile. He said good night and left her.

From that night onwards, Swami became mad about Hema, she was absolutely attracting him without her knowing. He started making excuses to touch and feel her. He masqueraded his pats on her back, quick squeeze of her thighs while they ate lunch or dinner as compliments.

He decided that he must have her at any cost. One day when Ambika was out visiting a temple, Hema was washing the dishes over the counter, we usually kept the utensils over the kitchen sink, so one has to reach over the sink to get a plate or anything. Swami went with the sole intention copping a feel on Hema. He went in to the kitchen and leaned over Hema under the pretense of taking a place. While he leaned over her, he pressed his hard manhood into the back of her ass, he thought he felt no protest from her, he pressed even more suddenly Hema pushed him and turned back shouting,

“Ayya what are you doing???!!”

Swami was shocked and tried to save the situation, “oh sorry Hema, I couldn’t reach the plate. Can you get it for me?”

Hema glared at him and got him a plate, “take it ayya.” Swami felt that she found out about his intentions. Over the next few days Hema continued to glare him and not talk with him properly but she hadn’t mentioned anything to Ambika, for that Swami was happy. But he was getting mad with Hema over her attitude towards him. He felt that she owed him her as he was keeping her in his house, he felt that ever since he forgave her for the broken camera and showed her his soft side, shy and timid Hema was getting contemptuous and hard headed.

One day after Swami and his wife went to a relative’s house and spent the entire day there and Hema was alone in the house. While coming back, Ambika asked him to go to house as she wanted to go to a pooja in a temple. As I went inside the house, Hema came out and told me in a crying voice that she had broken the TV. The TV was wall mounted and apparently she had tried to clean it by lifting the TV up and it had fallen over.

“Ayya sorry ayya. It happened accidentally”. That was the first time she had looked him in the eye and spoken to him. Swami was furious with her and screamed at her,

“Stupid bitch! Can’t you do work properly? Stupid village piece of shit!” Hema broke into tears, and Swami got her by her hair and shouted,

“I should’ve kicked you out of the house the day you broke the camera.” Swami had gotten his chance, he knew that he was never going to sweet talk her into submission, this was a perfect chance for him to show her who is boss and get what he wanted by force. He wanted to break her.

He dragged her into her room by her hair, she was screaming with pain. He growled,

“shut your mouth, I should not hear one more sound” Hema was scared and did not utter a single sound. He sat on the bed in her room and pulled her across his lap. He pulled her skirt up, she was wearing an old ugly large panties. Hema was squirming and tried hard to get out his hold. Swami held her steadily with his strong hands and kneaded his elbow onto her back very hard. Swami yanked her granny panties down and finally he could see her dark brow bare bottom. He gave a very hard slap right across her buttcheeks.

Hema screamed “Ahhhh”. Swami was afraid that the neighbors were hear. He got her panties and shoved it right into her mouth. He told her menacingly,

“If I hear one more sound, I’ll use the cane instead of my hand”.

She nodded her head, her face was covered with sweat and tears. Swami proceeded to slap her butt cheeks very harshly. Every hit he increased the power and speed. He could feel her breasts on his thighs and his cock was pushing through her belly. Swami was immensely turned on by every hit and he dug his cock into her belly. He continued to slap her bottoms till he came in his dhoti. Her bottoms were red with the slapping, he had controlled his desire to rape her that moment, but he wanted to savor her slowly. He pushed her into the bed and told her,..

“Don’t you dare break anything again. Put you panties on and go make coffee.” And he left the room.

Just as Hema had finished making coffe, Ambika came and asked about the broken TV, Swami said,

“It fell down when I was putting in the pen drive.”

Hema came with the coffee and Swami told her to sit down on the floor, knowing that it would cause her immense pain, with a sadistic grin across his face. Days passed since the spanking, Swami wanted to take her slowly, he had all the time in the world. In the subsequent days of the spanking, Hema had become subservient and afraid of Swami all the time, he kept slapping her ass every time he got, or he would put his hands up her skirt and traced a line on her ass crack.

Hema was in a dilemma, she couldn’t tell Ambika due to her fear of Swami and she was not able to tolerate Swami antics. One day when Ambika was not in the house, Hema was working in the kitchen, Swami went into the kitchen and hugged her from behind. He started dry humping her on her ass, Hema tried to wriggle out of Swami’s hold and accidentally put her elbow across Swami’s face and hit him on his forehead.

Swami got mad and held her by her hair shouting, “you bitch!!” He dragged her by her hair into the bathroom and pushed her on the floor on her knees. He chose the bathroom because he wanted to disgust her into submission. Hema was in tears, Swami told,

“Shut up you thevidiya(whore)!” He removed his dhoti and his underpants and stood in front of her, his cock standing erect. Hema was disgusted by the scene and kept turning away from Swami. He grabbed her head by her hair and forced her face onto his cock. He slapped her face with his cock a couple of times. He growled at her,

“Open your mouth thevidiya.” She nodded no and kept crying. Swami gave a hard slap right across her face and before she could reel from the blow, he forced his cock into her mouth fully. She choked immediately and her teeth began to graze Swami’s cock. He dug his palms into her scalp and held her by her hair tightly and told her,

“if you use your teeth, I’ll kick the shit out you thevidia!!”

She held back her teeth, she had got her breath a little bit and Swami started facefucking her wildly. He could feel the warmth of her throat on his cock. Even though Hema had never given a blowjob in her life, she was getting accustomed to it. But she had lost her breath and began choking on Swami’s cock, Swami grabbed her head by her hair again and shouted,

“Put your tongue out and breath through you nose.” As Hema put her tongue out, so that she could catch her breath a little bit, Swami pushed his cock even more into her mouth, Hema’s nose was in his hairy crotch, he began swirling his hip and her head at the same time so that he could feel the warmth of her mouth even more. Swami was close to exploding now, and Hema was near to passing out, he gave couple more strokes to her face and finally came inside her throat. Thick white streams of cum was flowing through Hema’s throat, as he pulled his cock out, he told her,

“Drink every last bit of it. If you vomit ill do this again.” Saying this, he watched her struggling to swallow his thick cum. After she was done, he put his dhoti on and left her crying in the bathroom floor.

After 15 minutes he shouted, “clean up and come out, Ambika will be here soon.”

Ever since that day, Swami began using her mouth every day, every change he got he would force her to give him a blowjob. He no longer masturbated, every time he felt horny he would call her out and come in her mouth. During the first few time, she cried and begged him to leave her alone, she even resisted him a few time but after a while her resistance broke and it became a part of the job for her. He facefucked her everywhere in the house, in the terrace at midnight, even in the pray room.

He would sit Hema on the floor between his legs and made her give him a blowjob while he watched porn on the computer, and he always came inside her mouth. After a few weeks like this, Swami wanted to step the level up. He wanted more than her mouth, he wanted her body. He picked a day when Ambika was not at home, he went into the bathroom and started taking a bath and then called out Hema to bring a towel, as she knocked on the bathroom door, he opened it and grabbed her by her hair again and dragged her in. He locked the door behind her and told her sneeringly,

“You are going to give me a bath today”

He then sat on a small stool inside the bathroom. Hema knew there was no way out and started pouring water on Swami’s fat body and started scrubbing him. After a while, Swami told her,

“Get rid of your clothes. You don’t want them to get wet, do you?”

She hesitated and said “No”, she feared that Swami was going to do more than fuck her mouth. Swami said,

“Do you like getting slapped? Why can’t you do something the first time I tell you to? Now take off your shirt.”

She hesitated again and began to cry, Swami got mad and grabbed her shirt by both his hands and tore it apart, buttons came falling down. He then took a razor blade from the bathroom and tore her skirt and yanked her panties upwards giving her a painful wedgie and then peeled off the panties. Hema was now standing in front of Swami bare bottomed, with just a flimsy petticoat and a bra. She covered up her crotch with her arms as she felt shy to show her private parts to someone. Swami growled,

“Stop covering it up, you whore.”

She did not follow what Swami told her. Swami got mad again and he took a jug full of hot water and poured it with pace across her ass. The water wasn’t boiling, it wasn’t also lukewarm. Hema jumped as the hot water fell across her bare bottom. Swami pushed her on the floor on her belly and began spanking her immediately on the place when he had poured the hot water.

Hema screamed with pain and after 5 or 6 spanks, Swami sat on her legs and spread her ass cheeks and put his cock between her fat butt cheeks, he didn’t want to fuck her just yet. He started the fucking motion between her ass cheeks. He kept fucking her between her ass cheeks, giving spanks every now and then, he took an oil bottle from the bathroom and poured in the butt crack for lubrication. During this all, Hema buried her face in her torn clothes and kept crying. Swami said,

“Stop whimpering thevidia!!”

After a few minutes, he was nearing his climax, he stood up and helped Hema up and made her sit on the floor and asked her finish him off. She had become expert in giving blowjob now and started the slow rhythmic motion with his cock in her mouth. He pulled out at the last minute and came all over her face, few strands of his cum even went into her eyes. He gave her a few minutes to collect herself and then told her,

“Now clean me up and then take a bath.”

She washed her face and then took the soap and gave Swami a full bath, she even wiped up the water off him with his towel. Swami left the room, leaving her to take a bath. Swami had wanted to take her virginity right there but his self control was immeasurable, he wanted to take his time with her.

That night, Swami hatched another plan, after the morning bathing session, he had been horny throughout the day but his wife was in the way. That night when his wife took her regular vitamins, he slipped her a strong dosage of Diazepam which he had for his insomnia, he told her that the tablet was for muscular pain. His wife immediately fell asleep as soon as she reached the bed, Swami waited till midnight and then gave his wife a very hard poke, she was out of it and was like a dead body. He got out of the bed and went into Hema’s room. The room was dark and he climbed into her bed, Hema was sleeping on her sides and Swami began spooning her.

He could feel her curves, his cock was already erect and started humping Hema and then Hema woke up with a jump and screamed at the intruder. Swami closed her mouth and pinned her on the bed. He said,

“Shhh. It’s me, don’t shout bitch.”

“Ayya, madam is there, she will wake up” she responded fearfully.

“She is asleep, she won’t wake up till tomorrow morning, we’ve got all the time” sneered Swami. He could see the fear in Hema’s eyes as he said it. So far he had gotten only 15 mins or 30 mins with her, for the first time he was going to have her the whole night.

“Go switch on the light and then undress and come into the bed.” Swami commanded. She switched on the light and then hesitated to undress again.

“Do you want me to bring the razor again?! Undress whore.” He screamed at her. She started undressing very slowing and started crying. Swami did not care for her cries, he only cared about what he was going to do her that night.

“Stop crying you stupid bitch! Or I would stuff your panty into your throat.” Swami screamed at her. She said, “ayya don’t shout, madam may wake up….” Swami got mad again as she spoke, he went across and grabbed by her hair and dragged her into the room his wife was sleeping and pushed her on the bed next to his wife.

He sat on her check and pushed a couple of pillows and propped her head and shoved his cock into her mouth and started viciously face fucking her. Ambika was like a rock, she did not even move. Swami then said while face fucking her,

“See the bitch is asleep, she can’t hear a damn thing you pig.” He then got off Hema and again dragged Hema to her room and threw her on the bed.

“I’m going to take a piss, if you aren’t undressed by the time I come back, you will wish you had never born” threatened Swami and left the room. After he came back, there was sight for his sore eyes on the bed. Hema was buck naked in front of him for the first time. Swami was amazed by her tits, they were huge about 36D, she had average one rupee coin sized black nipples and her tits were very wheatish compared to her dark body. She had a little tummy and fairly fat thighs and she had an extremely bushy crotch.

Swami was an ass man, he liked ass much more than the tits, but Hema’s tits were very alluring and he was already watering in the mouth at the thought of sucking her tits.He undressed himself and went to the bed, Hema was shyly covering her crotch. He grabbed her hands forcefully and growled at her,

“You are mine tonight, you should do everything I ask you to, if you do anything with me saying so, I’ll tie you up. Yours hands should only do what I tell you to, the same goes for your body.”

Hema nodded with tears in her eyes. Swami gave her a hard slap across her face,

“Did I ask you to cry?” The force of his slap kicked out the little resistance in her, she was putty in his hands now. Swami pushed her back on the bed and started exploring her naked body. He traced a circle around her nipples, they became erect, he knew Hema was getting turned on for the first time while she was with him. Swami was gentle at the same time causing her little pain by biting her neck, her pain was making his cock go crazy. He started kneading her tits harshly causing her to wince, he put his mouth around her dark nipple and started sucking like a baby, at first Hema was a bit turned on by his sucking, he bit her nipple immediately causing her a jolt of pain. He felt a wave of pleasure every time she winced. After a hard bite, he’d immediately become gentle again, after a while bit her nipple again.

He alternated pain and pleasure on both her breasts, he drove her crazy with his approach. Swami then proceeded to kiss her for the first time, her dark lips were tender and he started chewing on her lips, and he explored her mouth with his tongue, Swami grabbed her hands and directed it to massage his balls,

“Massage my balls, slowly” He commanded her. The soft touch of her hands edged Swami a little bit closer. Swami wanted to taste her pussy and ass but they were very hairy and thought to himself,

“I’ll deal with that another day” Swami was feeling a little kinky and thought of something he had seen in porn. He told her,

“You are going to massage my asshole now thevidia!! Be gentle” Swami then got on all fours with his bare naked ugly hairy ass pointed at Hema. Hema was disgusted at the sight and hesitated and Swami glared at her and shouted,

“Get going thevidia.” She hesitantly spread his butt cheeks apart and looked at his ugly bunghole and started fingering his asshole gently. Since it wasn’t lubricated Swami was not feeling any pleasure. He turned back and said to her,

“Use your tongue on the hole, put some spit on the hole and lick it.”

Hema looked at him aghast at the suggestion and cried,

“Ayya why are you doing this to me? Don’t you have any respect for me? Why are you treating me like this?” Swami was not relenting and did not feel any compassion for her,

“If you don’t do this, I’ll sit on your face and choke the life out you, now get on with it” threatened Swami. Seeing that he had no mercy, crying Hema spread his disgusting bunghole and started licking it, Swami was in heaven and he almost came when her warm moist tongue circled his asshole. She spat at his asshole and started tracing on his pucker, tickling him.

“Stroke my cock and my balls” commanded Swami. Hema’s warm tongue, her gentle touch on Swami’s cock and balls were driving Swami crazy with pleasure. It look an enormous amount of concentration from his to keep himself from cumming on the spot. He wanted more before he came,

“Push your tongue inside” told Hema, who felt that it was going to end soon and did as asked. She applied a little bit of pressure on his asshole, she could not get to open it and spat a considerable amount of saliva and pushed in, that was it for Swami, he could no longer hold it in. He came with a mighty grunt, strands of cum were flying all over

Hema’s palms on to the bed. Swami just collapsed on the bed. He pushed Hema on the bed and started caressing her body again after a few minutes, he wasn’t done for the day, after biting her nipples for a few minutes, he told her,

“Suck my cock gently.” Hema went near his legs and took his flaccid cock and began licking all over the shaft, Swami began to grow in her hand again, Hema pulled back his foreskin and began sucking on the head. She kept sucking his cock and his balls for 10 minutes, Swami stood up and pushed her on her back and he sat on her belly, he then put his cock between her tits and began titty fucking her, after a while he rubbed his cock head onto her erect nipples, Swami was nearing his second orgasm, he increased the fucking motion between her tits and finally shoved his cock into her mouth and came inside her mouth. Swami was done for the day, he left her room saying,

“Clean up and sleep bitch” He slept like a baby through the night.

The next day Swami was searching through the internet for some thoughts he had, though he had a hot girl at his disposal, she was not like the girls in porn, for once Hema was extremely hairy in her pits and it was a bit of a turn off for him. He wanted her body to look like a pornstar’s body, no hair, bald pussy and no hair in the asshole. He found the solution, apparently there is a thing called Brazilian wax which does all the things he wanted. He even found a place in Chennai that did the Brazilian wax. Swami told his wife that he was taking Hema to get her a couple of books, Hema knew he was planning something but she went with him and lied to Ambika about the books part. After reaching the place, Swami told her, “Go inside and tell them you want a Brazilian bikini wax. After everything is done, call me, I’ll pick you up. Here’s the money.”

Then he left her.

After a couple of hours Swami got the call and he picked her up and reached home. Throughout the entire day Swami was dreaming about Hema’s bald pussy, it had been a long time since his cock had a pussy, that too an 18 year old virgin pussy, he couldn’t believe his luck. Just the thought of harshly taking her virginity made Swami’s cock burst almost. He could not keep his eyes off her the entire day, he would cop a feel of her ass everytime his wife was not in the vicinity.

That night Swami repeated what he did to his wife yesterday, waited until she fell asleep and then went inside Hema’s room. Hema was awake, shit scared, almost cried on Swami entering her room, he went near her and said,

“take your clothes off!” She obeyed and started undressing, she was just in her bra and panties now, he stopped her and pushed her on the bed on her back, he sat near her legs and pulled her panties apart, there was her beautiful 18 year old virgin, hairless slit looking back at him in all glory, her spread her dark labia apart and looked at the pink peach inside, Hema was squirming her legs and trying to get her legs to close, Swami gave her a very hard slap on her inner thighs, she screamed,


Swami started sniffing her beautiful pussy, the musky odour of her vagina made him almost cum, he started gently licking at her labia and then started greedily eating her pussy, Hema was getting turned on despite not wanting this to happen, Swami reached her clit and gently bit it and vigorously licked at it,

Hema came, her pussy started overflowing, Swami was relentless, he kept on licking and flicking her clit, Hema was on the edge again and came for the second time, Swami licked every drop of her juice, he could not have enough of it. Swami was now ready to fuck her, he lifted her legs up and mounted her, he took of his t-shirt too, he was about to position his cock on to her slit, Hema suddenly realized what was about to happen and suddenly kicked out at Swami with her legs and cried,

“Ayya sorry, I’m really sorry for kicking you, please do anything else, just don’t take my virginity, please ayya…”

Swami was insane, “you greedy bitch, you came like a slut when I licked you, now you are worrying about your honor?” he gave her hard slaps across her face five times, she collapsed like a sack of potatoes, he then mounted her in the missionary position, he then shoved his cock inside her pussy without a warning extremely harshly and started fucking her very hard, Hema was crying,

“Aaahhhh its paining, ayya please stop, stop, stop …. ahhhhh”

Swami increased his fucking speed with every “stop” from her, he then choked her very hard and said,

“I would have been gentle you whore, you made me do this….”

Swami was nearing his orgasm, he stopped and grabbed and turned her to lie on her stomach, Swami started fucking her by lying on her, he kept choking her, pulling her hair and bit her lips, and finally he came deep inside her pussy, the animal inside him had been sated by Hema’s tender pussy.

Hema finally was able to breathe after being free of his choke hold, she curled into a fetal position and started crying. Swami went to the kitchen to eat and came back for his second time, it was a long night for Hema, he fucked her like a ragdoll all night and left her only in the morning.

Ever since that night, Swami began fucking her every chance he got, he did not care if Hema was turned on or was on periods, he had quickies if his wife was at home. Even if he only five minutes and Hema was in the kitchen, he would lift up her skirt, pull her panties down and fuck her very hard.

Hema had gotten used to the harsh fucking and stopped her resistance, she did every mean thing he asked her to do, she had licked his asshole every time he asked, he had peed on her many times and he forced her to drink every drop of his cum. After using her cunt every way possible, Swami was getting bored with the sex and started exploring her asshole.

It had been a month since Swami started fucking his maid Hema, every day and night he used her mouth and cunt in every way possible, he had a couple of quickies during the day when his wife Ambika was doing some chores around the house and long fuckings during the night when his wife was asleep. Swami always tried to be as rough as possible to Hema he always choked her neck when fucking her from behind, he always got turned on by her tear soaked, trying-to-catch-her-breath pained expression her face when Swami choked her with a tower or her bra.

Hema had given up on trying to stop Swami or appealing to his kinder nature, she had concluded that he was a beast and that she could not be saved, ever since that she did everything Swami asked of her without a second thought. Swami had recently gotten interested in her asshole, he had put his fingers into her butthole a couple of nights, the sensation was painful to Hema but she knew what was going to come, she knew that her asshole is going to experience an unbelievable amount of pain, she had not forgotten the pain when Swami forcefully took her pussy virginity, she had decided to relax and surrender her asshole to Swami so that he would not be as forceful. The night had come, Swami came to her room around midnight and said,

“You know what to do thevidia..”

It had become a routine to Hema, Swami would come to her room, she had to lead him to her bed, undress him until he was naked and start sucking his dick while sitting near his legs, some days Swami would turn around and lie on his stomach and asked her to massage his body or to lick his asshole.

On that night though, Swami wanted to fuck her mouth and take her asshole. After Hema sucked his dick for about 10 minutes, Swami grabbed her by her hair and dragged near him and kissed her on her mouth and started exploring her mouth and after that he forced Hema on all fours like a dog, he took his position behind her and took his dick and started teasing her cunt by rubbing his dick on her cunt, he already had inserted his index finger insider her asshole and he bent over and whispered in her ear,

“You are in for a lot of pain tonight thevidia, try not to scream or I’ll go ever harder”

Saying this he quickly tried to push his dick inside tiny asshole, Hema though expecting this, could not bear the sudden foreign object inside her asshole, the pain was unbearable and she clenched her butt even more as a reflex, Swami could not put his penis head inside her hole as it was very small and she had clenched, realizing this, Swami gave a very hard smack on her bare ass, Hema screamed even more and he said,

“Relax whore!!!!” and he kept spanking her till she nodded her head, this time Swami pushed very slowly, Hema had also relaxed, she was biting into her pillow to prevent herself from screaming as the pain was very intense, Swami had managed to push his cock head inside, even he was in extreme pain, he tried lubricate by spitting into her hole, but he could not even move his cock, Swami decided that it’s going to be a lot of time before her asshole stretched to accommodate his cock, he started spanking her and got turned on by her screams and he came inside her asshole and collapsed on her and slept.

Next week Swami kept trying to fuck her in the ass but all he could manage was push his cock head inside and come, he had used all sorts of lubricants like his spit, coconut oil, he even forced Hema to keep a small cucumber inside her ass throughout the day to stretch her asshole.

In a few weeks, Swami had a visitor in his house, it was his next door neighbor Ravi, he was about 35 yrs old and was a professor in some college, he was married and his wife the object of jealousy in their entire neighborhood, she was a complete knockout with huge tits, fine ass and a beautiful face, she worked in IT field and they had no kids. Ravi had been the butt of many cuckold jokes in the neighborhood as he did not have any kids even with a beautiful wife, Ravi was a very average looking guy in terms of his body build. Ravi told Swami he had to talk about a neighborhood issue and took Swami out on a walk and said,

“Swami I know about your maid.”

Swami was shocked and pretended, “what about my maid.”

Ravi said, “I saw you and that girl on the terrace last week midnight when there was a power cut”

Swami remembered the day, during the night as there was a power cut he had dragged Hema to the terrace to fuck her on the cool terrace, he had been careful throughout this entire affair with Hema but one slip he had been caught. He said,

“You are imagining things you idiot, don’t start silly rumors like this”

Ravi said, “If that’s how it’s going to be, I’ll talk with your wife. May be she will talk with that poor girl…”

Swami was shell-shocked, he could not move or talk,

“Yeah that’s right, I saw you slap that poor girl on the night, maybe she will tell your wife”

Swami mumbled, “Please don’t do anything of that sort. I’ll leave the girl alone. Please I beg you”

Ravi smiled and said, “I don’t care about that girl, just let me have her for a couple of times and we will keep this a secret and you can continue fucking that girl.”

Swami was relieved and angry at the same time, he retorted, “Hey you have a beautiful wife, why do you want my maid, compared to your wife Hema is a complete dog”

Ravi said, “What do you care about that, I want the girl for your secret. My wife has night shift from today so arrange something tonight, or I’ll talk with your wife right now”

Swami said, “I don’t know, the girl may not like you and tell on us to someone”

Ravi laughed, “You think she fucks you because she like you, you are forcing her to fuck you, convince her to fuck me as well.” Saying this Ravi left.

Swami pondered a lot of time over Ravi’s offer, he saw no other way out, he had no problem Ravi fucking Hema but he was worried if Hema breaks the silence and tells someone. That night, after he made his wife fall asleep, he sneaked to Ravi’s place and talked with him

“I did not talk to Hema, I can’t bring her here, why don’t you come to my place.”

Ravi said, “Alright, that’s even better, I don’t have to worry about my wife finding anything, wait let me finish my scotch, do you want some?”

Swami accepted and Ravi poured him a large glass of scotch. Ravi enquired,

“How do you fuck her without your wife finding out? Is she a deep sleeper?”

Swami replied, “Nah I give my wife some sleeping pills, she will be knocked out completely, she’s getting slightly addicted to it.”

Swami enquired, “I’m already forcing Hema to do all things I need, I don’t know how she will take this if you also enter, she might tell my wife…”

“Don’t worry about that, the girl is afraid of you, I’ll treat her differently” said Ravi with a wicked smile, Ravi was a little bit drunk. Soon they reached Swami’s house. Swami and Ravi entered Hema’s room at the same time. Hema had been expecting Swami for a while now but on seeing another person entering the room, got shocked and stood up immediately with a look of shock on her face.

Swami immediately said casually, “You know Ravi right? He lives near us. He will be joining us tonight”

Hema was shell shocked and her eyes were already brimming with tears after looking at the new guy, she pleaded, “Ayya please, don’t do this, please.”

Ravi butted in and said, “Don’t worry Hema, I’m not like Swami, I won’t hurt you, just relax, I’m not going to do anything tonight, don’t worry” He said all this in a soothing voice and tried to comfort her, Ravi then said to Swami,

“Sir I’m not going to do anything today, I’m just going to watch, you can start.” Saying this, Ravi pulled up a chair and said near the bed. Swami was shocked as well, he was not comfortable with fucking Hema with a guy watching him. Swami said, “No..I’m not getting naked in front of you, you stupid queer”

Ravi took Swami away from Hema’s ears and whispered, “Swami ji, I know you get off on her pain, just do what I say and I’ll give you a night you won’t ever forget.” Swami was still not convinced but decided to go with Ravi’s plan, he got naked and climbed into the bed with Hema, Hema still crying was not ready to start fucking in front of the stranger and was not getting into the bed,

Swami got mad and gave her a hard slap right across her face and grabbed her by her hair and dragged her into the bed, he tore away her clothes and sat across her chest and started using her mouth, gagging her mouth with his cock and choking her neck with his palms, after a few minutes, Swami mounted her in the missionary position and started fucking her very hard and kept on biting her lips at the same time, during all this, Ravi was a silent spectator, he was getting turned on by the hot action in front of him and his cock was stirring in his trousers. Ravi stood up and said to Swami,

“Swami ji enough, let her get on top.” Swami laid on his back and made Hema sit on top of his cock and started fucking her in the cowgirl position. Ravi for the first time entered into the fray, he had already undressed and gave

Hema a passionate kiss on her lips as she was riding on top of Swami, Hema resisted initially but after Ravi held her head by her hair and forced himself on her mouth, she relented. Ravi hands were all over her huge tits, his fingers circling her nipples, he teased her a bit by pinching her nipples very harshly, and then Ravi suddenly grabbed Hema’s arms and pushed her on top of Swami.

Swami’s cock was still inside her, Ravi shouted, “Don’t stop Swami, keep fucking her” Saying this, Ravi climbed on top of Hema who was forced on Swami by Ravi, Ravi took his cock and gave a almighty push into Hema’s tiny asshole.

Hema’s scream must have woken up the entire neighborhood, the sudden pain in her butthole was unbearable and was not like anything she had ever experienced before, she was sure that Ravi had torn her insides, Hema was squirming, trying to get away from the sandwich of two men forcing her, both were relentless, Swami still kept fucking her very hard, Ravi who had not moved after penetrating her asshole, started to give gentle pushes into her asshole, Swami had never penetrated deep into Hema’s asshole but

Ravi had, soon Ravi started fucking her, giving her quick rides. Tears were rolling from Hema’s eyes, she kept screaming,

“Ayo…ayo…please leave me….ayo …. ayo…. ayo… ayo…. please….. please…. please…. please ….”

With every cry of pain both Swami and Ravi quickened their pace and fucked her very hard. Ravi was especially harsh on her asshole, he had preemptively lubed his penis and he was turned on as this was his first time fucking an asshole. Hema screaming did not look like stopping, she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

Swami gave her a tight slap across her face and shouted, “Vaaya moodudi thevidiya munda(Shut your mouth, you whore)” Hema was relentless as the pain was unbearable, Ravi took a cloth on the bed and put his across her neck and started choking her, Hema quieted down, Ravi throwing away the cloth, pushed four of his fingers into her mouth and held her tongue, he whispered in her ear,

“Bite my fingers and you’ll have something worse shoved up your asshole.”

Hema silenced, her asshole had accommodated Ravi’s cock, the pain was a little bit reduced, Swami soon came inside her cunt and his cock fell out of Hema’s cunt, Ravi was still fucking her asshole mercilessly, he still had not reached his climax, Swami rolled aside from the couple and started witnessing the merciless assfucking Ravi was giving Hema. For such a small guy, Ravi had a huge 8 inch cock and he was even harsher than Swami, Swami still could not believe how Ravi had still not cum yet.

Now that Swami was away, Ravi had forced Hema into a doggy style and started fucking her asshole, every push he buried his 8 inch cock deep inside her asshole, his balls slapping her cunt, Hema was still crying but silently, her tears turned on Swami and he was ready for round two, Swami went near her head and forced his semi-erect cock into her mouth and started grinding at the back of her throat. Ravi soon came at full force, he buried his dick deep inside her asshole and shot his entire load inside her. Ravi then collapsed on top of Hema and said,

“Awww this is the best fuck I’ve ever had” slapping Hema’s bare ass very hard. Swami then pulled his cock out of her mouth and started fucking Hema’s expanded asshole. Swami went inside without any problems and started fucking her, Hema could not feel a thing, all of her holes were sore from the fucking she received, she laid back and let Swami do his thing.

While Swami was done after the third time, Ravi was not, turned out Ravi was even more of a sadistic beast than Swami, he ruthlessly fucked all holes of Hema throughout the night, after her asshole, Ravi had forced Hema to clean up his cock by fucking her mouth, Hema almost choked and fainted on his huge cock, Ravi then fucked her cunt very raw in almost all the positions, Ravi had cum all over her face, her body throughout the night, Hema even tried acting fainted but Ravi was still relentless, Ravi had absolutely destroyed all of her holes in one night.

Swami had fallen asleep sometime in the night, while he woke up at 7 in the morning, Ravi and Hema were missing from the bed, Swami frantically started searching for them, he was lucky that his wife was still asleep, he found his bathroom locked and knocked on it. Someone opened the door and Swami stepped inside, Ravi was sitting on the toilet with a naked Hema’s head between his legs, giving him a blowjob, he said,

“Excellent timing Swami”, saying this, Ravi grabbed Hema’s head forcefully and came inside her throat. He then stood up and said, “one minute Swami,”

Hema after swallowing Ravi’s cum was resting her head on the toilet, getting her breath back. Ravi started peeing on her head, Hema realizing this, tried to move away from the toiled, Ravi held her there by stepping on her head and peed on her face and after finishing said,

“Now you can use her Swami. Thanks for tonight. We will do this again.” Saying this, he left leaving behind a bruised Hema and a shell shocked Swami.